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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 23

ICRAB – Chapter 23

When Lieutenant Lu got the third beast, his communicator rang. As soon as he was connected, a communication screen with a 3D reality projection appeared in front of him.

"How is the training?" Major Qin Mo, dressed in an ink-colored military uniform, was still meticulous in his sharp and angular appearance.

Lieutenant Lu’s heart immediately thumped and he subconsciously checked whether  his First Army Regiment’ group chat was closed.

"Huh?" Qin Mo raised his eyebrows, holding his hands behind him, "Not going well?"

Lieutenant Lu was dripping with cold sweat. Even across the light screen, he felt pressure from the Major's expressionless face. Every time the Major prolonged the ending of his words a little bit, he felt a sense of crisis that he would be dealt with severely. His legs went soft, but he quickly tried his best to straighten his back. He was now a man who can make a level 4 beast surrender. "Report to the Major, it's going well."

Of course it went smoothly. There were already two monsters provoked in a row, but even their desire to fight in front of him could not be produced. It's a pity, the Major never had a chance to see them crawling and shivering on the ground, otherwise this year the Major would probably had to give Lu Qingheng a good rating, ha ha. 

Thinking of this, Lu Qingheng switched his light brain camera to record Liu Weiwei. "Major, this classmate..." Retro nutrient solution was too delicious. Before he finished his words, Lu Qingheng paused. His beastly instinct told him that if he said the rest he would be killed, so he shut up in time. But he then caught sight of the unsmiling big ice cube Major looking at the girl's direction, the Major thin lips slowly curled up, revealing a suspicious arc.

"Fat." The big ice cube Major concluded while looking at the girl.

Lu Qingheng: "...Huh?"

"The scientific research guys are pretty useful. The cell-active nutrient they made is good." The big ice cube Major did not conceal the satisfaction in his eyes, "In only three hours."

Lu Qingheng stared, why didn't he understand anything? Also, who was this man with old father's smile on his face?! It's definitely not his cruel, cold-blooded and terrifying ice cube Major!

"What kind of beast did she kill?" The big ice cube Major quickly switched back to the subject.

Lu Qingheng blinked. This afternoon, two beasts directly surrendered to his mighty and powerful aura, so the girl didn't even have the opportunity to pick up the gun, sh*t! He was just about to organize some excuses, wanting to praise himself in a low-key and luxurious manner and by the way reaffirmed the girl's courage in the face of danger when suddenly there was a loud noise from a hundred meters away!

Lu Qingheng subconsciously turned his head and saw a level 4 giant hyena that he had just attracted, roaring towards them. This level 4 giant hyena had steel-like sharp fangs, and its running speed was comparable to that of the same-level gray kangaroo. With its sharp teeth as an attack weapon, its fierce and brutal combat power could be ranked in top three within the level 4 beasts.

However, as it hadn't finished howling, the level 4 gray kangaroo that was lying on the ground 'shivering' just now jumped high in the air towards the giant hyena, and its two extremely muscular hind legs slapped ground before it directly kicked the hyena. The giant hyena screamed miserably, it was terrible!

Lu Qingheng had goose bumps all over his body.

The waist was a weak point of a hyena, once it was hit, it would be broken and completely losing its combat will. However, the two beasts in front were of the same level, so how could this gray kangaroo crush the giant hyena so strongly that it was subdued with just one move?

Lu Qingheng rubbed his eyes, thinking he was mistaken. Although he was communicating just now, he still kept an eye on Liu Weiwei to prevent her from being attacked by beasts, so he saw the big gray kangaroo rushing over.

Lu Qingheng felt like a bit of a slap in his heart. This level 4 gray kangaroo had to be a particularly powerful one!

"Level 4 giant hyena?" Qin Mo raised his eyebrows and said solemnly. From the angle of his communication screen at the moment, only the weak rabbit girl with a somewhat surprised expression could be seen, he couldn't see what was happening in front of her. However, according to the roar of the beast, he recognized what it was as soon as he heard it. "You took her to hunt level 4 beasts?" He immediately pressed the corners of his mouth, "You want her to run and mess around before she even learns how to walk?!"

Lu Qingheng swallowed. What walk, what run... Boss, the giant hyena was knocked cold!

Lu Qingheng slowly turned the angle of the light brain camera so that the Major who was swearing at him could see the situation clearly. The level 4 giant hyena was hit hard and couldn't stand up at all. The explosive gray kangaroo had jumped out of the range of the camera.

Qin Mo had rich combat experience, and he could tell at a glance that the beast that fell 100 meters away was completely abolished. "..." Sure enough, as he expected, the power of the dark cooking scent the rabbit girl created could definitely make level 4 beasts wanted to commit suicide.

Although it looks cruel, this level 4 giant hyena was currently the tenth rank in the Interstellar Alliance’s must kill list. It had no wisdom, but had a strong appetite for human flesh and blood. Even in artificial breeding bases in the past five years. There had been more than two dozen tragedies where it killed or maimed the scientists and caretakers.

"Okay, let her keep going." Qin Mo spit out these words, "Remember to combine work and rest." Soon, the sturdy body under the ink-colored military uniform was twisted for a while, and he went offline.

Lu Qingheng looked at the picture of his boss gradually disappearing with a dazed expression. Let her keep going? What did her mean? Kept the girl just standing still, doing nothing, waiting for beasts to kneel down because of him? Or kept her watching other beasts being killed by that kangaroo, and then scored her pass directly? Cough! Boss, you should not cheat. And also, you still required a combination of work and rest? The girl was already doing nothing, would you give her a recliner tomorrow? Boss, you really changed!

Lu Qingheng touched his nose and reluctantly closed the video call. "That's all for today's training. We will gather in the same place at 8 o'clock tomorrow morning."

Liu Weiwei blinked, but looking at the terrible scene of the beasts crippling each other in the distance, she still nodded a little nervously.

Lu Qingheng glanced at the giant hyena and took a head shot. With a bang, the giant hyena's body burst into blood fragments in the distance, and a bloody smell spread over in an instant.

"Oh..." Liu Weiwei paled, bending down and vomiting violently.

Lu Qingheng’s eyes twitched fiercely. No wonder the major said that he needed to combine work and rest. This weak was true to its scum characteristics. She couldn't even stay still while watching him killed a beast. What else could he do? He was also desperate!

However, this girl who was so weak and surely unable to survive in the mouth of a low level beast had a pair of magical hands that could make... slurp, Lu Qingheng couldn't help his drool that comes out after thinking about the delicious foods.

Lu Qingheng put his hands on his belt and watched the girl almost spit out her organds. He couldn't help but shook his head, "Tomorrow we will meet at ten o'clock in the morning, you can sleep a little longer." If she died, where could he find such good cold and hot food?

"Relax, this is the first time, and I will get used to it. According to Article 346 of the Star Alliance Beasts Regulations, even if someone encounters a giant hyena at the training base, they must kill it. It has hunted many young students and is classified as a super-risk level that also cannot be artificially reproduced or raised. It must be killed."

"It's not just me, even if you encounter it in the wild, you must protect yourself and kill it as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will violate the Interstellar Alliance regulations, and you will be fined or jailed."

"Well, of course, it it's too difficult for you. It won’t count. The Interstellar laws don't place hope on people like you who are not up to 3 stars physical strength. So you just need to escape to save your life."

Liu Weiwei: ... I'm so sorry for being so weak!

"Go, get on the driver-less tram." Lu Qingheng glanced at the gray kangaroo in the distance, and reluctantly also went to the tram.

Liu Weiwei remembered her task that was not completed. Even though she was about to faint due to vomiting, she still opened the space station. "Lieutenant, please stay. I still have some homemade dishes here. You can take them back and enjoy them slowly."

Then, Liu Weiwei took out 20 portions of cute chubby bath curry rice, 20 portions of fresh pork dumplings, and 20 pieces of fried chickens under Lu Qingheng's slightly stunned gaze. She placed them at a temperature keeping box and passed it to him. "If it wasn't for you to give me training this time, I would definitely not pass the Physical Skill test. These are my personal feelings. I hope that the army soldiers can eat better." As long as she could finish the task, her beauty point would come again.

Lu Qingheng wanted to refuse as the army had regulations not to take things from the people at will. However, it was too fragrant. Every time the girl took out a serving, he secreted a puddle of saliva in his mouth... His drool almost flooded his tongue, making him unable to say no!

"If you finished them, there will be more tomorrow." Liu Weiwei still wanted to talk, but suddenly realized that she had a foot hoof with gray short hair on her arm, which was gently resting on her hand. As soon as she raised her head, she met two big black eyes!

"F*ck!" Lu Qingheng also found out that the Level 4 gray kangaroo, who was taller than him, was actually standing beside him.


Lu Qingheng's brain suddenly short-circuited. A Level 4 beasts ran over and rubbed its body on him like a puppy? Although because of its large size the rub strength was a bit fierce, but such a coquettish way almost knocked him down...( ̄ ̄o) too cute~

Lu Qingheng raised his hand with difficulty, carefully and secretly placed it to the beast next to him and rubbed the kangaroo's back vigorously.  Ow, although its fur was short, it was soft, and it felt slippery, so comfortable~

Lu Qingheng was obscured by the tall kangaroo, only to see that it was trying to stretch its neck as if it wanted to turn into a giraffe. The neat teeth in its mouth were open, and it wanted to swallow the entire food box.

Liu Weiwei almost screamed. But a rapid but soft cry still came out of her.

The gray kangaroo, whose front hoof was resting on her hand, blinked its big black eyes and dropped its cute head. It withdrew its hoof with a dejected head.

Liu Weiwei blinked but resolutely handed out the box in her hand to Lu Qingheng.

The drooling gray kangaroo’s eyes lit up and its entire body fell on Lu Qingheng.

Lu Qingheng: !!! "Haha, classmate, you go first." The Level 4 beast that he finally tamed, even if he would be kneeling while crying later, he still had to carry it back like a baby if it didn't want to walk!

Liu Weiwei: Really a greedy kangaroo mother, huh ㄟ(  ̄ ,  ̄ )ㄏ

She grabbed inside her hood and fished out a white furry ball. This one was also a greedy little rabbit. It even followed her and escaped from the dormitory!

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    Thanks for working so hard on this series, I really love this series and its humor!!

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    1. Hi! Thank you for your encouragement. I am happy to hear that the comedies written by the author got translated well and you also find them funny. There will be more to come in future chapters, please look forward to it ♡

  4. thank you for the update translator-nim . The translation is very good though?

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