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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 51

ICRAB – Chapter 51

Liu Weiwei was stunned, and she looked at the fair-looking young man with blond hair in front of her. He gulped and slurped just like her furry rabbit, and quickly drank the whole bowl of soup. The golden and translucent soup was all bottomed out, leaving only a layer of golden sauerkraut that looked like seaweed at the bottom.

"This is simply a work of art. This chef is an artist with high taste and refined vision like me~ Look at the color and luster of this dish, it is as clear as citrine, and it also has a dazzling shimmer."

The corners of Liu Weiwei's mouth twitched. It was just the oil added to the soup that wrapped the surface of the sauerkraut strips. She liked this dish because of its clean taste. The color of sauerkraut looked more lovely and clear compared to fresh cabbage, and it even tasted fresher and more delicious.

The blond man finally put all the sauerkraut strips into his mouth with a spoon. Just like a person who had been hungry for several years, he looked very gentle but ate like a vicious bandit!

However, Liu Weiwei still admitted that his face that was bulging because of a big mouthful of sauerkraut was still handsome. He chewed loudly, and it sounded very refreshing, not at all lost to the little furry rabbit next to him.

Xiao Bai was provoked. It pulled his rabbit's head out of its food bowl, and immediately pushed it back. Its little rabbit's lips were so fast as if they had a motor!

One person, one rabbit, one after another, chewed like a race. Liu Weiwei, who hadn't eaten yet, became a little hungry. She picked up her chopsticks again, but the sick man had already reached his spoon directly to the big pot of fried pork with sauce on the table.

He picked up a piece of meat that was golden on the surface but was slightly soft and elastic, which still screamed hot, but threw it into his mouth anyway. As soon as his upper and lower teeth snapped together, his beautiful blue eyes glared out gracefully. "Sour… sweet… crispy… crunchy… tender… a masterpiece, really a masterpiece of God!"

"This charming scent, this crispy but tender texture… How?"

"The lowest-end pork, even after being cooked at a high temperature is not dry at all. It looks like so much flour is used to wrap it in the outside, but the taste is not unpleasant at all. On the contrary, there is a delicate fragrance that ordinary pork does not have, and it echoed in the mouth~" While talking, the blond man slammed his hands towards the plate, his movements didn't slow down at all.

Little furry rabbit lied on his food bowl, grinning at the uninvited guest who was grabbing food, and squeaked unpleasantly.

Liu Weiwei patted the rabbit arched back, indicating that it was okay, and then set a few pieces of fried pork with sauce of her space and placed it on the rabbit small dinner plate. She herself focused on the sick man. His good appetite also increased her appetite, and she ate her share slowly.

Halfway through the meal, Bu Zhongxin, who was out of breath, rushed in. "Have you seen the next door…" 

The second half of the sentence suddenly disappeared.

Because Bu Zhongxin had already seen the person next door, who was supposed to be asleep waiting for his nutrient solution ration, sitting in the ward and feasting?

"Slurp, chomp, chomp!"

The answer to him was the sound of eating.

Bu Zhongxin couldn't help pushing down the frame of his glasses, and smelled the rich appetizing aroma in the entire ward.

"Oh, Xiao Bu, come over and eat together." The blond sick man raised his head and greeted him.

Bu Zhongxin dripped sweat, but soon his throat was stirred by the fragrance on his nose.

"Doctor Bu, let's eat together if you don't dislike it." Liu Weiwei thought that she saved a hundred million yuan, and she didn't have to pay for cooking, and she was instantly proud. And to be honest, these two dishes were not expensive. Inviting friends to eat was more to pay attention to deliciousness and comfort.

Thinking of the dead face of the Major, Bu Zhongxin subconsciously wanted to refuse, but he could not help but swallow wildly with the confusing sound of eating in his ear. Even anorexia was cured, how delicious was this dish?

The food in the cafeteria satisfied the first-line sergeants. But Bu Zhongxin, who had heard a lot of legends about the food, could not withstand the temptation, so he took over the bowl Liu Weiwei handed him. After one bite… he was shocked!

"If you like it, eat more~" Liu Weiwei now liked to watch the expressions of diners being intoxicated by food.

When they finally finished eating and drinking, three people and a rabbit were almost too full to move. Bu Zhongxin took out his own collection of Longjing tea from his space and made a cup for everyone.

"Drink a cup of tea after dinner, not bad, Xiao Bu."

"You are the same age as me! Major Mu Ming."

"Wrong. My level is higher than you, so I can call you Xiao Bu."


Liu Weiwei had been suspicious from the beginning, now she heard the name called by Doctor Bu and she officially confirmed it. Major Mu Ming, the other one in that silver mecha… the husband of all people? But this sand-sculpture personality, did his fans know? She was confused, but suddenly an arm slammed on the wall behind her.

"Beauty, tell this prosperous beauty Major, these works of art dishes, which restaurant are they from?" Mu Ming grinned openly, showing white teeth and a standard fair face with zero pores and zero blemishes.

Liu Weiwei stared, "I did it."

Bu Zhongxin knew the answer a long time ago and was not surprised.

But Mu Ming, who was supporting the wall, squinted his eyes, "You did it?"

Liu Weiwei nodded.

"Beauty, are you new here? I've never seen you." His golden hair seemed to shine because it had taken in enough energy. Mu Ming put both hands on the wall, closing Liu Weiwei in his arms. "I admire you very much. Are you interested in being transferred to my team? Only me, a superior who is comparable to art, can match your noble taste."

"Huh?" Liu Weiwei looked dumbfounded.

Bu Zhongxin jumped and immediately pulled Mu Ming away. "Major Mu Ming, come out with me, you should have a physical examination."

"Wait, I haven't finished yet…"

Bu Zhongxin rolled his eyes and pulled him away, "She has a master." There were even babies! He wanted to speak but stopped, but when he was about to secretly pull Mu Ming to the corner to speak, the door of the clinic suddenly opened.

Seeing the iron-faced man stepping forward, Bu Zhongxin couldn't help but stop at Major Mu Ming's hand. It really happened. Speak about Cao Cao and Cao Cao would be here!

"Qin Mo, you happen to be here," Mu Ming, who just woke up and had a full meal, first thing he would do was to share the food with his partner. "I just had a super delicious lunch. It was made by the girl in the ward. This girl… you help me and transfer her to our brigade!"

Bu Zhongxin gasped at the side.

Meanwhile, Qin Mo nodded after seeing his partner had finally woken up, "Healed?"

"Yeah, amazing, right? I smelled the delicious food she cooked, and I suddenly woke up! You know? This is an artistic cuisine that is as beautiful as I am, and it completely woke me up!"

Qin Mo stopped and looked at Mu Ming from head to toe very solemnly, "You are really energetic. Now that you are well, don't occupy public resources anymore and leave the ward early."

Mu Ming's face twitched unpleasantly, "You, can you be a little bit relaxed!? Why you have to be so like a machine…" He hadn't finished speaking, but was stopped by two people who came in immediately.

"She was ill to the point of hospitalization? Is this what you mean when you said you are taking care of her?" The face of a middle-aged woman in a uniform and coat was full of anger. And next to the woman was no one else but Marshal Li Er, who was also wearing a military uniform. 

"You brat! Where is she? You just told me she needed to take sick leave. I thought she had womanly problem that need to be taken care of every month and had to rest for a few days. Why didn't you tell me that she was hospitalized? It's totally unreasonable!"

Mu Ming, who was a self proclaimed prosperous beauty, immediately stepped back and stood up and saluted, "Marshal! Congressman!"

Marshal Li Er and the woman nodded at Mu Ming, and walked nervously into the ward from which he came out.

Mu Ming stretched out his hand and brushed the broken golden hair in front of his forehead, and hooked his finger at Bu Zhongxin next to him, "I feel an unusual smell of JQ?" (TN: JQ is referring to two people having JQ, it means they have something going on between them, usually romantic relationship.)

Bu Zhongxin nodded, "It's not an illusion, Major Mu Ming."

They immediately craned their necks and tried to peek inside, especially Mu Ming, who had full of mental power, he could easily overhear the sound inside.

"What's the condition?" Marshal Li Er became majestic, still bloodthirsty and murderous with many years of battlefield experience.

The expressionless Qin Mo opened the door of the ward, letting Liu Weiwei, who had just finished wiping the table and ready to set up new dishes, come out for a moment. His seemingly indifferent eyes were serious and firm, "She is pregnant, and the children in her belly are mine. I will be responsible for her, and we will get married right away."

Liu Weiwei almost bit her tongue. The two people who came in soon at the door made her stare in astonishment. "Marshal?"

"Te… Teacher Qian?!" Standing next to the tall Marshal Li Er, wasn't that the auntie who she had just bid farewell not long ago?! Wearing a military uniform, the auntie appeared in the military area?!


"Good girl," Aunt Qian regretted as soon as she saw Liu Weiwei, "I knew I shouldn't have let you go alone. If you were with me, you wouldn't have suffered so much." After she finished speaking, she coldly looked at Qin Mo. "You explain to me what is going on! What does it mean to be pregnant?!"

Marshal Li Er was also dumbfounded, "Pregnant? The child is yours?" He suddenly thought that that day, the question of buy one get one free was absolutely about this! This was worthy of the student he taught, and it was more like him compared to his own son. He secretly gave Qin Mo a thumbs up, but without turning his face, he immediately stood in the line of Qian Dongmei, "It's not plausible! You crossed the military discipline, you idiot! I will give you a day off so get married right away. Otherwise I will kick you stupid guy out of the army immediately!"

Liu Weiwei hadn't reacted yet, and her entire brain was occupied by a bunch of question marks. After finally letting go of the question on why Teacher Qian was there, she was immediately confused by the latter question. The child, was it really his? Was she going to marry him? Only one day was needed to issue a marriage certificate?

But soon Liu Weiwei’s hand was held by Aunt Qian.

"Don't be afraid, if he dares to bully you, tell the teacher, the teacher will help you vent your anger!"

Liu Weiwei: …

Mu Ming, who was eavesdropping at the door, almost shed tears, "My first love, like a work of art, only lasts a minute…"

Bu Zhongxin shrugged, he already knew this would happen.

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