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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 59

ICRAB – Chapter 59

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Major Qin made a calm face and walked to the only table where he was not called. The table was particularly conspicuous among the many tables where guests had already sat down, because only at this table had all men sitting. The other tables were either girls sitting together, or mixed men and women, looking like they were either couples or colleagues.

"What to eat?" The Major stood directly beside the table, and he blocked the gaze of the three men looking at Liu Weiwei.

Peng Jialiang, who was studying today's menu, couldn't help but being stunned. He quickly waved his hand, "It's okay, Brother, you can go to another table to serve, and I’ll find a robot to order." And sitting next to him were two other regular customers, one was the fierce man who dared to try the crayfish first, and the other was Zhu Ya who had come to patronize almost every day since he ate the crayfish.

The three of them all had jobs, but the first two were freelancers, so they had time to always stare at Liu Weiwei’s booth. When it’s open, they would come to patronize. While the latter Zhu Ya was an office worker. The last time, after the big deal, he moved into a separate office and became good friends with the fierce man, Zhao Bingcheng. Every time, he asked him to report if the stall was open, he immediately slipped into Skynet as soon as he got a positive message.

Zhu Ya obviously didn't need service either, he even called to Liu Weiwei, "Boss, you are here, I almost miss you…" Before the next word came out, a cutlery box slammed and fell in front of him, deeply embedded in the table!

Zhu Ya: "…" Soon, he felt that a murderous stare was directed to him.

Zhu Ya felt chills on his back and got goose bumps on his neck. When he looked up, he saw the little brother who was wearing a sky blue apron and a white mask looking at him with very unkind eyes.

"What do you want? Order!" The clerk's voice was cold, as if he was holding a knife.

Zhu Ya’s hands subconsciously shook and he blurted out: "Uh, one serving of Mapo tofu topped with rice, and then one husband and wife lung slices plus three servings of crayfish packed to go."

Qin Mo lowered his eyes and pulled out the lunch box on the table with two fingers, leaving only a shallow hole.

Zhu Ya: "…"

"The other two, what are you going to eat?" There was no fluctuation on Qin Mo’s voice, but it had an obvious coolness.

Today, Peng Jialiang, who was surfing the internet alone, looked at the shallow hole on the table, and immediately shrank his neck, "Same as him."

"Okay." Qin Mo’s grim gaze immediately moved to the next one.

The fierce man also swallowed, "Also the same."

"Okay, we will pack everything." Major Qin in an apron nodded, "Use the barcode for payment and please leave your seat."

Zhu Ya: "?" But the next second, the cutlery box was slapped again into the table in front of him.


"Boss, you won’t stay for dinner today?" Liu Weiwei also said hello politely.

Zhu Ya's back suddenly felt cold, "Ahaha! There is an offline meeting!"

Liu Weiwei had some regrets. She had a task today, after seeing the sales situation, there were still not many people ordering the new dishes. She wanted to recommend it to her old customers, but the few she knew were buying for take away and were ready to leave.

"What's the matter?" The Major who sent the obnoxious same-sex away returned with satisfaction, only to find that his daughter's mother worried face again.

"I wanted to make more dried tofu soup, but there are not many orders." The dish with the most knife skills Liu Weiwei had now was only this one.

The Major suddenly squinted and glanced at the billboard today, only to realize that the boiled liver he had received before was probably a typo. It should be dried tofu soup. His chest suddenly felt tight, like a big rock was sitting on it. "Wait, I may have missed the order."


Before Liu Weiwei could react, the apron wearing Major walked to the table of Zhu Ya who was about to leave with a sad face. It didn't take long for him to bring back good news. "They added three more dried tofu soup."

Liu Weiwei blinked:…

Dried tofu soup was a famous dish in Huaiyang cuisine. If Liu Weiwei wanted to test her knife skills and cutting skills, then this dish was perfect. The fragrant dried tofu and chicken needed in the dishes all had to be cut finely to form filaments of the same width and length. The difference should be almost invisible to the naked eye. It gave a nice texture on the mouth.

This dish had been sold on Skynet for a few days, but few customers ordered it. Because this flavor was indeed against the large number of Sichuan dishes, it looked extremely light, and it didn’t look like a good meal. But obviously, people just hadn’t discovered the biggest mystery of this dish!

Liu Weiwei came today with the task of showing her knife skills, and immediately took out the dried tofu from the space. The original production process was a bit complicated. The soybeans need to be grounded into slurry, and then steamed. The brine then cooled and when it solidified, it was pressed and cut into pieces. But she was too lazy to make it from scratch, so she bought it directly from the system. The dried fragrant dried tofu from the system store had a snow-white appearance, a square shape, and was very flexible. It had no smell, and the quality was very good.

Liu Weiwei took out one piece and turned on the camera on the booth. She usually made semi-finished products or finished products offline directly, but now she started from the first step on the big screen in front of the booth to show all the diners on the spot.

Those who were stubbornly eating, or who had just finished ordering and currently chatting while waiting for the food were all attracted by the sudden appearance on the screen. This was a very fresh experience for them. In the past, many restaurants would make a transparent glass in the back so that diners could see the clean and hygienic kitchen and some of the craftsmanship of the chefs to increase the diners’ anticipation. However, now, every recipe was strictly controlled and expensive. Not to mention that major restaurants didn’t made their kitchens transparent, and even the tens of thousands of live broadcasts on the Internet now were not related to cooking.

Everyone was protecting important secrets. No one would let other people see the cooking process, as they were afraid that it would be stolen. But Liu Weiwei only did this on a small scale today. She was originally going to abolish the Chef Association, so she didn't think it mattered. More importantly, she didn't think anyone could learn only with their eyes.

Liu Weiwei practiced her cutting skills many times, even opened a plug-in, and only learned it after swallowing two knife skill books. She looked at the dried tofu on the chopping board very seriously, and took a breath before picking up the knife. As soon as the sharp blade of the kitchen knife was lifted, it cut off the four sides of the fragrant dried tofu neatly. It instantly cut the surface into a perfect square without any skew in the lines.

While holding the knife in her right hand, Liu Weiwei quickly dipped it to the water basin next to her. When the knife was wet, she swung her hand horizontally so that the knife surface was parallel to the cutting board, and quickly cut the tofu in from the upper side. Before the spectator exclaimed, she finished with a single cut, without breathing a bit, and immediately took another cut. The knife was steady in her hand, and she kept cutting until the whole piece of dried tofu the size of an adult's palm turned into pieces!

After it was over, Liu Weiwei put the dried tofu filaments into the basin next to her. She gently swiped it with her hand. Instantly, the pieces of dried tofu seemed to float on the surface of the water like layers of tulle, which seemed to be able to let the sunlight of Skynet shine through.

"F*ck! Am I blind? What kind of dish is this! How can the stall owner cut this thing so thinly like a robot?"

"Not only is it thin, but the thickness is also the same, and there is no gap at all… It is scarier than a robot! Can your robot cut like this? Only a millimeter thick?!"

"Wow, the stall owner is awesome! I originally thought mapo tofu with exactly the same size would be awesome, but I didn't expect this one to come out!"

The tables in front of the stalls almost boiled.

Liu Weiwei quickly heard everyone's admiration, but this was what she wanted. She saw that everyone was astonished, so she took back the dried tofu slices thrown into the basin deliberately, and showed the uniform thickness and size. She breathed a sigh of relief, she raised the knife in her hand again and began to cut the next tofu into shreds.

The whole booth was quiet, except for the sound on Liu Weiwei’s chopping board, everyone's breathing was almost screened.

This dish needed the tofu to be cut with fineness and thinness to the extreme. The finer the cut the more delicious it would be. Liu Weiwei’s knife moved quickly with very small amplitude, and the big piece of dried tofu in her palm was cut into nearly a hundred slices. Cut horizontally and vertically, and then put into the clear water basin, it turned into inexhaustible threads, floating the whole basin like thin ribbons…

"Wow…" Zhu Ya was ready to go offline, but he rubbed his eyes and sat down again. 

The fierce crayfish man who was waiting for the takeout was also shocked and picked up the fork on the table and held it tightly, "Cruel! This hand! No wonder I think the husband and wife lung slices I ate yesterday are unique. It feels like the boss is too good!"

"Every slices is the same!"


"F*ck it, if I do it, I guess it will take a whole day. The boss didn’t even take a minute and it is done?"

"You? If you cut, it must be as thick as a finger!"

"Hehe, it's pretty good if you don't cut your fingers, okay?"

The booth was full of enthusiasm, and instantly attracted many people to stop and watch, more and more people opened their mouths in shock, and many started to record videos. But before long, the people recoding video was caught by the man in sky blue apron. Under his coercion, no one dared to move their camera to the boss's face, and only dared to silently record her hands.

Liu Weiwei's live performance was not over yet. The dried tofu shreds was then seasoned with chicken broth, and there were important auxiliary ingredients – chicken shreds, ham shreds, bamboo shoots, seaweed shreds, egg shreds... Various auxiliary materials used to enrich the taste and even the color of the dish on different levels, these ingredients were also cut into the same filament in her hands.

"This, what on earth is this?"

"Don't tell me, this is the dried tofu soup I have never ordered!"

"Wow! Robot, I want to order, I want a large amount of dried tofu soup!"

"+1. Dried tofu soup here also!"

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