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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 34

 ICRAB – Chapter 34

The early morning sunlight gradually shrouded the sky above Liyang High School.

Ten battalion commanders personally went to the Beast base to check the entire beasts transfer process.

All the beasts were fed with high-concentration anesthetic thought their feed, and some that had slipped through the net were directly injected with the anesthetic. The sleepy beasts were all carried to giant container truck, transported to the conveyor cabin, and then passed the cursor one by one. Its age, grade, physical health, whether there was any disability, etc was recorded.

The battalion commanders would help the school leaders from time to time, so the transfer speed was very fast. Basically, most of the beasts had been smoothly in the cabin by noon.

But when the last batch of beasts was delivered, all ten battalion commanders were taken aback. Gold news suddenly appeared on their brains. Gold meant high importance level, usually issued by Marshal or above. They lowered their heads at the same time and checked immediately. As a result, the expressions were all surprised.

"Have you all received it?" Commander of the 1st Battalion looked around.

Everyone nodded.

[Marshal Li Er: There is information about the new cook from Liyang High School, and the level of confidentiality has been raised to high level.]

"I have been in the army for so long, and this is the first time I have seen high-level confidential information!"

"Ah... high level, I heard it appeared only once in the last fifty years."

"If this is the case, then from now on, we can't discuss anything with anyone about Student Liu."

The battalion commanders quickly came to a conclusion. At high level, apart from reporting to the marshal, the rest couldn’t be leaked in any way. Even letting people knew they had her information was also an illegal operation within the scope of high level confidentiality.

The other battalion commanders didn't care, only Lu Qingheng had a bitter expression on his face. "The major asked me to look after her before he left. If he asks, what should I say?" Lu Qingheng's eyebrows were tied together.

The Commander of the 9th Battalion patted Lu Qingheng shoulder sympathetically, "You can't say anything."

"You also can't tell him the reason why you can't." The Commander of the 1st Battalion also glanced at Lu Qingheng sympathetically.

"But if Xiao Lu acted like this, the major would have guessed her confidentiality level soon." Commander of the 3rd Battalion interjected.

The Commander of the 2nd Battalion chuckled, "Xiao Lu, there are pillars on your left and right. If Student Liu comes to cook again tonight, I will take care of your share for you."

Lu Qingheng: "...Go away!"

But they were interrupted midway. 

The two beast base teachers who were scanning the sleeping beasts looked at each other. Finding that several battalion commanders were not paying attention here, they were relieved and dared to speak.

"Teacher Jiang, you haven't found it yet? How could a Level 7 beast run away, and the base Beast Master has been staying in confinement recently."

"If it did, we will be dead."


"If a Level 7 beast escaped outside... Then the two of us are not just going to be scolded to death by the principal, we are going to be arrested and sentenced!"

"Don't scare me! I haven't heard of any high-level beast discovered outside recently. Is it still in the base?"

"I have looked for it, no! So, just treat it as dead! It's just a bunch of beasts, it's normal to kill and be killed."

"Well, the other beasts might have rioted. No matter what happens, we have to insist that this Level 7 rabbit Beast Master was violently killed by the other beasts in the base, and even its bones were eaten."

"Don't worry, I know!"

As they decided, they immediately finished processing the last batch of beasts.

It was written on the record that a Level 7 beast lop-eared rabbit died in the beast riot three days ago.

In the student dormitory, Liu Weiwei spent one night practicing the thirteen-flavored crayfish to a five-star level.

The next morning, she was going to log on to Skynet, and had a headache to find someone to authorize her. But she suddenly discovered that her Skynet account was marked with a crown, and she didn't need authorization at all.

[Remarks: Trainee cooking soldier enjoy civil service authority and have the highest credit rating on Skynet.]

This logistics staff turned out to be so powerful!

Liu Weiwei immediately chose the location of her old booth as landing point. But she never expected that as soon as she landed, she saw someone she knew. The colorful head was particularly conspicuous.

The other party was also taken aback when he saw her, obviously he didn't expect her to appear here. "Heh, the tail of the crane is here too." The second generation rich Qi Fei gave a cold snort and turned his head away.

But Sun Ling'er, the smiling little girl next to him, saw her and said hello politely, "Student Liu, it's a coincidence, this is the first time I saw you on Skynet."

"She is a cook now, and should be busy serving the elderly and disabled, of course you won't see her!" Qi Fei looked contemptuous.

"Young Master Qi, don't say that. The cook is also an army profession~ Student Liu, have you also heard that there are delicious dishes on this Skynet?" Sun Ling'er blinked.

Young Master Qi snorted again, "Does she even have the money to buy food? She is a poor scumbag, a scumbag who doesn't want to be motivated! For the cooking soldier position, in the entire universe only less than ten applied each year, and she is the most suitable!"

Liu Weiwei blinked. It seemed that many people had misunderstood the situation of cooking soldier, and they believe that there was no room for improvement and there was no military status, so they all despised them. And these seemed to be caused by the military's deliberate concealment of the welfare received by cooking soldier. Was that to screen out students who were really willing to help the soldiers? She didn't bother to talk nonsense with these people, so she clicked directly on her Skynet booth rental application.

[Are you sure to lease Booth No. 49291, 3rd Street, East District?]

[Because you are a Crown rank user, you can enjoy benefits: free business tax and 50% off the rental fee. I wish you a prosperous business!]

Liu Weiwei was shocked. This cook job was really on the hook! She took out the cooking table and materials from her space station, and put them directly on the ground regardless of the nonsense spouted in front of her. "Thank you."

"Thank, what?" Qi Fei stared, but the next moment he was almost hit by the table, and he was furious, "Liu Weiwei, what are you doing? Rebellion?!"

But Sun Ling’er, who was next to him, saw this cooking table and couldn't help but raised her head in astonishment, "Student Liu, you, are you here to set up a stall? This position is... So this is your stall!"

This position had been going viral in Skynet Forum these days. In the beginning, only a few people put pictures of savory crepes on it, saying it was far more delicious than nutrient solutions, but it was sprayed to death by a large number of Internet forces, and then it was deleted.

But in the past two days, the ten-meter comment screen of Mapo Tofu at this stall was not only seen by people who had eaten it, but also by many people passing by this road. This booth was on the Forum, and it's on fire!

Everyone was asking when it would be open for business so that they coulf experience it. Anyway, in Skynet people could experience anything without fear of death or disability.

Even Sun Ling'er coquettishly dragged Young Master Qi to Skynet to accompany her to go shopping because of the post in the Forum. She wanted see if she could find the food in the legend.

After reading the post Sun Linger shared with him, Qi Fei sneered on the spot, "Oh, Lingling, you think too much. Let alone high-end cuisine, Liu Weiwei couldn’t even afford the cheapest egg fried rice in Chinese restaurants outside. She is a scumbag. Sorry! It's really hard for me to expect her to do it!"

In that post, someone posted a picture of Mapo Tofu, and the mouth-watering high-definition picture of the dishes made Qi Fei feel that even if the craftsmanship of a 3 Star chef he hired at home was not much better. How could this be made by Liu Weiwei? 

Liu Weiwei rolled her eyes and gave her attention to the light screen on the booth to input today’s menu.

[Today's sale: Mapo tofu, 200 credits for one portion; 13-flavored crayfish, 1000 credits for one portion. Each person is limited to one.]

Qi Fei was still snorting with his nose dismissively, but Sun Ling'er, who was watching Liu Weiwei, saw the light screen. She took a step back and pointed at the words on the screen. She was shocked and was unable to speak!

"Lingling, what's the matter?" Qi Fei finally realized the strangeness of the little beauty beside him. He looked in the direction of her fingers and almost jumped up in disbelief, "No, it's impossible..."

"Two students, I'm sorry. If you don't intend to buy, please don't affect other customers in the line." Liu Weiwei bent over, put on a mask and gloves, and put her black hair up. She glanced faintly at Qi Fei's colorful head with her phoenix eyes, "Especially you Student Qi, although you are on Skynet, don't spit at my cooking pot. You are so rude."

Qi Fei felt that his chin was about to fall, "I'm... rude?! You, you, it's impossible for you to cook at all. You came to cheat money?! Huh?" But before he finished speaking, a bunch of spit sprayed on him.

"Hey, the one in front, do you want to buy? If you don't, get out!"

"That's right, I could have queued for three rounds, you waste my time like this! If I can’t get the Mapo tofu, I will fight with you!"

"F*ck, there's no morality! The stall owner makes such delicious food, you spray spit everywhere! You want us all to eat your saliva? What are you doing? Unscrupulous!"

"No quality! I will report to Skynet management immediately!"

Qi Fei was pushed by the people behind and almost toppled over. He was about to fight back, but soon a network management robot appeared in front of him.

[Sir, within one minute, you received a total of more than 50 citizens’ reports on Skynet, involving three major violations.]

[One is to conduct cyber attacks on others; two disrupting public order; three damaging public property.]

[Please go offline immediately and accept the investigation of Skynet Public Security System. No Internet is allowed until the investigation is over. Once convicted, depending on the severity of the circumstances, you will be deprived of 480-3600 hours of online time, and a fine of 100,000 credits will be imposed.]

[Thank you for your cooperation!]

"Cooperate your sister! What did I do?!!"

[Sir, the insulting management will deprive you of 240 hours of online time and impose a fine of 10,000 credits.]

Qi Fei: "Look...!" Before the next word came out, he was forced to go offline and his figure was soon distorted.

Sun Ling'er who came with him was terrified, but soon she was squeezed out from the front of the booth by the crazy people behind.

"Boss, give me a mapo tofu! Also the new product, I want a copy!"

"Me too!"

Liu Weiwei smiled, "Don't worry, follow the terms and there will be a discount." Soon, she set up another light screen.

[Discount offer 1: Anyone who purchases Mapo tofu and successfully compliments the food with a sentence of numbing, spicy, hot, fragrant, crispy, tender, fresh, and lively, will enjoy a 20% discount and unlimited rice.]

[Discount offer 2: For those who purchase thirteen-flavored crayfish, click this link... watching a full three-minute video will receive a 20% discount.]

The people in queue: ...The owner was playing tricks?


The author has something to say: 

Major: How about her these two days?

Lieutenant Lu: *(%(&$!)_#* Sorry Sir, the signal is not good, I’m going to fix my light brain!

Major: ...!!!

Marshal: Haha, you will understand the painstaking effort of being a teacher in the future, and it is too late for you to thank me for being your teacher.

Heaven Rewards the Diligent: How about you these two days?

Maiden Liu: Ha, I'm fine, being cooking soldier is very good, thank you. Let me give you some newly learned dishes: Husband and wife lung slices, Ants climbing a tree, Tofu brain, Dog ignore the bag...

Heaven Rewards the Diligent: =.= (secretly screenshot and forwards to his teacher)

The Marshal who received the screenshot suddenly ordered: Quickly change the girl confidentiality level from high to the highest! No one can divulge a word! Hurry up!



Husband and wife lung slices = Fuqi Feipian/夫妻肺片/fū qī fèi piàn, popular Sichuan cold dish made of thinly sliced beef lung and offal.

Ants climbing a tree = 蚂蚁上树/mǎyǐ shàng shù, classic Sichuan dish of stir-fried vermicelli with ground pork.

Tofu brain = Tofu pudding/豆腐脑/dòufu nǎo, literal translation nǎo (brain).

Dog ignore the bag = Steamed Meat Bun/狗不理包/gǒu bù lǐ bāo, literal translation gǒu (dog) bù lǐ (ignore) bāo (bag).

If you enjoy my work, please consider sending this sleep deprived mtl-er some ko-fi. =)

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