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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 49

ICRAB – Chapter 49

Peng Jialiang carried his daughter and looked at his wife next to him, "I'll say it first. I have been with Fangfang for five years. The most touching moment was when I was hospitalized for surgery." He said with a silly smile, "At that time, my wife had to look at our daughter, and she had to take care of me. She only slept for less than four hours a day, and she had dark circles under her eyes. But she was still the most beautiful. At that time, the doctor said that I might not be able to work anymore, but she did not leave me and did not complain."

"Fool, what are you talking about in front of our daughter!" Peng Jialing’s wife's cheeks were flushed instantly by his gaze, "For me was when I was pregnant, you took care of me every day, prepare daily nutrient solutions for me, and wash my foot like a fool. You went online every day to check the precautions during pregnancy. I was not allowed to do this or that, and you followed behind my butt every day to take care of me."

Peng Jialiang touched his head and laughed, his ears were also suspiciously pink, "That's what all men should do. You were pregnant and it must be so hard." He couldn’t help sighing, "I was poor. At that time, you said that you didn’t want to drink nutrient solution, but I couldn’t afford the food in the restaurant…" 

Halfway through Peng Jialing’s speech, he was beaten by his wife who blushed too much, "Don't talk nonsense, aren't you ashamed?!" She looked at Liu Weiwei a little embarrassed, and she saw Liu Weiwei's dull and pink expression, "Boss, is this all right? It doesn't matter if it's not discounted."

"Ah, yes, yes." Liu Weiwei reacted and immediately asked the robot to serve them the dishes. After the family of three squeezed into the two seats of a small table and started to eat, she patted her hot face.


Why she would strangely think of the Major when she heard the wife retelling her husband care?! Was she drowsy and still not awake? 

When Liu Weiwei blushed, the robot had already brought a plate of brightly colored husband and wife lung slices to Peng Jialiang's table.

It might be because of the delicious food that he got after sweet and touching memories, accompanied by the word husband and wife on the name of the dish, Peng Jialiang glanced at his wife and then at the perfect food on the table, feeling very excited. "Fangfang…" He couldn't help but stretched out his hand, holding his wife's hand under the table. He would want to kiss his wife if it weren't for his daughter sitting on his lap!

Liu Fang was also a little moved. She glanced at her husband affectionately, then blushed and bowed her head. She first scooped some non-spicy dried tofu soup for the baby girl into her bowl, after that she reached out and lifted a thin slice that was almost transparent to the sun and then put the beef slices into her husband’s bowl. She herself forked a piece of beef tendon, and was shocked by the almost transparent color it had. The clear color was like a transparent gemstone, and the fork was inserted into the beef tendon almost immediately bounced back, which also made her slightly stunned.

After putting it in the mouth, Liu Fang was even more enveloped by the amazing springy taste, the fresh and spicy red oil, and the salty fragrance in the meat! Instantly, the ups and downs of the taste buds made her unable to talk. Eating a bite of warm, soft, glutinous white rice soon after, she felt that the boring rice that she hated the most, accompanied by the refreshing aftertaste of beef tendon, was actually like a roller coaster spinning to the highest in her mouth. After the stimulation, it slide down smoothly, and her heart also gradually returns to its original flavor. But immediately on the next slice of beef, it was gliding high again!

"The slices of meat inside are almost exactly the same thickness. Just like the forum said, the quality of this restaurant is comparable to a five-star dish." Peng Jialiang looked at the thin-looking slice of beef in his bowl. There was a clear layer after layer of fleshy texture. The red oil slowly rolled on the surface, revealing a tempting spicy aroma, and he couldn't help but feel his expression became solemn.

And the taste of the dish was extremely rich. Chewy tripe, firm beef, tenacious beef tendon, crispy and delicious offal, and other unnamed meat, in the end, Peng Jialing could eat five or six different textures in one dish! "My wife, I will definitely work hard to make money, and one day I will take you to eat real dishes offline!"

"Baba, I want to eat too!"

"It's necessary, our sweetheart will of course eat too!"


[Husband and wife task: The current progress is 1/500, please the host continue to cheer.]

Liu Weiwei quickly heard the system’s prompt. She looked at the happy faces of the family of three not far away, and couldn't help smiling. This food system was actually not that annoying. Let people found the feeling of love and being loved, let people experienced the happiness of having food, cherished the people around them more, and lived harder, this was the meaning of food. This was the essence of the system’s tasks. Rather than making money, rather than reviving one or two recipes, it was more to arouse people's happiness when they ate delicious food! This was the value of being a cook!

For the first time, Liu Weiwei really felt lucky that she was selected by the system. When she relaxed her mind and no longer deliberately pursued the task, more and more husband and wife couple came to her booth.

"Stall owner, we want to sign up for the husband and wife lung slices activity!"

"The time when my wife and I were most moved was when we decided to get married, and when we went camping in the unmanned star together…"

"The moment my husband touched my heart the most was the whole house full of rose that gave me…"

"When she looked at me, I felt like I had the whole world…"

All kinds of dog food, made Liu Weiwei full. She, a person who didn't believe in love much anymore, could feel the sour and rotten love scent that was so sweet that she also feels envious! (TN: PDA was called dog food, to feed the single dogs around the world.)

The task progress bar was constantly being updated. Even Skynet’s prompt messages kept flashing.

The activity Liu Weiwei made had also facilitated 200 acquaintances from all over the world, and made 50 husbands who had been on business for a long time to decide to take a leave of absence and take a spaceship home immediately. Her social contribution value increased by two hundred within a short period of time.

Liu Weiwei at this moment was really proud. But it didn't take long before her proud little chest collapsed.

[Major Qin Mo, a Crown-level citizen certified by Skynet, has sent you an online message: Eat offline.]

Liu Weiwei suddenly felt goose bumps, which popped out from the back of her neck. She subconsciously wanted to pretend that she hadn't seen it, but soon received another message.

[Major Qin Mo, a Crown-level citizen certified by Skynet, has sent you an online message: Even if you are not hungry, you should eat.]

This tone… quickly made Liu Weiwei rubbed her arms! Even on Skynet, she felt a bit too cold, only her cheeks were hot! She wanted to go offline in another ten minutes, but she soon received the third and fourth messages.

Liu Weiwei face went dark.

[Sorry, you cannot block Major Qin Mo’s Crown-level message.]

Liu Weiwei finally apologized unbearably to the customers and quickly went offline, ready to show the nosy Major a little bit of expression. But, as soon as she withdrew from Skynet, she saw Major Ice Cube holding a soft-haired rabbit standing by her bed, looking at her seriously.

The man's ubiquitous hard and cold style from head to toe was in stark and strong contrast with the soft mini rabbit in his arms. Was this what people called… gap moe*?! She unexpectedly felt that Xiao Bai was quite suitable for his tough style. (TN: a term often used in reference to fictional characters to describe when said character does something completely contradictory to what their usual habits/personality/appearance dictates.)

"Would you like to touch it?" The hard and cold major moved closer and moved the soft furry rabbit toward Liu Weiwei.

The expression Liu Weiwei wanted to show the Major was immediately swallowed back. She immediately fell into the frenzied fluffing of rabbit fur and was unable to extricate herself from it! When she came back to her senses, she coughed, "Major, actually I think…"

"Would you like to hug?" The hard and cold major moved closer.

Liu Weiwei automatically stretched out her hands, and suddenly only her baby rabbit was left in her mind. 

There was a suspiciously successful smile on the face of Major Ice Cube. It was not difficult to coax this girl to quit the Internet.


Liu Weiwei didn't know the Major’s thought as she was intoxicated by holding and stroking her rabbit. It was like hugging the whole world. The way the little rabbit shrank in the corner at noon today, and when it wanted her to hold it high up and hugged her, made her felt so distressed. Now she held her Xiao Bai contentedly, and the corners of her mouth rose in peace.

"Ah, how about the food in the cafeteria at noon?" Liu Weiwei was in a better mood and decided not to lose her temper with the Major who had took care of her, but instead focused on the point.

The Major nodded immediately, "I packed some for you. If you don't want to drink the nutrient, you can taste it."

Liu Weiwei: "!!! Don't you eat it yourself? Have you eaten it?"

The Major's mouth curled up, "Take a bite, and don’t worry about cleaning the dishes."

Liu Weiwei: … In the morning, she only ate a bite of sauerkraut fish, which the rest was quickly eaten by the Major. But now, he only took one bite, and brought all the rest back for her to eat? He didn't like it?

"You must go to the cafeteria again in the evening!" Liu Weiwei burst into an unprecedented fighting spirit, "The dishes in the evening will be more delicious!"

The Major squinted. "Okay."

On Planet Linde, a little far away, the fighting spirit Liu Weiwei felt was jointly reported by her alma mater.

"The worst grade should be unqualified. Why should she graduate with excellent grades?"

"Obviously she was the last one, but she was admitted as a cook. Even if she didn't have a military status, it would cost taxpayers' hard money to feed such a waste!"

"The army should give us an explanation! Why they covered her cheating?!"

"If we don't receive a reasonable explanation, all of us will not apply for the military academy jointly!"

Almost half of the students in Liyang High School were surrounding the classrooms and office buildings. School forums, self-study classrooms, cram cabins… were almost full of various protest texts and voices.

The school dean’s had a headache, and finally sweating all over, he went into the principal's office crying for help. But as soon as he opened the door, he was surprised when he saw the person in front of the principal.

"Ms. Qian, you are here too?"

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  1. These students…yes, the military academy would rather have outstanding people apply, BUT if you’re already showing off a rebellious attitude, the academy may not want you. And, what is your plan if you don’t join the academy? Are you screwing over your own future out of jealousy of one random person whose promotion doesn’t even affect you??


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