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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 52

ICRAB – Chapter 52

"Mrs. Qian…" No matter how stupid Liu Weiwei was, she could guess a little bit when she saw the dormitory caretaker auntie in a military coat.

Qian Dongmei really smiled, and her slightly wrinkled eyes narrowed, "Student Liu, do you still need me to guarantee you internet access? Is the crown credit rating as a cooking soldier very good?"

Liu Weiwei was a little bit dumbfounded, "You know everything?"

"Teacher’s wife is a retired cooking soldier," Qin Mo who walked in stood upright, "She participated in the Interstellar Alliance logistics reserve plan. In the past few years after retiring, she has been looking for suitable cooks as successors in Planet Linde."

Teacher’s wife?

Liu Weiwei subconsciously turned to the side. Marshal Li Er, who was actually very talkative, was very serious and he looked over to her.

"Well, she used to be my cooking soldier." The Marshal quickly nodded at Liu Weiwei, and there was a tolerant smile on the corners of his majestic mouth. "Later, I pursued her, which is similar to your story. You can get married as soon as possible. Relatives like you are welcome to join."

Liu Weiwei: … It was too embarrassing to be caller as relatives or something. But Aunt Qian in the dormitory turned out to be the wife of a Interstellar Alliance’s Marshal?!

Liu Weiwei couldn't close her mouth.

Qian Dongmei quickly gave the two men a blank look, and shook Liu Weiwei's hand, "You two men go out first. It's time for us ladies to communicate."

Marshal Li Er muttered, "Women are so troublesome." But his wife's cold eyes made him shut up instantly. "Go around, Brat! Come and report your serious personal problems to your superiors!"

A certain Major turned around one step at a time, poured the tea for the ladies, took a comfortable cushion for Liu Weiwei from his space, helped her adjust the bed to a comfortable position, and then retired.

"This kid is just getting acquainted with you." Qian Dongmei took all the details in her eyes and didn't speak until the ward door was closed again.

Liu Weiwei had a hot face, "Mrs. Qian, we actually…"

"Before talking about your personal problems," Qian Dongmei patted Liu Weiwei’s hand, "Student Liu, let me introduce myself again."

Liu Weiwei couldn't help sitting up straight.

"I have worked as a cooking soldier in the military region for fifty-two years, and I am also one of the teaching teachers of the logistics and cooking department of the military academy. At the same time, I am also the final examiner for your application for the cooking department this time."

"Examiner?" Liu Weiwei was taken aback. At that time, Major Qin Mo conducted the interview with her one-on-one. Although the video was taken, she did not think that there was a hidden interview.

"I was at Liyang High School, just like what the kid Qin Mo said, for the talent reserve plan. I observed a large number of underage students and gave directional guidance when necessary. To be honest, I always felt that I was out of luck. I was in a high school where no one had applied for a cooking student for nearly a hundred years." Qian Dongmei shrugged helplessly, "But I didn't expect to meet you before I was about to return to the military area."

"Planet Linde had a total of 18 applicants during the time I was stationed there. You are my last interviewer and the only one who passed the final exam."

Liu Weiwei blinked, "I read the online application instructions. It said that last year all ten students who applied for the exam were accepted."

"Stupid." Qian Dongmei felt that the girl in front of her was really simple-minded, "You still think that the legends about the cooking department outside are true? All the data and information have been obscured. You thought that so much time and money of the Interstellar Alliance army would be spent casually on people who failed in every subject?"

Liu Weiwei blushed, she herself failed all. But she thought of an incredible possibility instantly. Could it be that the Crab Xiao Long Bao she gave Mrs. Qian before bidding farewell changed her destiny?

"In the past few years, the frequency of beast wave has become higher and higher, as a result, more people put their development on offensive power, their mental power is not soft enough, and physical training has led to acquired vigilance and keenness. Such physical conditions are not suitable to become cooking soldier."

"Meanwhile, your mental power is naturally soft, so the currently running aggressive training is not suitable for you. The more you want to keep up with the school progress in the past few years, the weaker your mental power is. What you need is the right teaching."

"Honestly, I don't like the way you used to be too innocent, a useless person who will collapse because of her own personality after entering the military area."

Liu Weiwei shrank her neck.

"But recently, you have changed a lot. You have the courage to come to me, your respect for people around you, your gratitude for people and things, just like an ignorant girl who suddenly became responsible. It made me start to admire you," Qian Dongmei said and glanced at Liu Weiwei. "Maybe I overlooked you before and almost missed a good seed."

Liu Weiwei trembled in her heart. It was because she was transmigrated here… she didn’t know where the original owner went.

"I watched your initial interview video. Although the old man was moved by you, but in the end it was the Crab Xiao Long Bao you left behind that moved me." Qian Dongmei swallowed subconsciously, "Not so much by you. The incredible cooking skills are more attractive compared to the meager spiritual comforting power needed on a cooking soldier,  and it made me firmly give you the passing result."

"Spiritual comforting power?!" Liu Weiwei couldn't help but stare.

"In the past, the job of a cooking soldier was to make the spiritual power of oneself and a certain sergeant reach the same frequency, and then to calm them down via one-on-one work. However, I have felt your comforting power through your food. This is the current situation, which the research bureau has never reached before."

Liu Weiwei blinked, and suddenly remembered, when she completed the novice task, the system rewarded her with a 5% food mood bonus. At that time, she never knew what this attribute was used for. Could it be this so-called spiritual comfort?

However, Qian Dongmei quickly glanced at her thin face and sighed, "Don't worry, I don't say this is to give you pressure, but I hope you can have confidence. You are not worse than anyone else. On the contrary, it's possible for you to become the first and most talented cooking soldier in the past thousand years. Of course… you have to take care of your body first." As she said this, her worried gaze drifted towards Liu Weiwei's still not very eye-catching belly, "Well, now, should you give the teacher an explanation? What's the matter, how old is the child? Was it voluntary, or did the kid forced you?"

Liu Weiwei immediately became a big quail. To tell the truth, it must be traced back, this body was still a minor when that kind of circumstantial things happened. In front of an elder, it was embarrassing to tell the story of her unmarried first pregnancy. She hesitated, and finally finished telling the casino story intermittently, and by the way mentioned that the Major seemed to also been there at that time. Although she did not follow the preface for a while, and even often used some ambiguous words, including she did not know anything as she was dizzy, and the crude script told by the food system, which could be said to be full of errors and omissions, but the Congresswoman’s power was abundant.

Qian Dongmei became more thrilling as she listened, and in the end she even painted a complete story directly in her heart. The two met in the most desperate time. One had a fever and the other was seriously injured. Without knowing anything, they followed the instinct of the body to combine with each other. There also had to be conspiracy and tricks, and someone tried to conceal the truth and separated the two of them, but in the end, fate made them meet again.

The most unbearable thing for the elderly was this old-fashioned fated story and harm made to the next generation's small lives.

"You can't be blamed for this." Although her face was still good, Qian Dongmei was getting older, and she also desperately eager to have a great-grandson. She immediately switched her identities. She was a serious senior or even a teacher before, but now she immediately became a kind-eyed and even nervous elder. "The doctor said you have to stay in bed? Was the baby unstable? Ah, looking at your small body, I knew at the time that your body is not easy for reproduction. With more than four days of travelling in spaceship, you must continue to be careful, eat more nutritious food for the fetus."

Qian Dongmei stood up immediately and walked around in the ward a few times, "For the certificate, the military area can give it. It's not a lot of trouble. But like you, I think the wedding can only be done simply. Don't be sad, after giving birth, let Qin Mo make up a huge one for you, together with the child’s full moon wine. At that time, you can apply for a long vacation, and let me take care of the child for you. Your young couple can go on a cosmic honeymoon trip, enjoy the world as a couple."

When Liu Weiwei heard this, she had goose bumps all over her body. The point was that she hadn't really thought that she would marry the ice cube Major immediately. Although he was good to her, to instantly jumped to the rhythm of husband and wife, she was still a bit overwhelmed. 

But in the end, women understand women, and Qian Dongmei guessed it when she saw Liu Weiwei’s tangled expression. "You don't want to get married right away? I'm telling you, it won't work. You are young and may not want to get married so early, but with a baby, this is not something you can be willful. No matter how strong a woman is, it is very hard to raise a child on her own. You may not know now, but when the baby is born, you will know how hard it is to take care of the child alone."

Qian Dongmei sat down on the edge of the bed again, "That kid is the one I watched grow up. He is handsome, capable, and responsible. If I'm eighty years younger, I will follow his ass. I saw him just now, and he was very careful with you. He was ready to be a father, so you won’t suffer by marrying him."

Liu Weiwei wanted to laugh, but couldn't, "Teacher… Can I still call you Teacher Qian?"

"Of course."

Liu Weiwei lowered her head and touched her belly, "This child was originally an accident, but getting married is a lifetime thing. I am ready to be a single mother, but to be a wife, and… to be honest, my contact with Major Qin Mo was not more than ten days. This is too reckless." 

"What recklessness?" Qian Dongmei reached out and clicked Liu Weiwei’s head, "Why are you more rigid than this old woman? Now, don't many people get married and divorced? You can register your marriage after a few hours of knowing each other, it’s no longer surprising. Weren’t there people who went to the marriage agency then directly use their light brain credits number to randomly become a pair and get married? You are like a person thousands of years ago."


"If the boy bullies you, just tell me and Old Li. It’s strange if we two don’t scold him! After a few years, if you still don’t like him, then kick him away, and divorce. I'll let Old Li criticize! You can even sue him. At that time, when you were in a coma, he was inferior to you. He could immediately be removed from the army and ruined."

Liu Weiwei was dumbfounded.

Qian Dongmei reached out and touched Liu Weiwei’s belly, "But now, for the sake of the child, in order for the baby to have a father, and in order to make yourself not so hard, give him a rightful chance to take care of you. It sounds good, right?"



Remember, decision about your life should be in your own hand. Don’t let anyone sweet talk you into anything you are not ready for. 

Don’t forget this is a fiction novel. Anything that happened is there for the plot and continuation of the story.

- MD

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  1. Marriage is apparently just a form of dating in the future.

    1. That future is not very far from the present, a have heard people saying things like: "Let's get marry, if it doesn't work we can just get a divorce"

  2. This part sucks. Mc is being pushed around by people.

  3. Well, grandma is not wrong , marriage is really need to be put on place in her case


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