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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 25

 ICRAB – Chapter 25

Lieutenant Lu was beaten by his ‘own’ beast, and the Xiao Long Bao in his mouth almost fell out. He simply doubted life!

The commanders of the first to ninth battalions were all sluggish. Then they saw the Level 4 beast that was said to have a bit more personality rolled its black round eyes, its long eyelashes flapped, and its oversized front teeth chewing. But the beast still stretched out its hairy little hooves and opened the temperature keeping box on the ground. Its hooves pried the box and at last, both hooves tried to take out a bowl of yellow semi-liquid things. It whimpered twice, puffed its nose, and with both hooves, put its head into the bowl!

Slurp... ah~ After, the big guy made a satisfying sound just like human being. It threw the bowl on the ground, and it put its head into the box again!

"Wait, wait!" The commander of the 9th Battalion, who was standing closest, sniffed, "Did you smell any special smell?"

As he was talking, the commander of the 6th Battalion who was holding the soil-flavored nutrient solution swallowed, "It seems to be more attractive than the smell of barbecue-flavored nutrient..."

"Damn, get that kangaroo head out!!" The commander of the 1st Battalion who was smiling suddenly couldn't laugh.

All nine battalion commanders rushed towards the kangaroo, four try to grab the box on its head, and five try to pull its tail and hoofs. They had 7 Stars in Physical Skills, but they could barely get a tie with Level 4 Gray Kangaroo 1 vs 9. But as soon as the four pulled the kangaroo’s head out, they found that the big guy had closed its big eyes, and had fallen asleep long ago.

Its tail was touched, and there was no anger. The hooves were caught and there was no response. It grunted, because its head was pulled out, so it turned over and fell asleep on the thigh of the 1st battalion commander!

Commander of the 1st Battalion: "F*ck!"

Commander of the 2nd Battalion: "Don't move, I'll take a picture of you."

Commander of the 1st Battalion: "Get out!"

Only Lu Qingheng looked dull and couldn't believe that he was beaten again.

"Xiao Luzi, you took out some delicious food but you fed it to the beast?!" Commander of the 1st Battalion had his feet used as cushion by the kangaroo, but it did not hinder his arm. He snatched one left over curry rice in Commander of the 2nd Battalion’s hand.

Liu Weiwei thoughtfully wrote the food name on each box, mainly to avoid mistake when selling.

Commander of the 1st Battalion saw the appearance of the kangaroo just now, so he raised his head and took a big sip of the yellowy liquid into his mouth. Then, he was instantly attacked by a mouthful of fragrance. His whole person could not move, he only felt the smoothness of the thing called curry awakens the hunger of his whole body. Hungry! So hungry! It was as if he hadn’t drunk any nutrient solution for a week! He instantly relaxed his tight body, took off the spoon on the lid, and started gulping everything into his mouth. The little fat person made of rice was quickly completely stuffed into his mouth. This God-like taste, he had never eaten it in his forty five years life. He couldn't stop slurping the bowl, even if there was no rice left, he kept scooping the remaining curry sauce at the bottom of the bowl and stuffing it into his mouth.

Commander of the 2nd Battalion next to him was even more exaggerated. The curry rice in his hand was snatched, so he immediately grabbed the steamed dumplings in the hand of 3rd Battalion’s Commander next to him. The thing in his hands looked like solidified nutrient solutions. But someone suddenly held his hand and directly shoved the dumplings in his mouth. Right after, Commander of the 2nd Battalion yelled and jumped up from the ground, covering his mouth. Hot, hot, to death! Three steamed dumplings were shoved to his mouth at the same time, and their hot soup exploded inside, making him jump up. But as soon as he jumped up, he pursed his mouth.


This mouthful of hot soup was actually sweet, and there was an indescribable hot fragrance. Was this rare beast’s meat? It was soft and sweet, with a special umami flavor. After chewing twice, Commander of the 2nd Battalion decided to swallow even if it was hot. Delicious (* ̄︶ ̄). It was impossible for him to spit it out!

When the Commander of the 2nd Battalion finally swallowed the delicious Xiao Long Bao in his mouth, he was about to grab other people’s things, only to find that all the people around him had run away, and only one was left. The 1st Battalion’s Commander who was crushed by the big kangaroo sat on the ground, both laughing and crying.

The other Battalion Commanders of the 3rd to 9th Battalions all swarmed the temperature keeping box in front of them!

"Put down my dumplings, or we will fight each other!"

"Sh*t, you put my chicken down first, otherwise I will chop off your arm!"

"Give me back my curry rice!"

The six people almost fought into a ball. You kick, I kick, I take a few bites of what you are holding, and you take mine. This picture couldn't be more exciting. Soon, the box became empty.

Lu Qingheng was still in a daze.

The Commander of the 1st Battalion shook his head while licking his mouth, "Little Lu, don't be sad. Beast will rush to eat each other with their big fists, not to mention us wilder beasts?" Look, what was the difference between the six people fighting together compared to the kangaroo? Gee, the world was getting worse. "By the way, this temperature keeping box was given to you by the Major's quasi-cooking soldier?" 

The 2nd Battalion’s Commander was impatient. "Where is she? Let her come to our cabin for training at night!" And cook for them by the way. "Unexpectedly, this ancient solidified nutrient is so delicious! Sure enough, those sh*t old books are all deceptive."

The Commander of the 1st Battalion shook his head, "Little Lu should continue to cultivate relationships with his kangaroo here, old Chen, let me go with you and get the girl over here. Tonight we will teach her to quickly assemble and disassemble guns." Two people going together were better than ten people together.

The 2nd Battalion’s Commander’s eyes lit up suddenly.

Meanwhile Liu Weiwei, who had already returned to her bedroom, didn't know that she was talked about at this time. She was indulging herself in the trivial matter of massaging a soft furry rabbit 
( ̄︶ ̄).

Because the little thing got angry, it cut all the Timothy grass she bought with its paws. Its whole fluffy rabbit body was arched up. It squeaked and pressed her hand to prevent her from moving. Then she just started to stroke the rabbit to calm it down and then got addicted!

From the little guy’s round head, to its slippery back, to the little butt with a small tail, she massaged one by one. She then touched its right paw, touch its left paw, and finally flicked its drooping soft ears. Satisfied!

Liu Weiwei couldn't stop after the big set of massage was done. She rubbed and pressed, she couldn't help but use the massage technique for chicken legs and wings she learned from the system’s chef. Using her fingertips, she rubbed the knotted muscles and for the entangled fascia, she rubbed a little lighter.

The little thing could still lie on her feet without any movement at first, thinking that she just rubbed casually, but when it came to the back, the whole rabbit body turned upside down, revealing a super soft belly, dark as a jewel. The rabbit’s round eyes were half-squinted, and the pink and tender rabbit lips muttered softly. It was completely melted by Liu Weiwei’s care, comfortable enough to meet the Rabbit God.

But Liu Weiwei was actually too tired today. After rubbing for more than half an hour, she felt a little unbearable. She yawned and wanted to fall asleep. As a result, the little thing was very reluctant. Rabbit paws grabbed her hand and desperately pressed it back to its rabbit legs.

Liu Weiwei:  ̄w ̄ If the little thing knew that this big massage care technique was an excellent step before roasting rabbit legs, the rabbit would probably lost all its hair. Hehe……

When Liu Weiwei’s hands were really sore, she could only struggle to get up, moved her arms, and quickly made a teething snack for the little thing. Timothy hay cookie bar.

Inside the cookie bar, there was a little bit of hay that young rabbits love, a little bit of banana that was not used up today, as well as some oatmeal. Spread a little bit of butter exchanged by the mall and bake it in a self-service oven to form a small, crispy cookie bar snack. Rabbits that didn’t grind their teeth would definitely get sick.

Liu Weiwei explained to the little thing to educate it. She was afraid that the little things would be picky eaters, so she only made a dozen bars, but she underestimated the little things' crazy pursuit of all food. It's too much love!

From the time the oven began to smell, the little thing kept pouting, squatting in front of the oven and watching quietly. A pair of round watery rabbit eyes stared into the oven nonstop.

All previous begging for massage, begging for stroking fur etc... all given up.

When alarm went off, the little thing was excited and its whole rabbit body rushed to the hot oven. Fortunately, Liu Weiwei reacted quickly this time and caught it, otherwise tonight’s dinner would really be roasted rabbit leg _(:з」∠)_

Liu Weiwei took out a small cookie and handed it to the rabbit while rubbing its fur. It refused to even lift its head, its two small soft paws pressed one cookie bar that was hot but exuding a little milky fragrance to its mouth and chucked it in quickly. In its whole world, there were only cookie bar left in its mind.

Liu Weiwei looked at the rabbit’s cuteness. Her heart turned into a pink bubble. She quickly adjusted the position of her light brain camera and recorded a video of the little thing. 

There were many robots now, so most humans had no resistance to furry things. Pet forums were overwhelming. Many people who were able to raise pets like to post on the Internet. People who didn’t have the means to raise pets also like to go to the forums when they were free to see other people’s post of cats, dogs, and small beasts...

Liu Weiwei logged into "Pet's Home" forum today, and quickly uploaded the video of Xiao Bai eating the cookie bar. As a result, before she finished a set of ‘after dinner massage’ for the little things, her light brain almost crashed.

[Wow! The poster’s lop eared rabbit is so cute~]

[I seriously suspect that the rabbit that only gnaws on the furniture in my house is fake!]

[Poster, are they really the same breed? Are they always this small and cute?]

[Its humming sound is simply a curse! This kind of rabbit feed, please give me a dozen~]

[Its lips moved liked it has a motor. This is the first time I saw something like this!]

[I have watched it in loop fourteen times. I was poisoned by this rabbit!]



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