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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 36 Part 1

ICRAB – Chapter 36 Part 1 of 2

In one hour, Liu Weiwei sold more than 60 portions of crayfish, and her task was completed very quickly. She has made a net profit of more than 80,000 credits in this one hour of surfing the Internet, and she was obviously already a rich little woman now.

When she was offline, Liu Weiwei saw the news from Lieutenant Lu. He said that they would set sail this morning and he would pick her up at ten. She could only reply to the diner who she suspected was a company manager. She replied that she had a short interstellar trip, so it might take four days to give him an accurate answer.

Also Liu Weiwei immediately checked her current task progress, as well as the newly opened recipe ingredients, and began to make a detailed shopping list. She expanded her original personal space station to 300 square meters, and the rent instantly reached 30,000 credits per month. Fortunately, cooking soldier open-ended idle job gave a discount period of two years free rent. And in the next two years, if her internship results could be continuously rated as excellent, she would continue to receive government support and preferential treatment until graduation.

This was great news for Liu Weiwei. In addition, she also purchased a large amount of ingredients and seasonings. In addition to the common chicken, duck, beef, sheep, pig and fish meat, which were actually a corresponding interstellar ingredients she found as replacement, she purchased more crayfish, which were called Procambarus clarkii in this era. In addition, she also purchased 500 catties of rice and flour, and a whole lot of vegetables.

Liu Weiwei also exchanged basic seasonings, such as oil, salt, vinegar, pepper, red oil, sesame oil, peanut butter, and so on. In the end, the earnings she collected were almost all used up. She thought that whether she sell them on Skynet in the future, or sell them in reality, it would be all right, as she wouldn’t lose money. But what was surprising was that she quickly received the attention of the Interstellar Alliance government.

[Welfare Unit of Interstellar Alliance Public Service Institution: Intern cook, hello. We notice that your personal assets are only 104 credit coins, and there is still a lot of debt.]

[Now we will give you a temporary living allowance of 10,000 credits per month for three months.]

[If your welfare rating declines in the future, you need to repay all the subsidies you have already enjoyed. So please pay attention.]

[Do you want to receive it now?]

Liu Weiwei opened her mouth. This... this was gold falling from the sky!

Liu Weiwei was a little embarrassed. She used to be a good citizen on ancient earth who abide by laws and pay taxes on time. Unexpectedly, in this life, she would be transformed into a civil servant supported by Interstellar Alliance tax payer citizens. She swallowed. This welfare made her ashamed. In fact, she was quite able to make money. If she went to her stall to sell crayfish tomorrow, it was estimated that earning 100,000 credits would not be a problem.

Exploiting people who worked hard to subsidize her, a young woman who had no lack of hands or feet, Liu Weiwei felt that she really couldn't bear it. "No, thank you." She couldn't be greedy. Although she was really anxious to pay off her debts, loved money, and very stingy, she should have conscience, "I don't need it now, I can feed myself."

[Welfare Unit of Interstellar Alliance Public Service Institution: Thank you for your silent contribution.]

[You would rather bear the pain and work hard alone, not infringe on the public assets of the Alliance, and not harm the rights and interests of the tax payers.]

[We hereby reward you with 100 social contribution points. With a contribution value of 1,000, you can apply for rank promotion at your work unit.]

Liu Weiwei: "..." What a beautiful turn of events, ah! In this way, couldn’t she be promoted by just lying down? 

When Liu Weiwei recalled all her legendary experiences of the past few days, she was very grateful to ‘Heaven Rewards the Diligent’ senior in her heart. He was simply the noble person she met after she was transmigrated. 

Even on ancient earth, few people willing to help others unselfishly without asking for anything in return. Moreover, after thousands of years, human relationship was even weaker. In the vast sea of population, many people communicated through communicators throughout their lives and had never met in person. The trust between people, if it were not for the various supervision policies and strict punishments introduced by Interstellar Alliance, would have dropped to the lowest level in history.

All Liu Weiwei’s grades were unsatisfactory. If Heaven Rewards the Diligent hadn't advised her to apply for the logistics department, she would not have been able to take the path of a cook so smoothly. And now it seemed that the various benefits of logistical cooking were better than those of other university majors.

"If I learn a new dish today, I will mail another one to him via Skynet~" Liu Weiwei hugged the white rabbit in her arms, and the corners of her mouth were raised. She reached out and rubbed Xiao Bai's furry head, feeling it was very comfortable.

"Xiao Bai, if I ask him for offline contact information, will he think I am too abrupt?" Liu Weiwei touched Xiao Bai's two lop ears, and gently squeezed it twice. She also rubbed the tender meat on its calf, "I want to mail him some real food, how boring life is to drink only nutrient solution. What do you think?"


"Ha, you don’t agree? Oh, that's right. I'm going to board the spaceship soon. I can't send any mail at that time. Even if I ask for his contact information, it's no use." Liu Weiwei pursed her mouth, and instantly rolled onto the single bed with Xiao Bai in her arms, "Also if I was rejected it will be a bit embarrassing."


"Okay, I will listen to you. I still don't know what cooking soldiers are supposed to do, and what the rules on the army are. That perverted Major Qin may not even allow me mail things casually, and then I'll be excited for nothing."

The little rabbit that was held by Liu Weiwei quickly put its round head her chest for a while, and its dark eyes rolled around, as if it could understand her speech, as if it was spiritual. Similarly, there was a comfortable squeak in its throat, as if it was agreeing. Two slightly golden and pink lop ears were also drooped on Liu Weiwei’s chest. The whole rabbit body was laid on her body. All four short legs were spread out unsightly, and they shuddered from time to time because of Liu Weiwei's touch. It was very very cute.

Liu Weiwei thought it was so cute that she turned on her light brain camera, took a short video of Xiao Bai, and sent it to the pet forum. Originally she wanted to also get a water sticker, but suddenly she remembered something and immediately got up. She was about to leave school, and since transmigrating, she had been well taken care of by the dormitory auntie. She had previously decided to give the auntie some food before, but it had been delayed.

Liu Weiwei immediately flipped through her recipes. Now she knew Sichuan cuisine the most, but she had also met diners who couldn’t bear the spiciness. There was only one Jiangsu cuisine as of now, and there were many female consumers who were scared by crayfish on Skynet before. Fortunately, she had unlocked many others that were popular to women, which should be dim sum snacks.

After spending a long time on the menu, Liu Weiwei finally decided to make a snack that she hadn't sold on Skynet, but one that she loved very much, to give to the auntie, Crab Xiao Long Bao.

Although both Crab Xiao Long Bao and Xiao Long Bao were dumpling snacks with soup inside, there was still a big difference. Crab Xiao Long Bao was big and its wrapping thin, so the broth inside was faintly visible. It could be said to be one of the representatives of Jiangnan classic snacks. 

Liu Weiwei had been to an old-fashioned shop specializing in this dish before. After the Crab Xiao Long Bao lying in the steamer was placed on the table by the waiter, she could see the tempting juice swaying gently inside the thin skin. Take a straw, carefully puncture the skin from the middle, and slowly sucked out the delicious soup inside. The unique flavor of crab meat and the unique flavor of ginger were all mixed together. The mellow taste could knock down everyone’s taste buds!

When Liu Weiwei thought about it now, she was already drooling. She immediately took out her cooking table from the space and placed the ingredients and seasonings one by one in order.

The little furry rabbit was originally dissatisfied with the hand that suddenly left, but when it saw the cooking table appear, it knew that there would be something delicious again. So it immediately jumped onto the chair next to the table and squat quietly. It watched Liu Weiwei's movements flowing like water while its watery rabbit eyes were waiting to be fed.

Unfortunately Liu Weiwei didn't see her Xiao Bai's expression. She was devoting herself to cooking.

The steps for making Crab Xiao Long Bao were very complicated and required extreme care. The flour for the dough was very particular, and it needed to be blanched with hot bone broth to make the wrapping. When rolling the skin, pay more attention to the weight of the rolling pin. The wrapping that came out must be thin on the outer ring and thick in the center.

The most important filling was to mix beef with broth and cook until it turned into a crystal clear soup with a light golden color. Finally, it was mixed with crab meat and some onions. Then it went into the wrapping skin. When closing the skin, it was necessary to have as many fine folds as possible, if could it should be more than 30 folds. All turned around the center layer by layer, until it looked like a large beautiful and elegant white chrysanthemum with slender petals, lovely and plump.

Liu Weiwei couldn’t relax until the Crab Xiao Long Bao was put in the steaming grid. This soup dumpling was very strict because of its thin skin. According to the instructions from the system recipe, even if the steaming exceeded just ten seconds from the required time, this soup dumpling would be affected. The color, shape and fragrance would be off!

Fortunately, interstellar pressure cooker and the temperature regulator had been greatly developed. Liu Weiwei completed the dish that originally took a long time to cook. Throughout the complicated production process, she was very cautious and careful. In the end, it all paid of and she successfully made fifteen Crab Xiao Long Bao. Fifteen fat and white Crab Xiao Long Bao at 9:30 exactly. She used the remaining stock to make a bowl of duck blood vermicelli soup. 

After everything was done, Liu Weiwei let out a sigh of relief and put all the 14 soup bags in temperature keeping box. She straightened up and felt her back ache. She even went dizzy and had some golden stars in her eyes. Fortunately, the little rabbit jumped from the chair to the table with a snap, and she managed to sit down without squashing the poor little thing.

Liu Weiwei felt that her body was really weak. She sat for a long time, and the dizziness receded. "When I get on the spaceship today, I have to ask the instructor if there is any way to improve my physical fitness." She sighed, "I can't die young when I just managed to avoid the exam..."

The furry rabbit squeaked twice, probably echoing the decision.

But when Liu Weiwei put down the hands that supported her head and wanted to check on the steamer, she a chubby rabbit butt buried on it!

"Xiao Bai!"

"Squeak...Slurp, gulp!"


Liu Weiwei touched the two rabbit legs that were still outside the steamer. She wanted to pull it out, but the little guy groaned and protested. Its whole rabbit's head stuck in the small steamer, and she could hear its small mouth slurping and gulping non-stop. It sounded like the soft and cute sound of animal drinking water quickly.

Liu Weiwei’s face turned dark.

When the little bunny slipped out of the steamer, its whole rabbit head seemed to be dripping wet. It looked like it had just been bathed, the wet short hair sticks to the rabbit's face. Liu Weiwei couldn't even recognize the little one with this appearance!

Liu Weiwei originally made fifteen servings and left one for the little one to eat, but it was still steaming hot, so she wanted to let it cool as she was worried that its little tongue would hurt. But obviously her worry was unnecessary.

Xiao Bai quickly sat contentedly on the cooking table. It began to wipe its face with its soft front paws. After wiping seriously, it still didn’t forget to bring its little paw to its mouth, and licked the paws with its pink tongue to the taste of the remaining soup. The Crab Xiao Long Bao was very good.

Liu Weiwei couldn't decide to laugh or cry, so she threw the rabbit into the steam bath. 

After the rabbit was cleaned and fresh, Liu Weiwei packed all her luggage and threw them into her space station. She took Xiao Bai with her, closed her bedroom door, and went to the first floor.

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