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The Master of Metaphysics is The Movie Queen – Chapter 41

TMMTMQ – Chapter 41

You Xingyu's eyes lit up, "Sister Yao is very good, you can make soup without using a pot."

Gong Qingyao weaved the remaining leaves into a bowl and set them aside.

Zhong Xinyi said, "But this will be very hot, how do you scoop it up?"

Guo Yuankai looked at Zhong Xinyi, and said in a very idiotic tone mocking the other party, "Would you not let it cool before eating?"

Zhong Xinyi was stunned.

After a while, the fishes were grilled. Each person was given a fish, plus some mushroom soup. As for the chestnuts, after breakfast and lunch, no one wanted to eat it again. There was another reason, that if they ate too many chestnuts they would want to fart. It was a live broadcast, what if they can’t help it?

After eating, everyone washed their faces in the river and picked up a lot of branches, enough to burn them at night before they returned to the original place.

Lu Yongyi looked at You Xingyu and Guo Yuankai, "Let’s add firewood every hour."

You Xingyu continued, "Okay, the three of us will take turns."

"No problem." Guo Yuankai said.

In the wild, men should take more care of women. It seemed that Gong Qingyao took more care of them all day. Thinking of this, they were naturally willing to contribute more in other places. Yu Chuxue asked, "Aren't we going to do anything?"

"You guys can get a good sleep." Guo Yuankai said.

Zhong Xinyi didn't say a word, in this ghost place, she would take any beauty sleep possible.

It was getting late, so after it was decided, everyone went to sleep around the bonfire.

Seeing that everyone was asleep, Gong Qingyao went straight deep into the jungle. Feifei immediately ran over from the distance. One person and one beast flew directly into the depths of the jungle where there were many trees and ample spiritual energy. They sat on top of a big tree branch and then Lu Qianqian also came out of the ring. She looked at the sky full of stars, suddenly feeling very happy, she had never seen such beautiful scenery before.

Lu Qianqian wanted to talk a little more with Gong Qingyao, but when she turned around, she found that Gong Qingyao and Feifei already started to practice. Lu Qianqian raised her head and glanced at the sky once more before also followed them to practice.

When the sky was slightly bright, Gong Qingyao came back and saw that the fire was about to die, so she added some dead branches.

When Zhong Xinyi heard the movement, she immediately got up and walked gently to the nearby river to wash her face and put on make-up. At this time, she didn't care if anyone saw it. Yu Chuxue got up and followed when she heard the movement.

After a while, the sky brightened and everyone got up. Guo Yuankai stretched out and washed his face in the river. "This water is really cold." They slept around the fire yesterday, so when they fell asleep. It's not cold.

"A new day has begun." You Xingyu said, "I don't know what to eat in the morning."

"I don't want to eat chestnut." Yu Chuxue said.

"I don't want to either." You Xingyu whispered.

"By the way, Yongyi, you went to the jungle to find ingredients yesterday, did you see anything special?" Zhong Xinyi asked.

Lu Yongyi went straight to pick up some chestnuts yesterday, and did not look for other ingredients. He shook his head when he heard this question.

Guo Yuankai on the side asked, "Sister Yao, do you have any new discoveries?"

"There is an oak tree in the northwest of the jungle." Gong Qingyao said, "It could be breakfast."

"Wow, that's great." There should be acorns on the oak tree, they could eat anything as long as it's not chestnuts.

After washing their faces, everyone followed Gong Qingyao to find breakfast.

Sure enough, after walking for a while, they saw an oak tree. Everyone began to fork the fruit with branches, and Gong Qingyao said, "Leave a little bit for the animals for the winter."

The previous Guo Yuankai would definitely disdain this sentence, but now he immediately said, "Okay."

After everyone was full, they began to think about what to eat at noon. You Xingyu first said, "Yesterday's mushroom soup was good."

"We can also catch fish." Zhong Xinyi continued.

Yu Chuxue paused, "If that was not enough, chestnuts can also satisfy our hunger."

Lu Yongyi thought for a while and said, "There should be some wild vegetables here to eat."

Guo Yuankai looked at Gong Qingyao, "Sister Yao, what do you think?"

"Let's take a look at the river." Gong Qingyao didn't go to the river yesterday, she felt that besides fish, there should be other ingredients in the river.

They walked up the river and found some special ingredients.

"Wow, crab!" Zhong Xinyi couldn't help but shouted.

"I'll catch it!" Guo Yuankai said, going down to eat.

"Wait, how can we cook it?" Yu Chuxue asked, "Roast it?"

Everyone was stunned. Roasted crab is fine, but such a good crab only roasted would be a waste.

Lu Yongyi looked at the cameraman behind him and asked, "Can you let us borrow your pot?"

The cameramen brought a big pot for cooking noodles. When they were preparing dinner last night, the group of cameramen was not far away cooking their noodles.

The cameramen hesitated, and You Xingyu added, "In exchange, we gave steamed crabs for you to eat."

"Yeah, what's so delicious about noodles? This wild crab must be plump and tender." Yu Chuxue continued to persuade.

Zhong Xinyi and Guo Yuankai immediately joined the persuasion army, "Now is the season for eating crabs. Look at these crabs, they are not small so they must taste good."

Soon the two sides reached an agreement, after all, who wanted to eat noodles if they have crabs? Lu Yongyi found a lot of branches. Guo Yuankai and others went down to the river to catch crabs. Each branch was skewered with a bunch of crabs. Each of them carried a bunch and returned to the place where they were cooking yesterday. The cameramen took out the pot and gave it to the guests. They washed the pot and started to steam the crabs.

The crabs were very big, and this pot was also not small. They could put twelve crabs one time. Steamed crabs did not need any condiments, and the method was simple. When the whole process was complete, everyone sat together and waited patiently. It took only a quarter of an hour for one pot of steamed crabs to finish. At the same time the first batch was put out of the pot, everyone put in next twelve crabs in, so when they finished eating the first batch, the next was done.

The crabs here were indeed as plump and tender as Yu Chuxue said. Gong Qingyao ate three crabs and went to the jungle to dig some mountain ginger and boil them in some water.

Crabs were cold food and mountain ginger was hot in nature. They could complement each other. Without Gong Qingyao telling them, everyone drank a bowl of mountain ginger water. "Sister Yao is still very careful." Guo Yuankai drank mountain ginger water and did not forget to thank Gong Qingyao.

"Following Sister Yao, there will always be meat to eat." You Xingyu continued.

Lu Yongyi was a little helpless. Originally, he was the only one who knew Gong Qingyao's goodness. After the last recording in Qianping, everyone seemed to know Gong Qingyao's greatness now. But he was still very happy.

Lu Qianqian came out of the ring when she heard crabs. Crab was one of her favorite foods. When she watched everyone eating, Lu Qianqian was greedy. Later, she saw Gong Qingyao digging mountain ginger, and she was a little puzzled. , "Master, there are several people who are so annoying, why do you still take care of them?"

Gong Qingyao smiled, even though she was annoyed it didn’t mean that this person was bad. If this person has bad attitude, there would still be room for improvement.

Everyone was very happy after eating the crabs. It was the first time they lived in the wild completely on their own. After all, farmers provided the ingredients before. This time it was different. All the ingredients were from the wild.

"The challenge of this issue will soon be over." Lu Yongyi said with some dismay, he could only see Gong Qingyao while recording the show, and when the show ended, the two went their separate ways.

"Yes, many viewers are waiting to see us have an accident." Guo Yuankai said and laughed.

You Xingyu also laughed. Obviously their reality show had become popular. "About three hours before the end of the live broadcast?"

The viewers started to comment when they heard the discussion from the guests.

[Hahahaha, I'm so ridiculous, can I say that I just wait to see the production crew encounter something?]

[Hahaha yes, there is still some time left, I'm excited thinking about it.]

[Carefully sit and wait for something to happen.]

[The closer it get to the end, the more excited my heart is.]


Seeing the increase in the number of people watching the live broadcast, Mao Liqiang was very pleased, but he almost vomited blood after reading the comments of the viewers. He silently muttered Gong Qingyao words that there would be no accident during the recording about 100 times, and then he managed to calm down.

After eating the crabs, the guests began to walk back. After all, it was less than two hours before the end of the recording, so it would almost be over when they walk out of the jungle.

On the way back, You Xingyu asked, "You think, where will we go for the next recording?" To be honest, he liked the recording this time.

Guo Yuankai said, "I don't know. Now the production team is getting more and more mysterious. They didn't say anything before we came."

"This is the fourth recording, right?" Lu Yongyi said that contract signed that time was until the sixth issue. At that time, no one from his company wanted to join and they pushed him out. Now he was very grateful for this opportunity.

"Well, there are still two issues left." Yu Chuxue replied. The reality show originally prepared for her ran off the track. Also her mood had changed a lot.

"Are you coming next time?" Zhong Xinyi asked.

Guo Yuankai said affirmatively, "There are only two issues left. I must have a beginning and an end, so I will join." Who didn't know that this show was hot now, he would take advantage of the last two issues to gain more fans.

"I’ll join too." Yu Chuxue said.

Gong Qingyao and the others would also come, Zhong Xinyi said, "Okay, just pray that we can successfully record the remaining two episodes."

Yu Chuxue didn't speak, but Zhong Xinyi's words seemed to be directed to her. Since she climbed popularity by hyping Qin Ze, her speech was a little different.

Out of the jungle, Mao Liqiang’s bus was already waiting outside. He was greatly relieved to see everyone coming over safely. He faced the camera with a relaxed expression, "Dear viewers, this challenge ends here. See you next time!"

You Xingyu and others also waved at the cameras.

The screens finally stopped on Mao Liqiang's relieved smile. The viewers couldn't believe that there was really nothing happen in this episode.

[F*ck? It's over?]

[Wait, Nothing happened?]

[Why do I find it untrustworthy?]

[I still want to wait. I always feel that something will happen to them.]


The six guests boarded the bus one by one. Mao Liqiang watched the bus’s door closed and it started to move. He let out a sigh of relief, "Nothing happened this time."

Mao Liqiang's voice was very small, but Gong Qingyao, who was sitting in the back row, heard it and said nonchalantly, "Director Mao, what I said before was that nothing will happen during the recording."

Mao Liqiang thought about that time. He remembered asking Gong Qingyao if there would be any trouble during this recording. Gong Qingyao's reply was that there would be no trouble during the recording. Thinking of this, Mao Liqiang immediately sat up straight. "Qingyao, what are you talking about? What do you mean?"

Gong Qingyao looked out the window and didn't speak.

Mao Liqiang felt groggy, and when the rest of the people saw this scene, they all looked at Gong Qingyao one after another.

Guo Yuankai asked first, "Sister Yao, what will we meet?"


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