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The Master of Metaphysics is The Movie Queen – Chapter 19

TMMTMQ – Chapter 19


However, after the meal, nothing happened until the three left. After Gong Qingyao paid the bill, the waiter sent them out. Once out of this restaurant, the strange feeling in Gong Qingyao's heart disappeared.
Gong Qingyao turned around and glanced at the restaurant with no sign and only one door. She retracted her gaze.
Ai Xiaoyun drove Gong Qingyao back. It was nine o'clock in the evening when they got home. Ai Xiaoyun asked, "Should I change into red clothes?"
Gong Qingyao was playing with the cold iron and she looked up somewhat puzzled when she heard this.
"Didn't red mean easy to attract ghosts?" Ai Xiaoyun said weakly.
Gong Qingyao: ...
"If you are happy."
Happy, how can this be a happy thing? Ai Xiaoyun finally didn't change into red clothes. Seeing Gong Qingyao was still looking at the piece of black iron, she just sat down. Then she started working in front of the laptop. For some reason, with Gong Qingyao standing by, she felt a little relieved inexplicably.
Gong Qingyao injected a trace of profound energy into the cold iron, but the cold iron did not show a state of rejection. Gong Qingyao was a little surprised. She held this piece of cold iron and slowly injected her profound energy.
Ai Xiaoyun finished reading a script and found that Gong Qingyao was still holding the piece of iron and could not help but walked over. But before she got close, the cold iron suddenly emitted a powerful yin energy, and Gong Qingyao's hands quickly punch out. After a few postures, the yin energy was slowly reduced.
Ai Xiaoyun was a little scared, "This, this..."
"Cold iron is very temperamental. If you are too close, it is going to attack you." Gong Qingyao explained, which rarely happened.
Ai Xiaoyun: ...
It was just a piece of broken iron, but it would attack people?
Thinking about this, Ai Xiaoyun glanced at the cold iron again, and found that the broken piece of iron seemed to have become a little smoother at some unknown time. Upon closer inspection, there was some faint blue light on it?
Ai Xiaoyun glanced at the time in the lower right corner of her laptop. It was only 11:30 pm, she decided to continue reading the script on the laptop. After Ye Mountain reality show was over, You Xingyu made several commercials. Even Yu Chuxue had two. Advertisers came to discuss possible cooperation matters, and Ai Xiaoyun has also tried to suggest Gong Qingyao to them.
The advertisers’ reply was that they were originally looking for Gong Qingyao, but Gong Qingyao openly said that she could tell the future. Now the government really discouraged feudal superstitions. It was already good for them to not block Gong Qingyao, but how dare she ask for an advertisement?
Ai Xiaoyun originally wanted to persuade Gong Qingyao not to say this in front of the camera, but after contacting her today, she became more aware that Gong Qingyao was telling the truth, but how could this truth survive in the entertainment industry?
The cold inside the house suddenly rose again. Ai Xiaoyun thought it was the piece of cold iron in Gong Qingyao's hand, she then heard, "Baby, are you ready to go with me?"
Ai Xiaoyun didn't expect the male ghost to come again, so she did not speak for a long time in fright.
The male ghost wanted to molest Ai Xiaoyun, "Come on, baby, come with me." But then he heard a cold voice behind him said, "Try it."
The male ghost exuded a violent spirit all over his body, and then discovered Ai Xiaoyun had hid herself behind Gong Qingyao.

After seeing Gong Qingyao's appearance, the ghost smiled and said, "It turns out that she is also a little girl. It's better to let the master not hurt you." Gong Qingyao raised the cold iron, although it hasn't been completely refined yet, but it was okay to try today.
When the male ghost saw Gong Qingyao raising a weapon, he immediately rushed towards the cold iron. This cold iron evil spirit was already heavy, but it also came from a cold place. Seeing a ghost coming, which was also a big evil spirit, the male ghost was swallowed clean within a second. There was no trace of the male ghost left before he even discovered the danger.
Gong Qingyao withdrew the cold iron silently.

Ai Xiaoyun saw the male ghost rushing towards Gong Qingyao and disappeared, she was shocked, "My God! Qingyao! You are too powerful, you subdued him as soon as you attack!"
Gong Qingyao: ...
If I said I didn’t make a move, would you believe it?
"That's right, is the dark marriage dissolved?" Ai Xiaoyun asked.
"Yeah." The male ghost was all gone.
"Great." Ai Xiaoyun was very happy. "It's too late. Why don't you go back tomorrow?"
Gong Qingyao said, "Okay." Ai Xiaoyun immediately cleaned the bedroom and asked Gong Qingyao to sleep there. She herself ran to the living room. After Gong Qingyao used up the last trace of her profound energy, she finally released the cold iron.
Lu Qianqian stretched her head out of the ring, "Master, what is that? It scares the baby to death." Lu Qianqian felt the threat of the cold iron, so she did not dare to come out until now.
Seeing Lu Qianqian, Gong Qingyao's eyes lit up, "Have you ever thought about cultivating ghosts?"
"Ghosts?" Lu Qianqian was taken aback. Could she?
"Yeah." Gong Qingyao said. When she first met Lu Qianqian, the other party had a lot of grievances. Even so, she just made a prank to make the elevator malfunction. For this reason, she also warned the guests not to live here, because she thought there might be a problem with the hotel that’s why she died abruptly.
During this period of time, Gong Qingyao felt that this girl Lu Qianqian was kind-hearted, so she asked her if she would cultivate the ghost way. Ghosts were different from humans. They were composed of earth, fire, wind, and water. The practice of ghosts was similar to metaphysics. If metaphysics relied on spiritual energy, then ghosts relied on yin energy. Metaphysics cultivated profound strength, and the ghost way was yin strength.
Gong Qingyao roughly talked about the ghost way, and Lu Qianqian immediately said, "I want to cultivate!" In fact, when she heard that if the ghost cultivation had advanced to a certain level, she could touch things, Lu Qianqian directly decided to cultivate.
Gong Qingyao said. "Cultivation is not a one-day trip. The hardships can only be experienced by the individual once you started."
"Even if it was difficult, I will continue to cultivate." Lu Qianqian's eyes were firm. After all, if she could touch things, meaning she could go online. As an internet addicted girl, it was uncomfortable to see a mobile phone and not being able to touch it.
Gong Qingyao tought Lu Qianqian a few points, and then divided a little bit of evil spirit to Lu Qianqian. Lu Qianqian was almost dissipated by the strenght of this evil spirit.
"Steady." Gong Qingyao said.
Lu Qianqian stabilized her mind and slowly converted the evil energy into yin energy, which was then spread everywhere in her body.
Gong Qingyao was surprised to discover that, even if there was no spiritual energy around, Lu Qianqian could still practice Qi alone. Because of this, one person and one ghost meditated until daybreak. After Lu Qianqian inhaled the last yin energy, she would go to bed by going inside the ring. Gong Qingyao opened her eyes, she relied on this method of cultivation to achieve a spiritual effect.
In the living room, this was the first good night Ai Xiaoyun had slept for the last few of days. She stretched her waist and saw that there was no movement in the bedroom, so she ran downstairs to buy breakfast. After a while, Ai Xiaoyun was carrying a few big bags and came back, "Qingyao, are you up?"
Gong Qingyao opened the bedroom door and walked out.
"You are up. Wash your face and have breakfast." Ai Xiaoyun said.
"I don't know what you like to eat. I bought a variety of things. There are soy milk, fritters, steamed buns, and noodles." Ai Xiaoyun felt that she was so happy to be rid of the male ghost.

"Okay." Gong Qingyao chose soy milk and  fritters. Lu Qianqian once said that soy milk and fritters was a perfect match.
"By the way, the second recording of the reality show will be in three days." Ai Xiaoyun said, "Director Mao will send the script to me in a while, and I will print it out to you when I receive it."
"No." Gong Qingyao said, she couldn't say the lines anyway.
Ai Xiaoyun also knew that in the Ye Mountain recording, Gong Qingyao didn't say any lines on the prepared script. Ai Xiaoyun simply stopped talking about this. "This time it will be in a village called Hongyan, there must be no traffickers there." After saying this, Ai Xiaoyun felt that this was a bit redundant, even if there was, Gong Qingyao would not be afraid.
"When the time comes, I will pick you up the day after tomorrow, and we will set off together." Ai Xiaoyun said.
"Okay." Gong Qingyao left after eating the last bite of breakfast. Ai Xiaoyun wanted to send her off, but Gong Qingyao refused.
Soon after Gong Qingyao left, Ai Xiaoyun made a call to home. Her mother scolded Ai Xiaoyun harshly, "Are you a human being? If your brother doesn't pay these gambling debts they will cut off his hand!"
Ai Xiaoyun was disappointed with her family for a long time. Hearing this, she said coldly, "It's just a hand. If I don't find someone to dissolve the marriage, my life will be gone."
Ai Xiaoyun’s parents seemed to not worry at all about their daughter's life, "Then you need to send more money back, or you give us two hundred thousand to compensate this thing."
"No!" Ai Xiaoyun screamed, "I spent all my possessions to dissolve that marriage."
After saying that, Ai Xiaoyun hung up the phone, and then transferred all her savings to Gong Qingyao.
When Gong Qingyao received the transfer of 500,000 yuan, she was putting the ingredients she bought from the supermarket in the refrigerator. There were still two days before she left for Hongyan Village. Gong Qingyao planned to practice well in these two days.
After she finished the cleaning, Gong Qingyao took out the cold iron and called Lu Qianqian out. Lu Qianqian felt so lazy, but she glanced at Gong Qingyao's expression and then cheered up and continued to practice. In these two days and two nights, apart from eating and getting up, Gong Qingyao spent the rest of the time immersed in cultivation.
Gong Qingyao didn't stop practicing until Ai Xiaoyun arrived downstairs on the third day. She stuffed the cold iron into the suitcase, then picked up the kitchen garbage, and then brought it to the door.
The joyful color on Yu Chuxue's face can be seen even at a glance. Gong Qingyao got into the car. She glanced at the other person without a smile. Ai Xiaoyun scolded Yu Chuxue for being stupid. What kind of attitude was she having in front of a master?
"This time, Hongyan Village is a bit far away. We will take a plane to T City and then transfer to a bus." Ai Xiaoyun said.
Gong Qingyao nodded faintly.
Yu Chuxue didn’t understand why Ai Xiaoyun was so amiable to Gong Qingyao. If Gong Qingyao could get hot, how could no one look for her to endorse or shoot commercials? Instead of doing this, it’s better to focus on herself. After all, there are people behind her. When Yu Chuxue thought that after the reality show became popular, Wei Mingyi had spent more time with her than usual, and she couldn't help but feel happy.
They arrived in T city after one and a half hour flight, and then transferred for another five hours by bus. Late at night, everyone arrived in town nearest to Hongyan Village. Yu Chuxue and others showed their tired faces. Presumably, Zhong Xinyi was in the worst condition. Her face was pale, Mao Liqiang saw that everyone was not in good condition, so he explained to everyone that the live broadcast tomorrow would be postponed to seven o'clock.

The shooting of this issue was still the previous six guests. Hearing what Mao Liqiang said, everyone did not feel that happy. They dragged their tired bodies back to the room to rest.


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  1. I wonder how that male ghost became so lewd after dying🀦‍♀️

    1. If its a horney spirit its not called a need for intimacy but rather the ghost wanting a spiritual connection.

  2. Maybe he was lewd way before he was dead...

  3. i really appreciate TL-san's effort for putting pic and gifs. making it enjoyable to read. thank you very much


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