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The Master of Metaphysics is The Movie Queen – Chapter 34

 TMMTMQ – Chapter 34

There were no comments on this Weibo post, and the number of reposts was only a handful. Lu Qianqian gave a few more words for Gong Qingyao to search, but found that Weibo could not find relevant content at all.

"I see!" Lu Qianqian said with a clear expression, "Weibo blocked these contents."

If not, it would be impossible for them to explain a big monster appearing in the recording. Who would believe it? It's better to talk about the earthquake. It's reliable. However, by blocking people's remarks like this, weren’t they afraid that netizens will make more noise?

After analyzing this, Lu Qianqian said, "However, netizens have limited memory, so they will definitely not remember these in a few days."

Netizens didn't believe that what happened in Qianping was just as simple as an earthquake. However, up to now, Mao Liqiang's official website had no announcement. There was also nothing on the Weibo of the six guests who participated in the reality show.

Lu Qianqian looked at the netizens who didn’t want to believe, but they also couldn’t guess the facts. Lu Qianqian smiled suddenly, "Tsk tsk, it feels good to know something other people don’t." As she said this, she looked to the side at Feifei, "Do you know? You made a big news."

Feifei shook his big tail behind him. Big news, was that a good thing?

Gong Qingyao picked up the phone and said, "The delayed practice these few days, make up for it."

Lu Qianqian heard it, and then she thought of another thing, "By the way, Master, don't you have a fortune-telling to do on Weibo?"

Gong Qingyao thought about her Weibo. After the last time she solved the problem of Excessive Sweetness, she never posted another Weibo. Gong Qingyao started editing and then posted the her third Weibo, "Fortune-telling, first comment is free."

Lu Qianqian said on the side, "Master, you have fans, why not tell the fortune in the form of a lottery?" This way followers came faster.

After the first two fortune-telling sessions, Gong Qingyao now had more than 10,000 followers. Regardless of whether the first two were aranged by Gong Qingyao, netizens wanted to try it.

"Next time." Gong Qingyao said.

As soon as Weibo was posted, she received the first comment.

[Honeydew: Dream Garden Community! Help!]

Lu Qianqian looked at the mobile phone. Of course, seeing this message, the gossip instinct on her body immediately appeared. "Dream Garden Community in the capital is infamous for being unfinished. It is said that this place is often haunted." To be an unfinished construction in a place like the capital was enough to show something was wrong in the lot.

Gong Qingyao clicked on the person's private message.

- Gong Qingyao: ?

The other party did not reply.

Lu Qianqian took a breath of air immediately, "Could it be that they encountered a ghost?"

This was still unclear, so Gong Qingyao put away her phone.

Lu Qianqian asked, "Master, what are you going to do?"

"Go to Dream Garden Community." Gong Qingyao said.

"Ahhh, they say that the haunting there is very fierce!" Lu Qianqian looked terrified.

Gong Qingyao glanced at Lu Qianqian, her eyes seemed to say ‘Weren’t you also a ghost?’

Lu Qianqian was stunned for a moment. Yes, she was also a ghost, so what was she afraid of?

Gong Qingyao was a little helpless. Lu Qianqian had been a ghost for several months, but she still hadn't gotten used to it. Gong Qingyao picked up the talisman papers and the soul-breaking knife. After Feifei heard the discussion between the two just now, he would also follow this time. Gong Qingyao hugged Feifei, and went out like this, one person, one beast and one ghost.

When he heard that Gong Qingyao was going to Dream Garden Community, the taxi driver glanced Gong Qingyao several times and repeatedly confirmed that Gong Qingyao did not go there to commit suicide. Finally, he stopped at a distance of 500 meters from Dream Garden Community. "The community is in front, I will drop you here."

Gong Qingyao paid the money and walked towards Dream Garden Community. Looking at the community from a distance of 500 meters, she could perceive the gloomy aura, and because of the absence of people all year round, the yin energy in the community became more vigorous and the people nearby also became very depressed. Obviously no one wanted to come here.

Gong Qingyao looked at the community, and then walked inside. When the residents on the side saw this scene, they walked out of the house and shook their heads, "Hey, this is another daredevil."

Dream Garden community, the name was very good. But since something happened at the construction one after another, it had now become a ruined building. The owner of the project was nowhere to be found. Later, many people would come here to commit suicide, and as time goes by, no one dared to come close to this place.

As soon as Gong Qingyao stepped into the Dream Garden community, a cold breath rushed over her face. Gong Qingyao looked at Lu Qianqian first, and Lu Qianqian blinked, "Huh?"

"It's useful for your cultivation." Gong Qingyao said.

When Lu Qianqian heard this, she opened her mouth and sucked the surrounding yin energy into her stomach. She then felt the changes in her body. After a while, Lu Qianqian looked up, "It's really useful." After saying that, she followed Gong Qingyao happily, she swallowed the yin energy that appeared around her by the way.

The closer they got to the Dream Garden community, the yin energy became stronger, and Lu Qianqian obviously couldn’t swallow it alone. Feifei, who was lying on Gong Qingyao’s arms, lazily opened his mouth and took a breath. The large yin energy disappeared in an instant. Feifei looked at Lu Qianqian triumphantly, and Lu Qianqian turned her face away.

Seeing this scene, Gong Qingyao smiled and continued to walk forward. Feifei and Lu Qianqian cooperated with each other tacitly. Feifei cleared away a large chunk of yin energy, and Lu Qianqian was responsible for the remaining energy. 

At the entrance of Dream Garden Community, they saw this building had been built over ten floors, and the foundation of the small building next to it was already laid, but construction had not started.

Gong Qingyao was about to find out where Honeydew was, when her heavenly eyes opened. Three minutes later, Gong Qingyao shook her head and walked upstairs. Seeing this, Lu Qianqian asked, "Master, what did you see?"

Gong Qingyao thought of a popular sentence on the Internet recently, "No Zuo No Die*." (TN: Internet slang, meaning one would not be in trouble had one not asked for it.)

"What?" Lu Qianqian said, "Master, you can even speak online language now?" No, no, no, this was not the key, the key was what did Honeydew do?

Lu Qianqian didn't have time to think about it as a large swath of yin energy rushed forward. She and Feifei immediately plunged into swallowing this yin energy.

Gong Qingyao walked very fast, and Feifei could keep up at first, but later found that Gong Qingyao continued to go faster, so he was a bit struggling. Gong Qingyao took out the soul-breaking knife and slashed it down. The surrounding yin energy disappeared directly. Lu Qianqian watched this scene, frightened on the spot, and then she hiccupped.

Gong Qingyao ran directly to the fourth floor. There were several people lying here and there, and in the middle of them stood a yin energy that had condensed and formed a person like creature. Seeing Gong Qingyao coming over, there was a sneer in his mouth. Feifei directly bit it, the yin person quickly dissipated into yin energy. The rest of the yin energy immediately ran away when it knew something was wrong, but it was sucked clean by Lu Qianqian who was chasing behind.

In a moment, the yin energy that had condensed its entity disappeared.

Gong Qingyao walked to one of the scattered people and patted that person’s face. The person screamed in fright, "Don't kill me, don't kill me."

Gong Qingyao stood aside with some helplessness.

The man screamed for a long time before finally quieting. After seeing Gong Qingyao, he froze for a while, and then asked, "Are you a human or a ghost?"

Gong Qingyao was speechless, "I am Gong Qingyao."

This person was stunned for a moment. In a daze, it seemed that he had left a message to a master on Weibo, and the master seemed to be called Gong Qingyao, "It's master!"

Gong Qingyao saw this person came back to his senses and said. "You still have a classmate on the fifth floor, wake them up and leave here quickly."

Seeing Gong Qingyao was about to leave, Honeydew asked immediately, "What about you?"

"I have something else." Gong Qingyao ran upstairs after she finished speaking.

Honeydew saw the master disappeared in the blink of an eye. He woke up his friends in shock. Everyone yelled in fright. After a while, they quieted down. Everyone looked at each other. Honeydew said this time, "A master has come to save us, and she went upstairs."

Honeydew was a college student from a university in the Capital. Today, the students who came with him were all from the same school. They think there was no ghost in this world and they also said to be a brave person. Today, taking advantage of the school's lack of class, everyone agreed to come here and said that they wanted to play pen fairy here. It was noon when they originally came, but when they stepped into this community, everyone felt a gloomy atmosphere, but for the big words they had said, they still pretended to be bold and walked inside.

Pen Fairy Game (maybe something like Ouija Board?)

They originally planned to play in the highest building, but when they walked to the fourth floor, someone suggested that fourth floor was also good. Everyone sat on the fourth floor and started playing. After playing, Honeydew didn't feel right. When he looked up, he found that one of his friends was missing. He was about to ask when he heard a classmate start screaming like crazy, then another classmate said that he had seen a ghost, and then another classmate started to choke his own neck, and Honeydew took out his mobile phone in fright. He remembered that someone said that there was a great master on Weibo.

He paid attention to this person. Originally, Honeydew did not plan to find Gong Qingyao, but her opened Weibo and found the first update was Gong Qingyao. Honeydew immediately sent a message, but he didn’t have time to do more and found that his phone didn’t have signal.

"What are you doing on Weibo?" A classmate shouted, "Call 110!" 

Everyone took out their mobile phones and dialed 110. They found that even in an emergency, their mobile phones could not dial the numbers. They were too frightened and fainted one after another.

Thinking of the scene just now, everyone was still a little afraid. A girl asked, "Where's the master?" 

Honeydew didn't expect Gong Qingyao to come here, "Master went upstairs, she told us leave. But let's go find Zhang Qi first."

Everyone saw Zhang Qi on the fifth floor and tried to wake him. Zhang Qi screamed for a long time before regaining consciousness.

Everyone looked at each other again, "Should we go find the master?"

"No, no, I won't go." A girl screamed directly. It's too scary here. She didn't want to go up again.

A male student suggested, "Why don't you girls leave first? The boys will search."

"No, you can't let the girls leave alone." The other boy immediately refused. They had seen this weird situation just now.

"What the hell should I do?" Honeydew asked.

Everyone looked at the organizer of the event, and he pondered for a while, "Well, let's go to the master together. This master can handle the things here, so there must be no problem where she was. Beside the master must be the safest place."

Everyone thought it was feasible, so they walked upstairs while holding hands.

The more they go upstairs, the more yin energy condensed into a solid body like just now. Gong Qingyao split them first, and then Feifei bit down what was left. As for Lu Qianqian, she cleaned up the residue behind. They walked ahead while doing this. 

When they reached the ninth floor, Gong Qingyao stopped. Just now, she was only concerned about clearing the yin energy, and some details were ignored.


The author has something to say:

Qin Ze: What about me? You forgot me again?

Stupid author: I haven't decided yet.

Qin Ze: ???


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  3. Ugh, it gets really annoying when people don't listen. Never consider they are just burdens in the way. Maybe she could have handled it fine without them. Now she might have to protect them. They don't think.


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