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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 38

ICRAB – Chapter 38

Tao Xing didn't understand what small hot pot was, and what the mysterious Chuan Chuan was, nor did the other soldiers. 

When it was time for dinner, the cafeteria that was originally only distributing nutrient solutions exuded a charming fragrance, this made making the soldiers who come and go couldn't help but drool. But the first groups of sergeants who finished their training and prepared to rush in to ask were stopped at the door!

Second Lieutenant Lin Renhu stared at the road blocker at the entrance of the cafeteria directly, "Tao Xing? What do you mean?!" Lin Renhu was the platoon leader, and the class below him included Tao Xing.

Squad leader Tao immediately stood at attention, "Good Evening Second Lieutenant Lin!"

"Good your head! Get out of the way! You dare to stop the people of our rank? What do you want to do?!" Today, Tao Xing's entire squad was assigned elsewhere. Lin Renhu knew about it, but he thought that apart from directing the robot to clean up and counting the newly arrived nutrient solution, there was nothing else. It's just... the smell of today's new batch of nutrient solution was very unusual.

While Lin Renhu stared, he sniffed with his nose again. He was a little bit intoxicated. The scent seemed to penetrate into his body. It was like going back to his bedroom to take a bath in the sauna at night, which refreshed his every pore and woke him up all at once!

"Platoon leader Lin, there is an order from the Marshal today!" Squad leader Tao saluted the directly and looked at the sergeants who were in the same platoon apologetically, "Any sergeant who is in the top 25% on the training ranking today can enter for dinner. Anyone outside that 25%, please go to the small door next to you and get your nutrient solution ration directly."

Lin Renhu frowned. The commander-in-chief of their First Army regiment was being unreasonable again, which was not rare. He looked at his ranking, 32nd place, he was the top 1% and had extremely excellent rating. But there were many wailing sounds from those who came with him.

"Ah... I'm 25.5%, so I can’t go in?"

"I'm 30%. I'm usually considered good but I can't enter?! Wait, what's the menu of the cafeteria today? It makes me feel so hungry!"

"I'm not even 50%, monitor Tao, can you tell me what nutrient solution flavor is this special dinner? It's so fragrant!"

Tao Xing was surrounded, he swallowed his saliva but quickly replied, "The top 25%, show their personal barcodes for the cafeteria robot No. 1 and No. 2 to scan, and then follow robot No. 3 and sit down according to the assigned table number. All the others shut up and quietly go to the small door next to receive your nutrient solution. If you want to know what this taste is, then train hard tomorrow and try to get into the top rank!" After he finished speaking, he noticed all kinds of strong condemnation. Many of the surrounding people's military status was much higher than him. He touched his nose with extreme pain, "The above are the original words of the Marshal."

As soon as everyone heard it, they all fell away.

Lin Renhu put his hands on his belt and swaggered in first. Seeing another soldier in Tao Xing's class standing at the window where nutrient solutions were originally distributed, wearing a white uniform and a mask, Lin Renhu felt amused. But he was quickly blocked in the aisle by cafeteria robot No. 3. "Lieutenant Lin, please sit at table No. 10."

"Sit?" Lin Renhu raised his eyebrows. He usually left after receiving the nutrient. Why should he sit down? Things that could be finished in one breath even need to sit down? He had long felt that the dining hall was too large. In addition to the usual festivals, it could only be used for old-fashioned gala parties. If there was no use on other times, so it would be better to transform it into a martial arts training ground. But just as he wanted to protest, the tip of his nose twitched quickly. The scent that he could smell at the door just now was even more intense!

It was as if it was actually floating over the entire cafeteria. Lin Renhu opened his mouth as he wanted to say something, but then he inhaled a large amount of aroma into his body, and his stomach roar weakly immediately. He was shocked and suddenly blushed. Then the cafeteria robot No. 4 next to him quickly moved forward, "Lieutenant Lin, today’s dinner is Chuan Chuan. Do you want spicy soup or clear soup?"

"Huh?" Lin Renhu looked dazed. Few people now use the term spicy, mainly because most people rarely went to the authentic but expensive Sichuan restaurants in the rich district.

Standard Q&A was set up on cafeteria robot No 4. Seeing that there was no clear answer, a step-by-step explanation was quickly carried out, "Spicy soup is more stimulating and refreshing, suitable for humans with strong stomachs. The clear soup, which has a lighter and more delicious taste, belongs to the category of health preservation."

Lin Renhu frowned, "Of course I want a spicy soup. I am not that old to care for health preservation or something!"

"Then do you have anything you avoid? For example..."

"I'm not picky eaters, don't talk nonsense, I want to eat soon!" Lin Renhu waved impatiently. Nutrient solutions were not something to eat while thinking, just take a mouthful, and if it's unpalatable, he just closed his eyes and persevered. This nagging didn't sound like a military robot anymore!

Lin Renhu felt that the cafeteria was doing something today, but when a big iron pot with red oil floating and a lot of bamboo sticks inside was brought up by robot No. 4, he swallowed his saliva immediately. His eyes were fixed on the pot, and it looked spicy!

"What is this!?" Lin Renhu had been in the military for five years. He had drunk at least fifty or sixty different flavors of military grade nutrient solutions, but he had never seen one that looked like this and had such a strong aroma!

"Chuan Chuan." Robot No. 4 answered directly, "Pick up the bamboo skewers and you can eat them directly, or you can dip them in the dry or oily dip on the table. In addition, the spicy soup cannot be drunk. If you need additional meals, please scan the bar code on the table to call me."

Lin Renhu listened with one ear in and one ear out, and his whole reaction was a little slow. In the end, he didn't even know when Robot No. 4 left. He didn't even hear someone sitting on this table and greeted him. Because he took out a string of bamboo sticks from the pot! At that moment... the whole world was quiet.

This was the meat of the Bibi beast? Lin Renhu stared. On the bamboo skewers, a piece of meat was skewered in waves. The thin piece of meat was dotted with bright red shiny oil and white round particles. He sniffed. His mind was like being hit by a wave of fragrance, and it was completely blank instantly.

But human beings were born to know how to enjoy food. Although it was his first time to try, Lin Renhu was led by his most primitive desire to eat. Without hesitation, he opened his mouth and bit the tender meat. With a strong pull, most of Bibi meat on the skewer came off. And at the moment of biting, the fresh fragrant juice contained in Bibi meat, mixed with the unknown stimulating spices on the outside, burst out directly on the tip of his tongue with a terrible and wonderful taste that directly hits his soul!

Lin Renhu's back stiffened. This Bibi beast was usually grilled and it could easily become hard and dry, and the taste was even more unpalatable. Lin Renhu often ate this meat. It could be said that it was one of the most familiar flavor of beast meat. However, the Bibi meat in his mouth now seemed to have been sublimated, and it was a beautiful turnaround. The firmness of the meat had an amazing elasticity. The more he chewed, the more vigorous, the more delicious it was. What's more exciting was the strong and spicy flavor that made every cell in his mouth cheer!

This was the spicy soup? Lin Renhu only took one bite, and his forehead began to sweat. The pot didn't seem to be hot at all, but after eating, he knew it was very hot. All the heat was wrapped in the layer of bright red oil floating on the soup surface. It's like their lurking patience when they fight in the battlefield. They seemed to be calm, but they waited until the enemy came and gave them a surprise attack!

This was Chuan Chuan? Lin Renhu quickly swallowed the Bibi beast meat in his mouth. Before he could think carefully, he quickly dropped the bamboo stick in his hand and attacked the next skewer. This time he was lucky enough to pick out a shrimp skewer!

Lin Renhu's mouth twitched fiercely. He almost died when he was on a mission three years ago. All the nutrient solutions of the whole team were reserved for him who was seriously injured. At that time, he watched his old platoon leader with red eyes gnawing this great shrimp, and after gnawing, he secretly ran to vomit.

After returning alive, Lin Renhu purchased a batch of this shrimp from Skynet. He ate ten shrimps that had foul smell and soft tasteless meat. He had no appetite even to drink nutrient solutions for two consecutive days. He vowed to remember that disgusting taste, and repaid the old platoon leader and his comrades a thousand times in the future.

That nightmarish taste, from that time on, seemed to be carved into Lin Renhu bone marrow. Just seeing the shrimp, he felt that his whole person was not good. He placed his left hand on the table, clenching his fist tightly with extreme restraint. However, just when he wanted to throw the shrimp skewer back into the pot, the white and translucent light on the ceiling of the dining hall actually reflected a reddish halo from the shrimp skewers!

The shrimp meat was about the thickness of a thumb, under the illumination of the light, it seemed that there was no trace of impurities at all. The translucent shrimp meat looked extremely plump! It's completely different from what Lin Renhu bought on Skynet before. He leaned closer and smelled the shrimp, and once again directly knocked down by the mellow spicy fragrance!

Lin Renhu's eyes were red, and he tore the whole string of attractive shrimp meat from the bamboo skewers. However, as soon as he ate them, he was shocked. It was chewy! The shrimp, popped up in his mouth. With a strong bite, as if he could still feel the flapping shrimp tails, beating in his mouth... the taste of fresh rivers almost flew out from the gaps between his teeth!

Lin Renhu was stunned. This was Bang Bang Shrimp? Then what he ate before, what the old platoon leader ate before, what the hell was that?!

It turned out that shrimp meat was so tender and smooth without losing its elasticity. It felt like layers of tightly wrapped fibers bouncing out layer by layer when it was bitten down. And the umami taste of this stick of shrimp meat was not at all covered by the strong and spicy flavor of the stimulating condiment. On the contrary, even the slight sweetness was thoroughly stimulated by the multi-layered fragrance!

Lin Renhu slammed the bamboo stick on the table and attacked the next bamboo stick like crazy.

Arowana... So Tender!

Libo Bird Meat...Energetic and refreshing!

Mushroom, the accompaniment mushroom on Bang Bang shrimp...the taste was so fresh that it melted away!

Cabbage leaves... after soaking in the spicy soup, the taste was simply amorous!

Lin Renhu couldn't stop at all, until there was nothing left in the pot, he immediately scanned the bar code on the table, and shouted, "No. 4, extra food!" 

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