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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 40

ICRAB – Chapter 40

Liu Weiwei tilted her head and covered her mouth, looking at the man who was a full head and a half higher than her in disbelief. Standing in the dark, he was tall and straight, his meticulous black military uniform was even more vigorous, and his complexion was cold.

Liu Weiwei felt a little tight in her chest.

Qin Mo frowned, "Is it unacceptable?"

Unacceptable? It was a shock! Liu Weiwei stepped back and patted her chest desperately, "You, you, you... Major Qin, why are you here?!" She obviously locked the door.

"No one told you," Qin Mo raised his eyebrows and looked at the thin girl who looked like a frightened rabbit in front of him amusedly, "that this my bedroom?"

Liu Weiwei instantly forgot to feel nauseous and want to vomit, "What, what?"

"You are my cooking soldier. The cook and their direct supervisor live in the same dormitory. The first room on the left hand side on the first floor is my bedroom. You can freely choose the rest of the rooms."

Liu Weiwei: "!!!" So that was why the assigned bedroom was surprisingly big...

"This is the last one." Qin Mo pointed to the package on the table, "The robot said to eat while it is hot, and you can rest after eating. The specific work will start tomorrow."

Liu Weiwei was so dizzy that she couldn't think. But the three-dimensional Major with long legs had already walked up to her and looked at her from head to toe very seriously.

"Fat again." Seeing the girl's chest rose and fell more obviously, plus a bit more flesh on her face, a hidden sense of accomplishment flashed through Qin Mo’s eyes. This should be because of all the nutrient solutions he gave that feed her fat.

Liu Weiwei:  ̄へ ̄ Fat?

Qin Mo's gaze finally stayed on Liu Weiwei’s somewhat excessively pale lips. "Tomorrow at three o'clock in the afternoon, I will end my work early and take you to the military doctor for a physical examination."

Liu Weiwei was stunned, tightening her arms tightly on Xiao Bai, who had been holding its head motionless since just now, "I can go by myself!"

Following her movements, Qin Mo also glanced at the white rabbit on her chest, "By the way, your pet needs to be checked by the vet. Raising a beast pet is not illegal in the military, but it must be checked and registered. It’s the rule for them to get vaccinations regularly."

The little white rabbit's fur suddenly exploded, and both of her furry lop ears tried to squeeze under Liu Weiwei's arm. But Liu Weiwei was also unable to protect herself at all. Seeing the three-dimensional Major was about to turn around and leave, she suddenly recovered, "Major Qin, I, I can move to another dormitory, I'm getting in the way here! I..."

"Go back and read the first article of the Code of Conduct for Cooking Soldier, Student Liu." A somewhat indifferent but not unpleasant voice sounded in the room, "Don't have any thoughts about making violations next time. This is the military area."

Liu Weiwei swallowed, holding her heart fiercely as she watched the perverted guy walk back to his room, she just clicked on her legs and sat on the floor. She added a few spoonfuls of vinegar to the small take-away pot full of skewers, and then she took a bite of Bibi beast meat. She touched Xiao Bai who was still pretending to be dead, and quickly opened cooking soldier’s information. After a glance, she covered her head.

In the afternoon, Liu Weiwei was busy making Chuan Chuan, so she missed a lot of news, including the formal work arrangements and code of conduct sent to her after she arrived at the base. The first code stated that in order to appease the direct supervisor who might be mentally uprising at any time, cooking soldier needed to live with the assigned officer to observed and collected a report of the supervisor's spirit fluctuations for three months.

Liu Weiwei sighed heavily. But there was also good news. The Marshal asked her to go to the cafeteria to help make three meals. The monthly salary during the internship was 100,000. All the necessary condiments and ingredients could be directly purchased by the robot, and the other would be reimbursed by the military. In addition, she could also enjoy four days of paid vacation a month.

"People are hard to dismantle, I need to be strong." Liu Weiwei gritted her teeth. After eating a few bites of skewers, she was no longer able to continue, so she simply put them on the rabbit plate and left it for Xiao Bai to enjoy. She herself ate the duck blood vermicelli soup left over in the kitchen, adding a lot of vinegar as usual.

The next day.

Qin Mo finished his morning exercise at 8 o'clock in the morning on time, and ran all the way from the base training ground to the cafeteria’s dining room.

"Hello Major!"


Many soldiers who came and went to salute him. But Qin Mo's expression gradually became serious. After coming out of the cafetria, many soldiers were in a very strange state. One or two were walking with light feet and an inexplicable smile on their faces. Many people's lips were a little swollen or even red. He even met Lieutenant Lu who was punished forty kilometers run last night at the entrance of the dining room, and he was also very wrong.

When Qin Mo entered the canteen, he saw the soldiers sitting around a table inside. Almost seven or eight out of the ten’s mouths had turned into sausage.

"Major!" Xu Wenchuan, the monitor on duty in the cafeteria today, saluted.

Qin Mo's footsteps paused, "Pack some, smaller quantity."

Xu Wenchuan was stunned. Yesterday the big guy made a big fight just to eat the last few bites of the Chuan Chuan skewers. Was the major who was tall and had a small appetite this morning? But he didn't have the guts to ask, "Yes, please wait a minute!"

Qin Mo carried his hands behind his back, raised his feet and walked to the battalion commanders' table.

"Major!?" The ten battalion commanders almost stuffed their spoons into their nostrils.

Especially Lu Qingheng, who was punished last night. His spoon almost fell into the bowl again with the food in his mouth.

"What's wrong with your mouth?" Qin Mo said coldly.

Lu Qingheng subconsciously touched his red lips and coughed.

The Commander of the 1st Battalion was sitting directly opposite the Major, unable to withstand the pressure of his sharp gaze, he confessed, "Report! The Chuan Chuan hot pot in the restaurant last night was really delicious! We couldn't help but ate too much, some of it was very spicy, so…" His voice was getting softer and lighter, which was a relatively modest way of retelling what happened yesterday.

In fact, their group was a bit crazy yesterday. Since they discovered that Chuan Chuan was covered with red particles called dry dip spicy powder, it felt more exciting to eat. So they began to bet whoever could eat more spicy powder was the toughest man in the barracks. Then... well, everyone who participated in the competition was basically in tragedy. When they went back at night, their lips were hot and burning. But when they ate, it was really refreshing and extremely exciting!

Thinking this, Commander of the 1st Battalion still felt that he was drooling.

"Major, your breakfast seafood fish porridge, and two fried dough sticks, a cup of original soy milk are here." Xu Wenchuan soon delivered the packing box in person.

Lu Qingheng, who carried the mark of a sinner, stared directly, "Xiao Xu, this is not enough for our Major to eat. So little!"

"That’s correct. You dare to give children's meals to our Major?" The Commander of the 1st Battalion sucked his drool and choked.

Qin Mo waved his hand, "This is for Clerk Liu."

"Um..." Xu Wenchuan was taken aback, "Major, I will get you another serving?"

"No, I still have nutrient solutions. Everyone's supply quota is fixed, even me, I can't be special." Qin Mo refused directly, picked up the packing box on the table, and stood up.

All the people at the table who heard this lowered their heads in shame. Yesterday they all ate more than one serving of dinner, and they didn't finish digesting them until midnight.

Lu Qingheng opened his mouth and finally couldn't hold back, "Major, Clerk Liu can cook by herself. You just eat your quota and don't need to bring any for her." She did all the things in the cafeteria’s kitchen, but the Major needed to sacrifice his own breakfast to bring some to her?

"That girl?" Qin Mo twitched, "Have you eaten what she made?"

Not only Lu Qingheng, but everyone who heard this looked at their Major in unbelievable way. Of course they had! Not only they had eaten, but they were still eating at this moment! Major, the children meal breakfast in your hand was made by your cook!

Lu Qingheng almost nodded, but the Commander of the 9th Battalion next to him quickly grabbed his arm and successfully prevented him from leaking the highest level of confidentiality and going to the military court.

The battalion commanders looked at their major with weird expressions, biting their lips firmly.

"What she made," Qin Mo sighed. He felt that this ugliness should not be revealed, but when he thought of his partner who was almost killed, he lowered his voice and told his subordinates frankly, "Her dark food that is very likely to be fatal and crippling. You better not eat it."

"Wait, wait, what?" The Commander of the 3rd Battalion snapped the fritters in his hand and it fell on the table, but he quickly picked it up distressedly, "Is it possible?"

Qin Mo nodded his head, "It has a strong pungent smell, and the taste is... not flattering." He thought of the sour dinner last night, and felt that his taste buds had not recovered until today.

"Huh?" The Commander of the 1st Battalion stared, looking at the brightly colored fish porridge with crispy crackers on the table, and the golden and crispy fried dough sticks. He swallowed desperately, "Not flattering?"

Qin Mo frowned, "I just remind you. I don't want to send you to the hospital also when Mu Ming is not even discharged yet. In the future, if she cooks, you should stay as far away as possible. Since she is now living in the military area, there should be no cooking in the future. By the way, you also should not approach my bedroom at will, to avoid accidental injury."

The Commander of the 7th Battalion couldn't close his mouth, and the soymilk cup in his hand began to tremble crazily, "Accident, accidentally injured?"

"After half an hour, you report to my office. I want to listen to the detailed report of Liyang High School's training camp." Major Qin said these words expressionlessly and left.

It was not until his tall figure disappeared at the entrance of the cafeteria that the battalion commanders looked at each other faces. 

"Is there something wrong with my hearing?"

"Is the major's sense of taste and smell sick, or mine that is sick?"

"Wait, my fish porridge is going to be cold. Let me finish drink it first and then discuss this serious issues with you!"

"Fortunately, I drank the delicious porridge first. Ah, do you think that the last time the major battled with the Krypton Golden Beast, he broke his brain?"

"What you said is very possible! Major Mu Ming was in the same mecha with him, and both of them crashed, right?"

"This won’t work. You have to ask the major to go to the military doctor for an examination. If he is not sick, then... he definitely has a bad taste!"

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