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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 22

 ICRAB – Chapter 22

[Capture the stomach of an SR-level diner, the task progress is 58%.]

Liu Weiwei glanced around and found that this lieutenant was even more difficult than the Major. But with just 58%, he already took out his secret weapon for her to use against the beasts, if it reached 100%, what would happen? He might directly help her take the exam, right? It was really excited. This so-called food punishment mission system was basically her biggest golden finger!

When Liu Weiwei was thinking, Lu Qingheng had successfully attracted a level 3 mutant goat.

With a loud roar, it pulled Liu Weiwei sanity back. She was stunned when she saw the goat. Wasn’t this the goat that ate her dozen drumsticks yesterday?  ̄へ ̄ She recognized it immediately. One of the corners of its forehead was a bit damaged, and among the white hair on its chest, there was a big black spot.

"Classmate, you just need to hold my Drunken Spear in your hand and press the red button. The mountain goat runs faster than other Level 3 beasts, and its attack power is concentrated on its two horns. During the battle, it is necessary to avoid frontal attacks as much as possible while attacking its head with weapons. But there will be no trouble as you have my Drunken Rifle. You just need to point the muzzle at the beast, click, and it's done! Isn’t it very simple?" Then when the goat rushed out, Lu Qingheng took out a pure black portable spray gun from his personal equipment and stuffed it into Liu Weiwei's hand.

Lu Qingheng confidently put his hands in the belt of his military uniform, looked forward with a smile on his face. A chat group of the First Army Regiment in front of him was constantly brushed with new messages mentioning him.

[Corporal Fan Yuan: Lieutenant Lu, let me use it next time.]

[Sergeant Na Enli: I heard that it was a weapon Lieutenant Lu invented by himself.]

[Private Yan Ning: So powerful! Lieutenant Lu is so busy the battlefield already, but he can still do research and development?]

Lu Qingheng grinned. Once this group of guys saw the power of his RS Drunken Rifle, they would definitely admire him even more, ha ha ha!

However, the next moment, the smile at the corner of Lu Qingheng’s mouth freezes.

The goats in front of them, with its two front hooves leaping high, roared, and rushed towards where they were standing. The speed of the four hooves running wildly was completely above its normal condition. Although it was only a level 3 beast, it was known for its speed, especially when its personality changes drastically.

[Private Yan Ning: Damn, is this goat crazy? It seems to run a bit too fast.]

[Corporal Fan Yuan: Lieutenant's Drunken Rifle didn't work, and the goat is stimulated and went crazy?]

[Sergeant Na Enli: Do you need our support!?]

Support your *ss! Lu Qingheng's face went dark. Just a crazy level 3 beast, it still wouldn’t be able to beat him even if it ascend to the sky. But what had the girl next to him done exactly? "Classmate, have you fired the Drunken Rifle?"

Of course Liu Weiwei didn't. Seeing the level 3 mutant goat rushing over, she actually didn't feel scared, as she saw in its eyes a fanatical expectation of being fed! Yesterday, this bleating goat ate a lot of meat, and of course it didn’t pay for anything at allヽ ( ̄▽ ̄). Thinking of this, she lost her mind.

Lu Qingheng noticed that the girl was in a daze, and thought she was scared stupid. But as he was about to reach out to help her press the Drunken Rifle trigger, he heard a snap, and the earth shook violently. He looked forward again and found the level 3 mutant goat suddenly knelt down in front of him. It kneeled down and lowered its two horns that could even break fifty kilograms of metal.

Oh, had this high goat evolved in wisdom? Did it recognize that the tall man standing in front of it at this moment was a brave military hero with 7 stars mental power? A hero that had beheaded countless Level 6 and 7 beasts?

Lu Qingheng straightened his back abruptly. He looked at the mutant goat whose hind limbs stretched, the front limbs kneeled, and its whole head buried on the ground, he felt that um… beasts could also be taught. This had to be the instinct of Wild beasts, which was surrendering to the strong. Even beasts recognized his bravery and greatness!

Lu Qingheng squeezed the Drunken Rifle in Liu Weiwei's hand and raised his face proudly, "Well, let’s leave this good mannered goat, I will find you another beast for prey. Humans should not kill beasts that have surrenderred."

Liu Weiwei: ... She thought the goat was hungry. Seeing that it lowered its head and opened its mouth, wasn't it just signaling her to put a drumstick in its mouth? ( ̄︶ ̄)

While Lu Qingheng walked to the side to attract other beasts, Liu Weiwei quickly took out an extra bowl of small wontons from her space. As soon as she stretched out her hand, the goat stretched out its head with a bleat, swallowed the bowl and wontons together.

The goat’s whole mouth was chewing. With three puffs, it spit out leftover chewed plastic bowl. Then, the goat's face stretched out. "Bleat~"

Liu Weiwei swallowed, "Uncle Goat, you can eat happily." The goat rubbed its two horns on her hand gently. When she was still wondering whether to take something out again, the goat jumped up happily on its four legs, and bleated away.

"Oh, the sheep that surrendered to my domineering spirit ran away?" Lu Qingheng felt that the light on his face had reached an unprecedented intensity. He also deliberately tuned the voice recorded by his light brain camera a little louder.

Sure enough, the First Army Regiment’s chat group jumped out exponentially.

[Private First Class Gou Dan: Is it real? The lieutenant only stood there, and the goat knelt down. Domineering spirit is really useful?"

[Private Yan Ning: According to the investigation by the Interstellar Alliance Science and Technology Bureau, few high-level beasts can evolve a certain degree of wisdom. Such beasts can be domesticated and can coexist peacefully with humans. Such beasts do not need to be hunted. The lieutenant is very mighty. Under his aura, the goat is undoubtedly forced to evolve!]

[Private First Class Mao Liu: Congratulations to the lieutenant for taming a level 3 beast. I heard that as long as the beast is willing, it can be brought back to the army to be raised. Does the lieutenant have such ideas?]


Lu Qingheng smiled so much that his eyes narrowed.

Nowadays, many pets were level 1 beasts tamed by high-level spiritualists. These pets had a certain degree of wisdom. Their lifespan were basically over 50 years after evolution, and they were very expensive. The cheapest level 1 Corgi was already more than 50,000 credits. Pure bloodlines were even more valuable.

But as long as people had the ability, the military personnel, who were often on the battlefield, could completely rely on their personal ability to tame some high-level beasts. For example, Major General Mu Ming tamed a Level 5 furry fox that looked cute but was able to slay the enemy bravely. It almost became their entire group’s pet. He had a full 10 Stars mental power. His taming a Level 5 beast was equivalent to juvenile wisdom. People like Lu Qingheng that had 6 Stars mental power, there were no more than ten people in the entire army who could tame level 3 beasts. 

When Lu Qingheng got back with a new beast, he suppressed the smile at the corner of his mouth, but it was still discovered by Liu Weiwei.

"Lieutenant, that doesn't seem to be a level 3 beasts?" She pointed her finger to the front suspiciously. In front of her, there was a kangaroo taller than her... kangaroo!

Lu Qingheng smiled even more, "Well, I put too much pressure on level 3 beasts. As long as I am here, you will not be able to see the normal state of monsters. So, I brought level 4 beast. Don’t worry, Drunken Rifle is also effective for them. As I said before, just press the button."

Liu Weiwei: ... He must have misunderstood something!

After the goat had eaten enough, it left directly. Was there even any pressure on it? And the gray kangaroo standing in front of Liu Weiwei at this moment was one of the very cute animals in her aesthetic. Although they were very large, they often stuffed their babies in their stomach front pockets. From time to time, mother kangaroos would push their babies with their heads out of the pockets or pressed them into the pockets. It was so cute that it triggered nosebleeds.

He wanted her to beat mother kangaroo now?

"The level 4 gray kangaroo, jumping forward at a speed equivalent to the maximum speed of a driver-less tram, up to 150 kilometers per hour. When attacking, its powerful tail will swing and the kicking of its hind legs are enough to make a ten-story steel building block break. Of course, their forelimb strength is also equivalent to a human boxing master. It is very likely that one blow can cause people to faint!" Lu Qingheng explained to Liu Weiwei the characteristic of the mutant kangaroo.

But Liu Weiwei looked at the tall mother kangaroo in front of her, its two erected ears moved dexterously, and its big black eyes looked at her innocently. Her hand holding the Drunken Rifle immediately shook. She couldn’t shoot. This one looked too similar to the cute creatures she had seen on TV before. How could she attack a cute mother kangaroo that might have a baby with it?

But it was too late and then soon, as if to verify Lu Qingheng's explanation, the gray kangaroo in front of them snapped its nose, joined its hind legs, and jumped wildly from a hundred meters away. It's jumping crazily. The stride length of each jump was almost ten meters, and the whole ground was shaking!

Liu Weiwei stared blankly.

Lu Qingheng, who was standing behind her, also changed his face quickly, "Don't be stunned, act fast!"

The kangaroo was about to jumped over and slapped Liu Weiwei into mash, so Lu Qingheng immediately ran up with a changed face and took the rifle in Liu Weiwei’s hand. But before Lu Qingheng could aim, there was another loud noise in his ears, and the dust was flying.

When the dust subsided and they could take a closer look, they saw the level 4 kangaroo was lying down one meter in front of them. It lied on its side, exposing the pocket on its belly!

Lu Qingheng: oдo

[Private First Class Gou Dan: Is this for real? A level 4 gray kangaroo also lay down in seconds? The lieutenant's mental power is so powerful!?]

[Private Yan Ning: I was stunned. Next time Lieutenant Lu beat us, I won't scold you secretly in my heart.]

[Second Lieutenant Old Sun: Is this a fake video? I want to complain to the anchor!]

Lu Qingheng blinked and looked down at his hand holding the rifle. He hadn't shot yet, he was very sure. TF, he empty-handedly made a level 4 beast surrender again? Why didn't he know that he was so powerful?! Even Level 4 beasts kneeled and surrendered in front of him and let him touch the softest meat on its stomach?

"Well, let's... let’s also spare this good mannered kangaroo." Lieutenant Lu struggled, and finally spoke in pain.

Liu Weiwei glanced at Lu Qingheng complicatedly, then looked at the huge kangaroo that lied down in front of her, and squinted. This level 4 beast looked like a completely harmless giant kangaroo. 

While Lieutenant Lu was going to attract other beasts again, Liu Weiwei secretly took out a plate of curry, stretched her hand to the mother kangaroo's mouth, and gave it a small lick.

It licked the curry and it immediately melted.  ̄w ̄ Hmm!

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