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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 28 Part 2

 ICRAB – Chapter 28 Part 2 of 3

[Mapo tofu proficiency reached 200%!]

[Mapo Tofu has a five-star perfect rating!]

[Host had won the favor from Sichuan Super Chef, five-star hotel chef, and favorability has been improved. Host get the precious recipes gifted by the chef, top ten classic Sichuan recipes.]

[Complete hidden tasks: Practice the same dish more than 2000 times in a row, and get a perfect evaluation. Reward: The initial proficiency of all new recipes will start at 50%, and the practice time is reduced by 50%.]

[After a long time of practice, Host’s cooking skills have grown significantly. The harder host work, the luckier you are, please continue to cheer!]

Significant increase in culinary skills? There were so many rewards! The system even directly gave away ten Sichuan cuisine recipes. Liu Weiwei almost laughed three times to the sky, and immediately glanced at her personal attribute template.

[Host: Liu Weiwei

Age: 18

Credit coins: 25,763

Currently open recipes: Street food 1%, Sichuan cuisine 1%

Knife: LV2 (barely able to cut ingredients into the same size)

Pan Handling: LV1 (no flow)

Seasoning: LV2 (barely reaching a moderate taste)

Heat: LV2 (barely reaching complete food without burning)

Pastry: LV2 (barely able to make ends meet)

Beauty: 30 (You who are weak and windy will make pedestrians take a look)]


A group of beasts of grass and mud horses rushed past in Liu Weiwei’s heart. She put up a middle finger, this was something called significant growth? So stingy?

"How much is full level?"

[Currently it is 99!]

Liu Weiwei was taken aback, "Currently?"

[Please continue to work hard so that the host can explore more possibilities of this system.]

[Only approval from a five-star hotel chef was achieved, so the Host’s distance from becoming the food master is still very far away.]

Liu Weiwei sighed, it was true. Now she had only learned one receipe of Mapo tofu in Sichuan cuisine, so there was still a long way to go. But who didn't eat one bite at a time? She couldn’t rush. She immediately glanced at the newly acquired top ten classic Sichuan cuisine recipes, and her eyes brightened! Sichuan hot pot, boiled fish, twice-cooked pork, they were all her favorites!

Sichuan Hotpot

Boiled Fish

Twice-cooked Pork

Liu Weiwei poured a small pot of water to Xiao Bai, who was gnawing on Timothy Hay cookie bar, and stroked its fur excitedly. She felt that the peak of her life was about to come. When she accumulates more credits, she could simply rent a small shop, so there was no need to set up a stall, and she would be able to open it rain or shine.

But... Liu Weiwei’s weak mental power was still a problem. Because of that she could only open one hour a day, which was unfortunate. It seemed that she still had to find a way to open a shop in reality. As of now, if the Linde Star she was on were placed on the earth, it would be of the level of a second to third tier city. If she wanted to lease a physical store for business in an area where the flow of people was prosperous, at least a rent of more than 50,000 credits a month would be required.

Liu Weiwei took out a small book and started to calculate her earning. If she went online every day, she could earned 10,000 to 20,000 credits a day, deducting the cost of materials, shouldn’t she be able to earn half-year rent in one month? ( ̄▽ ̄)

Liu Weiwei was fearless in an instant. It turned out that the rent of physical stores was also a trivial thing, hahaha!

When Liu Weiwei was still bragging, her light brain received message. She glanced at the message and was shocked to see a series of news from Li Sanpang.

"Will you set up a stall on Skynet today?"

"Can you mail me another thirty copies of Mapo Tofu?"


From around 6 o'clock this morning, Li Sanpang started sending messages to bomb Liu Weiwei, and by 9 o'clock, she already had 30 unread messages from him. The last message turned out to be a bank transfer notice for 100,000 credits.

Liu Weiwei was shocked and counted the zeros repeatedly to check. She also understood now that the seasonings in the Interstellar era were very expensive, so real dishes were dozens of times more expensive than the price of the same food virtually in Skynet. After all, virtual food could be recycled in Skynet restaurants as long as it was made once, while in reality, whether seasonings or valuable ingredients, one portion made mean one portion of ingredients were used.

But Liu Weiwei didn't expect this Li Sanpang to be so rich. He gave her such a huge sum of money. She had just thought about opening physical store, and the money for one month rent directly came. Li Sanpang also added 5,000 credits red envelope so that she could use the express delivery ran by Interstellar Alliance, which was reliable, safe and fast.

Liu Weiwei thought that the fat man was too anxious, but the customer was God so she couldn’t complain. Anyway, there was still an hour before her training time, so she immediately placed an order to purchase ingredients, exchange for seasonings, quickly finished cooking, put the food in a fresh-keeping box, put it in a delivery box, and delivered it to Li Sanpang. Because he was a big customer, she thought for a moment and decided to also send some gifts.

Liu Weiwei quickly took a little bit of liangpi she made for dinner yesterday, mixed it with some seasoning, and sent it along. Easily, she earned a net profit of almost 70,000 credits. She almost lost her eyes with her wide smile.

And soon on Planet Osda, Li Sanpang, who was staring at his light brain waiting for a reply, received a notification.

[Ding, your speed express has arrived, please sign for it.]

[Thirty portions of Mapo Tofu, and one portion of Liangpi.]

[Sender's postscript: I sent Liangpi as a gift. You can mix it well with the seasonings before eating. I will also sell new dishes this week, boiled fish, twice-cooked pork, and spicy chicken. If you place an order on the new products, I will give a discount. Each will only cost 5,000 credits.]

Spicy Chicken (Làzǐ jī)

Li Sanpang swallowed on the spot. He immediately took out the box delivered by the space station and walked to the study on the second floor. The room was originally a serious room with various ancient books, but now there was a long conference table full of old people in military uniforms.

Li Sanpang walked in lightly, put the contents of the box on the table, and walked out silently.

Go back to cry and eat the hidden Liangpi!

Up until 9:50, Liu Weiwei still failed to coax the rabbit to stay alone in the dormitory. So in the end she hid it in her pocket, and walked all the way to the playground. A large number of students and several other officers have already gathered there.

"Classmates, hurry back to your team." Lieutenant Lu Qingheng covered his swollen nose and eyes by wearing sunglasses. "Today is a collective field training day for students."

Actually, with current medical cabin, for minor skin injuries, it would only take half an hour to efficiently remove all scars. However, Lu Qingheng got out of the medical cabin in the morning and was beaten by the d*mn kangaroo again! If he went to get treatment again, he would definitely be late for the training camp. However, he glanced at the other nine people who were wearing the same sunglasses like him in the distance, and grinned.

Yesterday, with the persuasion of two insidious guys from the 1st and 2nd Battalion, everyone tried to secretly open a small stove owned by cooking soldiers to eat. When they were discovered by others, they were all beaten up. So this morning, they fought over who would give the Major’s cooking soldiers a special training alone. Finally, they decided to do collective field training and no one was allowed to contact the Major’s cooking soldier alone.

Hehe, everyone was hurt. Lu Qingheng felt because everyone was as beaten over as him, his mood was a little better. But looking at the thin girl in front of him, he still touched the aching corners of his mouth. He hesitated and said, "Classmates, after the training is over, can you give me some more dumplings? I can pay for them." His stinky kangaroo liked to eat it, so he couldn't say much.

Lu Qingheng wanted to calm it down last night, but the big guy almost broke the wall of his room. When he woke up this morning, a big hole in the wall was leaking wind. In the morning, it wouldn't eat the beasts’ dry food he prepared. Instead, it punched him in with left and right punches. It was a complete chaos.

Lu Qingheng simply suspected that he had tamed a fake pet. The time when the kangaroo surrendered seemed like a dream. He felt that he was very unlucky! But in the past few days, Major Mu Ming went to the military area hospital again. Lu Qingheng heard that he was in a severe coma. If he got such temperamental beast like Major Mu, what would it be like? 

Lu Qingheng didn't understand animal language, so communication would be useless. But at least he had ever encountered a beast that was willing to follow him. Although it was only a short moment yesterday, he didn't want to abandon the beast, let alone starve it to death. Although he felt shameless, he still cheekily asked the Major's cooking soldier for something.

"No problem. I have also studied some new recipes, and I will give the instructors a taste later." Liu Weiwei squinted and smiled.

Lu Qingheng sighed, "When you disband, I will give you the Drunken Rifle. There were only ten instructors today, so we can’t take care of every student. If you are holding the rifle, Level 3 to 4 beasts’ attack is absolutely manageable." As soon as he finished speaking, he heard a broadcast announcement on the playground.

"Everyone will start spreading at ten o'clock and the training camp will end at six o'clock in the evening."

"Everyone came over to take off their safety suits and helmets. Wear them carefully and correctly. When in danger, immediately press the help button on the helmet. The protective cover of the safety suit can withstand fire for one minute, so attack from beasts below Level 7 will not be a problem. In that one minute, the instructor will be able to come to rescue you."

"We will conduct a comprehensive assessment based on the length of time each of you have persisted, as well as the level and number of beasts hunted. Top three students will receive certification award for this military training camp."

"Your light brain will be linked to the training local area network, so you can check your ranking among all 512 students in real time. Now, disband!"

Upon hearing the dissolution announcement, the students immediately dispersed, but with Liu Weiwei's short legs and weak body, needless to say, she fell in the end.

Lu Qingheng saw that the other students were almost gone, so he handed the Drunken Rifle to her, "This is not cheating. It's... an extra protection for weak students." He blushed a little when he said this. However, he was not the only one.

As soon as Liu Weiwei thanked Lu Qingheng, she found herself surrounded by several other commanders. Almost all of them have one bar and two stars on their shoulders, or one bar and three stars, all at the rank of lieutenant and captain.

"Classmate, you can rest assured, we won't hurt you."

"Do you know where the siren is? Just press it if you have anything and I will come."

"Don't be nervous and don't leave the Level 3 beasts area. If all that really doesn't work, you can add me as a friend, and I will take care of you."

"Shut up Lieutenant Liu, where's your face?"

"Captain Zhang, you still have a face? Then take your personal identification number back!"

"Ma Dan, you are too much! Student Liu, add me. I am older, I am more reliable!"

"F*ck off! Was old age useful? Student Liu, I am the youngest, you add me."

Liu Weiwei was dazed. She didn't even know what happened. 

Why did these army commander act so familiar with her?

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  1. Oh my! Im wheezing when i read about all of commanders sporting sunglasses. This is my first futurilistic(?) novel. I like it very much. Thank you for translating❤❤❤❤❤

  2. hmmm... what happen to her debt? as far as i remember it was about a hundred million, no? and it will increase as days pass by? why can't she just focus first on how to pay the debt before she dream about renting a shop (─.─||)

  3. I think her debt should be illegal. I'm pretty sure she was under 18 when she gambled.


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