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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 47

ICRAB – Chapter 47

Seeing that Liu Weiwei was really interested in cooking, Qin Mo dragged a chair and sat down. "This sauerkraut fish cost 100,000 yuan, but the actual profit may be less than 1,000."

Liu Weiwei immediately raised her head, "Is it possible?" Even if the seasoning was really rare, it's impossible to only get such a small profit.

"First of all, the current chef salary is very expensive. A five-star chef has to go through at least ten years of training, and the annual tuition is as high as one million per year. In the past few years, I heard that joining the Chefs Association also requred one million membership fees."

Liu Weiwei opened her mouth, "I... never heard of it."

Qin Mo couldn't help but stretched out his hand and wanted to pat Liu Weiwei’s sluggish head at the moment, but finally landed on the edge of the bed. "Cooks are originally a product of high society. Ordinary people can't find relevant information on the Internet, and there is no such thing like chef-related or cooking majors in Universities. People have to pay one million to join the association before they can learn cooking, otherwise, of course, there will be no information. Moreover, the information on light brain itself is filtered according to personal circumstances, otherwise such large amount of information will confuse people."


"If people don't have a million credit deposits, naturally they won't receive any information about joining the Chefs Association, and also won't see relevant content."


"Pay attention to prenatal education, don't use foul language."

" ̄へ ̄!"

"The cost of each exam for the chef level was also a lot, and students also have to pay for the cost of purchasing the recipe."

Liu Weiwei instantly covered her light brain, wasn't her food system worth more then? There was a feeling of saving a hundred million!

[Yes, host, this great food system has saved you at least 100 million!]

[In today's Interstellar Alliance, if you want to learn the complete dishes in the existing world, the cost of buying the recipes alone is as high as 100 million.]

The shameless system suddenly jumped out, leaving Liu Weiwei speechless. Even so, now she was still carrying a debt of 100 million yuan, okay?

[Host, this just explains why you have cooking skills that normal civilians can't master.]

[The reason why I chose this body for you to pass through at that time was the best choice after the sophisticated analysis of the system.]

[One hundred million in debt, this is the tuition for the cooking proficiency, so everything that seems unreasonable can be justified!]

[System Script: Encountered an expert who is willing to teach you cooking, but you need to pay tuition, so you owe debts to pay for his gambling. Friendly reminder, the casino video that day has been completely destroyed due to a special event.]

Liu Weiwei couldn't laugh or cry. It was too late for such an explanation. When the Major explained just now, she was completely confused, like a bird who knew the rules of this world.

[Major Qin Mo, a diner rated as desperate by the system: Even if the food you make is the most unpalatable in the universe, he will applaud you and say that you are great, and will give you pocket money to buy skirts!]

[So the host’s worries are superfluous. Even if the whole world betrays you, he will not betray you.]

Liu Weiwei: … ( ̄o ̄)

Major Qin didn't know that the girl in front of him had already wandered away. "Therefore, if a restaurant hires chefs who are successful in learning, it will inevitably raise the price of cooking to an unacceptable level for ordinary people. In addition, the Chef Association, which sells recipes, will also gain money from each dish."

The next sentence made Liu Weiwei instantly regain her consciousness! She doubted her life, "How much?"

Major Qin looked at Liu Weiwei being stupidly frightened, and finally couldn't hold back, reaching out and pressing down some of the curled up hair on her head. "I don't know the specifics. It's just that I went to eat sweet and sour pork with my comrades-in-arms. The boss said that he needs to submit 70% of the profit for the dish."

Liu Weiwei was so shocked that she didn't even notice her small movements, "70%! So many! Can this also happen to me? Then let's…" Before she finished speaking, she heard a chuckle from the vibrating chest of the man next to her.

Hearing Liu Weiwei saying the word "we", the Major's heart tightened for a moment, and then it felt very pleasant. He waved his hand in a good mood, "The military area is an exception. Even if you give them a hundred courage, they won’t dare to come in and ask for money here."

Liu Weiwei bit her lower lip, not knowing whether it was sad or happy news, "Yes, the military cafeteria is not a profit organization. Of course they won’t dare to provoke the soldiers who defend the universe!" It was our common citizens who suffer.

"Then the cafeteria of the military region used to invite chef to cook for everyone? But stopped because of the high cost?" After Liu Weiwei came, she discovered that the cafeteria was basically useless and just used to pile nutrient solutions.

"Most ordinary people are drinking nutrient solutions for their livelihoods, and there is no need to be different in the army. With those funds, we can produce mechas, expand training bases, and even support more students to complete military academies."

Liu Weiwei swallowed. She moved awkwardly to the side of the bed. So she, someone that received the Marshal’s 100,000 cafeteria subsidy a month, was nothing short of a moth to the military.

"But the three meals in the cafeteria recently are really good," Major Qin softened his facial lines and helped Liu Weiwei pull the quilt. "Most soldiers have worked harder than usual, and the latest training results are better than before."

"Really?" Liu Weiwei blinked.

"Well. The Marshal's decision to withstand the pressure and invite a chef indeed has a strategic vision. It has improved the attitude of the comrades a lot."

Liu Weiwei couldn't help showing a smile and couldn't help but straighten her chest proudly. The cook in the cafeteria, wasn't that her? Suddenly, she was full of infinite energy. She decided that she would stay in the military area and make more dishes than the 1,008 recipes of the Chef Association! She wanted to abolish that food association!

The fees were so high. They were so black-hearted, no wonder no one on Skynet had ever eaten food! Liu Weiwei wanted to cook well in the military area, and taught more robots to make dishes, so that more people could eat exquisite and delicious dishes. When the Chef Association was completely closed down, she could open gourmet chain stores throughout the universe to complete the ultimate task from the system. 

"Major, if my food is more delicious than those made by the association, can I teach other people to make it? For example, some soldiers who want to learn cooking during their breaks?" Liu Weiwei was quite afraid of causing trouble to the soldiers. She was afraid if they learned through abnormal channels, they would be hunted down by the association.

Qin Mo never thought that the weak girl still had such a big misunderstanding about her cooking skills. More delicious than… that? He pressed his temple, "Well, it may be due to pregnancy, which made your recent taste and smell have a big deviation. For the time being, there is still a big gap in your cooking skills."

"Huh?" Liu Weiwei stared. The dishes she cooked were received very well in the cafeteria. Every time the robot sent a photo, even the bottom of the plate was so empty that it looked like it was licked.

"It's okay. After your physical condition recovers, if you still want to study cooking, I can support you."

Liu Weiwei was confused, she didn't even understand. Didn't he like the previous Chuan Chuan hot pot and seafood porridge? This Major disliked her cooking, it was simply provoking her! "You wait, I will make something more delicious for you to taste!"

The corner of Qin Mo's mouth twitched, and his whole body froze, "Okay."

Liu Weiwei was even angrier at his face that seemed to be forced. She immediately closed her eyes and got into the bed, "I'm going to sleep!" After speaking, she angrily entered the system training room. She almost gritted her teeth and started practicing the boiled fish again! Let this b*stard Major know how delicious the food she cooked was!

This time, Liu Weiwei practiced while memorizing the amount of each ingredient. The ingredients that were previously judged by her naked eye were all quantified by numbers. She practiced thirteen times while she recorded the key data of each cooking. The ingredients and seasonings were accurate to the number of grams, water temperature and oil temperature were accurate to degrees Celsius, and time was accurate to every minute and every second…

After doing all this, Liu Weiwei urgently called the Marshal and sent him the precise recipe.

[Marshal, I'm sorry, because my health affects everyone's meals, please give this recipe of sauerkraut fish to the robot to make. Because I don’t know who is in charge of the cafeteria, I can only contact you urgently. Lunch can be made at noon today~]

Liu Weiwei secretly sent a message out, and quickly turned off her communicator again, for fear of being discovered by a troublesome Major. But she just finished a series of small movements and couldn't help being stunned. Why should she be afraid of him? Why did she listen to him so much?


Liu Weiwei poked her head out of the quilt, only to find the sauerkraut fish that she had only eaten a slice of was quickly wiped out by Major Qin. "Well, Major, please remember the taste now. Then… wait for me to defeat it!"

Qin Mo rubbed his eyebrows. It's good for his cook to be motivated. He couldn't beat her, he could only nod his head, expressing that he was looking forward to it.

Liu Weiwei almost broke her teeth.

At noon, Major Qin, who was going to have nutrient solution for lunch, was forced away by Liu Weiwei. She must let him try the food in the cafeteria and come back.

Major Qin had always only obeyed the orders of his superiors. This was the first time that he followed the wish of a weak woman. But he recalled the way the teacher and his wife got along, so he stepped into the military cafeteria without complaint.

Today, there were crowds of people, and there were mixed shouts of excitement everywhere.

"Ah, this sauerkraut fish is so delicious I’m flying to heaven!"

"I thought that noon will also be nutrient solution. I was so lucky not to give up and still came! Aww, it's delicious!"

"I can have two more bowls of rice!"

Major Qin raised his eyebrows and found Robot No. 1, "Is lunch today sauerkraut fish?"

"Yes Major, do I need to give you a copy?"


According to the 25% rule, he theoretically cannot enjoy the food today. However, whether it was the Marshal who wanted to watch the show, or the angry Liu Weiwei, they all hope he could eat it.

"Major, because you are on vacation, please pay 10,000 credits." The robot said according to the set line.

This price was surprisingly fair after comparison. Qin Mo originally wanted to take some back for Liu Weiwei, but thinking of her painful and tearful vomiting in the morning, he frowned and sat down in the dining room. "Give me a bowl." He decided to try a bite first.

But when the robot went to get the small bowl, Qin Mo keen sense of smell found that the sauerkraut fish was very different from the one in the morning. The sourness was more intense, making him feel the urge to use his chopsticks when he didn't even want to eat it initially.

In the whole cafeteria, with sauerkraut fish in front of thousands of soldiers, everyone seemed to be like an army gathered together. When the souls of each other were condensed, their actions were exactly the same, and the word they shouted were exactly the same. 

At this moment, every sauerkraut fish in the cafeteria all had a superimposed smell, without a trace of impurities. Qin Mo couldn't help but raise his eyebrows. This means that every sauerkraut fish here had a strict standardized process, and the chef in charge has reached the point where every step of the cooking was controlled strictly, very proficient!

Qin Mo picked up a piece of sauerkraut fish and put it in his mouth. Then he was startled.


The author has something to say: 

Girl: I want to dominate the military area first, and then dominate the universe!

Major: So, do you mean to stay and marry me? Very good, I appreciate your enlightenment.

Girl: Huh? …(:з」∠)

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