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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 26

 ICRAB – Chapter 26

Liu Weiwei placed the little rabbit on her stomach to feed it until it was plump, gave it several sets of massages, and then she fell on the bed to took a nap. When she woke up in a daze, it was already nine o'clock in the evening. The little rabbit was right next to her pillow, it turned into a fluffy white dumpling, sleeping soundly and apparently having a nice dream. She glanced at it, touched it without knowing where the head and where the butt, and turned it over gently.

It's really good to decide to take the Physical Skills exam. Since the day of her decision, there was nothing to review. If the physical test was at this base then, Liu Weiwei decided to stuff her entire space station full of food. At least for now, from gorillas to iron pigs, all seemed to be mingling with her pretty well. They would lie down and begged to be fed cutely ( ̄▽ ̄)~*. After those beasts lied down for three minutes, she would be able to pass the exam.

The corners of Liu Weiwei's mouth rose. This method was not bad, and being a scumbag could also lead a happy life. Every day after she massaged the rabbit, cooked food, made a little money, and then... she smiled, touched her chest, feeling the bulge. She didn’t know if it’s a psychological factor, but she felt it was bigger, at least the A cup has risen to a small B, hehe. This touch reminded her of the +15 beauty point that was still in progress.

[Capture the stomach of an SR-level diner, the task progress is 68%.]

[Task progress: I'm such a cute cooking. Host has won the recognition of 94 guests.]

Liu Weiwei was taken aback, she didn't expect that Lieutenant Lu's taste requirements were so high. He hadn't been fully satisfied yet, and the cute cooking task also still six guests short. After some thinking, she got up immediately. As a senior high school student who was supposed to review for the exam but sleeping instead, even if she was not studying, she should earn some money.

Liu Weiwei logged in to the network with the amiable dormitory auntie guarantee as usual. She lifted the quilt gently and got out of bed while deciding to make curry rice for the auntie later to thank her for the help and care for so long. The bedroom had a constant temperature set on 22°C, but as a weak girl she still needed to cover herself with quilt. Maybe because Liu Weiwei moved a little bit, the small fur ball on the pillow was also awakened. Its two soft lop ears moved, revealing a half-asleep little head. (TN: 22°C = 71.6°F)

"Xiao Bai, you continue to sleep, I'll be back in a while." However, as soon as Liu Weiwei stepped on the ground, the little furry ball opened its dark eyes completely, and its four furry paws stretched out long, stretched out its waist with a crack, and jumped up to her shoulders.

The little thing was only the size of a palm, and when it jumped on Liu Weiwei's shoulder, she could hardly feel its weight. It seemed that the little thing was very insecure, and it didn't want to be left alone. 

Liu Weiwei smiled and touched its head, she didn’t put it back. The dormitory she was staying in was a tube building specially opened by the school for students to live in, because there were not many students living in school, it was only ten stories high. It seemed that it was no different from the buildings on earth.

However, every time Liu Weiwei walks in the corridor, facing the all-metal wall, she felt cold and awkward. The dormitory auntie lived next to the gate on the first floor. Every time Liu Weiwei went to greet the aunt and asked for guarantee to log in to the Internet, she would knock on the door in person. Although light brain was now developed and could project conversations, they were in the same building after all, so Liu Weiwei still felt that she should respect the auntie by requesting face to face.

Liu Weiwei touched her growing belly, and she felt that she needed to lose some weight, so the walk was good exercise. She didn't even take the elevator and used the staircase instead. This body was probably too weak, after only four floors, she was already panting. When she finally reached the first floor, she felt her heart beating fast and her legs a little soft. Her light blue T-shirt that had been steam-cleaned was sweaty again.

The little rabbit on Liu Weiwei’s shoulder patted her with its small paws from time to time. Its two lop ears also stroked her shoulders from time to time, as if to cheer her up all the way.

"Yo, isn't this our Physical Skills scum?"

"Sali, you said something wrong, it is scum in all four subjects!" With a ruthless irony, the speaker looked over at Liu Weiwei who had just walked down the stairs.

Liu Weiwei seldom went out of her bedroom. She didn't expect that she would meet people when she came out today, and they were still very unfriendly.

The five senior high school girls who had just returned from outside all seemed to be a head taller than her, and they immediately surrounded her.

"You are so cheap? You want to hook up with the soldiers for nothing? Cheating by giving food and drink?"

"I heard that even you can’t even touch Level 3 gorilla’s fur! If a waste like you follows Senior Qin on the battlefield, it will be deadly!"

"Don't talk about it, some people are born shameless! She is a scum, but still wants to be Young Master Qin's cooking soldier. She is definitely trying to deceive him!"

"Cooking soldiers have no military status, so it's a good job for her! Does she think she is beautiful?!"

Liu Weiwei had just woke up, and she was exhausted after climbing down ten flights of stairs. She was still panting, but a pile of saliva sprayed on her head really made her sober instantly. "Who are you?" Liu Weiwei blurted out.

The five girls who surrounded her almost jumped in anger.

But soon Liu Weiwei asked them again and nailed them all to the wall!

"If you are jealous of me applying for the Cooking Department, then you should also apply." Liu Weiwei spread her hands, "You all seem to have good physical skills if you can bully me, so admission must be no problem."

This sentence slapped five girls in the face.


F*cking apply!

Once someone had applied to the cooking department, they had to accept the army's assigned post. It was not possible to choose which soldier to follow. With good luck, this scum could be assigned to such young and promising Major as Qin Mo, who was handsome, from a good background and capable.

However, it was entirely possible for someone with bad luck to be assigned to a soldier who was their father’s age. Worse, they could also be assigned to veterans who had been severely injured and couldn’t be cured. If this happened, then their prospect would be destroyed for the rest of their lives.

Enrolling in the cooking department was nothing short of gambling!

The bet was one's own future prospect, but the winning rate was one in a million or even a billion!

Who would dare?

Almost everyone had high possibility to enter the mecha department or strategic command department in a military academy. Who would be so mindless to not take the bright road but take a road that they wouldn’t even have any status. They were obviously not stupid. But who could have imagined that Young Master Qin would personally came for this logistics cooking interview. This made them mad with jealousy!

"Huh, you scum! Don't be proud, thinking that because the interviewer was Young Master Qin, you can be his cooking soldier? In your dream!"

"When you are assigned to an old grandfather, you can cry!"

"Scum’s pets are also scum! You didn't deserve it at all!"

The five girls raised their heads and desperately suppressed the turbulent envy and jealousy in their hearts. One of the tallest short-haired girls, when passing by Liu Weiwei, hit her body angrily!

Liu Weiwei's body reaction speed was completely unable to keep up, and she felt like an iron plate hit her right shoulder. She was about to avoid but she staggered and hit the wall, but it seemed it didn’t hurt. The wall felt like it was made of cotton. She just blinked suspiciously, trying to look at the metal wall behind.

But suddenly, a sad scream rang out.

"Ahhh... my face!"

A tall girl with short hair fell on the ground. When she got up with anguish, she was covering her face. 

Liu Weiwei shrank back in fright.

The nose of the girl with short hair seemed to be broken, she stretched out her hand to touch it, and found blood all over her face!

"What are you doing? It is forbidden to fight in the dormitory." The dormitory auntie was shocked by the noise and walked out of her room.

Before long, the bedroom management robot also moved quickly from another part of the corridor.

"Teacher! She, she... She slapped me in the face!" The short-haired girl clutched her blood-filled face, and almost shed tears in pain.

Liu Weiwei opened her mouth wide and spread her hands innocently. The auntie's suspicious gaze circled around her, but quickly moved to other people.

The dormitory management robot quickly scanned the body of each of them.

"Chen Qili, a third-grade student, suffered first-degree facial injuries and nosebleed. She needs three stitches for medical treatment, and she has to pay 300 credits. In addition, making troubles and lying in the corridors of the dormitory violates Article 120 of the College Regulations where stated everyone should not make noise in the dormitory area after 8 o'clock. Article 132 prohibit concealment of facts, information fabrication, and slander for all. A total fine of 1,200 credits will be given as a warning." The cold voice of the robot echoed in the corridor.

"Wh, what!?" Chen Qili, a short-haired girl with blood covering her face was shocked, "I didn't lie, it was Liu Weiwei. Just now I only touched her a little but she attacked me!"

The dormitory auntie glanced at the robot, and then looked back at Chen Qili severely. "A 3 stars physical skills student, can you hurt you, a 5 stars student?"

Chen Qili was stunned, "I, I really didn't lie! Just before I hit her, she slapped and I fell!" She couldn't believe it, but she couldn't fall on her own. Obviously a powerful slap slapped her to the ground, and at that moment there was a fluffy feeling. She looked at Liu Weiwei with a bitter gaze, but suddenly saw a rabbit dumpling squatting on her shoulder. Its black eyes were staring at her for a moment, and it was licking its paws!

"No wait, it's her pet, that rabbit!"

But the next moment the robot's voice sounded coldly. "Chen Qili has violated the rules once more. She fabricated the facts again and slandered her classmates. The fine was increased to two thousand credits. In addition, she needs to apologize to classmate Liu Weiwei."

The dormitory auntie also nodded with a stern face, "I don't care what you are doing outside, but this dormitory area is under my jurisdiction, no one can try to reverse the facts and bully the weak at will. That rabbit was not even grown up, so it hasn’t even qualified as Level 1 beast. Its claws are not as big as your fists, how can it slap you?!"

When the dormitory auntie said this, she looked at Liu Weiwei. After taking a look, she felt that her reasoning was correct. Because Liu Weiwei was looking dumbfounded, and the underage rabbit on her shoulder gave a soft meow, its body full of cuteness. The aunt showed a pitiful smile.

And Chen Qili and the four girls who supported her stepped back together.



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