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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 42

ICRAB – Chapter 42

"Say that again." Qin Mo's jet-black eyes sharply pierced the man in white coat in front of him.

Bu Zhongxin's back was cold, and when he turned his head, he saw cannibalistic gaze. He had no doubt that if he said that he was joking just now, this guy would immediately poke a few holes in him and made him bleed! "Yes. At first glance, it seems that she is indeed pregnant. Eight to nine weeks of pregnancy, it is still early." Bu Zhongxin pushed down his gold-framed glasses and looked at Qin Mo's increasingly gloomy expression. He couldn't help taking a step back, "Well... if you don't want this child, we can knock it out, eh... Ah!?" Before he finished his words, he was pressed against the wall!

With a bang, his whole body was slammed. "Wait, wait! Brother, what did I say wrong?" Bu Zhongxin got goose bumps all over his body.

Qin Mo took three deep breaths before throwing Bu Zhongxin away. He took out a cigarette from his trouser pocket, but when he glanced at the hospital bed, he frowned quickly, pinched the cigarette in his hand and twisted it into a ball, "Continue."

Bu Zhongxin looked at Qin Mo, and then looked at the girl who was still in a coma. He swallowed his saliva, and then went on with the check up. Because of the sensitive personal issues involved, Bu Zhongxin finally let the little nurse stay outside and let the medical robot do the second half of the examination. 

Bu Zhongxin touched his chin, reading the report. "It's less than nine weeks of pregnancy. To be precise, it is sixty days. The date of conception is predicted to be on May 20th of this year." As he said this, he carefully glanced at the blank-faced Major sitting on the chair. Faintly, it seemed that the Major was wearing a big green hat on top of his head. (TN Green hat/戴绿帽子 /dài lǜ mào zǐ is an expression that Chinese use when a woman cheats on her husband or boyfriend because the phrase sounds similar to the word for cuckold.)

Bu Zhongxin remembered clearly that on May 19th, he accepted the secret mission of searching and rescuing the Major. He left the military base and boarded the military spacecraft to the lower planet casino. He arrived in the early morning of May 22nd and found the Major who at that time had been in a coma for more than 24 hours. After emergency treatment, they set off and returned to the base. On May 20th, the Major, one was not at the base, two was waiting for rescue, and three was very likely still unconscious!

So, it was green… Bu Zhongxin felt that his clinic was suddenly whizzing cold, causing him to shiver. He glanced carefully, and found that the Major's expressions were all hidden under his military cap, and half of his person was sitting in the dark shadow. The most fearful thing was the sudden silence in the air!

"Major, do you want me to continue talking?" Bu Zhongxin swallowed.

Qin Mo loosened the fist of his right hand, and a pile of tobacco scraps fell on the ground, "Continue."

"…Okay." Bu Zhongxin pulled out a smile that was uglier than crying. "After a long period of time, at least three years of insufficient protein and micronutrients, the girl’s body function of resisting diseases and injuries is now half of normal ordinary people's. The rate of mental strength and physical growth and recovery is roughly equivalent to that of a minor. Although it has improved recently, to fully supplement the long-term malnourished body, at least six months of rest and targeted nutrient intake adjustments are needed."

"Because of the pregnancy, she is currently experiencing severe morning sickness, chest tightness, dizziness, and hypoxia, all due to congenital deficiency, which can be relieved by injecting pregnancy adjustment agents. In addition, she should have had a small amount of bleeding before the fetus was implanted. It's light, but it has already caused a certain burden on her weaker than ordinary body. It is recommended to stay in bed for three days with infusion and observe before giving more medicine."

"It is all above." Bu Zhongxin almost made an upright posture, "The report is over."


There was still terrible silence in the clinic.

The corner of Bu Zhongxin's mouth twitched, "Major?"

The man sitting in the swivel chair straightened his long legs with tight military trousers and said nothing.

Bu Zhongxin pushed down his gold-framed glasses, and finally got up the courage to follow a doctor’s moral heart, "Due to her physique, if she chooses to abort, it may cause heavy bleeding. Although she will not die under my technology, but it is still very likely to shorten her life span, further weaken the physique, and cause life-long infertility. From my professional point of view as a doctor, I recommend that she avoid abortion." After he finished speaking, he stepped back three steps, and automatically stuck to the wall behind him.

Since his graduation, Bu Zhongxin was assigned to this military area. On the first day he entered, the Major who graduated in the same class as him was already a Second Lieutenant. After being in the military region for nearly ten years, he had never heard of this classmate who was likely to be promoted to Colonel this year having a female companion. But now the other party directly had a big belly, it was not his...

Bu Zhongxin felt hairy after thinking about it. Just now the Major came in nervously holding the girl in his arms, and he was about to break his door. If there was no relationship between the two people, he absolutely didn't believe it. It's over. It's the end of the year, and he could almost be promoted to Major. Now, was he going to be silenced?!

When Bu Zhongxin began to count the lines on the wall, he finally heard a hoarse and cold voice.

"First do the treatment as you say."

"Um... OK." Bu Zhongxin wiped the cold sweat on his head and immediately took out the injections and medicines from the medical room. When he was about to insert the needle into the back of the girl's hand, his back was tight. He seemed to feel a cold sight fell on him!

Suddenly, Bu Zhongxin tightened his chrysanthemum, and immediately handed the needle on the side to the medical robot next to him, input the injection instruction to it, got up, and put his hands on his upright back.

As if he had escaped a crisis, Bu Zhongxin almost collapsed in front of the bed. He was a doctor and a military doctor at that. The patients and soldiers in his eyes had no distinction between men and women, young and old, okay?!

Bu Zhongxin roared in his heart, but he didn't have the guts to say it. Just when he was maligned and his head was numb, he was shocked by the cold voice beside him and his heart almost trembled.

"Captain Bu, did you personally perform my physical examination on May 22nd?"

Bu Zhongxin groaned in his heart, here it came! Brother, big brother, you have been greened, I didn't know anything! "Yes, Major Qin."

"I received the inspection report you sent me afterwards, please repeat it now."

"..." Bu Zhongxin's little white face twitched. Almost two months had passed, and he had managed the clinic every day. He didn't know how many patients’ report he had seen. 

"Oh, all right." Bu Zhongxin looked at his opponent's shoulder with two bars and one star, as well as the explosive strong upper body muscles inside the black military uniform. So he chose to obey. He immediately called out the confidential report at that time from his light brain, he glanced at the closed door of the clinic room before starting to read it again.

"After inspection, it was judged that the back of the head was hit hard. After intensive ray ionization, it was judged that the consciousness and voluntary movements were lost for more than 24 hours, and there were only occasional involuntary spontaneous movements. At 3 o'clock in the morning on May 22nd, the strong stimulus oppressed to the brain’s orbit. Painful expressions appeared, defensive reflex flexion or evasive movement were made when the soles of the feet stimulated with needles, but cannot answer questions or execute simple commands."

"Swallowing reflex, cough reflex, corneal reflex, pupil reflex, etc. are all present. At the same time, breathing, pulse, blood pressure are normal, and a large amount of semen is found to be recently ejected, which is very likely to be a stress response. Emergency treatment: 1ml injection in the upper arm..."

"Stop." Qin Mo put his hands in his trouser pockets and lifted his face in the dark.

Bu Zhongxin's voice stopped abruptly.

"Lieutenant Bu, please explain the specific meaning of a lot of semen ejected."

"Huh?" Bu Zhongxin’s eyeballs almost popped from behind the glasses, "Major Qin, both of us are men, Do I have to explain... wait, what do you mean?!"

"I don't mean anything." Qin Mo gave him a cold look, "I just want to hear professional explanations!"

Bu Zhongxin opened his mouth wide, "Generally speaking, men often have involuntary reactions during sleep. If their underwear is too tight, it can easily cause… cough. Being in an extremely high temperature environment is also very easy to cause this phenomenon. Of course, you may have been greatly stimulated at that time, this is also a normal situation! But… it also happens when men and women…!"

"Lieutenant Bu, I remember that you have confirmed that I have lost the memory of those three days."

The corners of Bu Zhongxin's mouth twitched, "Yes."

"So, I hope you can tell me directly, before I was in a coma or even in a coma, is it possible that I have done something to women that shouldn't be done."

Bu Zhongxin stared, shaking his hands and pointing to the girl on the bed, "You mean, you might… with her at that time? From a medical point of view, it is possible, as long as she appeared there at that time and you…"

"Semen ejected time?"

"It has lost activity during the monitoring, so it can be judged that it has been more than twenty-four hours!" Bu Zhongxin suddenly felt ashamed. Was this fate? 

"Major Qin, do you remember anything now? Did you really have contact with this girl? Are you sure?!"

"Planet Linde’s Liyang High School, one kilometer away from Monderry Casino. From May 19th to May 21st, delineate all the female picture from all video monitoring records and send them to me immediately." Qin Mo stood up and ordered into his headset. He glanced at Bu Zhongxin coldly, "I don’t know anything. But Lieutenant Bu, you should have sent my report to your superiors at that time, and requested the military department to investigate whether I had any personal wrongdoing at that time, and should even put me on suspension on the charge of suspected molestation of a woman, instead of waiting to ask me now, a memory-faulted person, did he think of anything."


Looking at the pale girl on the hospital bed, Qin Mo’s thin lips tightened into a straight line, "Even if it wasn't her, it could be someone else. Lieutenant Bu, you should tell me that I may have made an unforgivable mistake, even if only 1% Chance. Did you find any female fingerprints, residual hair, dander or even body fluids in the place you found me? Have you checked and sampled it?"

"The place where you were lying was burned, so there was no sign. I also checked your body at that time, and no traces were found."

"Very good."


"Then you'd better pray from now on, Lieutenant Bu."


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  1. This is like either a weird coincidence or very elaborate scheme towards the Major

    1. Oh wait is Qin Mo's child? I'm a bit confused, did I miss something?

    2. It must be a scheme by the OG owner of MCs body. She has debt and Qin Mo has money. 🤔


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