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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 37 Part 1

ICRAB – Chapter 37 Part 1 of 2

After spending three days in the spaceship, Liu Weiwei's nausea and vomiting symptoms did not alleviate, especially when she just woke up in the morning. Every time she woke up and touched a little furry rabbit, she would rush to the bathroom in the next second. She now believed what the commander of the 1st battalion said. It seemed that her body was indeed a little allergic to rabbit fur.

What she didn’t know was that she hugged Xiao Bai to sleep every night. With her warm and soft body, it also liked to lean on her side, so on one person and one rabbit leaned on each other.

When the spaceship arrived at the military base, Liu Weiwei should indeed see a doctor right after she was done making reporting for her internship. She wouldn’t abandon Xiao Bai, so she could only ask for some medicine. Thinking about this, she got up to shower, and went to the cooking room to make breakfast for the commanders as usual.

Today, because Liu Weiwei was nauseous again, she was not able to cook meat or greasy dishes, so she simply prepared liangpi for breakfast. She especially put a lot of vinegar in her bowl. When she finished eating her sour liangpi that probably hurt her teeth, her nausea was much better. After drinking another lemon flavor nutrient solution, it was completely suppressed.

Liu Weiwei moved the barrel containing liangpi to the table outside the dining room. In fact, it was a large table that she simply spliced together. She put bowls, chopsticks and spoons, so that the commanders could eat directly after they finished their morning exercises. She also brought the condiments. Fearing that the commanders might not be able to figure what was what, she wrote at the front, [Spicy oil, sugar, vinegar, sesame oil, cucumber shreds, mix according to your own taste.]

After finishing all this, Liu Weiwei yawned and went back to her room. There, she put the liangpi dish that was specially prepared and seasoned on the small table for Xiao Bai to eat. And then she went on Skynet. The sooner she reached her destination, the more she was worried that the army would not allow her to sell things on Skynet.

Originally on the earth, soldiers could not do part-time side jobs. Although Lieutenant Lu said it was okay, but after all Liu Weiwei was not reporting to him, she was still a little worried that he would change his mind in the end. So recently, she spent one hour online every day. Even if the crayfish task had been completed long ago, she continued to sell crayfish desperately to seize the opportunity to earn another pot of gold.

There was no sense of security in the days when there was no savings. What's more, Liu Weiwei was not alone now, she had to raise Xiao Bai who ate a lot.

Liu Weiwei small stall had also begun to take shape. Since the day before yesterday, she changed place and rented a booth around 200 square meters.

The location was good also there was a large flow of people during daily commuting and lunch breaks. Although the rental fee was not expensive, only 30,000 credits per month, the business tax at this location was as high as 50%. If it were not for the tax exemption for cooking soldiers, Liu Weiwei would collapse. In addition, because of her recent lack of energy, she felt exhausted after working on Skynet for an hour. So she increased the number of intelligent robots she rented to five.

Two were responsible for sales and answering customer questions, while the other three were responsible for maintaining the on-site order, including placing tables and chairs before business, etc. Due to the temporary change of location, she was worried that her old customers could not find her, so she followed the fat man's method and made a star network advertisement. The advertising fee was levied half off, only 5000 credits.

Liu Weiwei played it continuously for three days, and played it again when she logged in today.

[Thirteen Fragrant Crayfish, today's location: Donglin Street Booth No. 39532.]

Liu Weiwei logged in early in the morning before the rush hour, and many people were used to this. Even if she didn't put on advertisement, people could come and line up on time when her booth was just set up. One of the customers who came every morning was Zhu Ya.

He had been here on time for four consecutive days. He was quite familiar with Liu Weiwei, and he also knew the robots. "Boss, today is also the usual." Zhu Ya said, despite of his suit and leather shoes, he also helped the robot set up tables and chairs.

Liu Weiwei was wearing a mask, her phoenix eyes narrowed with a smile, "Ok, sit down quickly. Is it still a mapo tofu and two crayfish?"

Zhu Ya heard this, and immediately got into entanglement, "Today, three crayfish, no, give me five!" This thing, the more he eat, the more fascinated he was, and he couldn't stop. Anyway, everything people eat on Skynet was virtual, so there was no such thing as eat lightly in the morning. He could do whatever he want!

The corners of Liu Weiwei's mouth rose, "Okay. 20% off today, 4,000 credits~" She enjoyed Skynet’s tax concessions, so she also gave some benefits to her customers.

Zhu Ya heard that and calculated the fifth crayfish was equivalent to a freebie, so he immediately felt that it was a bargain. The robot next to him automatically scanned the code to collect the money, and then packed the crayfish on a box and sent it over. Four servings were packed and one serving would be eaten on the spot.

Because Zhu Ya was a frequent visitor, the robot knew his habits as soon as he scanned the payment code.

Zhu Ya immediately sat down, put on plastic gloves and couldn't wait to start his battle, without even untying his tie.

And soon other guests also rushed over. Many people knew that they just need to find a robot to check the menu, set up the tables and chairs that had not yet been made, and then start ordering. If there were new customers, the regular customers would come to help explain, "If you are not afraid of spicy, try mapo tofu. If you are afraid, you can tell the stall owner to let her put less chili, but you must try the crayfish."

Since Liu Weiwei started to put tables, everyone no longer rushed to leave. Even people she didn't know were fighting for the table. While using both hands together, the customers’ hands peeled the crayfish while talking with the others around. They were happy and ate until their mouths were full of red oil. Everyone's background, work, and even the planet where they live were not the same, the more they talk, the more they found it very interesting.

People often exclaimed when they came to their senses, "F*ck, I'm late for work." 

There were also customers who were too happy to chat. After eating a large pot of crayfish, they had to add another one, and continued to chat with the other customers at the next table until Liu Weiwei went offline and closed her stall.

In two hundred square meters, there were more than fifty small tables available, all of which were crowded with four to five guests. This level of excitement was simply unprecedented in Skynet. If some passerby passed by, they would have to take a look. If they were not in a hurry, they would come to takeaway one or two copies to try.

Liu Weiwei's business was so good that it explodes. Each customer ordered at least two to three servings, some dine in, and some for takeaway. After an hour, she actually sold more than 600 copies of crayfish, and she made a net profit of nearly half a million!

Liu Weiwei's sense of accomplishment flew up. Crayfish were quite expensive, as they only available in summer. All crayfish that were full of meat and large in size were harvested first and soon came in short supply. Almost everyone couldn't help themselves and often end up eating a whole pot. It was definitely one of the most profitable businesses in the summer on ancient earth, but she didn't expect that she could also make a lot of money on Skynet.

According to this schedule, if Liu Weiwei opened her stall every day for three consecutive months, she could earn 50 million credits. It was already half of her 100 million debts. It was so good to make a lot of money by cooking food~

After waiting for an hour, Liu Weiwei began to close her stall as usual and reminded the guests that the sale was about to end. If they hadn't finished eating, they could continue to eat. The robot would clean up after the last guest leaves and settle the rental fee to Skynet management.

But before Liu Weiwei want offline, she received a new message from Skynet.

[Skynet East District Market Office: According to statistics, there are more than two hundred customers gathered at your booth. In the past fifty minutes, they have added each other as friends. Thank you for promoting the harmonious coexistence of Skynet citizens, and we hereby reward you with 100 social contribution points. I hope you will continue to devote yourself to the great cause of building good relations between citizens in the future!]

Liu Weiwei was stunned. She was really taken aback. This also worked? If this continued, she could be promoted to the next level of trainee cooking soldier before she even started working!

However, before the Liu Weiwei’s dream lasted long, Lieutenant Lu knocked on the door of her room. "Clerk Liu, we will arrive at the base in half an hour. Please prepare." Meanwhile, his handsome face also gromaced, "Also, if you make Liangpi next time, please also help us prepare the seasoning! I don't know how much it was ‘according to taste’, it's too salty and spicy!"

Liu Weiwei: "!!!"

After the battalion commanders forced themselves to a variety of liangpi that were so spicy and salty and sweet as they were using the seasoning freely, the spaceship quickly reached Planet Linton.

This planet was renamed to commemorate Marshal Linton who died in battle 1,200 years ago. For more than three thousand years, this planet had been one of the three bases of Eastern Armi Group First Regiment.

Liu Weiwei followed the battalion commanders to get off the spaceship and arrived at the legendary military base, only to realize that it was completely different from what she had imagined. Except for the Peugeot, which could be seen everywhere, the army base was almost the same as the advanced city buildings outside. There were hundreds of high-rise buildings, highways winding into the air, also non-stop shuttle trucks and robots. What a difference.

"Don't be nervous, the marshal will not eat people." Lu Qingheng thought that Liu Weiwei went silent because she was frightened.

Liu Weiwei’s legs weakened, "Marshal?"

Lu Qingheng touched his nose, "The Marshal instructed you to meet him. It was the order I just received. I will send you over and wait for you outside the office."

Liu Weiwei opened her mouth. She had lived for so many years and had never seen such a big official. Fortunately in the morning, she applied new beauty points. This time she was afraid of causing physical discomfort again, so she applied it on her skin. The +10 beauty value made her skin fairer by at least two shades, and it no longer looked dull due to malnutrition.

Liu Weiwei followed Lieutenant Lu nervously into a dark green special car. The driver even got out of the car, gave her standard military salute, and opened the car door for her with special consideration before sitting back in the driver's seat.

Lu Qingheng returned the salute, while Liu Weiwei could only smile and nod. "Cooking soldier is a position that the entire army and other soldiers respect very much. No matter where you go in the future, if you encounter any difficulties, you can ask for help from soldiers of any level." Lu Qingheng briefly explained to her in the car.

Liu Weiwei nodded nervously.

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