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The Master of Metaphysics is The Movie Queen – Chapter 17

TMMTMQ – Chapter 17


Gong Qingyao took the child from Ji Xiayun and walked outside the house. Deng Xiuming and Ji Xiayun did not know what Gong Qingyao meant, and followed Gong Qingyao. Gong Qingyao walked downstairs quickly, Deng Xiuming and Ji Xiayun followed closely behind them. Everyone forgot the existence of the elevator for a while, so they went from the seventh floor to the first floor using stairs.
Gong Qingyao walked out of the building and began to look around. After a while, she found a little soul next to a tree. Gong Qingyao held the baby in her left hand, took out the yellow paper and cinnabar from the bag with her right hand, and quickly drew a talisman. She put the talisman on the child, and then handed her to Ji Xiayun, "You call the child's name and told her to go home, call seven times."
Ji Xiayun heard, "Nan Xiaobao go home, Nun Xiaobao go home..."
After shouting seven times, Gong Qingyao saw the child’s soul slowly returned to her body. In the eyes of Deng Xiuming and Ji Xiayun, it was only the child who had been asleep for a long time that suddenly woke up and burst into tears.
After a while, Deng Xiuming reacted and said to Gong Qingyao, "Master, can you sit in my house first."
Gong Qingyao nodded. Deng Xiuming took Ji Xiayun's arm before returning to his home on the seventh floor.
After arriving home, Feng Ying was surprised to see the child wake up, "Wake up?"
"Yeah." It's a good thing that the child woke up, and Deng Xiuming was happy.
The child was still crying. Deng Xiuming asked Ji Xiayun to carry the child into the room. The child was in a coma for more than a day, so she had to be hungry.
Deng Xiuming sat down opposite Gong Qingyao, "What's wrong with my daughter?"
"The child almost lost her soul before, so I gave you a requiem talisman. The reason why the child is unconscious this time is because the soul is completely lost." Gong Qingyao said.
The previous time, it should have been the time when the child was abducted. So, is this coma also because she was frightened and lost her soul? Deng Xiuming was a little puzzled, "Master, please give me some advice."
Inside the inner room, the child's cry stopped quickly.
"The child was scared and lost his soul." After this Gong Qingyao gave Feng Ying a look, the other party immediately lowered her head and pretended to wipe the table. It seemed that she didn't want to admit it.
Deng Xiuming was confused. He looked at his mother and said, "Mom, what happened to the child yesterday?"
Feng Ying forcefully put the rag on the table, "What the hell, she just sleeps, how can I scare her?"
Gong Qingyao got up and walked to the balcony. She stood at one of the low flower pots, and then looked at Feng Ying, "Do you know how it feels jumping from here?"
Deng Xiuming's blood went to his head. He knew that with Gong Qingyao's temperament, she would certainly not speak nonsense, but Deng Xiuming did not dare to voice what he thought.
"Me, how do I know?" Feng Ying's eyes dodged around, "I haven't tried it."
Gong Qingyao stared at Feng Ying, saying every word, "Of course you haven't, but you threw the child down."
At the beginning, Gong Qingyao discovered that the child was missing a soul, because they came directly from the underground parking lot, so Gong Qingyao didn't notice the soul. The first time she saw Feng Ying, she saw a cloud of foul air in her face, which mean that she had done something bad. Later, when Gong Qingyao looked at Feng Ying for the second time in the house, her heavenly eyes saw a vision.
Ji Xiayun said that she was a little sleepy, Feng Ying immediately said, "It's okay, you can go to bed if you are sleepy, and I will take care of the child."
After Ji Xiayun slept for a while, Feng Ying carried the child to the balcony, and then threw the child from the balcony. After the child fell from the building, she was going to yell, but when she didn’t see blood come out downstairs, she was a little confused. She ran downstairs, and saw that the child was not hurt at all.
Feng Ying hurriedly took the child back upstairs. Fortunately, no one saw her in this community. When Ji Xiayun woke up, she pretended to be asleep also. When she was still pretending to sleep in the afternoon, although she felt something was wrong in her heart, she was thinking if only the child could fall asleep like this all the time.

At this point, Gong Qingyao discovered what had happened.
Inside the house, Ji Xiayun didn't know when she walked out. When she heard this, she walked to Feng Ying and shouted, "Why are you doing this? How can you be so vicious?"
This was the first time that Deng Xiuming had seen his gentle wife became like this. Feng Ying wanted to explain something, but when she saw Ji Xiayun yelled at herself, she raised her hand and slapped Ji Xiayun, "Why did you yell at me? I am Deng Xiuming's mother! Who do you think you are, you are just a hen who can't give birth to a son!" As she said this, she beat Ji Xiayun and the child.
Ji Xiayun was protecting the child, and after several hits on her body, Deng Xiuming hurried forward and pulled his mother away.
Ji Xiayun cried heartbreakingly, "I knew that you guys in this room belong to the same group. You don't have any good thing."
Gong Qingyao retracted his gaze, "I'll go downstairs and look around."
Deng Xiuming showed a hint of apology, "I'm really sorry."
There was still a bright moon hanging in the sky, but there were no stars. Ging Qingyao did not expect that thousands of years later, there would still be such a serious patriarchal thought, and just because the grandchild was not a male...
Curse this human heart, Gong Qingyao sighed slightly.
Lu Qianqian couldn't hold back anymore, "Is this old lady still a human? I tell you, if I were Ji Xiayun, I would peel her skin, rip her tendons, and let her have nightmares every night."
Gong Qingyao's eyes moved slightly when she heard Lu Qianqian's last words.
"It was so maddening. My parents were also affected with one child policy* when they gave birth to me, but they didn’t throw me away. What age is this? Does she think her son is the emperor?" Lu Qianqian was angry and talked a lot. (TN: *Read more on
When Deng Xiuming came downstairs, he found a lonely figure standing in the lobby. He couldn't bear to disturb her. Gong Qingyao turned back when she heard the movement behind her.
"It's a bit late tonight. If you don't mind, just stay at my house for one night?" Deng Xiuming suggested.
"Okay." Gong Qingyao followed Deng Xiuming upstairs again.
Ji Xiayun’s eyes were red and swollen. Feng Ying sat aside and seemed to have cried. The guest room was already prepared. Deng Xiuming asked Gong Qingyao to rest. Gong Qingyao went directly to the room to rest after washing.
Lu Qianqian was about to think about it again, Gong Qingyao pointed directly to another room, "Go there."
Feng Ying lived in that room, and Lu Qianqian then thought that when she said that the old lady should have a nightmare, Gong Qingyao did not refute. She immediately understood what Gong Qingya meant.
"Oye~!" Lu Qianqian happily walked through the wall to find Feng Ying.
There was a lamp in the room. Gong Qingyao turned on the light and took out the black sandalwood. The size of the wood could be made into two small wooden signs. Gong Qingyao looked on the room for a knife, and was about to go out to ask Deng Xiuming when the door was knocked.
"Master, are you asleep?"
It was Ji Xiayun’s voice, Gong Qingyao stepped forward to open the door, "Not yet."
"Are you free?" Ji Xiayun whispered.
Gong Qingyao leaned aside, "Come in."
Obviously she was in her own home, but Ji Xiayun felt awkward. Gong Qingyao sat down on the chair, and Ji Xiayun sat down next to her, "Actually, when you first met me, I was planning to take the child to commit suicide."
Gong Qingyao nodded. As early as the first time she saw Ji Xiayun, she could tell from her face, and she also saw that Ji Xiayun was still in trouble, plus Deng Xiuming gave the money, so she gave the peace symbol. Unexpectedly, this catastrophe was also due her child.

Ji Xiayun was not surprised to see Gong Qingyao, and knew that the other party knew this, "Actually, I and Deng Xiuming have a good relationship. Getting married is not as simple as I thought. This is a matter for two families. Unfortunately, after Xiaobao was born, there were more conflicts, but I never regret giving birth to her."
Gong Qingyao did not speak, Ji Xiayun continued to talk.
"When I was pregnant, my mother-in-law actually took care of me a lot, but gave birth to a daughter. Although she was dissatisfied, she didn't say anything. At the time of confinement, she asked me to have a second child. I discussed this problem with Xiuming before and he said we only need Xiaobao, so Deng Xiuming refused at the time. Later, when we named the baby, my mother-in-law said that the child’s name must be Zhaodi or Laidi, so that the child could bring a younger brother. I don't agree with this." It can be seen that Ji Xiayun really hated Feng Ying from her words. (TN: Zhaodi / 招弟 literally mean ‘to provoke younger brother’ and Laidi / 来弟 literally mean ‘to arrive younger brother’.)
After saying this, Ji Xiayun’s eyes reddened again. "In the end, she cried. Everyone said that it was only one name. They asked us to understand the old woman. In the end, the child’s nickname was Nan Xiaobao (囡小宝). Although the pronunciation is very similar to that of a male ( = Nán), but there is a female () character inside. It’s just that I didn’t expect that after so long, when she saw that we were not having a second child, she would think that if Xiaobao was dead we would definitely have another one."
"I always thought that Deng Xiuming and I could grow old together, but after this incident, I began to doubt. I'm not afraid of anything, but I can't live without Xiaobao." Ji Xiayun couldn't help but burst into tears. After a long while, Ji Xiayun put away her emotions, "I'm sorry, Master, it's me who lost my manner."
"No problem." Gong Qingyao said.
Ji Xiayun was actually a person who didn't talk much, so she hid everything in her heart. Deng Xiuming was busy at work. Although sometimes he asked when he came back, Ji Xiayun felt sorry for Deng Xiuming, so she didn't talk about these trivial matters. After today’s talk, Ji Xiayun felt a lot more open, "Then I’ll go back first, if master need anything, just knock on the door of our bedroom."
Gong Qingyao said, "Is there a knife?"
Ji Xiayun was stunned for a moment, "Yes." She ran out and took a box from the cabinet.
Gong Qingyao opened it and took a look: ...
One was enough. What did such a box of knives mean?
Ji Xiayun said immediately, "There is a child in the family, so I put all these things away."
Gong Qingyao chose one, and Ji Xiayun only then went out. Gong Qingyao didn't feel sleepy, so she took out the black sandalwood and carved it.
Deng Xiuming and Ji Xiayun in the master bedroom stayed up. The two chatted for a whole night. From their marriage to the present and the future, Ji Xiayun untied all her knots this night. Deng Xiuming always knew that Ji Xiayun had sacrificed a lot for this family. It was only today that he knew that she had endured all this for a long time. Deng Xiuming felt scared for a while when he thought that Ji Xiayun had thought of committing suicide in the mountains last time.
"Xiayun, don't worry, I will send my mother back at dawn. If you don't want to, I won't let her come over even to watch the child, okay?" Deng Xiuming said, although it was very unfilial to do so, but he couldn't help it. He didn't know how his mother became like this, stubborn and prejudiced. What Deng Xiuming couldn't believe most was that she actually wanted to kill Nan Xiaobao.
Ji Xiayun knew that this was her man's biggest concession. She really couldn't live with that person, otherwise she would have to worry about being murdered all the time, "Yeah."
"Thank you, Xiayun." Deng Xiuming said. He knew that his wife's agreement also represented a step backward. Her wife would not pursue Nan Xiaobao's fall from the building. "If you are tired, I will hire a nanny then?"

After these twists and turns, Ji Xiayun did not intend to ask anyone to help take care of her child.
The master bedroom was very harmonious, but the second bedroom was not so harmonious. After Feng Ying entered the room, she wondered in her heart that although her son said he would send herself away tomorrow, after tonight, if she pretended to be pitiful she must be able to stay. She won't go back to her hometown, after all her son has a good future. Ji Xiayun was also good and she wanted to keep her. She just needed two grandchildren to come out. No, it's two grandsons.
Thinking of this, Feng Ying fell asleep. Lu Qianqian finally seized the opportunity to get close to Feng Ying.
"Grandma, do you think I'm not good-looking?" A bloody figure appeared in front of Feng Ying, scaring her to wake up immediately.
Feng Ying comforted herself, "It must be a dream."
"Grandma, do you think this is a dream?" The same figure as in the dream appeared in front of Feng Ying, and she couldn't speak for a while due to fear.
"Grandma, will I be here with you every night from now on?"
Feng Ying shook her head repeatedly.
"Oh. You don't like me." The figure cried, and the bloody tears became more horrible, "But I like grandma, grandma shouldn't leave tomorrow, OK, stay here with me~."

Feng Ying fainted again, and Lu Qianqian ran into Feng Ying's dream then.
That night, Feng Ying was so scared that she woke up from her dream, and she fainted again, and went back and forth until dawn. Feng Ying finally touched the doorknob, and she ran away from the bedroom with all her strength. After she came out, she started smashing the door in the master bedroom, "Xiuming, you quickly send me back, I will never come here again."
Deng Xiuming and Ji Xiayun hadn't slept in the first place. When they heard this movement, they looked at each other and said, "You go to bed first, I will go and see." Then Deng Xiuming walked out.
Feng Ying was sluggish, "Son, send me back quickly."
Deng Xiuming saw that his mother was very anxious, so he asked, "What happened?"
"Nothing, I just want to go back." Feng Ying shook her head, she wouldn't say that she had a nightmare about her granddaughter all night.
Deng Xiuming nodded, "Then I will buy you breakfast first."
"No need. The first bus to go back is at 7 o'clock. You can take me to the station. I can leave after buying a ticket myself." Feng Ying said hurriedly.
"Okay." Deng Xiuming said.
Feng Ying came into her room to clean up her clothes, and then walked behind Deng Xiuming. She did not say hello to Ji Xiayun and Ji Xiayun also did not come out. The house returned to calm again.
Lu Qianqian ran to Gong Qingyao, "This old lady is too weak."
Gong Qingyao knew the movement in the next room. She got up to meditate and practice Qi. She waited until seven o’clock to go out. Ji Xiayun had already prepared a hearty breakfast, "I don’t know what you like, so I made a bit of everything."
After the old lady left, Ji Xiayun also got up. Seeing that her things in the house had been all taken away, she believed that Feng Ying would really left for good.
For some reason, although she knew that Gong Qingyao would not do such a thing, Ji Xiayun always felt that this matter seemed to have something to do with Gong Qingyao, but she did not ask.
Gong Qingyao sat down at the table, "This is good."
After Deng Xiuming sent Feng Ying to the station, he saw the table full of food, and in his eyes flashed a touch of emotion. He sat down at the table and served two bowls of porridge, one for Gong Qingyao and one for Ji Xiayun, "Master, taste it."
"Hmm." Gong Qingyao could taste that Ji Xiayun's cooking skills were average, but she made this breakfast sincerely, so Gong Qingyao still ate some.
After the meal, Deng Xiuming said, "Master, for your help this time, I will first give you 50,000 yuan, and then during the Chinese New Year, I will make up the remaining money for you?" The child was abducted last time. He gave Gong Qingyao a sum of money, so now there really wasn’t much left on him.

Ji Xiayun said immediately, "I have some."
Ji Xiayun's money was her dowry. Deng Xiuming wanted to object but Ji Xiayun said, "You can make more money if you don't have any money. Xiaobao is only one."
Deng Xiuming stopped talking.
In this way, after eating breakfast, Gong Qingyao left with one hundred thousand yuan in her account.
Before leaving, Gong Qingyao took out the wooden sign made using black sandalwood, "This is made using black sandalwood. It can be used for disaster relief."
The couple took it happily. After Gong Qingyao left, Nan Xiaobao woke up too. Deng Xiuming took a day off today. First, he and Ji Xiayun bathed Nan Xiaobao. Only then did they discover the talisman Gong Qingyao gave previously had turned into ashes, but there was no trace of burnt on the baby's body.
The eyes of both of them were shocked, so the child didn't suffer any hurt when thrown from the seventh floor was because this talisman. It was just a piece of paper and it could be so powerful, then what about that wooden sign? The two looked at each other, and Deng Xiuming touched his nose embarrassedly, "I will try to give the master another sum of money at the end of the year."
Ji Xiayun agreed.
Gong Qingyao walked out of the community and was about to go to the outskirts of the mountain. There was plenty of spiritual energy, which was why she just rejected Deng Xiuming’s offer to send her back to the capital. After walking a few steps, she received a call from Ai Xiaoyun, "Qingyao! Help."
The screaming sound made Gong Qingyao inevitably pull the phone farther, "What happened?"
Ai Xiaoyun said, "Where are you now, I am looking for you." There was panic in her voice.
"I'm in S City." Gong Qingyao replied.
"Why are you in S City again!?" Ai Xiaoyun was very desperate, "You know, in the last few days I have always dreamed of the same man and he asked me to go with him. I'm so scared." The first night's dream seeing this person, Ai Xiaoyun thought it was a normal dream. Ai Xiaoyun felt that something was wrong as she dreamed the same for several days and nights, and she felt that when this man said to take her away, it was to take her to death.
Gong Qingyao also noticed that something was wrong, "Where are you?"
"I'm in the capital." Ai Xiaoyun said.
"Send me the address." Gong Qingyao said.
Ai Xiaoyun heard that Gong Qingyao was coming, and immediately said, "Okay, then I'll book you a ticket."
After hanging up the phone, Ai Xiaoyun first booked a ticket, and then sent her address to Gong Qingyao, and began to wait anxiously.
Four hours later, Ai Xiaoyun finally heard the knock on the door, she stepped forward and opened the door excitedly. In fact, she didn't think Gong Qingyao could tell future, but she always felt that there was someone with her and when Gong Qingyao was here she was not so scared.
After Gong Qingyao saw Ai Xiaoyun, she was shocked. She opened her heavenly eyes, so she could see the black air on Ai Xiaoyun's body. To put it bluntly, it was yin energy. Ai Xiaoyun was clearly entangled by a ghost, but this yin energy was somewhat weird, "Eight characters."
Ai Xiaoyun was stunned for a moment before reacting. Gong Qingyao wanted her date of birth, so she hurriedly reported a series of numbers.
Gong Qingyao began to calculate the number in her mind, and within half a minute, she figured out the source of the ghost, "How many people know about your birthday?"
Ai Xiaoyun thought about it seriously, "Many people know it."
Gong Qingyao did not speak.
Ai Xiaoyun said, "There is no privacy now. All resumes will require the date of birth to be filled in, and some will even be accurate to a specific date. I don’t think the time I was born was confidential. I often say it, so I think my birthday is not a secret." Ai Xiaoyun said a lot, and then asked, "Is something wrong?"

Gong Qingyao, "You are involved in dark marriage."
Dark marriage? Ai Xiaoyun was surprised. She told Gong Qingyao that she dreamed of the same man every day these days, but she didn't specifically say what she dreamed of!
On the first day's dream, the man found her and told her that the two of them were married, and he would come to pick Ai Xiaoyun up after a while.
In the next day's dream, the man appeared again, and he wanted to couple with Ai Xiaoyun in the dream. Ai Xiaoyun felt weird, so she didn't agree.
In the third day's dream, the man wanted to do something to Ai Xiaoyun again. Ai Xiaoyun still fought hard. The man said, whether she agreed or not, he would take her away anyway in a few days.
Ai Xiaoyun thought these dreams were very strange, but now she heard Gong Qingyao say the reason and she was a little scared, "What should we do then?"
To be honest, Gong Qingyao was also surprised. At first glance, she saw that the yin energy was wrong, but she didn't expect it to be a dark marriage. Dark marriage should be a match between the dead and the dead. In the past, dark marriages would only occur among the nobles, because they were worried that their underage children would make trouble in their homes after their deaths, so they would find a bride/groom for them. Once they were married, they would hold a ceremony after they reach the age of marriage. Unexpectedly, in modern times, the living and the dead would be married.
"There are only two ways to dissolve the marriage, one is voluntary, and the other is forcibly." Gong Qingyao said.
Ai Xiaoyun collapsed a little, "But I don't know who the man is, and seeing him like that, I definitely want to dissolve it." Ai Xiaoyun remembered that the man said that her would take herself away whether she wanted it or not. "This is how to do ah?"
Gong Qingyao picked up Ai Xiaoyun's cell phone, "Call home."
Ai Xiaoyun was taken aback, "What do you mean?"
Gong Qingyao knew that Ai Xiaoyun must have figured out what she meant.
Yes, Ai Xiaoyun had already thought about it. When Gong Qingyao made this sentence, Ai Xiaoyun immediately guessed that her family arranged this dark marriage. After all, no one had asked her about her birth date during this period of time. And all she knew was her closest family.
Ai Xiaoyun took the phone but didn’t call it right away. Gong Qingyao didn’t urge, she took out her phone and started to scan Weibo. Her Weibo now has a hundred fans and a few more comments. They said she was inaccurate, Gong Qingyao didn't care. After Gong Qingyao read the comments, Ai Xiaoyun picked up the phone and called home.
"Mom, I want to ask you something."
The room was very quiet. As a result of Qi training, Gong Qingyao's hearing was more sensitive than ordinary people, so she could naturally hear the voice from the mobile phone, "What is it?"
Ai Xiaoyun said, "I have been dreaming of a man recently, and he said that you arranged for me to marry him."
Ai Xiaoyun didn’t talk about dark marriage, because she was afraid that her mother didn’t want to admit it. Obviously she overestimated her mother as she heard the voice on the other side of the phone, "Yes, it’s the con from the old Yu’s family in town. Didn’t he pass away? Their family has not been peaceful for the past few years, and they are also pitiful, so they asked you to get married with their son."
Ai Xiaoyun didn't expect her mother to admit it so quickly, "Mom, that's a dark marriage!"
"I know. But it has no effect on you, besides, there is still a gift of 100,000 yuan."
"So just for 100,000 yuan, you sold your daughter?" Ai Xiaoyun trembled with anger. She didn't think her mother would do such a thing.
"You are not ashamed to say that. Who asked you not to lend money to your brother? You only gave 50,000 yuan, so stingy."

"I have given him fifty thousand!" Ai Xiaoyun roared, "Then do you know what harm will it do to me if you tie me to a dead person?"
"What can it hurt?" Ai Xiaoyun's mother said disapprovingly, "If you do, don't say more about it. Anyway, the marriage is already done."
After speaking, she stopped listening to Ai Xiaoyun and hang up the phone. Ai Xiaoyun finally couldn't help crying.
"I have been educated since I was a child. I have to treat my brother well. If my parents are gone, I should always take care of him until he goes to university. I thought this is the correct idea. Apart from saving for my tuition, I worked part-time and sent all my salary to my family. I didn’t even get to buy a new piece of clothing. My brother, there are several wardrobe in the house that belong to him, and many of the clothes are new and never been worn. Later, friends around me said that my home situation is not right. My younger brother also has hands and feet. Why can’t he support himself? Later, the more people I contacted, I realized that I was brainwashed by my family. My parents were extremely patriarchal, and my brother was spoiled by them. It looks like this man in his twenties, who don’t look for work and rely on family support have recently become addicted to gambling."
Ai Xiaoyun said, "Before you said that I had financial disaster was because he lost a bet and owed a debt of 100,000 yuan. My parents lied to me and said that my brother has a happy event. I have worked for these years and saved only half of my savings. The rest are sent home, and now they asked for one hundred thousand. Do you think it's easy for me to make money?"
"So I decided at that time this was the last time I gave money to my brother, but my parents felt I didn't give enough, they gave me a dark marriage! Their daughter's life worth is only 100,000 yuan?" Ai Xiaoyun cried for a long time, and finally calmed down.
"Qing Yao, can you help me cancel this marriage?" Ai Xiaoyun asked.
"Yes." Gong Qingyao said, "But..."
As soon as he heard this, Ai Xiaoyun immediately got up and took the topic, "Money is not a problem, I will give you all my savings."
Gong Qingyao glanced at her before finishing the rest of the words, "We have to wait until the evening."
Ai Xiaoyun breathed a sigh of relief.
If it were the past, Gong Qingyao could directly dissolve the marriage contract. It's just that she was no more than a second-tier Qi training now. So she could only cancel the marriage contract when the yin energy in the moon was at its peak and lead the man out.
After hearing that the matter could be resolved, Ai Xiaoyun relaxed completely and felt a little hungry. She hasn't eaten since morning, "What do you want to eat? I invite you out for dinner?"
Gong Qingyao ate something in the morning, but only drank some water on the plane, she also felt a little hungry, "Okay."
But Gong Qingyao didn't know what to eat, so Ai Xiaoyun finally took Gong Qingyao to Haidilao, "The environment here is good."
Probably because it was two o'clock in the afternoon, so there was no need to line up, two people could directly sat and a waiter came with the tablet menu.
Speaking of it, although Gong Qingyao was an artist brought by Ai Xiaoyun, the two of them rarely went out to eat by themselves, so Ai Xiaoyun still didn’t know the preference of Gong Qingyao, but here they could order pot with four square grids, "Let’s do this. One portion for light, one portion for spicy, one portion for mushroom, and finally last one we put a white soup."

After ordering the soups for the pot, Ai Xiaoyun began to select dishes again, "Do you have anything you really want to eat?"

"No." Gong Qingyao replied.
"Then I will order it casually." Ai Xiaoyun handed the tablet menu to the waiter after finishing the order. "Thank you."
"Okay." The waiter glanced at Gong Qingyao, and then took the tablet menu.
"You can adjust the sauce over there, go." Ai Xiaoyun took Gong Qingyao to the sauce area, Gong Qingyao glanced at the sauce on the stand, Ai Xiaoyun took two bowls, "You like to eat what? Get it in this bowl."
"Okay." Gong Qingyao scooped everything into his bowl.
Ai Xiaoyun on the side said, "If you mix too much like this, the taste will be bad."
Of course Gong Qingyao knew, but she didn’t know the specific taste of these sauces, so she took a little bit of everything. After returning to the seat, Gong Qingyao dipped chopsticks into each sauce and tasted it, and then went to the sauce area again. After a while, Gong Qingyao returned with a bowl of new sauce.
Ai Xiaoyun looked at Gong Qingyao's newly prepared sauce, very appetizing, Ai Xiaoyun picked up the spoon, "Qing Yao, can I taste your sauce?"
With Gong Qingyao's consent, Ai Xiaoyun scooped a spoonful of sauce onto her plate, then took a piece of cooked beef and dipped it in the sauce for a few times. When she tasted it, "Wow, it's so delicious. How did you make it?"
"Beef sauce, sesame sauce, garlic, ground peanuts and balsamic vinegar, stir well and sprinkle with chopped green onion." Gong Qingyao replied.
"I'll make the same!" Ai Xiaoyun immediately discarded her existing sauce bowl, re-adjusted a new plate of sauce, then took out her mobile phone and wrote the recipe on it, "You are really a talent!"
"Yeah." Gong Qingyao admitted without blushing.
After the prawns were cooked, the waiter came up to peel the prawns carefully, and then divided them between the two. The prawns were very fresh and the taste was very smooth. After peeling the prawns, the waiter asked, "The rice is over there. Do you need me to help take two bowls for you?"
Recently, the way to eat rice with beef sauce and tomato soup was popular on the Internet, Ai Xiaoyun immediately said, "Okay."
The waiter immediately brought two bowls, and then started peeling the shrimp again. Ai Xiaoyun was a little curious, "Hey, although I know your service is very good, you are too thoughtful, right?"
The waiter said with some embarrassment, "I watched Ye Mountain reality show, I like Qingyao very much."
Gong Qingyao, who was eating, heard her name being mentioned, looked up at the waiter, and said, "Thank you."
The waiter hurriedly explained, "Don't worry, I won't disturb you eating, and I won't take pictures."
"Qingyao, you have fans too, congratulations." Ai Xiaoyun said with a smile, "No wonder I said how she gave you more shrimp."
Gong Qingyao didn’t speak, and Ai Xiaoyun didn’t care. During this time, Gong Qingyao’s personality changed a bit. Although she didn’t talk much before, now she cherishes words like gold, but Ai Xiaoyun felt that this way of getting along was also very good. .
After a meal, the two were about to go back. Who knew that halfway through the walk, Gong Qingyao immediately rushed forward, pulled away the waiter just now between an electric light and flint. Then she where the waiter was standing just now a pot of spicy soup was splashed over.
"Xiao Shuang, I'm sorry, I really didn't mean it." The male waiter holding the hot pot soup said.
The cleaning staff on the side immediately came up to clean up. Liang Shuang looked at the red soup on the ground in shock, and then glanced at Gong Qingyao, who had already walked out the door. At this moment, she suddenly thought of Gong Qingyao saying that she was good at fortune-telling.
Gong Qingyao and Ai Xiaoyun walked out of Haidilao, Ai Xiaoyun said, "Qingyao, did you foresee this again?"
"Yeah." When Liang Shuang said that she liked Gong Qingyao, Gong Qingyao looked up at her and found that Liang Shuang would have a disaster today.

Ai Xiaoyun suddenly realized, "I see, so you took a detour just for this." It was originally possible to walk directly to the exit from their table, but Gong Qingyao went around to the other side.
"There is still some time before the evening, where are we going now?" Ai Xiaoyun asked.
"Shanggu Street." Gong Qingyao said, she now has more than 100,000 yuan on her body and she wanted to go shopping for good things.
"Oh, okay." Anyway, Ai Xiaoyun also asked for leave from the company today, so she took Gong Qingyao to Shanggu Street.
When Gong Qingyao and Ai Xiaoyun were strolling on the street, Zheng Yuan suddenly saw her and walked over immediately. Ai Xiaoyun stood in front of Gong Qingyao with a vigilant look.
Gong Qingyao: ...
Was this protecting her?
Seeing Ai Xiaoyun's movements, Zheng Yuan showed a smile. With this smile, Ai Xiaoyun became more vigilant, "What do you want?"
Zheng Yuan knew that the other party had misunderstood, so he quickly explained, "No, no, I just want to ask this girl, last time, you asked me to pay attention at night..."
Before Zheng Yuan finished speaking, he heard Gong Qingyao say, "Well, because you will meet a robbery."
Zheng Yuan's expression tightened, "How did you know this?"
"She foresaw it." Ai Xiaoyun answered first.
Yes, that day Gong Qingyao saw that Zheng Yuan would be in trouble, so she took the initiative to transfer the payment via WeChat. Later, when Zheng Yuan went back, he met a thief. The thief held a knife and asked Zheng Yuan for money. Zheng Yuan directly took his wallet and gave them to the other party. Fortunately, today’s income was through WeChat, not cash.
After returning, Zheng Yuan thought something was wrong, and wanted to ask Gong Qingyao for clarification. After waiting for several days, he finally saw Gong Qingyao on the street again today. Zheng Yuan was very happy, but he didn't expect that the little girl was not talking nonsense, she had really figured it out.
"Thank you, Master." Zheng Yuan said, "Why don't you go to my booth and see if you have anything you want, I will give it to you."
"No need." Gong Qingyao said, Zheng Yuan's booth did not have anything except that black sandalwood.
"Then, I will accompany you around this street?" Zheng Yuan still needed to pay this debt.
Gong Qingyao pondered for a while, and then said, "Okay."
Zheng Yuan immediately walked in front of the two, "Master came here today to buy something, or just stroll around casually?"
"Casual." Gong Qingyao said, she wanted to find materials suitable for an artifact.
Zheng Yuan knew that ordinary things couldn't get into Gong Qingyao's eyes, so he said, "Why don't we go to Lao Zhang or Lao Chen's store first?"


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  1. You know it's not just in China where they practice patriarchy but instead of the one child policy girls aren't treated the same as guys. No going out except with chaperons, sometimes no education, even genital mutilation. The one child policy has just fleshed them out a bit .
    Patriarchy sucks, but it's there when males have complete financial control. So I'm saying it for realism's sake but usually female oppression starts from limiting their ability to work and be independent. So to me Ai Xiayouyun's situation is merely time dependent when she sees she's making money and lives alone she can break free. Many other women don't have that option.


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