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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 46

ICRAB – Chapter 46

When Liu Weiwei woke up, she found that the entire ward was still a bit dark, except for a faint trace of morning light spilling in from the window. There was a faint slender figure standing on the balcony of the ward. She struggled and made the quilt made rubbing sound. The figure’s back on the balcony heard the noise, immediately turned around, and walked towards the room.

"Wake up?" The low voice sounded a little cold, but it was obviously concerned.

Liu Weiwei didn't know when she had fell asleep again, she only felt that she was lying on this hospital bed with nothing to do, so she fell asleep after a while. Now she saw the man standing in front of her hospital bed, and it took a lot of effort to remember the questions he said last time for her to think about. It seemed that she hadn't thought about it carefully, and fell asleep when she lied down. 

Liu Weiwei blushed instantly. Was she too thick-skinned, or was she too used to the various messes after rebirth? She was in debt and now also an unmarried mother that didn’t even knew her baby’s father, how could she sleep so peacefully? Thinking about this, she forgot to respond to the man in front of her. She just stared at him blankly, her mind wandering away.

Liu Weiwei was thinking about a problem. When she woke up in the morning, she suddenly realized that she was not too sad. Ordinary women would definitely feel desperate, and might also feel that the child in their womb would ruin their future happiness. After all, not many men could easily accept a child who was not related to then. But unexpectedly, she herself was not so nervous that she even could fall asleep if she wanted to. She didn't seem to worry about the problem at hand at all.

In the last life, the man who said that he would love her forever, like Qian Jun, ended up cheating on her with others, and laughed at her saying she was an ugly woman… That painful irony was still deeply imprinted in her mind. Rather than trusting a man, marrying a man, but then after marriage and children waiting for him to cheat, it was better to be a single mom! She would be more at ease!

Liu Weiwei stretched out her hand to touch her belly, it was still a little soft but already protruding, and her expression became a lot softer. Looking at the Major in front of her, watching the first ray of light in the morning shone on his tall and handsome body, and faintly outlined his angular ice face, she suddenly had an unbelievable thought in her mind. If her little baby grew up to be as handsome and masculine as this obsessive Major, she thought about it and couldn't help the corners of her mouth from rising, she was obviously pleased by her own bold idea. If the baby would be as handsome and looked as seductive, then it seemed to be very good!

Liu Weiwei went from expressionless to guilty, and then for a while, there was a complicated little expression of joy. All these did not escape the Major's gaze at all.

Major Qin couldn't help but stretched out his hand and pressed his eyebrows. The girl in front of him, who was weaker than a rabbit, woke up with a pair of eyes that looked particularly misty, like a clear pool of water. They stared at him all the time and the emotions in her eyes were so complicated. He didn't know why, in her unpredictable eyes, he also saw the same look his mother sometimes made when looking at him.

Probably the Internet was right, pregnant women were fragile and sensitive. They were emotionally more prone to changes, and to cranky thinking. At this time, men needed to care about them more and stayed with them so that they could fully feel that they were being cared for. "Are you hungry? I bought you dinner last night, but you are already asleep when I come back." Major Qin began to take things out of his space station. It was a toothbrush, washbasin and towel, this time there was an extra insulated box that exuded a strong fragrance.

Liu Weiwei instantly sat up from the bed in panic, "I can wash myself." But it didn't take long for her to be attracted by the fragrance, and she moved to the heat preservation box, "This is sauerkraut fish?" She quickly recognized the smell of this dish. This was what she liked to cook in private recently, of course she put far more vinegar and sauerkraut than normal.

"Yes." Major Qin twitched the corner of his mouth and handed her the insulated box, "Don't worry, eat after brushing your teeth." He could see her eyes shining brightly.

Liu Weiwei was indeed a little impatient, but she was not greedy. She just couldn't help but want to see how the dishes sold by other people in this world compared to hers. From the smell, it was not bad.

However, after getting the lunch box, Liu Weiwei almost went blank. "One hundred thousand? Real credit coins?" On the lunch box, there was a clear price list mark.

"Just this one bowl?" Liu Weiwei opened the lid in disbelief, poking the inside with chopsticks.

Qin Mo quickly grabbed her hand, wiped it with a hot towel, then wiped the other hand with another before letting her stir the sauerkraut fish fillets in the bowl.

Liu Weiwei only stirred it twice and discovered that there was not a whole fish fillet in the bowl, and the sauerkraut was not as many as she usually put in hers. Seeing the sauerkraut fish dish, which was almost indistinguishable compared to her dish, sold for 100,000 yuan, she felt that she had been burnt on the inside!

Every time Liu Weiwei gave the fat man a temperature keeping box full od food, she only received one hundred thousand. This dish, the amount of ingredients used was so small, but also cost 100,000? "Xinya Sichuan Restaurant, is this a black shop?" With outrage, she picked up the lid of bowl on the bed and read the name of the shameless restaurant written there.

Major Qin raised his eyebrows, "Black shop? This is a five-star restaurant on the Capital Planet Gilman, a thousand-year-old brand."

"Huh?" Liu Weiwei was stunned, she immediately put the chopsticks into her mouth. But her paw was pulled again, and a toothbrush was inserted into her half-open mouth.

Liu Weiwei: …

"So hungry?" 

Major Qin's cold voice made Liu Weiwei almost stuff her head in the quilt. She threw away the chopsticks and wanted to regain the toothbrush, but the Major let go first this time. With his slender fingers, he pushed out the small table board from the bed, put the sauerkraut fish she was resting on her lap on the table, and took out silver tableware from his personal space station.

"I worry that the chopsticks outside are not clean enough. I can only rest assured with my own."

Liu Weiwei almost snapped the toothbrush in her mouth. Major, don’t do that… are you a dream boyfriend?! She couldn't help but start to imagine her unborn baby to be like him again. But when she finished brushing her teeth and picked up the chopsticks to start tasting, she suddenly realized that it was not right to eat other people's soft rice like this. And it was 100,000 yuan worth of soft rice! "Major Qin, I will return the money to you."

Major Qin raised her eyebrows, stayed noncommittal, and just helped Liu Weiwei re-pack her toiletries.

Liu Weiwei directly picked up a fish fillet with a shiny color and clear texture, sniffed the smell first, and then slowly stuffed it into her mouth. She even closed her eyes, feeling the sourness and umami taste of the fish fillet slowly melting in her mouth. "Not enough sourness." She quickly came to a conclusion.

Qin Mo's brows frowned instantly, "It isn’t sour enough?"

Liu Weiwei nodded her head. The sourness was not enough to fully bring out the umami taste of black fish, and a little fishy smell could still be felt on the tip of her tongue. She immediately turned pale and looked at the man next to her.

Major Qin, who was experienced on urgent situation on the battlefield, was shuddered by the girl's glance, and immediately picked up the trash can next to him.

"Huek…" As soon as Liu Weiwei tilted her head, she vomited the fish fillet she had swallowed along with some acid water. She couldn't stop after she vomited, her stomach was still nauseous, and tears were forced out.

Qin Mo supported her shoulders, smoothed her stiff back that was about to vomit and was twitching. He immediately took out the super lemon-flavored nutrient solution from his space and put it to her mouth.

Liu Weiwei rolled her face, and retched again while holding her head down to the trash can. She waited until the robot came to inject some medicine before she finally calmed down. But then at that time, she really wanted to eat a bowl of hot and sour soup. She stared straight at the ceiling.

"Hot and sour soup?" A deep voice sounded.

Liu Weiwei was startled suddenly, "Did I just say it out loud?"

The corners of the major’s mouth became curved, "I’m placing an order now."

Liu Weiwei: "… I will pay you back. Wait, don't buy it in this black shop again." Her face was dark. To tell the truth, that sauerkraut fish really didn't taste very good. She did not want to vomit when she drank the lemon-flavored nutrient solution, but that bowl of sauerkraut fish really tasted a little fishy.

The fish meat was fairly elastic, the temperature of the oil, and the time of simmering were not bad, but the seasoning was a bit worse. If it was an ordinary restaurant, it’s fine. But it was a five-star one, and it cost 100,000 credits, which was too much!

"This is the top ten restaurants in review and also the closest to us. If I change one, the delivery speed will be at least an hour slower." Qin Mo glanced at the time.

"No, no, the price is too dark." Liu Weiwei shook her head and resisted, "You might as well give me one hundred thousand, and I can make a sauerkraut fish that is better than that." In fact, she was trained by a five-star chef in the system, and then she fully completed the cooking proficiency of one dish before proceeding to the next dish. As far as each recipe she learned, she was already standing in the pinnacle of the food circle.

In reality, many chefs couldn’t do this. Even in a five-star restaurant, the dishes that came out might be made by novices, and not every dish was produced by the chef. It could only be said that the level of five-star dishes made was stable, and the quality didn’t go up or down, which could satisfy the tastes of most diners. However, for Liu Weiwei that had practiced thousands of times and honed her professionalism, the score of that dish was not a perfect one.

"The fish fillets are crisp and smooth, but the sauerkraut is obviously not tasty enough. The sourness of the soup base is present, but it does not penetrate the main ingredient the fish fillet 100%. That dish made diners eat two incompatible flavors, rather than making an impression of deep, unified taste. It can barely have ninety points, which is not worthy of its sky-high price."

Major Qin’s mouth twitched, thinking of the girl’s ultimate sour cuisine, there was indeed only one unified taste… um… "The sky-high price is worth it," He had to stand up and say something fair. "This time-honored brand hasn't raised prices for almost 30 years, so it's fair."

Liu Weiwei: !!!

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