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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 39

ICRAB – Chapter 39

"This crunchy texture is..."

"Bean sprouts, Captain Chen."

"This is soft and tender..."

"Chiba tofu, Private Zhen."

"This... this crunchy..."

"Iron Spine Cow tripe, Lieutenant Li."

The cafeteria quickly became full of enthusiasm, and the twenty robots were very busy. Not only were there various fancy questions, but there were also many guys who asked for additional food and obviously refused to leave after eating.

Lu Qingheng touched his stomach and was about to collapse on the stool beside Lin Renhu, he laughed, "See? I told you to come to the cafeteria earlier today, how good?"

Lin Renhu bit the last three skewers of iron spine cow tripe into his mouth, and then quietly enjoyed it. His whole mouth was filled up instantly. A mouthful of spicy oily juice mixed with the firm and refreshing tripe, crunching in his mouth, and then the great feeling of explosion. Finally, the juice dripped from the corner of his mouth, and he wiped his mouth and closed his eyes contentedly. Just one bite of pure deliciousness!

Lu Qingheng shook his head, "Just like that, you're already in a fairyland? That's it, and you can't even speak? So weak! What if you eat a more refreshing food than this? Will you swallow your tongue?"

Lin Renhu stared, his stomach was almost bursting, but he still swallowed fiercely, "More refreshing than this?"

Lu Qingheng patted him on the shoulder, "Hu Dear, our good time is just starting, you know? From tomorrow, we should train hard and improve every day, so we can have all the delicacies of the mountains and seas that previously only seen in the history book!"

Lin Renhu opened his mouth, touched his head, and wanted to ask a question, but Lu Qingheng got his neck hooked and stood up. "Let's go. We have eaten full, so let's digest and digest a few ways! By the way, I will take you to see this lieutenant's newly acquired Level 4 beast familiar!"

"Level 4...?" Lin Renhu didn't know about the kangaroo. He felt a little hypoxic in his brain as he was so full. He was a little confused for a while, and could only be dragged out by Lu Qingheng.

Lin Renhu's somewhat swollen head only woke up when he felt a cool breeze outside. "Lieutenant, why are you in the cafeteria today? Wait! Isn't only to 25% on training rank could eat? You didn't even participate the regular training in the morning!"

The corners of Lu Qingheng's mouth flew up instantly, and he straightened his back with great pride. His face was full of arrogance, "What is a family member, do you know?"

"Family?" Lin Renhu had no clue.

Lu Qingheng walks with wind. The cook of our Major was our family member! Wasn’t that a matter of course to eat a meal cooked by family members? As a rare young backbone and outstanding Lieutenant under the Major, wasn't he a family member who could enjoy food every day?

Lu Qingheng lowered his head and smirked, holding back the conversation. He still couldn't say that because Clerk Liu's level of confidentiality was on the highest, and it had not been lowered even after her arrival at the base. "Anyway, all you need to know is that our family member was the one who cooked this meal." He patted Lin Renhu on the shoulder, "In the future, you should follow this brother, so that you will have food to eat!"

As soon as Lin Renhu heard food, the picture in his mind automatically showed the skewers that almost subverted his life. He couldn't help but drool automatically. But when they walked with coquettishness, they suddenly heard a deep and thick voice sounding behind them.

"Whose family?"

"Our fam..." Lu Qingheng opened his mouth to answer, but in the next second he almost pulled Lin Renhu to kneel together. The cowhide army boots stepped on the special nano-alloy ground of the base, and they stomped. And soon, a long and tall black figure stood sternly in front of them.

"Young, young, young... Major!" Lu Qingheng almost bit his tongue.

"Lieutenant Lu."

"You have arrived!"

"The signal is not good, huh?" The flat and steady voice seemed to fall to the ground with ice.

Lu Qingheng got goose bumps on his back, "Report..."


The cold eyes that announced his reprieve, poured a chill on Lu Qingheng, who had just finished eating the hot skewers. Lu Qingheng swallowed his saliva, "We encountered the spatial airflow that day, that's why we lost contact."

"How much time has passed since the airflow was gone?"

"Two, three, uh, four..."

"100 kilograms, forty kilometers, run it now!"

"Yes!" Lu Qingheng quickly stood up and saluted.

The ink-colored straight military boots stopped for a while before finally moving away from their eyes.

Lu Qingheng waited until the corner of the black military uniform turned and disappeared, and only then he was completely relieved. He wiped the sweat from his forehead, "I'm scared to death. I was thinking that even my skin will be stripped off this time!" Speaking of Cao Cao, Cao Cao arrived*, and he thought he was going to be killed. He only got forty kilometers, so he was saved! (TN: 说曹操,曹操到/shuō Cáo Cāo, Cáo Cāo dào, in English equivalent probably ‘speak of the devil…’. Implementing just speaking or thinking about someone and he/she arrives.)

"It seems that the perverted Major is in a good mood today."

"Lieutenant, you are too courageous, dare to delay the reporting time?" Lin Renhu was also under Qin Mo's jurisdiction, so he could only show his admiration with a thumbs up, "Then I will go back to the dormitory first. Lieutenant Lu, run slowly."

"Shut up, you dare? You sh*t, if I didn't tell you, would you be the first to arrive today and can eat nearly two hundred skewers by yourself? Hu Dear, you are very ungrateful!"

Lin Renhu smiled bitterly, "That’s true, my belly is about to explode. You run 20 laps first, and I’ll come to accompany you when I am done digesting."

Lu Qingheng: "!"

For the Chuan Chuan hot pot dinner in the cafeteria, the No. 1 robot synchronously gave Liu Weiwei report once every half an hour.

Liu Weiwei was not in the cafeteria at night. After making the soup base for the spicy pot and clear pot, and the dipping ingredients, she returned to her assigned dormitory early. The on-site arrangements and order maintenance were handed over to Tao Xing and the others. She was tired and sick. She felt nauseous when she saw most of the ingredients. So sad! 

Liu Weiwei directly found the dormitory assigned to her by the base. She was in a too much of a rush to check out the new place. She hurried into the bathroom and vomited. Today, the nausea was so serious that she couldn't hold it down even after drinking lemon-flavored nutrient solution. She vomited, fell on the sofa in the living room outside, closed her eyes, and took a nap for an hour and a half. When she woke up, her nausea was a lot lighter, and she also felt a little hungry.

Liu Weiwei didn't dare to hold Xiao Bai due to the nausea. She put it on the ground, and didn't know where it had jumped. She woke up without seeing the rabbit’s shadow.

"Xiao Bai?"

"Xiao bai?"

"Bai Bai?"

Liu Weiwei called softly and looked in every corner of the room. With this exploration, she noticed that the area of the allocated dormitory was terrifyingly large. It was a duplex double-storey room, the first floor was at least two hundred or even three hundred square meters. On the kitchen in the first floor, there were refrigerators placed around the wall, which were neatly packed with various flavors of nutrient solutions. One person could probably drink them for a year or two. Deeper inside, there were all kinds of beast meats. The meat freezing chamber was more than twice the size of the one in the spaceship.

And the bathroom Liu Weiwei just vomited was three or four times larger than in her school dormitory. In addition to the intelligent sauna and steam bath cabin, there was also a super large Jacuzzi. If it wasn't because she felt uncomfortable now, she would have jump in right away and enjoy it. In other rooms, she felt dizzy when she opened the door and walked to the back.

Bedrooms, studies, dressing rooms, equipment training rooms, shooting rooms, and even showrooms where guns were placed. All rooms, walls, floors, and ceilings were black, only the curtains hanging on the windowsill were a sharp contrasting white tone. The rooms on the military base were really deserted and serious!

After visiting the first floor, Liu Weiwei finally found a small rabbit shrunk into a pure white furry ball in the gap of the stairs’ corner that went up to the second floor. "Xiao Bai, you can't run around in the future. It's too big here. It's hard for sister to find you."

The little rabbit grumbled and stretched out soft paws to Liu Weiwei’s chest. "Hungry? Sister will cook for you now." She first took a hay cookie bar for Xiao Bai and put it at the door of the kitchen where she could see it.

Liu Weiwei went into the kitchen again, looked around, and took out the cooking table in her own space. She touched her belly. She was a self-disciplined person, no matter what happened, three meals a day had to be on time. Although she felt hungry now, the next second she could be feeling uncomfortable again. So she search around her space, took out the ingredients and seasonings, and quickly cooked a pot of duck blood vermicelli soup.

Liu Weiwei looked back and saw that Xiao Bai was still struggling with the hay cookie bar, so she only serve a bowl and left the rest to stay warm on the pot. Carrying her bowl, she walked to the sofa outside, but just before putting the bowl on the coffee table, she stood up and walked back to the kitchen. She violently picked up the vinegar bottle and poured half of the small bottle into her bowl of duck blood vermicelli soup.

After smelling the sourness in the air, Liu Weiwei finally took a breath and took a sip of the vermicelli soup carefully. She chewed slowly and poured more vinegar into the soup twice before eating again. As she ate, Xiao Bai, who had eaten the last few mouthfuls of its hay cookie bar, jumped directly from the ground on the first floor to the second floor!

"Xiao Bai!" Liu Weiwei stood up instantly, put aside her bowl, and hurriedly chased it up. She was unfamiliar with the place, so she was dependent on the little white rabbit alone. She would definitely cry if she lost it. 

Liu Weiwei caught up to the second floor, only to find that Xiao Bai quickly rushed into a room with the door open, so she could only follow immediately. However, just when she crossed the door to look for the rabbit, there was a click on the front door in the first floor.

A pair of long legs wrapped in black military uniforms, wearing cowhide military boots, suddenly appeared at the door!

Qin Mo's sharp eyes immediately fell on the low table in front of the sofa. 

There was a bowl of steaming stuff on it, exuding a suspiciously pungent smell. This pungent sour taste, the sourness made Qin Mo wake up instantly even after three days of not closing his eyes. He quickly walked to the low table and looked down at the bowl with a terrible smell.

In the soup that was so clear that there was no trace of impurities. Inside, there were transparent and fine noodles, they circled around the bottom of the light blue bowl. Pieces of blood clots that were square and of the same shape and size, it had the same shape with tofu. Billowing golden swelling balls scattered in the bowl. For haute cuisine, this appearance was good. The shape of the food inside the bowl was obviously qualified.

But this smell... Qin Mo frowned. He quickly picked up a pair of chopsticks on the side of the bowl, picked up a large pile of fine noodles, and took it into his mouth without changing his complexion. But as he swallowed, his throat immediately twitched.


Very sour!

Except for sour, there was no other taste at all! The chewy texture of the fine noodles had completely softened in the extremely sour soup...

Qin Mo raised his eyebrows and quickly took care of the bowl of ‘dark food’ in a few mouthfuls. He then took out a plastic-wrapped small pot of Chuan Chuan from his space and put it on the table.

When Liu Weiwei finally grabbed Xiao Bai from the huge study room, she was shocked to see the man who suddenly appeared outside. He sat on the sofa drastically and suddenly emptied the duck blood vermicelli noodles in her bowl!!!

"It's from the cafeteria." Qin Mo pushed forward the small pot of Chuan Chuan on the low table and stood up, "Here you are."

Liu Weiwei: ... Huek! 


The author has something to say: 

Major: It's really hard to say.

Girl: ...

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