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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 57

ICRAB – Chapter 57

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Liu Weiwei was too nervous and hadn't noticed the new message from her light brain, she didn't know that Teacher Qian had already sent it. At a glance, she saw the muscles of the man behind her that was hidden under his military uniform. She heard the thing about taking a bath, what posture and it had weakened her legs. But she just staggered slightly before she was held nervously by the Major behind her.

"Are you okay? You should have to go into the kitchen just now. They won't die if they take nutrient solutions." Major Qin now not only protects public assets, but also had an obvious concept of protecting his own assets. "Don't be too busy next time. I'll solve it myself when I'm hungry."

As soon as Liu Weiwei was about to refute Qin Mo, she was embarrassed by a princess carry, it was so Mary Su's. The blood in her body seemed to rush to her forehead instantly. She didn't need to look in the mirror to know that she was blushing.

"I'm fine..." Liu Weiwei struggled, but the protest was weak. Her small arms and legs couldn't shake the man's solid muscles at all. 

On the contrary, it also made the nervous Major feel a strange feeling. His sister was also eighteen this year. As the only guardian before she became an adult, he often browsed his little sister's online records. He even banned many bad websites that she had browsed. Among them, there was a video network that was always a little brainless and had shameful pictures. At this moment, Major Qin remembered some incredible pictures, and then he grinned.

Liu Weiwei, who had beaten someone's chest, didn't know what crime she had committed, and was a little dizzy after she was placed lightly on the big bed. This scene was a bit familiar, it seemed it's not the first time it had happened. 

But the Major, who felt that he was being teased, put the girl carefully on the bed, and found out with dissatisfaction that she was wandering again. Although she married him, this girl always thought about other things when she was with him. "Since you are okay," The Major's thin lips pressed tightly, "then come and learn the new posture together."

Liu Weiwei looked dumbfounded, like a thunderbolt out of the blue, she exploded with blush, "Ah, I suddenly remembered that Xiao Bai is still in the kitchen, I'm going to carry him out, otherwise he will be scared!"

"No." Major Qin dismissed without even thinking about it, but looking down at the girl's flustered face, he added, "The robot will tidy up the kitchen and carry it back."

"The fire in the kitchen seems to be still on just now! I'm going to take a look!" Liu Weiwei said, she was about to get up.

Major Qin: "…Want to learn the poses in the kitchen?"

"!!!" People of the future were so avant-garde?!

Liu Weiwei's neck stiffened, she fell back on the bed and instantly stuffed her red face into the pile of pillows next to her. Obviously, she learned it from the little rabbit she raised. "Young Major, I think our speed can be slower, a little bit slower~ Although we have obtained the certificate, we must first understand each other a little bit more…"

"Oh? For example?"

Liu Weiwei's face was about to burn, but she tried to be fearless, "Although we have a baby, we should at least start with dating! For example, eating together, watching movies, holding hands, kissing… cough, anyway, in short, we can't go directly to the last step!" After she finished speaking, she buried her head deeper. Even with her boyfriend before, she didn't allow him to directly kiss her in the beginning. After she finished speaking, she felt more excited than eating a bowl of super spicy version of oily noodles. But she waited for a long time and didn’t hear the other party's response.

The house was quiet. Liu Weiwei couldn't help but feel guilty. Was he angry? Silently pulling the pillow down a gap, she secretly looked at the man standing on the side. As a result, she only saw the suspicious arc of the man's hard lips.

For a while she was like a soft rabbit, and for a while she was writhing like a caterpillar. Major Qin found that he used adjectives more frequently. He sat on the edge of the bed, raised his hand and pulled down the pillow that was about to smother the girl to death. "Clerk Liu, what you said can satisfy you?" He smiled at the corner of his eyes, "Although, originally I just wanted to try the pose where cooking soldiers stabilized the mental strength of their sergeants. But now, let's start with… holding hand first?"

Liu Weiwei opened her mouth, and when she found out the new message in her light brain, she instantly stretched out her hand to cover her face that had become a tomato!

According to the internship regulations, cooking soldiers needed to live in the same dormitory with their sergeants, of course, in a different room. During any rest time outside of the sergeants’ training, they had to observe the intensity and regularity of the sergeants’ mental power fluctuations. The time was three months. 

Liu Weiwei had not yet started this assignment. But after reading the illustrated manual sent by Teacher Qian, she was able to follow the instructions and detailed procedures immediately. However, she blushed so much that she wanted to escape to Xiao Bai's rabbit den!

Strangers were in contact with each other in mental power, and students could only rely on equipment as an aid before they get started. For example, in the first posture, the two people needed to stand or sit face-to-face, with an electrode clipped to their little fingers and linked together. The electrode would transfer another person's mental fluctuations to the cooking soldier’s mind. 

Of course, in order to take care of the cooking soldier, the university had also specially distributed plastic gloves and devices to isolate human touch. Both sergeants and cooking soldiers could use them to avoid some accidental physical contact, which might disturb each other’s private lives. But the whole process required the cooking soldiers to be completely silent and to devote themselves to the sergeants’ spiritual realm. This was an experience that couldn’t be described in words and could only be felt by trying it in person. After being familiar with this operation, the two could also do their own things, as long as the electrodes were connected properly.

At this moment, when Liu Weiwei and the Major's little fingers were attached to the device, and when both their left and right hands were held together, she could finally understand why the teacher said that at this time, it was best to do spiritual synchronization. Between husband and wife, there was no need to use devices that isolate the sense of touch and vision, so it was very convenient. However, she completely got it crooked before. 

Even now, sitting on the opposite side of the man who obviously should had been set by the ice cube face setting, but had a bright smile on instead, Liu Weiwei was truly desperate! She didn't feel the mental power at all, she just felt that she was extremely stupid. "Major, I can't enter the state at all unlike you!"

"Do you need to change your posture?"


When the sun came in through the window of the room the next day, Liu Weiwei, who was drooling, turned over and woke up slowly. She saw the big red quilt in front of her, and then she remembered that she had achieved half of the mental energy synchronization yesterday, but she fell asleep halfway through. The Major's mental power was like a deep and long cave, and she was sleepy halfway through. Wiping her face and sitting up, she jumped up abruptly after looking at the time.

Nine in the morning! It's nine o'clock!

Liu Weiwei quickly opened the bedroom door, without even paying attention to Xiao Bai who had jumped over at her, she went downstairs anxiously.

"You wake up? Come and have breakfast." Major Qin, who was wearing an ink-colored vest at the top of the stairs and showing his two sturdy arms, immediately spotted Liu Weiwei.

Liu Weiwei rushed over, but halfway through the rush, she was stopped by the serious-faced Major.

"Do not run. What should I do if you fall down?" The Major held her down, "No one is robbing you, the nutrient solution drinks are all for you."

"No drinking!" Liu Weiwei yelled out, but after yelling, she felt that she was too ferocious, not ladylike at all, so she hurriedly made up, "Well… Since I am married to you, of course I have to be a wife and took care of my husband."

Qin Mo raised his eyebrows.

Liu Weiwei glanced at the furry rabbit next to her, "I will cook your three meals a day from now on. You don't have to go to the cafeteria to snatch it from others. I am your wife, it is right for me to make your meal." After she finished speaking, she felt a little ashamed, and hurriedly broke free of Qin Mo embrace, and walked to the kitchen.

Strictly abide by the military time management. Major Qin, who wakes up at 5:30, trained or exercised at 6 o'clock, and ate at 8 o'clock, even though he had drunk his nutrient solution, he automatically follows the girl like a tail, the corners of his mouth were raised high. "Okay." But when he entered the kitchen, he immediately glanced in awe at the bottles and cans she took out, "Just make something simple."

"It's okay, Doctor Bu said that I can work normally." Liu Weiwei smiled and grabbed a handful of rice that she had just received yesterday.

Major Qin nodded his head with relief, but soon turned his attention to the small bottles again.

Liu Weiwei was washing rice and preparing to cook porridge, but found that the man next to her was collecting her seasonings, picking them up solemnly one by one, opening the bottle cap like it was an enemy, and smelling them one by one. "What's wrong?"

The Major put down the last bottle, as if he was relieved, "Nothing."

Liu Weiwei glanced at him strangely, "I'll make white porridge and sour lotus root for breakfast, and I'll made egg crepes for you."

When the Major heard this, his solemn expression suddenly stretched out.

Liu Weiwei felt he was even weirder, "Do you have any taboos?"

The Major, who was about to lean against the kitchen wall, felt chills in his back, "Ah, uh."

"You tell me."

"… It smells bad."

Liu Weiwei stared, but immediately covered her smiling mouth, "Durian? Okay. I won't make it for you in the future."


After Liu Weiwei finished all the breakfast dishes, the Major took the lead in taking out the cutlery and chopsticks, while Liu Weiwei walked out empty-handed. They sat down slowly and began to eat the porridge. The white porridge was boiled to the point where the rice grains almost melted. It was thick, yet the taste was soft and didn’t require chewing at all. For people who had vomited for a few days, this should be the best recipe for nourishing the stomach.

"This is lotus root?" The Major, who just took a bite of the dish, felt that his mouth was full of fragrance. He was immediately caught by the light pink miniature standing on the white plate on the table. It was a cute lotus root with tiny holes.

"Yeah." Liu Weiwei picked up a small piece, "Pink, haven't you seen it before? There is a special kind of lotus root, and the inside of the skin is pink, and it is also a little oxidized. It is crispy and tender when chewed, just like lotus root seedlings that have just grown."

The masculine man without a girl's tender heart couldn't help holding two pieces of lotus roots with his chopsticks, and they looked particularly soft when placed on the milky white porridge. He immediately scooped a large spoonful for Liu Weiwei on the opposite side, "Then you eat more."

"I don't have morning sickness anymore." This was the anti-vomiting recipe for a father-to-be.

"Well," the serious-faced Major's ears were a little red, "leave it to you to eat, so that the baby can also eat."

Liu Weiwei: "…"

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