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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 43

ICRAB – Chapter 43

What to pray for? Bu Zhongxin looked dull. Pray that the scenario Devil Qin thought never happened, consistent with his initial stress judgment? Or pray to cross over with the comatose girl? Or pray that the baby in the belly of the girl was safe? "Ha... I'm going crazy." He scratched his head indiscriminately, and walked around in front of the hospital bed, a little lost.

"Ah, Major, you can't smoke in the clinic." The little nurse outside suddenly exclaimed.

"Where can I smoke?"

"You can go to the terrace, or outside the clinic."

Bu Zhongxin sighed and walked out of the ward when the sound of footsteps outside got further and further away.

Qin Mo went up to the roof, took out a cigarette and tucked it between his fingers, leaning on the wall of the terrace. At 3 o’clock in the afternoon the military base was at its hottest time. The sky was blue, but it was faintly golden. Unlike the low bungalows on Planet Linde, the arrangement of buildings here was neat and orderly when viewed from a height, revealing the military’s solemn attitude. He didn't light the cigarette, just pinched it to his mouth, and put both hands in the pockets of his army pants.

Qin Mo communicator vibrated suddenly. "Teacher."

"Where is your little cook? Why can't I get in touch?"

Qin Mo bit his cigarette and raised his eyebrows, "Rest."

"…Well, the cafeteria is about to start dinner, let her help out when she has time."

"She's not going."


Qin Mo's slender hand took out the lighter from his trouser pocket, lowered his head, and lit the cigarette in his mouth, "Take sick leave for a long time."

"Huh? Sick? What's the situation?"

Qin Mo frowned and took a deep breath of smoke. With a deep voice, the smoke sprayed out, "I submitted a vacation form for this afternoon and tomorrow. I will report to you later." After speaking, the communicator was cut off neatly. He took another three deep breaths, burning the cigarette to the end instantly, and then he walked off the rooftop.

The cowhide army boots made a crunching noise on the wooden floor of the clinic. Qin Mo walked up to the girl's bed before stopping. His eagle-like gaze fell straight on the girl's pale and thin face at the moment. Her dark and curled eyelashes covered her eyelids, casting a shadow. The lip color that was slightly pink a while ago, today was a bit sickly gray. The thin hand with attached infusion was exposed outside the quilt, almost blending with the color of the pure white bed sheet, and a few blue veins on the back of the hand were particularly conspicuous. Even the sound of breathing was weak, like a feather falling.

Major Qin clenched his fists with an ugly expression, and stood by the bed silently for two hours.

When Liu Weiwei woke up weakly, the dazzling white surrounding her made her think she was back in the middle school dormitory again. It was just the drip bottle that she could see at a glance, and the unsmiling military uniform man sitting next to her on the bedside, made her sober instantly.

"Maj…" Liu Weiwei opened her mouth and found that her voice was a little hoarse.

Qin Mo stretched out his hand, took the water cup and placed its straw next to her mouth.

Liu Weiwei suddenly felt embarrassed.


Liu Weiwei bit her lip and took a sip.

"Student Liu, you are pregnant."

"Cough… cough cough!" 

Liu Weiwei was almost choked to death by the water she had just sucked in. If it weren't because she could still recognize that in front of her was the dream husband of the people, the Major, the young un-deceptive officer, and if her brain was bad, she would have slapped the Major’s face directly. She also wanted to remove the needle from her hand and put it in his thigh! "What did you say?"

"You're pregnant, nine weeks, sixty days." Major Qin Mo wrapped his hands around his chest, and looked at her with fixed eyes like, "Who is the father of the child?"

Liu Weiwei opened her mouth wide, reached out her hand to grab a quilt, and then covered her head again, "I'm probably dreaming. I'll sleep again for a while…"

Major Qin pursed his lips tightly, "You are the cooking soldier I accepted, and I am responsible to you in this barracks from the day of your registration."

"I'm sleeping!"

"You got pregnant when you were unmarried. I checked your historical data, and it has all become the highest confidentiality level. Even someone in my position has no right to view it."


"I don't know what happened to you, but I hope you can tell me."

"I don't know what you are talking about!" Liu Weiwei pulled the quilt off angrily, "Don't think that because you are a Major and my immediate boss, I am afraid of you! You slander an unmarried young woman, be careful when I go to sue you!"

Qin Mo was silent, then put down his hands and pulled down the quilt that was about to touch the needles on Liu Weiwei’s hand, "Of course you can send me to the Interstellar Alliance Military Court. Whether I am the father of the child or not, I have the fault of negligence. "

"The child's father?!" Liu Weiwei stared, so furious that she almost emitted smoke. She was unmarried. The point was that this body had just grown up and just graduated from high school. Who was she pregnant with? She didn't know at all, there was no such story in her memory!

"Major Qin, are you sick? To say this to a woman, especially to a single girl, is really too much!" Liu Weiwei was angry.

"Indeed." Qin Mo looked down.


"I have lost my memory for three days, and the location is near Liyang High School."

Liu Weiwei was so angry that she wanted to laugh, "Major, do you have delusion of persecution? I know you have many female fans, but I am not interested in you at all. It is impossible for me to seduce you and climb on your bed!"

Qin Mo pressed his temple and said, "I am communicating this with you very seriously, Student Liu. This is the military clinic. Just now the lieutenant-level Doctor Bu and the medical robot have performed a full-body examination on you. These are not my fabrications. You can check the result."

Liu Weiwei: "…"

"I also checked on the Internet just now. In the first trimester, pregnant mothers are especially nauseous in the early morning, suddenly like sour food, also start to feel sleepy and tired easily. They also need to go to the toilet many times a day…"

"Stop talking!" Liu Weiwei instantly covered her ears, her heart pounding, "I, I, I am allergic to rabbit fur! That's right, it's just allergic reaction to my pet!"

Qin Mo's tight and handsome face made a moment of laughter, "Allergies? Do I need to show you the test report?"

"I'm not telling a joke, what are you laughing at?" Liu Weiwei's voice went from loud to weak. There was a very bad feeling in her heart suddenly. As early as in the school dormitory before, she found that her body was indeed not right. Her limbs were slender but her belly was growing all the time, and she also urinated too often. She was also prone to dizziness and hypoxia. Sometimes she had a very good appetite and could eat a lot, but then she was nauseous and vomited acid. 

Liu Weiwei had lived for so long that she should have thought of pregnancy long ago. However, she had the illusion of having a period, even though it had very little blood, and her body was too young, she subconsciously refused to draw conclusions in that direction. Also sixty days, wasn’t that the time when the original owner went to the casino to go bankrupt and owed a lot of debts?!

Liu Weiwei's face suddenly became transparent. The original owner was drunk that day, and she had no memories of the second half of the night!

Qin Mo squinted, glanced at the girl's paper-colored face, "Remember?"

Liu Weiwei took a deep breath and closed her eyes. She felt that the whole room was turning around.

"Major Qin, if I say, I don't know anything, I don't know who the other party is, and I don't know how I got pregnant, do you believe it? How are you going to deal with me? Am I expelled from a cooking soldier's qualifications, or reported for punishment?"

"You also don’t remember?" The frozen voice fluctuated.

Liu Weiwei was stunned, also?

Liu Weiwei opened her eyes slowly. Although she felt a little desperate at the moment, she still felt dumbfounded when she saw the handsome man sitting on the bedside leaning forward and his frozen face showed a nervous expression. "Major, even if I'm pregnant, the baby won't be yours. Even if you were nearby, the girls who want to attend to you at Liyang High School can go from here… all the way to the next planet." She stretched out her hand and gestured.

"So, even if we both lost our memory at the time, and we both in the same place, we should stepped back ten thousand steps and said it's a coincidence. The one that climbed your bed that day was definitely not me!"

Qin Mo narrowed his eyes, "I'm investigating."

Liu Weiwei rolled her eyes, "If you really want to be a father, you can now go out, turn left, and make marriage proposal to anyone. You will probably have a son by next year!"

"During my investigation, you can think about what to choose while recuperating."


"If it's me, then marry me or send me to a military court? If it's not me, then do you want to marry that wild man or send him to jail?"

Liu Weiwei stared.

"Unmarried mothers will never be allowed in the military department. To give birth or not to give birth, I hope you can rest for a few days before you talk with Doctor Bu and think about it." Qin Mo subconsciously reached for a cigarette, but he paused in the air, "I remember your eighteenth birthday was just three days ago, and I respect your first important decision as an adult. But if you are willing to let me participate in the decision-making, I will… be happy. " After he finished speaking, he took out a whole row of nutrient solutions from his space.

"This is an enhanced version of lemon flavored nutrient solution. I asked the doctor, pregnant women can also eat it. It can effectively suppress your morning sickness also replenish protein and vitamins. If you are dizzy, you can also take a bite to relieve fatigue, and you can carry it with you on your personal space station. In addition, for your eighteenth birthday gift, I changed it to a paper version. It’s said on the Internet that it’s best for pregnant women not to go to Skynet too often."

"What?" Liu Weiwei opened the box and saw a thick paper book lying in it. [How to Improve Physical Ability]  ̄へ ̄!

"If someone in the cafeteria asks you to do a part-time job, you just refuse." The Major’s army boots stopped at the door for a while, "I have taken a long vacation for you. Now I will call the doctor to come over and check you up."

Looking at the tall and tall back disappearing at the door, Liu Weiwei finally fell on the pillow and sighed. The original owner really left her a big trouble. And this Major Qin was really weird! Shouldn't she be blamed for her personal disorder and expelled from the military? What the hell was his expression of being like an old father who wanted her to have a baby, but hesitating to say it!


The author has something to say: 

Xia Xia(Author) believes that mature men should respect women’s opinions more when it comes to giving birth~ 

Um, women are the ones who suffer~

If you enjoy my work, please consider sending this sleep deprived mtl-er some ko-fi. =)

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