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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 41

ICRAB – Chapter 41

At the end of the discussion, the battalion commanders were all worried about their immediate superior.

Lu Qingheng put his arms around his chest and sighed, "Fortunately, I always think that our Major is a man who will never fail. Only today did I know that his mental state is on the verge of endangerment! He needs a cooking soldier to heal him so much! That should be an illusion, right?"

"It's not an illusion. It's the gradual collapse of the five senses! I have heard that those high-ranking generals who have seizures first lose their sense of taste, then their sense of smell, and finally even the sense of touch on their whole body disappears, completely driven crazy, and their spirit can't stand this. This kind of torture will only end in suicide!"

"D*mn, it's so scary!"

"Clerk Liu has a very important task! She has to take care of our Major!"

"Yes, I'm really worried. I'm going to say hello to Clerk Liu later. She needs to know our Major's condition first."

"That's right. This has to be cured by strong medicine!"

When the battalion commanders finally finished their breakfast while discussing, they stood up contentedly, and were soon surrounded by people who were listening to the news.

"Hey, your Major's cooking soldier is very bad at cooking? Is it very awful?"

The battalion commanders’ mouths twitched "Go! Go to training and duty after you eat. Why are you so nosy?" D*mn it! After eating the dishes cooked by their cooking soldier, they dared to say that they were unpalatable. The battalion commanders didn't know what to say.

"Should we report to the Marshal first?" Lu Qingheng felt too aggrieved. "The Major will definitely refuse to have a medical examination. The Marshal must give orders!"

"Yes, yes! Little Lu, you're still clever! There's still half an hour, go report!"


However, Major Qin, who took advantage of this half-hour gap to return to his room to deliver breakfast to his cooking soldier, unexpectedly met with rejection again.

Liu Weiwei got up at 6 o'clock today. After working in the cafeteria for two hours, she couldn't bear the smell of fish fillets and fled back. After smelling the food all morning, she felt full. "I don't need it, thank you." Liu Weiwei smiled and refused directly, "Major, you can eat it yourself."

Qin Mo glanced at her face that was paler than yesterday and frowned, "Have you eaten anything else? Have you drunk nutrient solutions?"

Liu Weiwei shook her head, "I don't want to eat for now."

"If you don't get energy from food, your body will be weak. Even if you don't want to eat, you have to force yourself, or do you prefer to go to the military doctor for injections?" Qin Mo narrowed his eyebrows.

Like her Xiao Bai, Liu Weiwei felt the hairs in her body rose when she heard about injection, and goose bumps popped up one by one in an instant. Since childhood, she was most afraid of going to the hospital. She reluctantly took out a portion of sauerkraut from her space, took a few bites, and drank half a bottle of lemon-flavored nutrient solution painfully under the watchful eyes of the nosy Major.

The irritating smell, which was more sour than ordinary sauerkraut, immediately drifted into the room. This was specially made by Liu Weiwei for herself. When working in the cafeteria and setting up stall at Skynet, chewing a slice was very good.

Qin Mo pressed his eyebrows. Just smelling this, headache rushed to his forehead, and he instantly lost the ability to think. "I still have work later, so I may not be able to come back after lunch break. If I am not here, you can go to the cafeteria to pick up your meal and also use my share. I will come back at three o'clock in the afternoon to take you for a physical examination." 

"Okay..." Liu Weiwei was still a little scared when she heard physical examination, and she didn't even catch his first half sentence.

"You can rest in the dormitory, go to online class, or go to Skynet. You should not go in the equipment room, exercise room, or weapon room before the physical examination." Qin Mo looked at the girl's somewhat abnormal face. The Major was worried about all kinds of things, "If there is an emergency, you can contact me at any time. You scan my personal barcode."

Liu Weiwei thought of the first rule she saw yesterday and couldn't help but frown, "Then collecting your mental fluctuations..."

"No hurry," Qin Mo moved the breakfast box that she refused to eat to her, "My mental strength is very stable at the moment. We will talk about it when you get better."

Liu Weiwei still wanted to speak, but as soon as the Major opened the box, the faint smell of fish porridge involuntarily penetrated the tip of her nose, making her chest feel uncomfortable and upset again, "I'll go to rest first, you will take your time eating Major!" She hurried back to the room.

Qin Mo frowned and shook his head, finally turning his attention to the lunch box in front of him. Xu Wenchuan, who was on duty in the restaurant today, was very careful. Both the porridge bowl and soy milk were sealed, so nothing was spilled. When he opened the lid of the bowl, the porridge was still steaming with residual heat. He scooped it around with a spoon and could see that the rice in the bowl had been simmered until every grain was almost melted and glued together. In the thick state, the unique umami fragrance of arowana fish came out from time to time.

Although Qin Mo was expressionless, there was a hint of appreciation in his eyes. When he returned to the team yesterday, his teacher specially asked him to go to the cafeteria, saying that he had reserved a delicious food for him, and he must have a taste. But last night he saw Liu Weiwei's face was not good and her own cooking skills were dark, so he left his own share of skewers to her. Although he didn't eat the skewers last night, Qin Mo now smelled the porridge. Looking at the color and luster of the porridge, he knew that the cook in the cafeteria was not an ordinary cook. It seemed that his teacher specially invited a senior chef to the station to improve the daily welfare benefits for the Eastern Army Group, which was extremely appreciated.

There was a smile on Qin Mo's face. His teacher had spent his entire life on the development of the army, which made people admire him very much. Thinking about it, Qin Mo took a scoop of hot white porridge into his mouth. His taste buds and sense of smell that were extremely sour-stimulated last night were instantly healed. The taste that melted in his mouth, without even chewing, had already slipped into his throat and rolled down from his chest, giving off a warm feeling.

The salty fragrance of the porridge completely activated the usual humble fleshy quality of arowana, and layers of sea waves rolled out in the mouth. Qin Mo picked up a piece of snow-white arowana flesh, and he could see its special thickness after being immersed in the porridge. The taste was fresh and sweet, the fish was tender, almost completely melt and integrated with the smooth taste of the rice porridge.

Qin Mo wiped out a bowl of fish porridge in two mouthfuls, and stretched out his hand toward the fried dough sticks in the temperature keeping box. The surface of the fried dough was golden and shiny. The plump fried dough sticks were held in hand, and he could feel the air in it.

Major Qin couldn't help but squeezed, leaving two fingerprints on the fritters. He froze for a while before taking a bite. Hearing the sound, he raised his eyebrows in surprise. It looked a bit greasy, but it tasted crispy on the outside and a bit chewy inside. It even gave a refreshing taste. Coupled with the slightly sweet soy milk in the set meal, it made him had more appetite. In a blink of an eye, he wiped out the whole fried dough stick.

Qin Mo drank two more nutritional supplements to fill his stomach, and put the only remaining fried dough stick on the table, leaving it for Liu Weiwei.


After Liu Weiwei went on Skynet, she went to the cafeteria to make lunch. This time it was simply a big barbecue. She chose this because barbecue was also something that most ingredients could be handed over to the robot while she herself handled the barbequing part only. Turned them over after a few seconds, sprinkled salt and cumin after a few seconds, and picked them up in a few seconds, these could still be handled by her at first as demonstration. After she taught the robot, she went back early for her own lunch break.

When Major Qin went to the cafeteria at noon, he missed Liu Weiwi perfectly once again, and packed her some skewers back to the room as usual.

But Liu Weiwei was already asleep, so she didn't know that the Major had returned at noon. It was not until 2:30 in the afternoon that she was picked up from the bed by the man who had returned early.

Liu Weiwei slept so dazedly that she didn't hear a knock on the door even after a long time, causing Major Qin to kick the door open. With extremely loud noises, she was still asleep, frowning her eyebrows from time to time, and whining softly like a kitten.

Major Qin furrowed his eyebrows, his entire face was as heavy as dripping rain. Without saying anything, he directly picked up the girl who weighed just a few dozen kilos from the bed, put on his military jacket, and kicked the door of the military doctor's office.

"Major, Major Qin!" The nurse at the front desk of the Military Medical Office almost choked in surprise. She looked at the tall man standing at the door, the youngest and most handsome major in the Eastern Army Group and even the entire military region. At this moment, the Major's face was full of terrible auras, and it was not an exaggeration to say that it was murderous. The little nurse's face was full of fright.

Qin Mo hugged Liu Weiwei, without even looking at the little nurse, he rushed in.

"Wait, wait, you haven't registered yet!"

When Qin Mo was about to lift his foot and kick the door of the chief physician's office in front of him, the electronic door just happened to be slowly opened on both sides in response.

"Nurse Meng, it's okay. Go ahead." A young male doctor wearing gold-framed glasses, a white coat, and an ink-colored military uniform laughed at the murderous god, "Major Qin, please come in. The door of my clinic is also equipped with the latest monitoring and sensing devices. It is the latest model with strongest technology, anti-theft, fire-proof, water-proof and electricity-proof, which is very valuable..."

"Shut up!" Qin Mo glanced at him coldly, put the girl in his arms who was still sleeping and had her eyes closed on the hospital bed, "Move and do a checkup."

The male doctor with spectacles immediately shrank his neck, "Don't be fierce, don't be fierce, I'm doing it right now!" As he said, he changed his serious expression, pushed the electronic instrument cart on the bedside, and moved extremely quickly to fix the electrodes on the girl's head, hands, feet, and abdomen. But just as he was about to lift the girl’s shirt to check on her chest, the hand of the man in the glasses was suddenly pinched by the big iron-like hand beside him!

( ⊙ o ⊙) "Huh?"

Major Qin's dark face showed that he was at the limit of his patience, "Doctor Bu, men and women are different."

The man in glasses, as if he had discovered some new world, he raised his face in surprise and said, "Who is she to you? Sister? Blood related sister? Or your object?"

Major Qin banged and squeezed the empty bottle on the table next to him. "Bu, Zhong, Xin!"

"Don't be fierce, don't be fierce! Nurse Meng, come in and help me to insert the whole body examination electrode to the patient!"

"Major Qin, calm down, take a deep breath, and then tell me who she is, where did she come from, and how long has she fainted? What does it have to do with you? Have you crossed the line, did you wear a condom... Aw! It hurts! Let go! Aw!!! I'm not talking nonsense, this girl is pregnant!"


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