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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 24

 ICRAB – Chapter 24

When Liu Weiwei returned to her dormitory, she put the furry ball on the bed.

The little guy opened his eyes, stretched out a furry paw on her thigh and sniffed. It probably found that there was nothing to eat, so it then lazily closed its eyes again.

Liu Weiwei's heart was soft, she stroked the smooth and soft fur, and the corners of her mouth rose. But she still stretched out her hand and lightly tapped the little head of the furry ball, "You are not allowed to escape next time. It's dangerous outside. Those beasts can swallow you in one bite."

The white fur ball, with its nostrils facing the sky, let out a snort, as if it was very contemptuous.

Liu Weiwei couldn't decide to laugh or cry. "Look at that big hyena. The soles of its feet are larger than your body. You could be stepped on until you vomit blood. You will be trampled off within a few minutes when you are outside~" Speaking of this, she remembered the bloody scene just now, and she was nauseous again. She took a few deep breaths before finally suppressing it.

Liu Weiwei liked animals. Although she knew that hyenas were also life-threatening animals on the earth, everything with long fur was kind of cute in her eyes. Thinking of that miserable situation, she felt a little uncomfortable. "It might just be hungry and want to eat something. That big kangaroo is too vicious, but then I also can't stop Lieutenant Lu."

The fur ball in her arms turned over, directly exposing its soft belly. Two lop ears shrugged on the side of its little head, half of its body crooked on Liu Weiwei’s legs, four short legs waved in the air.


The rabbit dark round eyes showed dissatisfaction.

"Do you hate that hyena?" Liu Weiwei touched its furry belly. She had raised rabbits before so she knew that such a cry showed that the rabbits were emotionally unstable. Sure enough, the little thing screamed again. She was so surprised that she turned on her light brain and checked it. Only then she saw that giant hyena did not only attack humans, but also attack other weak beasts. It even ate cubs of its own kind, sometimes even other higher level beasts’ cubs also. Hyena was a race that even the beasts hated. "Uh, I see." No wonder the kangaroo was so upset.

The fur ball rolled over again, rubbing its fury chin against Liu Weiwei hand. "Hungry?" She found that the little thing's eyes became sparkling when it heard her question. This lop-eared rabbit, even though only a level 1 beast, really had a very high IQ.

On Liu Weiwei’s way back, the Timothy Hay she ordered also arrived just in time. Immediately, she took out a handful of rabbit grass from the space station and stuffed it generously to the little thing. As a result, the little thing took a look, its nose twitched, and its paw flew away. It jumped off her thigh in extreme anger, and grunted three times angrily at her while standing on the bed!

Black lines appeared in Liu Weiwei's face. "You want to grind your teeth, how can you grind your teeth without eating grass? You have eaten so much curry at noon. Now you should obediently eat a little grass and grind your teeth so that you don't get sick." The little thing stretched out a paw, snapped a green Timothy Hay in her hand, and cut it in half! _(:з」∠)_ She raised a little ancestor! (TN: Little ancestor usually used to refer to willful/spoiled child or adult.)


At this moment, in the rest cabin of the military spacecraft, there was also a guy who was raising an ancestor. He almost knelt on the ground, begging his ancestor to eat the ration.

"The rations of Level 4 beasts cost 1,000 f*cking credits per one kilogram! Brother, please open your mouth and have a bite!" Lu Qingheng was almost desperate. He bought 30 kilograms in one go and spent half of his savings. As a result, this big guy refused to touch it. He personally scooped a spoonful of the ration and handed it to the big guy's mouth.

The result – 

"Puff puff!" The big guy slobbered and sprayed all over Lu Qingheng’s face, and it snorted contemptuously!


"Lieutenant Lu, your demon pet is really obedient!"

"Hahaha... I want to take a photo and send it to the major."

"I just drank some nutrient solutions and almost spit it all out."

"This is your new pet? Are you kidding?"

The cabin door opened in response, and all the people who watched the show were laughing up and down.

While conducting training session for Liyang High School, the battalion commanders from the first to tenth battalions just took advantage of the resting period after the war, and all came. The military positions were temporarily replaced by the deputy battalion commanders, and when they return, the deputy battalion commanders would be rotated out.

Lu Qingheng almost jumped. Because of his previous live broadcast in the chat group, many people in the group knew that he had tamed some high level beasts like the level 3 high goat and the level 4 gray kangaroo. Of course, in the end, he didn't hesitate to choose the kangaroo with its stronger force value as his favorite, and the goat was set free. This was his proudest event this year!

However, now, seeing the other nine battalion commanders all laughing at him, Lu Qingheng violent temper almost exploded. "You are jealous of me! It was all jealousy! If you have the ability, you should also get a level 4 beast and come back to raise it! My level 4 ancestor is just has bit more personality!"

Puff puff.

As soon as the word personality was spit out, Lu Qingheng ancestor spit on his face again!

Lu Qingheng: F*ck... This big guy also has bad breath (╯︵╰). His face turned green, and he raised his military uniform sleeves, "Hey!"

The commanders of the first to ninth battalions all stood in a row, staring at the man and the beast in front of them with excitement. To tell the truth, they had never seen such a beautiful scene. Having been on the battlefield for so many years, fighting with various beasts, they had seen a lot you kill me and I kill you situation. But tsk tsk, this normally dignified lieutenant forcing a level 4 beast to eat was really unheard of and was an eye-opener!

"Hey, I have nutrient solution with new flavor, super mint, do you want one?"

"Super mint is not tasty. It smells like a gun cleaner. I have a barbecue-flavored nutrient solution that is super hard to buy. Who wants it?"

"Give me one, I didn't even eat lunch."

"I still have a stock of soil-flavored nutrient solution, bah! The guys from the Scientific Research Bureau must have broken tongue..."

Eating melon seeds while watching a play was a must for people who loved gossiping. There were no melon seeds now, so it was good to snack on rare flavor nutrient solutions.

When Lu Qingheng listened to the discussion of these b*stards watching his joke, his anger level was already full. He glared at the gray kangaroo in front of him, showing his 7 stars physical skill rank. "If you don't eat, you will starve to death. How can you fight other beasts? Hmph, you have to eat, if you don't eat today, even if you spit everywhere, no one will save you against other beasts!"

As soon as the voice fell, the gray kangaroo, who was half a head taller than Lu Qingheng because it was half-sitting, leaned its tail against the wall. Its huge body leaned back, and the kangaroo's whole face expressed a definite resistant.

Lu Qingheng stretched his hand so long that he almost stuffed the ration into the beast’s nostril. The gray kangaroo immediately snorted. As the king of wild boxing, its front hooves straightened, and a left uppercut hit Lu Qingheng in the face!

"F*ck!" Lu Qingheng's right face was directly punched. He was just about to step back but it was too late. The king of boxing gray kangaroo’s punching hoof came in front of him again, he barely managed to avoid it, but the hind legs of the kangaroo lifted suddenly and it kicked. 

Lu Qingheng flew directly. e=e=e=e=e=┌(; ̄◇ ̄)┘

Holding the nutrient solution, the battalion commanders of the 1st to 9th battalions all raised their heads with their mouths open to look at the three-meter-high ceiling. They saw Lu Qingheng whizzing, making a perfect parabola before hitting the opposite wall, and slide to the ground. Most of them were also at the top and bottom of 7 Stars in Physical Skills, so they trembled abruptly.

Humans usually use weapons, even armors and mechas to fight against the attacking beasts. It was difficult for an unequipped person even with 7 Stars in Physical Skills to kill high level beast without taking any injuries. After all, the defensive power of the beasts’ hard skin, their running speed, the attack power their sharp teeth, claws and even their powerful tails were all superior to humans. This was why it was difficult for them to tame beasts on the battlefield. Often only people with strong enough mental power could make the beasts surrender after some coercions.

So even if it was someone with 7 Stars in Physical Skills, they could easily be beaten by Level 4 Kangaroo and get swollen nose. This was a bloody lesson. Several battalion commanders glanced at each other, and immediately dispelled the idea of going to tame beasts tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Lu Qingheng slid and slid from the wall to the ground, unable to believe what had just happened. "Impossible! When this Level 4 kangaroo saw me in the afternoon, it was all lying in front of me shivering! Begging me to touch its stomach. Just an hour ago, it was, it was..." It was still acting like a baby in front of him and refused to walk, but when he brought it back it resisted. D*mn it!

Lu Qingheng's whole person was not good. Did this beast lost its memory within one hour? Or was it a tsundere? He sat on the ground angrily.

"Tsk, Xiao Lu, just let it go back tomorrow, ok? It already looks like this, so you can't bring it to the battlefield as a pet." The oldest battalion commander from the first battalion said with a smile.

Snacking on soil-flavored nutrient solution, the sixth battalion commander also leaned over, "Yes. It doesn't even listen to you. Fortunately, it wasn’t during war in the battlefield! "

The youngest battalion commander, from the Ninth Battalion, also nodded in fear, "Last month Major Mu asked me if I wanted a Level 3 beast as pet. Fortunately, I thought that spider was too ugly and rejected it. Otherwise, I would probably be bitten and end up dying in the camp."

Lu Qingheng snorted and turned his head away. He didn't want to hear anything! He stood up and looked at the kangaroo defiantly. "I won’t let it go. It's also good to exercise with boxing every day."

Others wanted to persuade Lu Qingheng again, but saw him take out an incubator from the space station.

"Huh? Is this from the boss’s cooking soldier?"

"Tsk, the ancient nutrient solution like in the museum?"

Lu Qingheng raised his eyebrows and ignored them. He deliberately opened the incubator in front of everyone, took out a tray of what the girl said was called Xiao Long Bao, and uttered to the kangaroo who wanted to go on eating strike. "Delicious~ Some beasts refuse to eat. I don’t care if they starve to death. Anyway, there are so many beasts in this world, just replace one it they die~ Tsk, so hungry, I’ll enjoy it slowly~" He popped his mouth on purpose and picked up a dumpling.
Lu Qingheng didn’t know why, but the little girl’s food was delicious. He wanted to eat it and on the way also deliberately tempt the stupid kangaroo to eat some feed he bought. But the second he put the dumplings in his mouth, his eyes widened in an instant and he forgot his intention. His tanned face was full of shock. This Xiao Long Bao burst on his mouth!

The faint smell of meat was wrapped in almost transparent skin, and it exploded as soon as it was bitten. At that moment, it was like an iron pig resurrected in his mouth, smashing its feet and hoofs on the tip of his tongue, it was so delicious that his every cell could feel it. The taste was simply refreshing, but it's hot!

Lu Qingheng almost yelled out, but in the next second a huge gray shadow burst into the air, slapped its hoof and with an uppercut, it made him flew away.

The other battalion commanders were all open-mouthed at the moment and turned their heads to each other. Why did that gray kangaroo, who previously refused to eat, knocked its owner away again? Then it also gnawed at what its owner dropped on the ground? It refused to eat feed, but like to gnaw on ancient nutrient solutions? Now its mouth was full of oil, was this big guy really a Level 4 Gray Kangaroo?

The battalion commanders all wiped their eyes at the same time. Lieutenant Lu was right, this beast indeed has bit more personality!

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