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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 53

ICRAB – Chapter 53

People always hoped to be cared for when they were at most vulnerable. In the most hesitating time, they always hoped to get some suggestions. When Teacher Qian left, Liu Weiwei was still sitting on the bed, silently thinking about what the teacher had just said. If she married the Major, she seemed to have nothing to lose. On the contrary, The Major had thousands of fans, and he might lose a large sea of flowers by marrying her.

The Major was handsome, his figure was good, his military position was high, his teacher was the Marshal, his background was very powerful, and his future was endless. The key was that Liu Weiwei had also watched the video of him fighting against beasts on the battlefield. He was indeed a brave, incomparable man. Moreover, in the past few days, she could be said to have received the meticulous care from the Major. The performance of the Major as a male servant couldn’t be overstated. Just like Teacher Qian said, such a husband might not be found by normal means.

Liu Weiwei blushed as she thought about it, she didn't even notice the tough man who walked into the ward. But suddenly, a small dark blue velvet box stretched out in front of her. It opened with a snap, revealing a bright and dazzling diamond ring shaped with a six-claw crown!

Liu Weiwei stared. The size of the diamond was almost thicker than the width of her pinky finger.

"Don't like it?" The Major's voice was a little low, with a rare hint of nervousness, "Then I'll change it." He really lifted his foot when he finished speaking and left.

Liu Weiwei swallowed quickly, "Wait, wait."

The Major's stride stopped immediately.

"Aren't our speeds too fast? Also, er, the baby is really yours? Have you found it out?" Liu Weiwei's tone was shy and anxious.

The Major's long legs soon brought him back to the bed. "Not fast. Mine. No."

Liu Weiwei was taken aback, and after a while she figured out what the Major meant, "You didn't find out, how did you know that it was yours?"

The Major who never keeps the enemy under his eyes, immediately found a sense of crisis that the spoils were about to escape. But the bloody nature of soldiers was to desperately complete strategic tasks, even if there were difficulties. "This is important?"


"I want to pursue you, Clerk Liu."


"So the best tactic is to get married first."


"Teacher’s wife said that wearing a wedding dress will not look good when the belly is big. Girls will care about this moment very much and hope that they will be the most beautiful on that important day. I just asked the doctor and you can get out of bed, so the wedding will be scheduled three days later. How about it? We will take time off tomorrow to choose wedding dresses. Teacher’s wife told me some recommended shops. In addition, you can choose some baby products by yourself when it is convenient. The two or three planets nearby are the birthplaces of fashion. They have very suitable shops."

Liu Weiwei opened her mouth wide. There was only one thought left in her heart. The system was right, as long as the value of beauty was high, it was not a dream to truly conquer a universe… How much value did she have now, which easily dominated a heartthrob Major? She didn't seem to be doing anything?

Liu Weiwei recalled the pitiful contact between the two of them. She really couldn’t figure out what touched the Major’s heart. She couldn't help but want to touch her small chest, but finally resisted and didn't do it. Sure enough, she was more beautiful now!

"Major… Are you serious?" As a woman who had been cheated and deceived, and suffered emotional injuries, Liu Weiwei was really scared.

However, the soldier’s eyes were very firm. The Major didn’t avoid her eyes at all, "Yes. If you’re worried, I’ll hire a lawyer in the afternoon to notarize the marriage for us, and transfer all the pre-marital assets under my name to your personal name. If one day I die in battle or betray you, then you and the baby can live without any worries."

Until now, Liu Weiwei finally understood what was meant by the system’s definition. Even on earth, such men were rare. After marriage, there was often a lot of private money hidden, but here, the Major even gave his pre-marital property to her. She didn't understand the Major's brain circuit at all… but she was still a little touched.

Liu Weiwei’s most insecure sense of security seemed to have been solved by this man. Squeeze the man's wallet, then pinch the man's stomach… She would complete a few more tasks to maximize her beauty, so she should not be betrayed (* ̄︶ ̄*)

Liu Weiwei thought about it, and the more she looked at him, the more she felt that this previously annoying Major was very handsome and masculine. This looks that she felt too seductive before, now felt more like those men written by unscrupulous authors, 'The sharp and angular looks are like carved out' and 'The sexy thin lips are like inviting her.' …… Oh, she suddenly had goose bumps, but it was really handsome!

Liu Weiwei face was unwillingly became hot again.

"Is the temperature too high?" The Major had good eyesight, he immediately saw the abnormal blush on the girl's face. He couldn't help but frowned and touched her forehead. "Is it easy to sweat during pregnancy?"

Liu Weiwei's face suddenly became hotter. She smelled a faint scent of tobacco on the other party, mixed with the scent of a man's mature sweat. Hey, she's starting to think too much! It's all caused by the husband and wife's lung slices… She was fed by too many dog foods, and she had learned so many nasty words.

Liu Weiwei was in a daze, and the Major thought she had acquiesced to his plan of action.

The Major had to train in the afternoon. After learning that Liu Weiwei had eaten, he hurriedly contacted the lawyer. When the training camp was over, he went to the hospital on time to pick her up and go home.

When Liu Weiwei, wearing a radiation-proof suit and hugging the rabbit, entered the room, she almost couldn't recognize the place. In the dull place where black and white were the main colors, had brightly colored flowers placed everywhere. There were a lot of soft plush toys, and even soft pink carpets were laid out in all surfaces. All table corners and chair legs were covered with colorful anti-collision cushions.

Liu Weiwei thought that she had entered in the wrong place, so she turned her head and was about to leave, but suddenly ran into the strong man behind.

The Major immediately hugged Liu Weiwei, and his thick nerves immediately raised the alarm nervously, "Does it hurt? Did you hit your stomach? Is there any discomfort? I'll call a doctor!"

Liu Weiwei’s face darkened. She was clutching her painful nose. If she didn't know, she would really think it was his baby in her belly. "It's okay, don't go!" When the man put her on the sofa, he turned around like an ant on a mess, and he tried to go out from the gate to find a doctor instead of using his light brain to call. 

"I just bumped my head." As Liu Weiwei said this, she couldn't help but glance at the man's chest muscles under his straight military uniform… well, super hard.

The Major finally calmed down, but he dialed Bu Zhongxin's phone and asked him to come over for an inspection when he was off duty today.

"That's not good?"

"At night, the lawyer will come. I have invited Master, Madam, and close comrades in arms to have a glass of wedding wine first, so Dr. Bu will also come together." He would act as the medical staff on the scene, to ensure Liu Weiwei’s safety. The Major did not hesitate and thought that he was wise.

Liu Weiwei was about to bounce off the sofa instantly, "Huh? You invite someone to come today? I'm not prepared yet." But she was quickly pressed back.

"It doesn't matter, you will properly dress up on the day of the wedding. Today can only be regarded as a family dinner, just feel free. My sister can't come to the military area as she needed to take the college entrance examination, so she will remotely watched the live video of our certification. I will ask a comrade-in-arms to help with the recording."

Liu Weiwei thought of the process of getting a marriage certificate from a good friend before. Her good friend also invited her to take pictures on the spot, and organized friends to have dinner and chatted with the couple in the evening. If she thought about it this way, it seemed normal. But unknowingly, following the man's decisive action, she was really going to get the certificate tonight?

This man really deserved to be a Major, amazingly vigorous!

"You lie down first, I will clean up the house." As the Major said this, he rolled up his sleeves.

Liu Weiwei looked up around the room and felt that the arrangement was very good, but she didn't expect that the man would soon start to throw love balloons or something later. It was so crisp that her girlish heart was overflowing.

Liu Weiwei glanced at the red dress she was wearing today, which was considered to be in line with the theme, and nodded in satisfaction. But soon, she flashed into the system again, ready to put her 10 points of beauty that hadn't been used up for completing tasks in the last few days. She struggled with her image in the mirror of the system for a long time.

"I can't touch my breasts for now." It would automatically grow during her pregnancy.

Liu Weiwei quickly focused on her height. Her body was originally worth one meter six. Standing next to the Major who was more than one meter eight, she looked very short. Now that she was pregnant, she also couldn’t wear high heels. As a result, she resolutely used five points of beauty to increase her height by two centimeters. With five beauty points left, she thought about it and clicked on her hand. 

Hands were the second face of a woman. There was too much cooking, so it was easy to make the hands rough, and proper pre-care was necessary. Sure enough, after five points, Liu Weiwei’s fingers changed, the flesh on her hands was a little bit smoother, and her bright pink nails became much cuter.

Soon, the guests arrived.

Doctor Bu checked Liu Weiwei and came to the conclusion that nothing happened.

The other guests who were invited arrived one after another before the set time, and many of them did not come empty-handed. For example, the battalion commanders whom Liu Weiwei knew, almost everyone brought up a piece of beast meat, and Lu Qingheng was the most exaggerated. This guy came with a whole pig on his back.

Major Mu Ming, who claimed to be a prosperous beauty, came with Marshal Li Er and Teacher Qian. They all had large bags, several bags of rice, cooking oil, fresh vegetables, cabbage, boxes of tofu… There was even a large cage of lively crayfish.


"The boss is so fast and scared us to death."

"Flying pursuit ability, great!"

"Hope you grow old together!"

While giving blessings, they handed over everything in their spaces and hands to the housekeeping robot.

And seeing these things, the face of the Major who had just cleaned up the house darkened. As soon as Liu Weiwei got better from morning sickness, they sent these things that were either bloody or fishy. The point was that his own nausea had not healed. Looking at those things, he wanted to throw it all out!

"Recently, these are popular gifts for married couples?" The Major gritted his teeth with a cold face.

The person with the lowest rank was immediately pushed out, with a humble smile he said, "Major, these are all for sister-in-law to cook." When they heard the major’s invitation to be a guest, their first reaction was to come and eat delicious food, and the second was that their f*cking boss actually had a shotgun marriage…

"What will we have for dinner tonight?" Mu Ming, who was not afraid of his partner, stood up bravely and asked the question everyone wanted to know the most.

"Nutrient solutions!" The Major didn't lift his eyelids.

The battalion commanders' faces all twitched, "Boss, on this happy day of yours, you invite us to the family dinner and give us nutrient solutions?"

Fortunately, at the moment when the war was about to break out, Liu Weiwei embarrassedly stand up, "There is still some time, I'm going to cook."

Major Qin's forehead jumped, and just as he was about to speak, he heard a bunch of talks behind him.

Drooling Lu Qingheng: "Can you make Mapo tofu?"

Prosperous Beauty: "I want to eat fried meat with sauce!"

Battalion Commanders said weakly: "Liangpi…"

In the end, the majestic Marshal stopped the noises and said, "Ah, Clerk Liu has just been discharged from the hospital. It's not good if she is too tired. Let's just ask her to make a bowl of snail noodles to commemorate today’s beautiful event."

Major Qin: "!!!"

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