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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 44

ICRAB – Chapter 44

At six o’clock in the evening, when the first batch of officers that had finished their training lined up to the cafeteria, their faces were filled with excitement and smiles. Many people even swallowed their saliva and touched their stomachs involuntarily. They were obviously looking forward to today’s dinner.

The list of the top 25% in the training yesterday had been shuffled today, especially the soldiers who were almost able to squeeze into the middle area of the previous ranking, they almost used all their strength in order to eat. As long as one day’s ranking was squeezed into the forefront, they could enjoy the three meals a day in the cafeteria and wait until the next day before re-ranking.

"I got into the 24.9% today, and finally I can walk in. The entire three meals last night, this morning and at noon, I smelled the scent that made me sleepless until dawn, and my drool was flowing down, but I could only drink nutrient solutions. And that d*mn nutrient, it's the same flavor as last year!"

"From 35% to 25%, oh my god, I was just in time, and today I can finally taste the legendary skewers hot pot!"

"I heard from the fellow in the dormitory next door that if you put this meal outside in a high-end restaurant, it will be sold at least 100,000 credits. The welfare of our military area must be enjoyed to the fullest."

Everyone joked and walked into the cafeteria. However, they were only greeted by cold robots and silent tables and chairs.

Cafeteria Robot No. 1: "Today’s dinner A is a cantaloupe, mint and grass flavored nutrient solutions; B is a watermelon, blueberry and vegetable juice flavored nutrient solutions. Those who choose A, please go to Robot No. 2 on the left and for B please go to Robot No. 3 on the right to get the rations. Thank you for your cooperation."

All the sergeants who rushed in stared at Robot No. 2 and No. 3 on the left and right, as well as the nutrient solutions that stood behind them as high as a hill, and their expressions shattered.

"Wait, wait, isn't it skewers hot pot today?"

"Isn't it delicious food?"

Many people leaned in their noses and sniffed the air in the cafeteria desperately. Today, the cafeteria did not have any unique aroma. No, if they insisted, there was still a faint scent, which was the scent left from the skewers at noon today. The scent of the seared and oily Bibi meat, broiled chicken wings and the cumin seasoning made them drool just thinking about it.

Robot No. 1 waved its mechanical arm mercilessly, breaking the dream of a group of people: "Today's dinner is nutrient solutions."

"What? I finally managed to squeeze into the top 25%!"

"I entered the cafeteria with strength, but you gave me nutrient solutions?"

Those who haven’t eaten could just forget, even though their hope had been shattered, but those who had eaten know what they had lost. They had tasted the flavorful skewers, tasted the thick and soft fish porridge, and even obsessed with the barbecue, but now they needed to go back to drink nutrient solutions, it was simply unacceptable!

But Robot No. 1 did not have any emotions: "Please take your nutritional supplements within one minute, don't make noise, and leave the canteen immediately. The troublemaker will be deprived of the right to enter the cafeteria forever."

The sergeants were all downcast.

After the training was over, Lin Renhu, who arrived in the second batch today, also heard the news, and immediately looked at the lieutenant who had come with him. "Lieutenant Lu, where are your good family members?" Lin Renhu was about to cry.

Lu Qingheng was even more confused, "You ask me? I don't even know!"

The family members they were talking about were ordered to lie in a hospital bed at this moment.

Liu Weiwei was helpless. Five minutes ago, she thought of Xiao Bai who was left alone in the bedroom, and she was immediately worried. She wanted to go back to the bedroom, as she didn't know if it was hungry, or if the rabbit was afraid of staying there alone. They had never been separated since she met Xiao Bai. However, her idea of getting out of bed and leaving the hospital was directly rejected by the Major who looked so serious he seemed to be frozen.

"Just now you heard that the military doctor said that you need to stay in bed these few days and can't walk around. I will go back and feed your rabbit." The icy major even offered to feed the rabbits himself. If Lu Qingheng was present, even he would be surprised. The Major didn't have eyes for beasts and hated all furry things the most. Even the fox demon pet raised by Major Mu was very unwelcomed by him. Every time that demon pet saw him, it would be frightened and started shivering due to the strong murderousness and coldness he exuded.

Liu Weiwei protested, she was not at ease at all. "It will be scared to stay alone in the dormitory at night. I am fine. I have to wait until tomorrow for the next infusion. I can just go back to sleep at home." Up to now, she still had no consciousness of being a mother. She was mainly coping with ignorance. She was old enough to be a mother, but this was really too sudden. It still felt unreal although the major in front of her, as well as the doctor had already explained the situation and told her clearly that she indeed had a small life inside her body. But now, she still had an illusion that she was dreaming and when she woke up she would be back.

"It's impossible to escape." Major Qin glanced at Liu Weiwei, "At least before you figure it out and are able take care of yourself. Maybe three days or a week later, you will want to keep this child, so you don't want to make rushed decision right now, if yes then you’re going to regret things. Listen to the doctor’s advice, I’ll find the rabbit for you. If you are still worried, I will bring it to the hospital for you to have a look after its vaccination." He left after speaking, not allowing Liu Weiwei to protest at all.

Liu Weiwei, lying on the hospital bed, couldn't help but sighed again. But unexpectedly, it didn't take long for Major Ice Cube to return. He also held a small basin in his hand and an ionized toothbrush.

Liu Weiwei stared, watched Major Ice Cube handed her the toothbrush, and she stupidly took it.

"I read on the Internet and say that you must brush your teeth well during pregnancy. If you have tooth decay or gingivitis, it will not be good for your baby." Major Qin was expressionless, but what he said did not match his cold expression at the moment.

The goose bumps on Liu Weiwei's arm were coming out. Baby? Here it came again, the strange old father's tone…

Watching Liu Weiwei motionless, Qin Mo couldn't help but frowning and moved his eyes to her right hand, which had become a little red and swollen after three hours of intravenous drip in the afternoon, and directly took away the toothbrush in her hand. "Open your mouth."

Liu Weiwei almost dropped her chin, "Huh?" She could only pronounce one syllable in astonishment as a toothbrush was suddenly inserted into her half-open mouth.

Liu Weiwei: ... 

She looked at the major in front of her who had a face that said ‘I'm Indifferent’ in front of strangers came closer and every pore on his face was seriously enlarged in front of her. In the next second, her chin was held down by his palm.

"Uncomfortable?" Seeing Liu Weiwei’s frown, Qin Mo couldn't help but stop the movement of his hand. "Does the latest model of ion toothbrush hurt you too?" 3 Stars in Physical Skills was so weak? But he quickly thought of what Bu Zhongxin had said before, that she had a minor like body, and he couldn't help being upset. "You bear it for a while, I will check later, if there is any mouthwash suitable for babies… mothers and babies."

Liu Weiwei was surprised and even saliva almost came out of her open mouth. Was she so delicate? But now she had a toothbrush in her mouth, so she couldn't even protest. She wanted to reach out and get the toothbrush handle, but the Major in front of her was so serious, as if he was performing a military mission. He was so solemn that she had forgotten to move.

Qin Mo strictly followed the standard procedure for brushing teeth, up and down, inside and out, all for half a minute each. Only then he finally breathed a sigh of relief, and a thin layer of sweat appeared on his forehead. Obviously he didn't even kill any beast, but he was so nervous and cautious. He put the toothbrush into the space and brought the basin next to it. "You can't get out of bed and take a shower for now, so you can only wipe your body with a hot towel. According to the doctor, you can wait until you are three months pregnant before you can get soak your feet in a steam bath. You need to bear it for now." He said while twisting a handful of towels.

Liu Weiwei hurriedly took the towels by herself, wiped her face indiscriminately, and returned it to the Major.

However, Qin Mo took out a new set of skin care products from his space, "This is the best-selling pregnant women products on the Internet that are said to be a must-buy during pregnancy. People said it is will prevent getting freckles on the face.”

Liu Weiwei: …

"By the way, it is also said on the Internet that if the mother body is too weak, in addition to avoid using too much light brain during pregnancy, it is best to also stay away from robots, as well as all signal transmission and radiation equipment, and only use them after the baby is born. So I turned off all the equipment in the ward. The automatic instruments in the bathroom have all been changed to manual mode. During this period of time, please work hard." Qin Mo looked at his communicator, "Next time I will turn off my light brain before coming to this ward and being near you."

Liu Weiwei: … 

She really didn't know what to say. He knew better than her? "Major, I think we need to have a good talk. Isn’t your attitude toward me a bit… inappropriate?" Liu Weiwei couldn't help but asked.

Major Qin raised his eyebrows, "Do you think I deprived you of your freedom?" The Modern Interstellar Alliance attached great importance to human rights. "If it's boring, I have placed an order to purchase radiation protection suits, but they are still in the mail. They will arrive tomorrow at the latest. When the goods arrive, you can watch two hours of TV or surf the Internet every day, and I will have no objection."

"…" This was not the problem at all!

"Your rabbit, I will bring it to see you later."

"…" This was not the problem either!

Liu Weiwei's mouth twitched, "Major, do you know what your tone sounded like now?"

Major Qin finally froze, and there was a crack in his frozen expression. He subconsciously touched the cigarette in his trouser pocket, but he stopped again. This set of actions was already performed at least ten times in the ward, and even Liu Weiwei had watched it several times.

The Major wanted to smoke, but also don’t want to smoke because of the baby…

Liu Weiwei couldn't bear to turn her head away, she couldn't say what she was about to say. But before she could continue, Major Qin had walked out of the ward.

"I'll pick up the rabbit."

The hoarse low voice made Liu Weiwei scratch her hair frantically. "What the hell does this mean? It's because of me?! Oh, is my beauty now really too high?"

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  1. ...She is very stupid...I can't even begin to comprehend how she thinks beauty is the answer.

    1. Whether that is true or not is irrelevant in this case. She has a system that gives her a value for beauty. She has gone from zero to whatever it is now, knows her chest size has increased and that this guy has been looking at it and is seemingly satisfied at it's change. It is very easy to see why she would think that it's the beauty value doing it. Especially since she is beyond certain that he couldn't be the father.


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