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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 50

ICRAB – Chapter 50

After the Dean came out of the principal's office, his footsteps were still a bit stiff, the sweat on his forehead almost dripped onto his shirt, and he kept thinking about what he had just heard. When he reached the door of the building, he was quickly blocked by some students.

"Director Song, what did the principal say, did you explain our request?"

"Did they think we are all fools? Ai Mu and the others have not been directly admitted by the military academy, but why was she? She cheated in training!"

"I have called the TV station to report the shadiest enrolment of the year!"

The whole face of the Dean of teaching was unsightly, thinking about the shock he had just received were because of all these rascals making trouble. He wished he could give them all failing graduation assessments! "Report?" He snorted coldly from his teeth, "You will then be suspected of creating false public opinion and discrediting the army and the Interstellar government agencies. Do you want to deprive yourself of the qualifications to enter the military academy forever?!" 
The Dean glared at the student who spoke last, but soon turned his hatred moved toward Ai Mu, who was standing in the third row, a genius of this graduating batch. "You should have been admitted directly from the middle school. You should have heard of it, anyone who took the lead in making troubles will all be punished."

"Director Song, are you kidding? How can she compare with Senior Qin?!"

"Major Qin participated in the beast wave when he was in middle school, and wiped out Level 7 beasts! Can she do that too?!"

"You still want to lie to us?"

The students rioted suddenly.

"Go back and read the military academy admission terms by yourself!" The Dean of Teaching exclaimed, rather annoyed and then turned into embarrassed. "Any special admission requires three honorary graduates of the military academy to guarantee at the same time." He had forgotten this himself, and he almost couldn't lift his head after being scolded in the Principal's office just now. "Student Liu Weiwei graduated with honors, and is guaranteed by a Marshal of the Interstellar Alliance, a member of Congress, and a retired Colonel! Do you have any questions?"



Even Ai Mu inside the crowd was shook, "She lacks physical skills and mental power, how could she…?"

The Dean gave a quick glance, but his own expression was still unrelenting. "The three guarantors have confirmed that her mental power can appease rioting beasts, and there are even signs of the evolution on the beasts. And she also has the ability to comfort the soldiers' violent spirit. If any of you has this ability, then stand up and I will take you to see the Principal and councilors now! We will give you a report and you can then apply for an exceptional admission review! Otherwise, just go back and review!"

Everyone looked at the Dean in disbelief. Even a few students with outstanding mental abilities couldn't help but change their expressions. Of course they couldn't do it! 

Not only that, they had never heard of anyone with such ability. Even the sensational full star mental power, the enthusiastic Mu Ming was no exception. Everyone began doubting their life.

"This is the tail of the crane*?" (TN: means student with lowest score in test, or has lowest rank.)

"Miracles really exist?"

"Genius is really on the other side of stupid…?"

The second generation rich Qi Fei was shocked. He also soon remembered the time when he was banned from logging on to Skynet due to the argument with the girl. The result was a terrible gray countdown to the progress of the punishment so far, and his heart was cold.

Most of the students who complained and reported were quiet immediately. Only a few stingers were still yelling, but they were also shocked by the warning from the Dean.

This farce that Liu Weiwei didn't know about, seemed to be solved satisfactorily this way. However, the school still couldn’t control the students who made anonymous comments on some forums. Fortunately, these people were not Internet celebrities and didn’t have much influence. So the waves they arouse were not big.

Meanwhile Liu Weiwei, who was talked about by the students, felt that her body was going to be moldy after three days of being ordered to lie in bed. She originally wanted to resolutely protest, but the ice cube faced Major actually began to act weird. He also became nauseous when seeing food, and Liu Weiwei was stunned.

Doctor Bu, who checked Liu Weiwei up, secretly told her that this was a pregnancy syndrome, which was also called Couvade Syndrome*. When the wife had some uncomfortable pregnancy reactions during pregnancy, there was a certain chance that the father-to-be would also have the same reaction. (TN: 作产翁现象/Zuò chǎn wēng xiànxiàng.)

"He sees that you are experiencing pain and feels anxious, but he can't solve it for you nor can he bear it for you. His body can't help but feel the same with you because of excessive anxiety. He is full of physical strength and has great self-control over the body, but this time… that strength might be counterproductive."

Liu Weiwei was stunned. If the doctor hadn't told her personally, she would have thought that the Major had eaten something bad outside. She watched it with her own eyes last night, he took a bite of the takeaway from the cafeteria and then he looked nauseous. This was the father-to-be… he was empathizing with her?

Liu Weiwei swallowed, "What should I do? I have actually gotten better for the past two days."

Bu Zhongxin pushed down his gold-rimmed glasses, "Your physical condition is basically stable and you can get out of bed. There are no signs of morning sickness, and the infusion has basically eased in the past few days. As for the Major, cough, he has resumed work the day before yesterday, hoping to be able to divert his attention. After all, I can't give him the medicine for pregnant women."

Liu Weiwei was too embarrassed.

"Oh, by the way, you need to pretend that you don't know anything." Bu Zhongxin turned his head away, "If he knows that I told you, you probably won't see me again."

Liu Weiwei: …

"Ah, Doctor Bu, can I make some food in the hospital?"

Bu Zhongxin was stunned. The problem was quite novel. Recently, a senior chef came to the cafeteria. He couldn't help but glance at the girl on the bed. "It’s okay. If it's inconvenient in the ward, so I'll let the nurse take you to the idle utility room. Pay attention to safety. "

"Okay, thank you doctor!"

After Doctor Bu left, Liu Weiwei quickly climbed out of the bed, and first touched Xiao Bai who was sleeping obediently in the corner before she wore a hospital gown to find the nurse to lead the way. She decided to go out herself and cook lunch for the Major who had recently lost his appetite. The body's reaction would not lie, and she wanted to empathize with him. 

The more Liu Weiwei thought about it, the hotter her face became. Oops, she must have done too many tasks on the husband and wife lung slices recently. After eating many mouthfuls of dog food, she started to think too much. She couldn't help touching her pounding chest, and shook her head desperately. "At noon, I will make him a sauerkraut soup and a pot of meat to cure this nausea, and then talk about other things."

To be honest, Liu Weiwei was also puzzled before. How could the Major didn't like her cooking at all. It turned out to be… he was sick.

When Liu Weiwei arrived in the relatively empty utility room, she quickly thanked the little nurse and took out her cooking table. The Northeast sauerkraut soup she made was refreshing and delicious. It was sour, the soup was clear and light, except for sauerkraut, it did not contain other ingredients, which was very suitable for people who had no appetite.

Fried pork with sauce* was a characteristic of the Northeast. It had a sweet and sour taste. After three steps of deep-frying, the texture was truly crisp on the outside and tender on the inside. People could pull a piece of crispy meat just out of the pan and felt no greasy feeling at all, making people unable to stop their chopsticks, even as a snack. This recipe was the system's mercy the night before, saying that it was a sour menu specially presented to Liu Weiwei as the host to replenish her body. At the same time, Northeast cuisine was officially opened. (TN: 锅包肉/Guō bāo ròu.)

Liu Weiwei loved this authentic sauerkraut soup before, but it was rarely found in places other than the Northeast, so now she immediately made a big pot. These two dishes paid attention to experience and techniques, but the process was not complicated and did not consume too much energy. They were very suitable as her first dish after her body had recovered. She moved quickly, and got everything done in no time. Once done, she returned to the ward.

Before the Major came back, Liu Weiwei took out two large bowls of sauerkraut soup, and then served a large pot of fried pork with sauce and put it on the small table on the hospital bed.

Xiao Bai smelled the fragrant dishes, and instantly woke up vigorously, but the rabbit face was tangled. It had been educated these days that it couldn’t jump on the bed or on Liu Weiwei. The stomach area was an absolute forbidden zone.

Fortunately, Liu Weiwei had already prepared a paper food bowl for Xiao Bai. She poured some from her own share for it, and let it jump to the small dining table to eat.

The little fluffy rabbit immediately squeaked, didn't mind that the food was still hot, as if it hadn't eaten such a delicious food in a long time, it plopped its whole body on the bowl and only its fluffy rabbit butt was left to be seen.

Liu Weiwei touched the cute rabbit's tail, smiled and sat down to prepare a meal. However, before she even picked up her soup bowl, a weak voice that seemed to be drifting away in the wind sounded faintly from the door.

"What, what is this smell… so fragrant…"

A pale golden head quickly appeared from the edge of the table, shocking Liu Weiwei!

A couple of blue eyes that were a little dull, but did not hinder the sunlight, gave a dazzling glaze, "Can you give me a bowl beautiful lady?"

Liu Weiwei recognized him with the same hospital gown as her own. Most of the patients admitted to military clinics should be soldiers, right? The point was, she still thought this person was a bit familiar. She made a big pot of soup, enough for more than two to three people. She initially reserved them all for the rabbit, but it would also be fine to give some to this sick soldier.

Liu Weiwei quickly pushed a bowl in front of the sick soldier.

The blond man didn't need to greet Liu Weiwei. He picked up the spoon on the table, looking a little weak, but the action of scooping food into the soup bowl was lightning fast. The spoon was full of light yellow soup, covered with a thick layer of golden and pleasant sauerkraut, all cut into neat ribbon-like shapes. His blue eyes straightened, "Wow, this golden and clear beautiful soup, the same style as my prosperous beauty, is simply born for a beautiful person like me… and this smell…"

He took a deep breath. "Oh, did God hear my painful call and let an angel go down to save my nerves that were almost destroyed by the devil? My body that had been asleep for so long was finally awakened by the smell of spring~ "

"I know that God is reluctant to ruin the beauty of mine, and regretted that I have almost withered away. I am the most prideful masterpiece made by God in this world!"

Liu Weiwei had already picked up a piece of fried meat, but in the end, her chopsticks fell on the table with a snap. 

Who was this? A psychiatric patient from next door?

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  1. Not a psychiatric patient, just someone you almost killed accidentally hahahaha. Thanks for the chapter


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