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The Master of Metaphysics is The Movie Queen – Chapter 28

TMMTMQ – Chapter 28

Gong Qingyao shook her head. The fruit was somewhat familiar, but she couldn't remember what it was.

"This fruit is so hard to pick." Lu Yongyi said. He didn't manage to pick it off even with a lot of strength just now. "And it's the first time I saw it."

Gong Qingyao didn't speak, just nodded slightly.

Zhong Xinyi, who was walking in the front, suddenly turned her head and looked curious, "Yongyi, what are you whispering to Qingyao?" Zhong Xinyi said this very ambiguously.

Guo Yuankai on the side immediately roared, "Yes, why don’t you say it in front of all of us? Is there anything that can’t be said?"

Lu Yongyi’s face changed slightly, this was the first time he changed his attitude on the show, "I just talked to Qingyao, my voices are all normal, so why did you call it a whisper?"

Zhong Xinyi didn't expect that Lu Yongyi would change his attitude directly on a reality show. This was a live broadcast, so many eyes were staring, "Sorry, I didn't hear it just now."

Some viewers felt that Lu Yongyi had something wrong.

[What's your temper to a girl?]

[I also think it's wrong to do this.]

[Is this a guilty conscience?]

[The previous comment do not need to involve conscience, Lu Yongyi's voice was indeed not loud but also not small, right? At least the six guests present can definitely hear it.]

[Attention, this is a live broadcast. Have you ever seen someone with a microphone whispering?]

[But to be honest, I really seem to think there is something between Lu Yongyi and Gong Qingyao.]

[No, no, I don't think the master character can be related to any man.]

[Don't fight, Qingyao is mine.]

[Wait upstairs, your name and profile picture are female.]

[Yes, so what? I'm Qing Yao's wife fan.]

[The wife fan in front, you stop.]

The viewers discussed very lively.

Lu Yongyi didn’t talk to Gong Qingyao again. He admitted that he had a good impression of Gong Qingyao, but after returning home last time, he knew that Gong Qingyao was at a height he would never reach in his life. One day, if he could stand at that height, he might express his mind.

Zhong Xinyi didn't speak either, probably because Lu Yongyi, who was recognized as the best tempered among the guests had showed his temper. 

As for Guo Yuankai, although Lu Yongyi didn't say anything to him, he also didn't speak any more.

The other four people were also silent and walked for a long time. Except for Gong Qingyao, they had not eaten breakfast until now, they were really hungry.

Until noon, no one found anything to eat. Zhong Xinyi looked at Yu Chuxue and said again, "Chuxue, do you know where there is food?" 

It was indeed written in the script, but Yu Chuxue had been in a bad mood recently and hadn't read the script at all. So when she heard Zhong Xinyi ask. "After walking for so long, there is only this bare land in front of me. Apart from the red fruit, I don’t know what else will be available." 

When they thought of the red fruit, they also remembered Guo Yuankai’s scene. Everyone looked at Guo Yuankai sadly, and the latter just pretended not to see this stares. Like an ostrich hiding its head.

You Xingyu was also a little hungry. It's okay if they were simply hungry, but because they have been walking all the time, they were also very exhausted. "Qingyao, do you know how to eat?" You Xingyu had been very busy recently. Before he came, he also only read the script carelessly.

"Yeah, don't you know how to do fortune-telling?" Zhong Xinyi said immediately, "Then let’s do a calculation."

Although Zhong Xinyi's remark seemed naive, Lu Yongyi felt that Zhong Xinyi seemed to be targeting Gong Qingyao.

But Gong Qingyao asked nonchalantly, "Are there any coins?"

"I have handed in everything." Zhong Xinyi said, thinking in her heart, if Gong Qingyao didn’t calculate because she didn’t have coins, what other method should be used.

You Xingyu looked at the cameraman behind him, "Do you have any coins?" 

The cameraman nodded.

"Let us borrow them." Guo Yuankai said.

Zhong Xinyi couldn't wait to find the cameraman to get coins.

Lu Yongyi asked, "How much do you need?"

"Six." Gong Qingyao said. She wanted to do six yao divinations, in which six coins were used to start the calculation.

After a while, she had enough six coins. Gong Qingyao took the six coins and started the calculation. The six coins needed to be tossed six times. Gong Qingyao wrote down the result of the first toss, and then tossed it a second time, the third time, until the sixth time.

Gong Qingyao collected the coins, Zhong Xinyi couldn't wait to ask, "Do you know which direction?"

"East." Gong Qingyao got up and walked straight to the east.

The remaining five people hurriedly followed after seeing this. However, ten minutes later, no one saw anything to eat, and twenty minutes later, there was still nothing.

Zhong Xinyi couldn't help but said, "Could it be wrong?"

"No." Gong Qingyao, who walked in front, said with certainty. This six yao divination was the most accurate so there would be no mistakes.

Zhong Xinyi didn't expect Gong Qingyao to hear what she said. What she said was so small that only the viewers who watched the live broadcast could hear it. But Gong Qingyao, because of her cultivation, her five senses were much better than ordinary people. Not to mention Zhong Xinyi's voice, even the voice within one mile could be heard clearly with her current cultivation level.

Sure enough, not long after Gong Qingyao finished speaking, everyone saw a piece of white. Everyone ran over happily, but when they saw that white thing, they were immediately stunned.

"This, this is a root?" You Xingyu asked.

Gong Qingyao uprooted a section of roots. This thing was called white roots in the past. There was juice in it to eat, and it was very common in the wild. Gong Qingyao broke off the middle of the root, and the juice inside was exposed. The juice inside was very thirst-quenching and at the same time filling.

Following Gong Qingyao's action, everyone ate a lot, and then they felt that their stomachs were full.

"I didn't expect such ordinary roots to have the effect of filling stomachs." Lu Yongyi exclaimed, "Thank you Qingyao for showing us such good food."

"No, I thought this water can only quench thirst, but I didn't expect it to be filling." Guo Yuankai on the side followed, "Thank you Qingyao."

The others all thanked Gong Qingyao. You Xingyu swallowed the last sip of juice and looked at Lu Yongyi who was talking, "Just now in the car, didn’t Yongyi promised to dance?"

They heard a cheer one after another, "Come on~"

Lu Yongyi throw away residue of the root on his hands, stood up and said, "Then, I'll dance now."

Lu Yongyi stood in front of the crowd and his temperament suddenly changed. His one movement after another made people stunned. This dance seemed very contagious and attracted people attention unconsciously.

[My God, he's so handsome!]

[Lu Yongyi, who I haven't noticed, is so handsome. I’ll become fans.]

[Become fans +1.]

[It feels like he is shining when he dances.]

[Ahhhh, I screamed from the beginning of Lu Yongyi’s dance till now.]


Guo Yuankai on the side originally planned to dub Lu Yongyi, but in the absence of sound, Lu Yongyi’s dancing posture was very shocking, making Guo Yuankai felt that his dubbing was redundant.

After the dance, Lu Yongyi bowed to the camera, and the people present clapped, including Gong Qingyao. Although Gong Qingyao saw such a dance for the first time, she felt it was very nice.

Gong Qingyao suddenly thought that the first time she saw Lu Yongyi's face, the other party had to work twice as hard as an ordinary person to achieve what he wanted. Fortunately, Lu Yongyi was a person with a tough personality, so he would surely succeed in the future.

You Xingyu said, "I didn't expect Yongyi to dance so handsome and I learned a lot."

"Xingyu, you are also very good." Lu Yongyi sat in his place, and his person seemed to have changed back to the most tempered one in public.

It's just that the few people present knew that when this dance was over, Lu Yongyi could no longer be the unknown person among the six. For a while, everyone who was full had different thoughts, but Zhong Xinyi was the first to speak, "Yongyi, you are really good at dancing, can you teach us some simple movements?" 

Lu Yongyi agreed, and the others stood up, except Gong Qingyao.

Yu Chuxue and Zhong Xinyi took a look and pulled Gong Qingyao up, "You can't help but participate in this kind of collective activity."

Zhong Xinyi said, "It doesn't matter if you don't dance well." She thought Gong Qingyao didn't want to get up and follow because she couldn’t dance. Zhong Xinyi happened to have learned dance for a while.

"Yes, I also learned to dance after I debuted. In the circle, one more skill is always good." You Xingyu said.

What can Gong Qingyao say? She would learn then.

Lu Yongyi performed a few simple movements first. People with a solid foundation in dancing looked different, and Gong Qingyao obviously had some disharmony in her limbs.

The movement of this dance was really difficult. Fortunately, she has been cultivating, she was not harmonious but also not stiff. And after her cultivation, her memory was much better than ordinary people.

So a quarter of an hour later, everyone was surprised to find that Gong Qingyao had learned a lot, and it seemed that she was not the same one who did those crappy movements in the first place.

Seeing this scene, Zhong Xinyi secretly said in her heart that this Gong Qingyao turned out to be a scheming person. She must have learned to dance, but she pretended not to dance at first.

Lu Yongyi on the side was also a little shocked, seeing Gong Qingyao's movements at the beginning, she still couldn't help being amused. Unexpectedly, after a while, Gong Qingyao seemed to suddenly open and quickly memorized the movements.

You Xingyu smiled and said, "Qingyao, originally you have the skills, have you learned dance for a long time?" He thought Gong Qingyao's previous movements were just searching for the right feelings.

Gong Qingyao said sincerely, "It's the first time I dance."

Zhong Xinyi and Yu Chuxue on the side showed unbelieving eyes.

And the viewers, most also did not believe.

[Why I find this difficult to believe?]

[In the beginning was kind of embarrassing.]

[You said Gong Qingyao did that deliberately in the beginning?]

[Why did she deliberately say that she doesn’t dance, and then dance like that later?]

[That's too amazing, right? I think if it can be done like this, it will also say that I can’t dance.]

[Maybe she just wanted to take the opportunity to show off her identity as a master.]

[I think there is some truth there.]

[What you said is too much. What is the connection between dancing and being a master? I have never heard of a fortune teller who can dance.]

[Seeing some people upstairs scold and being suspicious, they are really drunk, you guys continue to scold, and I’ll become a fan, bye.]


Everyone followed Lu Yongyi and learned to dance. Everyone was sweating, and they sat on the ground then ate a lot of white roots. After eating, everyone was a little worried. What should they do for dinner?


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