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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 33

 ICRAB – Chapter 33

Two chapters today to replace yesterday's missing update.

ICRAB release schedule may missed a day or two from now on. I will try my best to stick to 1 chapter per day schedule while trying to stock up so that there won't be missing update if I got stuck on a chapter or if life get busy one day.

Thank you,

- MD


"So fragrant..." The one-eyed old man sighed with emotion.

Marshal Li Er's majestic face was taken away. "Did you adjust your perception to zero, insidious Old Zheng?"

"What nonsense are you talking? So fragrant!" The one-armed old man leaned forward and picked up his fork again, "Stop acting both of you! Why are you so annoying? The food is currently, what the hell... Ah!!!"

Marshal Li Er stretched out his hand, opened the masks of the two old men, took the bowl of bright red steaming dishes, and presented it in front of them directly.

The strong smell got into their nostrils immediately! Two elderly people who had been discharged due to disability almost fainted. The one-armed old man opened his mouth just now, and he almost choked when he inhaled and couldn't breathe.

"Does it smell? It's the smell of this snail noodles!" Marshal Li Er wore his mask and smiled fearlessly.

The wrinkled face of the one-eyed old man was completely tangled. He stepped back and leaned on the back of the chair. He stretched out his hand to cover his nose, but did not push away the food in front of him. "It is so weird?" He wanted to say stinky, but when he thought of the sour and hotness he had tasted just now, he drooled again, so he couldn't use such unsightly words like stinky to desecrate this magical dish.

"I won't lie to you." The one-eyed old man pinched his nose, "I tell you very honestly, it tastes really good." He only took a bite of the fine noodles, and now he wanted to taste the golden flakes, the green vegetables, and even the soup. The hot, smoky, red soup base was an incredible temptation, which made him want to drink a sip, even if he was killed by the smell, he would accept it!

"Lao Zheng, when you are talking, take your hand off your nose. That way it will be more convincing when you say that the snail noodles is very fragrant and good." The Marshal laughed.

The one-eyed old man shook his head regrettably, but there was a slight narrowing in his eyes, "OK then. I wouldn’t turn on my perception. I will sacrificed myself and eat this snail noodles for you. We can't waste food. Even if we are in Skynet, I will sacrifice myself. This will also set an example for the younger generations. When there is no supply on the battlefield, just eat raw meat. If raw meat fishy smell can be tolerated, this bowl of snail noodles is nothing!" As he finished, he moved his left hand to pinch his nose while his right hand picked up the fork, and quickly fished it into the bowl.

First of all, the golden-yellow material appeared inside. The one-eyed old man looked at it before putting it in his mouth, but the light in his somewhat turbid one eye was even brighter after chewing. The speed of his fork increased immediately, and another green vegetable was picked up when he brushed the base of the bowl. "Is this a variant of Persian dish from Planet Damex? The leaves are large and should be difficult to cook, but the color is still green even after being in the water for a long time? The taste is very astringent and the taste is very fresh, right?" 

Marshal Li Er under the protection of the mask was soon agitated by the one-eyed man’s eating look, and he couldn't sit still. "It's not tasty, isn't it?"

"Old Zheng, speak up."

"You really didn't turn on perception?"

"Hey! Your hearing is off too!?"

The one-eyed man Old Zheng had a violent expression on his face, and he didn't have time to bother about these questions. The greens wrapped in the soup were tender and tasty, and they were still warm when he put them in his mouth. When he bit it down, the soup overflowed, the taste was rich, it was by no means ordinary stir-fried vegetables. Where did his mouth have time to answer questions, it was too busy eating!

While the red soup was still boiling hot, the one-eyed man picked up the bowl with one hand and took a big slurp. Ah, the mellow taste of the soup was really something he hadn't eaten before. With one sip, Old Zheng was stunned. The taste was hot and sour, then fragrant, and when he finally swallowed, the aftertaste was extremely refreshing...

Old Zheng said that his perception was not turned on, but even fools could tell from his expression that it was on. There will be ghosts if it was not turned on!

The one-armed man who waited and watched for a while, listened to the sound of chewing and drinking soup from time to time. He watched the face of Old Zheng went from pretending to be calm into uneasy and crooked. Old Zhen finally started sweating between his forehead and nose, his cheeks turned red, and his eyes were full of green lights like hungry wolves. Old Gao cursed in his heart, knowing he was fooled.

Old Gao’s left hand holding his nose was hesitant, but he resolutely put it down and quickly snatched the snail noodles in front of Old Zheng. He put the bowl in front of him, picked up the fork, and fished a large piece of white bamboo shoots inside. He then put it in his mouth with a click. He changed his face from the ‘unique’ smell, and stopped in an instant. The white bamboo shoots were crispy, soaked in the multiple flavors of the soup, it tasted sour and spicy, and it was really fragrant!

Marshal Li Er looked at the two old comrades in front of him, and felt that these two people were simply insane. He was still skeptical, but stretched his fork over. But soon, Old Gao and Old Zheng snapped at the same time. Their two forks moved to intercept, and the old Marshal's fork flew.

"Old Li, this is very smelly, you must not eat it, what can you do if it is poisoned?"

"Yes, 100,000 people are waiting for your command in the entire Eastern Army Group! You can't fall down! This kind of poisonous food can only be wiped out by us old guys who have nothing to do!"

The two of them didn’t even open their masks, didn’t pinch their noses, and didn’t dislike the overwhelming odor when they were talking. They swept the contents of the bowl into their mouths quickly. 

F*ck, what a ghost!

The Marshal still didn't understand. He took out two more forks from his space station again, and approached from left to right and stabbed them into the bowl together. One flicked off Old Zheng and Old Gao's fork, while the other fished a yellow ball in the middle of the soup. He threw it into his mouth with determination, and bit down boldly.

Puff... The soup in the soft balls splashed out!

If Liu Weiwei was on the scene, she would definitely explain it patiently. This was the substitute that she found after a lot of effort searching most of Skynet, that was, fried tofu. Fried tofu was the second one she personally loved in a bowl of snail noodles. Apart from the sour and crunchy bamboo shoots, she loved the essence of the whole bowl of soup absorbed in the fried tofu. It seems inconspicuous, but it had everything in it.

The Marshal only ate one ball, and his whole person was taken aback. He opened his mask, his face changed, and the airflow in the garden was still quite sultry. However, in this strong peculiar smell, the ultimate taste that stimulates people's appetite was hidden. This circumfluence was nothing short of a miracle. This kind of strong contrast stimulated his sense of taste even more. The fork in his hand was involuntarily fished into the bowl again, and he couldn't stop it at all!

When the bowl of noodles was quickly consumed, the three old men lied on their chairs motionless. At this moment, there was no need for any words, no communication. As long as one eye met each other, they could understand each other's mind: They wanted to have another big bowl~

Meanwhile, Li Sanpang finished the elastic, hot, and sour Liangpi. After that he immediately placed another order. 

This time, Li Sanpang ordered 30 portions of Liangpi, which was suitable for eating in hot weather, 30 portions of mapo tofu that he hadn't managed to eat, and 10 portions each of the new products that the girl said. He was humming a little song. He was in a good mood as he was full. He was also idle, so he logged on to Skynet.

Li Sanpang first went to the girl's booth and took a look. He found that the person was not there, so he wandered around the street casually to digest the food he accumulated at night. He didn't want to go back to quarrel with the old man at home, so he went to his virtual villa on Skynet. He took a fancy to the small garden villa and showed it to his old man. The old man has a high position, but his salary was mediocre. In the end, they paid half each to buy it. The room was divided into half and the garden was divided into half.

Li Sanpang liked the small garden very much. Lying on the chair, the simulated night breeze blowing on Skynet, and the ever delicate rose flowers were perfect for the eye. Thinking of this comfortable picture, his pace sped up a bit. There were still three empty bowls in his space station, namely curry rice, mapo tofu, and the bowl left after eating Liangpi. He would go back and put them in the storage cabinet beside his bed as a collection. Excellent food requires a memory.

There used to be a lot of empty bottles of nutrient solutions. As soon as Li Sanpang saw it, he could remember the amazing memories when he drank it the first time, and the next time he bought it, he would not forget which flavor he liked, which manufacturer and batch, to avoid wrong purchase. This had become his habit.

Li Sanpang quickly walked into the path, and he could see the beautiful garden of his villa from a distance. "Huh?" But his nose wrinkled quickly and looked around, "Who throws trash in front of my house? It's so stinky! Damn, which idiot is so wicked? Is there a mistake? People cannot litter on Skynet. This is a bad thing!"

Li Sanpang looked around but didn't see the suspicious person, so he could only speed up his pace. As soon as he walked into the door, he smelled a stronger stink. It's almost as if someone came to the house to make trouble. What's the situation? He collapsed and walked into the house, but even inside the house had a strong weird smell!

Li Sanpang immediately called the robot. "No. 3, report to the Internet police immediately. Someone is polluting the air at our door! Wait, you spray perfume quickly! In the room, in the garden, and at the door, spray it all! After spraying, go to the police!"

Before the robot No. 3 could tell him that it had sprayed everything, Li Sanpang had hurried into his room. And not long after he entered, a wailing sound came out immediately! "Ahh, my chicken bones... all the special ones are now stinky! My thirteen years of collection all over, all the special ones are over! Who did it? I’ll never finish with him!"

On the other side, Liu Weiwei received new news.

[Li Sanpang: Help! Ten more savory crepes, tofu puddings, and grilled chicken wings (ㄒoㄒ)]

This tone was also inexplicably sad.


The author has something to say: 

The stronger the mental power, the sharper the sense of smell, and they could collapse.

Of course, the snail noodles in reality are not that smelly. Several of my friends like to eat them~ Eat a serving, and all your worries are gone~~ 

If you enjoy my work, please consider sending this sleep deprived mtl-er some ko-fi. =)

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