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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 36 Part 2

ICRAB – Chapter 36 Part 2 of 2

"Mrs. Qian, I am going to check out today." Liu Weiwei knocked on the door of the dormitory auntie's room.

As soon as the dormitory auntie Qian Dongmei* saw Liu Weiwei, she had a kinder smile on her face than usual, "Student Liu, come in quickly. I received the notice, and I was just wondering when you will come. What time do you need leave?" (*TN: I made a mistake on Chapter 26. The auntie name is not Su Guan. Suguan (宿管) actually means caretaker. Ch. 26 has been corrected.)

"Ten o'clock."

"Not much time left. You can open your personal barcode and I'll just scan it. The Academic Affairs Office has gone through the formalities, right?"

Liu Weiwei nodded.

"You have to hurry up." Qian Dongmei quickly scanned the bar code and finished checking Liu Weiwei out, "I won't check the dormitory. I trust you. Okay, you can go."

At this time, Liu Weiwei suddenly felt a little sad to part with the auntie. She immediately took out the small gift she had prepared from her space station. "Teacher, this is my little heart. Have you had lunch? This can be you lunch." The two boxes she took out were airtight, and they were quite big.

Qian Dongmei was stunned, "I can't accept this." According to regulations, teachers were not allowed to accept gifts from students. If the amount was significant, they could be investigated by the Interstellar Alliance Education Bureau. Moreover, Liu Weiwei's large packaging was not like a normal gift such as flowers or greeting cards usually given by students to their teacher. For lunch, if it was a valuable limited-flavor nutrient solution, it could be of great value.

"Teacher, I am graduating today." Liu Weiwei straightened her big B chest. With another 15 points of beauty, she had smoothly changed from a small B to a big B. She was beautiful and confident! 

"So it's okay~" Liu Weiwei grinned, "It's not a valuable thing. If teacher likes it, I will often mail it to you in the future." In her consideration, if it weren't for the auntie’s guarantee as a guardian to allow her to go online, she wouldn’t be able to accumulate her first pot of gold, let alone successfully complete the system tasks. She could make a lot of money now, so she had to express her gratitude.

After Liu Weiwei finished speaking, she was afraid that the auntie would refuse again. She bowed quickly and exited the room, directly closing the door. Across the door, she didn't forget to wave her hand. "Teacher Qian, goodbye~ I will come back to see you in the future!"

Qian Dongmei couldn't help but stare at the closed door. After a long time, the corners of her wrinkled mouth moved and aroused a big arc.

After completing the formalities, Liu Weiwei walked to the playground at exactly ten o'clock to meet with Lieutenant Lu. As soon as they met, she was a little excited to finally see the organization. "Instructor Lu!"

Lu Qingheng touched his head and chuckled, "Now that you are a trainee cook, you can use the rank name in the army, call me Lieutenant Lu in front of others and Big Brother Lu directly in person!" As he said this, Lu Qingheng observed the girl’s face and frowned, "Didn't you get enough sleep last night?"

Liu Weiwei touched her chest, which was still a little stuffy. She didn't know if it was sequelae of applying too much beauty point on that specific area. Originally, her body had adapted to the weight of small A, but now that she suddenly became a big B she started to feel the weight. She never felt burdened before, so maybe her weak body was just not used to it yet.

But this chest tightness, nausea, and dizziness, this kind of things, were not things she could speak to a male Lieutenant Lu. Liu Weiwei blushed, "Probably I've been a little tired recently, I’m okay."

Lu Qingheng was a little entangled, "Should you go to the infirmary? It doesn't matter if we leave late, otherwise you can only see the military doctor after you arrive at the base in four days."

Liu Weiwei was embarrassed and hurriedly refused. She couldn't explain to the school doctor the reason for her sudden increase in bust size. "Lieutenant, my body is inadequate. I want to strengthen my lower body with exercises." She lowered her head. "Although I don't need to kill the enemy, I want to continue practicing to improve my physical and mental strength. I don't know if there is a good way to train in the army?"

"Ha, isn't that easy? From today to before getting off the spaceship, we will take turns to train you and give you a tailor-made plan!" Lu Qingheng promised.

However, after arriving in the cabin, the plan could not keep up with the changes.

The reason was simple, the things Liu Weiwei made were too delicious!

All the battalion commanders listened to Lu Qingheng's training and exercise plan at the beginning, and they were all excited and were willing to teach her. But soon they were so impressed by an extremely rich lunch, that they wanted to plug an output tube into themselves. In that way, they could eat the delicacies endlessly. 

While swallowing delicacies, they could expel the food from their body at the same time, so they wouldn’t have the nasty feeling of fullness. It wouldn’t be like the d*mn right now, they all felt sick after eating, but they couldn't stop. Actually, they were not willing to stop!

Liu Weiwei didn't expect that the control of the battalion commanders was so weak. They fully verified the saying ‘walking out of a delicious restaurant many people crashed into the wall’. They were too full that they didn’t have any thinking ability!

As for the promised training…

"Student Liu, ah no, Clerk Liu, let me digest first. You wait for me for twenty minutes."

Twenty minutes later…

The crayfish in the cooking room had just been out of the pot, and within a short while, even a shell was not seen on the plate. "Student Liu, otherwise, I'll send you this set of boxing videos, so you practice by yourself first?"

The battalion commanders were not to blame for such changes. When the world of gourmet food was opened, even only a small door, no one could stop it. 

On the second day, the battalion commanders finally began to restrain themselves, reluctantly stop after they had eaten their fill. But not long after training, Liu Weiwei looked pale and started spitting acid water on the wall, scaring the battalion commanders to death.

"Clerk Liu, are you okay?"

"Hurry up and rest! If you fell down because of my training, and I will be beaten to death by the other people! They are all waiting for you to cook..."

"Forget it. After doing this, you will rest."

Liu Weiwei was nauseous every morning, and it was finally discovered by Commander of the 1st Battalion who had a lot of life experience. "Clerk Liu, are you... allergic to rabbit fur?"

Liu Weiwei looked up in shock.

The Commander of the 1st Battalion said seriously, "My daughter is five years old this year. She is allergic to the Level 1 cat fur raised at home. She not only has itchy skin, but also sneezes, and her appetite is reduced. Later, the doctor said that it is best to avoid having pet first and have physical fitness check, otherwise she will have various discomforts. Some genes just can't stand the dander or fur of beasts. After you arrive at the base, remember to take your rabbit and check."

Liu Weiwei said, "Is there still such a thing?" Was it because of raising Xiao Bai?

The Commander of the 1st Battalion thought that she was frightened, so he tried to look more cheerful, "Don't worry. If you are really allergic, the hospital can prescribe some symptomatic drugs or nutrients, and this problem will be solved."

Liu Weiwei nodded, "When we get off the spaceship, I will check it."

The Commander of the 1st Battalion laughed, "Would you like to eat sauerkraut fish at noon? When my daughter-in-law wanted to vomit, I bought several boxes of sour nutrient solution for her."

Liu Weiwei directly drooled when she heard it, and quickly agreed with a smile. But when she turned around, she felt that something was wrong. The battalion commander's wife wanted to vomit? Eat sour nutrient solution? It sounded the same as her symptoms! Was the battalion leader's wife allergic to cat hair too? Hmm… it's so weird!

As Liu Weiwei was thinking, she turned around and entered the cooking room. She then entered instructions for cleaning the Iberico pig's intestines to the clerical and logistics robots. When she flashed into the system and began to practice Fuqi Feipian (Husband and Wife Lung Slices), she had completely forgot the words of the 1st battalion commander and devoted herself to the practice wholeheartedly.

The 1st battalion commander did not even notice the completely irresponsible nonsense things he had said, and bid farewell to Liu Weiwei. He went to the back cabin and touched the extremely smooth silver-armored cow intoxicatedly.  He fed it with three big hay cookie bar by the way, smiling like a big fool.

And the first floor of Liyang High School girls dormitory.

When Qian Dongmei got up in the morning, she faintly smelled a very light but strong scent. She found that it seemed to have a faint and moist scent when she smelled it carefully. The scent changed constantly, sometimes thick and sometimes light. It drilled into the tip of her nose. She walked around the room, and finally locked in the temperature keeping box Liu Weiwei sent yesterday. She should have opened it yesterday, but after a busy day, she just fell asleep at night. It was not until now that she was awakened by the fragrance.

Qian Dongmei had worked as the girls’ dormitory supervisor in Liyang for nearly eight years. She had seen all kinds of graduates leave. This was the first time that a student remembered to give her a gift in this insignificant dormitory. Although the students called her a teacher, she knew that most people felt that she was just a doorman, and she was not even as powerful as the bedroom management robot.

Liu Weiwei was the first to give her a gift.

Qian Dongmei thought of the girl who looked thin and weak, and there was a smile on her face. But when she opened the temperature keeping box on the table, she was shocked!

A crystal-clear big bun seemed to be able to be broken by blowing showed up. Like a work of art, the surface was full of luster, the shape was round and the color was almost transparent. The meat inside was like jade, lying quietly in the box. The smell that Qian Dongmei just smelled became strong and rich in an instant. That girl, Liu Weiwei, gave her a high-end cuisine!

Qian Dongmei was stunned, only to find that there was a small piece of paper attached to the edge of the box with a small transparent straw attached to it. [Teacher, the Crab Xiao Long Bao is very hot. First use a straw to poke into the dough and suck the soup inside slowly. After sucking the soup, you can slowly lift it up and eat it.] This way of eating was simply unheard of!

Qian Dongmei had also eaten meat buns made by chefs in high-end restaurants. Those buns were eaten directly with hand. This actually needed to be drank first?

Qian Dongmei picked up the straw carefully, couldn't help being curious, thinking about turning around and transfer some money to the little girl. She used the straw to poke through the middle of the soup dumpling. Unexpectedly, just hitting the dumpling skin, the straw was gently bounced off by the elasticity. The filling in the dumpling turned out to be wrapped in a soup, shaking like a wave inside the transparent skin.

Qian Dongmei couldn't help but took a picture of this peculiar steamed bun first. Picking up the straw again, this time she carefully poked in from the side of the folds. Slowly poke a small hole, and instantly the bright and light yellow soup poured into the transparent straw!

Qian Dongmei was shocked as it was as if she was drinking a nutrient solution. Then she leaned over, took a breath, narrowed her eyes in an instant, and decided to withdraw the last sentence. As soon as the clear soup poured into her mouth, the moment it collided with the tip of her tongue, it burst out with a delicious flavor that was more impactful than the waves. This had to be the big snow crab exclusively produced on Planet Os, the iron spine beef produced on Planet Saran, and even the black hair pork loin, a specialty of Planet Dongming. The blended delicious flavor of the land, and the sea, she even felt like she had eaten a little pure taste from the sky!

Compared with this superb soup dumpling, the nutrient solution was nothing at all!

Qian Dongmei took a deep breath before opening the other box next to her, revealing a bowl of crystal-clear fine noodles inside, with red jade and gold sprinkled on it. She couldn't help taking the spoon, and first tasted the red lump, something that trembled at the slightest touch. The smell of duck, this was duck blood?!

Qian Dongmei’s eyes shook. Her entire mouth and body were conquered by the vitality of birds, animals, and seafood. "Let the dead ingredients resurrect in the mouth, let the vigor and the soaring of the beasts rush into the body of the diners, giving them the most primitive power! This, this is the strength of the five-star chef!"

Qian Dongmei's spoon fell into the bowl.

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