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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 35 Part 1

 ICRAB – Chapter 35 Part 1 of 2

Not long after Liu Weiwei's booth was set up, the line was already very long. But everyone was a little at a loss seeing the discount offer. Did they have to make comment when they buy something, and the comment had to contain specific praise? This idea was quite new to people of Interstellar era.

The key was that they could get a 20% discount. The price of crayfish was 1,000, so they could buy one mapo tofu with the remaining 200 after the discount. Regardless of the weird requirement, they all decided to give it a try.

The uncle in the very front was wearing a tie, he probably took the time to surf the Internet before going to work, "I'll come first. This mapo tofu is numbing and spicy, very hot and very fragrant. If I have to use other word to describe, it was tender, and there is also a power that makes it so delicious that it makes people want to die... How about it, the stall owner, did I pass?"

Liu Weiwei took a look at the task progress from the system. The original six completed out of eight essential tastes had now shown seven. It could be seen that the method she came up with temporarily was useful, although rather scary. She immediately smiled and nodded to the uncle, "Pass. Uncle, do you want anything else? The rice is in that bucket and you can take it yourself. Would you like a portion of thirteen-flavored crayfish?"

"Yes yes, I'm opening your video link." Zhu Ya, who was rushing to work, wiped the non-existent sweat on his forehead, and opened the video anxiously. In fact, he had only ten minutes before he had to go to work, and there would be a very important meeting right away, but he was too stressed, so he wanted to come to Skynet first. 

Zhu Ya didn't expect to bump into this delicious mapo tofu. Since the last time he ate it, he dreamed of the taste of this dish all night, and found that the pillow was full of drool the next morning. The side effect was, he was absent-minded at work after that day. He even had no appetite for the luxurious nutrient solution package provided by his company. Today, if he could eat a bite of Mapo Tofu before an important meeting, he felt that a good mood would accompany him all day. So he immediately ran over to line up, but then he was pleasantly surprised to find that the girl had a new dish, and of course he couldn't wait to try it. But when he opened the video link, he was stunned.

The quaint music soon sounded. "Taihu Lake is beautiful, Taihu Lake is beautiful, the beauty is in the water of Taihu Lake..." (TN: Song here, video about the lake here

Taihu Lake?

Zhu Ya works in interstellar modern architecture firm, so he also had studied some ancient famous buildings. This Taihu Lake was a scenic spot on ancient earth that was destroyed thousands of years ago. And the typical water village that appeared in the video, as well as the cultural heritage-garden architecture, which could no longer be reproduced, surprised him as a professional.

"This is..." Zhu Ya couldn't help but look at the stall owner's sister.

Liu Weiwei smiled, "It was the Jiangsu Garden on ancient earth, a typical residential civilization at that time. Moving to change the scenery, recreating the universe within a short distance*, today's crayfish was abundant in this beautiful place – Jiangsu." (*TN: 移步换景,咫尺之内再造乾坤/Yí bù huàn jǐng, zhǐchǐ zhī nèi zàizào qiánkūn, official description of Jiangsu Garden.)

Zhu Ya was taken aback, "Do you also know this?" He studied architecture at university. In addition to modern technology architecture, he also studied classical architecture. He didn't expect this girl to be so good at cooking food, but also understood this.

"Here, your Mapo tofu, and thirteen-flavored crayfish." Liu Weiwei smiled and handed out two boxes.

Before Zhu Ya had time to figure it out, the second customer in line from the back had already squeezed to the front. He took a look at his light brain. There were still seven minutes before the meeting, so he hurriedly mix a spoonful of white rice into his steaming mapo tofu, and stood at the intersection, completely disregarding his image. He took one spoonful of mapo tofu and desperately delivered to his mouth.

Zhu Ya thought the taste of this mapo tofu was even better than before. Although it was a bit hot, the soft and tender tofu was mixed with the chewy rice. The taste was surprisingly harmonious. The spicy aroma in the mouth was like a wave of heat rolling into his body. At this moment, he felt as if he just did a steam sauna. All his pores were steamed open by the heat, and between his breaths, he felt that his whole body was cleansed thoroughly. And this kind of cleanliness was obviously not physically, but more like soul level...

Unconsciously, a box of Mapo tofu mixed with at least half bowl of rice was bottomed out. Zhu Ya felt the warm heat slide from his mouth to his chest, and finally rolled to his abdomen. He instantly felt that no matter how important a meeting was, no matter how difficult it was to negotiate, they all didn’t matter. With a bite of rice mixed with mapo tofu, he felt invincible and full of power. And this power was constantly erupting from his lower abdomen!

After eating the mapo tofu, Zhu Ya immediately put the thirteen-flavored crayfish into his space station carefully, and went to work with his chest up.


[Mapo tofu, eight essential tastes collection task complete!]

[Task Reward: Beauty +10 points, and five Sichuan recipes randomly given; the knife skill rises to LV3, and seasoning rises to LV3.]

Liu Weiwei's method to collect the comments quickly achieved results. She completed the task while the guests showed off their Chinese skills. In the end, she enthusiastically and patiently wrote the correct interpretation of the eight essential tastes on the light screen of the booth to the customers.

Those customers who saw the correct interpretations couldn't laugh and they suddenly realized.

"Numbing, spicy, hot, and fragrant, I guessed those rights. But this crispy is really new. It turned out to be the meat, it's crispy in the mouth."

"So this lively doesn't mean life, like in immortality, life, death. It actually refers to the vividness of the young crops inside. Wow, this description!"

"This is haute cuisine, right? Not only delicious, but also so meaningful."

"Like those high-end foods that can only be enjoyed in the upper class. I really can't think of this kind of adjective, it is probably only a gourmet who can come up with it!"

Because the place was small, many people stood and ate their food directly on the spot. Those who were not in a hurry gathered in a group of three to five, chatted while eating, and the atmosphere was full of excitement.

"By the way, did you watch the video of that crayfish just now?"

"Look, it's about ancient earth where the ancient civilization has disappeared."

"It seems that this crayfish is not simple. It comes from such an ancient place."

"One thousand is a bit expensive, but after eating the Mapo tofu, I believe the new dish will also be delicious. After watching the video, I feel that it was worth the price. This thing should have a lot of history. It can be placed in a museum."

"Yes, Jiangsu Garden. I read it in college before, but unfortunately I can only watch the video now."

Liu Weiwei was immediately embarrassed when she heard such endless discussions in her ears. The masses had high opinion of her, but so far she had not even been able to set up tables for them to sit on, and she had to let everyone stand while they ate. It seemed that she should change to a large booth sooner.

In the past, snacks liked savory crepes and tofu puddings were usually sold on the street. But now that Sichuan cuisine and even Jiangsu cuisine recipes had opened, a few tables and chairs should be set up for everyone to sit down and enjoy in a decent manner. For example, now, most people were standing and eating Mapo tofu, leaving the more expensive crayfish behind.

When they actually took out the crayfish from the space station to eat, they would be desperate. Crayfish was not something that people could eat while standing. With one hand holding a plate and the other hand shelling the crayfish, Liu Weiwei just imagined this scene, and felt she couldn't bear to look directly at it.

While thinking about it, Liu Weiwei sold the crayfish to the next customer. Almost 20 minutes after setting up the stall, the first batch of customers had eaten up the mapo tofu. Most of them had refilled their rice several times, and all the sauce on their plate had also been eaten up clean.

At this time, everyone took out thirteen-flavored crayfish from their space station. As soon as they took it out, they felt that the little girl was indeed a very talented person. The crayfish was priced at 1,000 or 800 after discount, but it was quite heavy, which made people felt it was worth the money.

"Little girl, what are the plastic gloves attached to the box?"

"Why there is no spoon included? Ah, if I knew I would not throw away the spoon after I ate the tofu."

"Can you give me another spoon?"

Liu Weiwei smiled awkwardly, "This crayfish is eaten directly by hand."


Everyone was stunned. As if they didn't believe it, they opened the box, but as soon as it was opened it, the people let out an exclamation.

"This, this...this is!"

"Oh my God, is this edible?"

"Isn't this something that grows in the smelly ditch?"

"It's terrible, isn't it?"

There was even a young white-collar girl who was so scared that she slapped the crayfish to the ground.

But fortunately, Liu Weiwei was prepared. Because she didn't put tables and chairs, she was very worried that the food of the guests would fall on the ground, which would be wasteful and could destroy the environment. So she rented a cheap intelligent robot in advance and it waited by her side. The thirteen-flavored crayfish that fell, was immediately caught by the robot.

"Madam, your dishes." The robot handed it to the girl, very gentlemanly, "Please be careful."

The white-collar girl was almost crying, but she dared not reach out to pick it up until there was a sound of exclamation from her side.

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