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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 13

ICRAB – Chapter 13

Scientific research had shown that the stronger the mental power, the more sensitive the five senses of people’s perception to the environment, namely vision, hearing, touch, smell and taste. Citizens with a mental power of seven or more stars could have the acuity of five senses equal to some high-level abnormal beasts.

For example, the olfactory sense of two-headed hound was 1,200 times that of ordinary third-star humans. The odors that could be identified were 100 million times than that of humans, and they could remember some special odors for more than a year. Unfortunately, the two men present today were both such high-level spiritual citizens.

After Qin Mo took out the little girl's gift of gratitude, he completely began to doubt his life. What was floating in the air was a strong, super-irritating, and nasty feces smell. All this reminded him of three years ago, where they had caught a violent dung beast with mutated dung shell on a wild planet. The smell spreading out of it caused tears to the sergeants in the mecha, and they loaded it into the transport battleship with red eyes, before sending it to the Mutant Beasts Science Research Station. But this wrong strategy caused them to drink nutrient solution among a faint shit smell for a whole month. Looking back now, he wanted to explode that battleship directly!

At this moment, the disgusting smell intensified, and almost made Qin Mo’s nose felt like it was about to collapse.

"Momo didn't put any beasts into the house." The maid was a robot, so she didn't have the smell function. Her large eyes were aggrievedly stained with crystal liquid, because her master's reprimand, her hands were held in front together looking miserable. As a robot maid with high intelligence, high loyalty, hardworking, and cute, Momo always upheld the mindset of serving its master and guests at home 24 hours a day.

When Qin Mo put the silver basin on the table, Momo began to scan the suspicious object automatically. Garbage that fell on the ground needed to be cleaned quickly. Objects placed on the table also must be sorted. That's how it was written in her program. So, after she scanned the silver plate, she began to automatically calculate and analyze the material composition inside.

Snail meats, rice noodles, soy beans product, fat bamboo shoots, radish... The temperature was 67 degrees Celsius.

The maid robot Momo's eyes quickly showed a trace of puzzlement. She didn't find a conclusion on the whole Skynet what such a formula was.

"High temperature is not conducive to the storage of beast’s materials, and it needs to be cooled."

Momo stretched out her little hand directly in front of the men whose two blood tanks were empty and whose thinking ability was dissipated by the foul smell. She snapped up the lid of the silver basin and took out of a box of ice cube from under her skirt and pour it in!

With two puffs, the high temperature collided with the low temperature, and water vapors were stirred up. Suddenly the stench was a hundred times stringer!


The legendary genius who was said to be the first to appear in five hundred years slapped onto the sunshade chair next to him, while foam rose at his mouth. Ah no, it was nutrient solution. The liquid he spit out was slightly pink, showing that what he ate in the morning was either watermelon-flavored or strawberry-flavored nutrient solution.

Qin Mo's entire ice cube face also showed signs of collapse. When the dung beast fight, it usually released poisonous gas from its whole body, so that the prey entered a confused state, and it then swallowed the comatose prey into its stomach for long-term decomposition and digestion. This was according to a report sent from the Beast Research Institute. This biochemical weapon was enough to kill a monster below Tier 4!

Looking at the blond man who had lost his fighting ability next to him, Qin Mo black eyes flickered. For the high-level sensitive humans, this seemed to be equally deadly. He frowned, stretched his hand in the air, and in his head immediately flashed a transparent hood. In response to the attack method of a poisonous beast, a nano-anti-virus bulletproof hood was activated. This was just developed by the research institute in the past two years. It specifically restrained all poisonous odors.

Qin Mo quickly clicked on the screen and switched to air purification mode. He immediately felt that the surrounding air was clear. His nose that had been strongly stimulated finally regained some senses. His mouth and nose were gradually filled with the scent of simulated grass, and the nauseous feeling was finally suppressed from his chest.

Holding the pot lid contaminated by the stench, Momo the robot maid finally discovered the abnormality of her master at this moment. "Ah, the master seems to be in shock and is losing his life signs..."

"Give one minute to assist with oxygen-assisted artificial respiration, the pulse becomes weak, and electrical stimulation is started!"

Momo hurriedly carried out emergency rescue to her blond owner who was lying down. However, holding the lid of the pot, she was exuding a strong pungent odor at the moment, and even the oxygen exhaled during artificial respiration had the same own feces odor.

The blond young master was pressed by her, and he was suffocated by the smell of sh*t again. His whole body convulsed.

This terrible thank you gift! Was this what she cooked by herself? With a complicated expression, Qin Mo directly reached out and transferred the silver bowl on the table to the space recycling station.

The blond man twitched a few more times, and it was obvious that even if the things were dealt with, it would take a long time for the smell in the air to dissipate. Well, even if it dissipates, according to his mental strength, it would stay in his memory for a long time, at least three years.

Qin Mo stretched out his hand to pick up the robot maid who was about to kill her master, carried the blond man corpse in one hand, and stepped into the room inside blankly.

At the moment, in the space station densely packed with garbage. Tons of domestic garbage, industrial garbage, and war garbage were sent from the transportation pipeline to this crushing high-temperature incineration site all the time.

With a snap, a silver basin fell onto a pile of scraps. The silver basin was overturned, and its stench spread instantly. The red soup, white powder and various ingredients in it quickly flowed onto the ground. The soup gradually flowed from a high place to a low place, and finally mixed into a bright red liquid.

In the darkness, a pair of dim and yellow vertical pupils opened. Its broken black wings trembled lightly, and suddenly there was a roar of pain. But this soup quickly flowed though its wings, to the slightly stretched but weak fangs.



In the quiet space station suddenly sounded a strange chewing, swallowing, and sucking sound. After a long time, the sound of a burp came out.


Liu Weiwei sent a bowl of snail noodles that she had just learned to Heaven Rewards the Diligent, and immediately turned on the fresh air system in her room. She herself was holding a bowl of sour and refreshing snail noodles, and then she ate excitedly. Although it smelled terrible, it tasted incredibly delicious. Back then, as long as she smelled this smell, she would automatically retreat dozens of meters away. But since she tasted it, she couldn't stop anymore. Every time she smelled this indescribable taste, she would drool. Of course, after eating, she would also emit the same fascinating smell, which would not dissipate for a long time.

Snail noodles


She didn’t know if Heaven Rewards the Diligent could tolerate this? Liu Weiwei thought secretly, the more she thought about it, the more proud she became. This was one of the ten new street foods she learned. Because she loved to eat this, she learned this rice noodle based snack.

Liu Weiwei originally wanted to put it on Skynet to sell it, but the smell was too strong, and she was afraid that people now would not be able to accept it. Even back in the past, the shops selling snail noodles would be despised by various shop owners, because no matter what other people sell, they would end up with the snail noodles’ smell. Even the broth that has been boiled for three days and three nights couldn’t be saved o( ̄ヘ ̄o#)

If she set up such stall on Skynet, Liu Weiwei was really afraid that someone would report her. If she was reported, she would be subjected to numerous reviews by the Skynet Consumer Protection Association. Even if the final review was passed, it would take at least one week to reopen her business. She was eager to complete her task, eager to made money to pay off her debts, and didn’t want to cause such trouble for the time being.

But just to take revenge to the inhuman tutor Heaven Rewards the Diligent, it was superb, very superb.

Liu Weiwei felt that the most well-meaning prank in the world was to ask the other party to eat snail noodles. The unique flavor of spicy, refreshing, fresh, sour, and hot would definitely make the other person fall in love with this terrible smell, ha ha ha.

In order to restore the taste of this snack to the greatest extent, Liu Weiwei chose the ingredients closest to the original snail noodles raw materials in this Interstellar Era, which spent a lot of credits. Fortunately, the fat man gave a lot of money.

Thinking of this, Liu Weiwei turned her light brain and found that Li Sanpang had been added as a friend and was lying quietly in her friend list. She had been preparing to study, but now she stood up immediately with a flash of inspiration. After pushing the single bed into the wall, she took out a cooking workbench and frozen broiler chickens from the space station. Because lack of arm strength in this scum body, she used the new electronic knife to smoothly cut the mutant broiler o(╥﹏╥)o.

After putting the frozen chickens in the incubator and setting it to thaw at 30 degrees, Liu Weiwei washed her hands, hummed a small tune, and wholeheartedly gave the chicken pieces a massage that could even reach the soul of the broiler. She kneed back and forth, left and right, and massage the meat of the broiler chicken to the ultimate relaxation and softness. She then sprinkle her newly exchanged salt, five-spice powder, and pepper on every corner of the chicken pieces, let them marinate for thirty minutes, then throw them in flour and roll. When the frying pan was hot, she threw in the broiler chicken pieces covered in flour.

[La la la, your finger lickin’ original fried chicken is here, please accept it~]

Liu Weiwei used her light brain to take a beautiful photo of the golden and attractive fried chicken, and then sent it to Li Sanpang.

[Last time you gave too much money, let's do the calculations, and I will pay you back. Remember to give me your address. The fried chickens are best served while it is hot. The tofu puddings would be mailed with the chicken wings in the afternoon.]

The fat man seemed to like her snacks before, but now he had forgotten to send his address. He didn’t care about the 100,000 deposit? Liu Weiwei couldn't help but complain, but soon devoted herself to making the tofu puddings and chicken wings orders.

But Li Sanpang was wronged by her. He didn't forget, but he didn't even have the chance to touch his light brain. A certain girl who has been completely deprived of Skynet's log in authority was carrying out crazy bombing and revenge on him (ˉ▽ ̄~) ~~

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  1. seriously. I think the main character is rather dumb even by modern standards. I am not sure how she passed high school in modern times, let alone university.

    1. I think she's infected with the body's brain capacity lol


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