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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 29

ICRAB – Chapter 29

At the assembly point in the playground, the camp leaders were also paying close attention to the situation of the students. Once a student triggered the protective barrier or pressed the alarm, they would immediately locate the student and rushed over.

In addition to the ten battalion commanders, there were also physical teachers from the school to help ensure the safety of the students. In that morning, basically every hour, four to five students quitted the training competition due to danger. By afternoon, the probability of a student being physically exhausted or being attacked by a high-level beast was greatly increased. In the last hour, there were only less than fifty students who were still hunting, killing beast, and sprinting into as the competition’s champion.

Wearing sunglasses, Lu Qingheng had been observing the light screen on the playground that played the students’ rankings. The Major’s cooking soldier, from ten o'clock in the morning to the present, her ranking had remained motionless and stayed at 512th place. It was the last rank, where the number of hunted beast was 0. But no matter how he looked at it, he felt that this big duck egg was really dazzling. (TN: LQH saw the 0 as duck egg.)

"It shouldn't be." Lu Qingheng frowned and put his hands on his belt. "If she is in Level 3 or 4 beast area, holding the rifle I gave, she should be able to kill at least one or two heads, right?"

"Did she hide?" Commander of the 1st Battalion carried a comatose student and threw the student to the ground. "I read her information and it said that she has never been in the base alone, so she is probably too afraid."

"If she stays on the driverless tram, it would be safe." The Commander of the 3rd Battalion came over. "I only care about whether we can invite her to cook tonight."

"Yes, raise your hand if you agree." The Commander of the 2nd Battalion raised his hand, but soon he lowered it again, "Ouch, another student is calling for help, I'm going!"

Lu Qingheng was a little annoyed when he heard this, and circled around the place. Before the Major left, he was given the task of training the cooking soldier girl. It didn't matter if she was at the bottom, but if her result was a big duck egg, it would not be easy to explain. If later the Major saw her training transcript. Would he be satisfied?

As Lu Qingheng thought about it, he felt that the bruise on the corner of his eye became a little bit painful again. The injuries he got from the stupid kangaroo were not healed yet, if this continued, he might also get beaten like a sand bag by the inhuman Major.

Lu Qingheng was a simple-minded guy. He went in circles repeatedly and still couldn't think of a way to help the girl. But halfway around, his military light brain suddenly popped up a 3D video call request. Before he accepted, a serious old man in black military uniform suddenly appeared in front of him, almost right up his eyes.

The chest of the old man’s military uniform was full of medals, and the dazzling epaulettes made Lu Qingheng almost think that he had seen it wrong. The flame-shaped Alliance medal and the silver six-pointed star twinkled, which was clearly a sign of a Military Marshal level.

There was only one Marshal in the entire Eastern Army Group, Marshal Li Er!

Lu Qingheng instantly shed cold sweat. Superiors calling through military channels for issuing military orders, and all other direct compulsory calls, did not need to unilaterally accept actions at all.

Lu Qingheng took a deep breath and immediately stood at attention and saluted "Good Day, Marshal! What instructions does the Marshal have?"

"Inform your current location." The Marshal sat behind a long dark table with his hands folded on the table.

Lu Qingheng was immediately shocked, "Report! Commanders of the 1st Battalion to 10th Battalion of the First Army Regiment’s current location is in Liyang High School, the specific coordinates are (129, 42)."

Marshal Li Er said, "Qin Mo hasn't come back yet?"

"Yes, Marshal!"

"Then I’ll give you an important task."

"Please feel free, Sir!."

"Find someone for me." Marshal Li Er’s eyes pierced at Lu Qingheng sharply. "A suspiciously thin girl has logged in to Skynet at 10 o'clock last night. I also knew that she had mailed an express delivery package from her bedroom at 9 o'clock this morning."

Lu Qingheng opened his mouth, what kind of order was this...? Suspicious, was it right?

"Her hair is withered, her eyes are big and absent, and she is about 1.62 meters tall. Her limbs are small, body is thin, and her age no more than 18. I give you twenty-four hours, find her and bring her to see me immediately." Marshal Li Er finished his order.

Lu Qingheng swallowed. Why did this description sound like a certain girl he knew?

"In addition, bring also Qin Mo’s quasi-cooking soldier!"

"Marshal,..." You said it was an important task, didn’t you? Hello!

Lu Qingheng wanted to object, but when he saw Marshal Li Er’s face that was so serious in front of him, he suddenly stayed silent with a stunned expression. What did he know what was considered important thing for a Marshal? He had no reason to object. However, just now Marshal Li Er's face clearly seemed to twitch a little, and the pupils of both his eyes were dilated.

Although the Marshal tried his best to control his expression, Lu Qingheng, as a soldier who had received professional investigation and counter-reconnaissance, still saw these subtle changes. However, Lu Qingheng soon discovered that his observations were of no use, because various exclamations soon sounded around him.

"Oh my God, what is that dust rushing over?"

"Cow! No, Cows, more than ten! Oh my god, is the base defense broken?!"

"Simmental, Silver-armored, Brahman, and Level 5 Leigongshan cows? Who opened the defense of the base?!"

"Run! Don’t just stay around, run away! Ah, my ass!"

There were bursts of exclamation and screaming, mixed with cow mooes, and the sound of their hooves rushing on the ground getting closer and closer.

Lu Qingheng’s mind went blank as soon as he turned his head. This sh*tty Liyang High School, is their beast base defense barrier made of tofu? Beasts still could escape outside?

Lu Qingheng immediately put Marshal Li Er behind his attention, drew his gun with one hand, picked up a crying student who staggered on his side with the other, and pushed them aside. "Stay calm!" He shot directly into the sky with a bang. "Stay calm!"

"Students below Level 5 open the protective cover of your safety suit and retreat ten meters away as soon as possible."

"Students above Level 5 pickup your weapons and help the other students around you and evacuate together!"

"Even if you are f*cked, no one is allowed to panic!"

After Lu Qingheng said this, he heard a cry. He immediately saluted to the video call, "Marshal, emergency crisis,…"

"Those cows seem to have something on their backs?"

At once, Lu Qingheng turned around. He turned his back to the outside of the playground during the call, so Marshal Li Er could see more clearly than him.

Lu Qingheng was taken aback. He immediately looked at the most chaotic area where a herd of cows danced, and what he saw almost scared away half his life. Why was the thin girl stuck in the beast cow pile? 

The girl was a weak chicken with only 3 Stars physical skills, as long as she was touched by any bull on the field, she would die. So, why was she standing stupidly in the middle?

Lu Qingheng almost collapsed when he saw her. He had no chance to see what was on the back of one of the cow. But just as he was about to shoot, he saw a pile of beast corpses being thrown into the open space after the teachers and students fled.

"Instructor, do these count as points?"

Lu Qingheng heard the weak voice of the weak chicken girl. He unconsciously nodded half of his head before he froze directly, what, what did she mean?!

Liu Weiwei stretched out both hands, "Ten dead beasts, do I get ten points?"

Ai Mu, who was currently number one on the list, had hunted five Level 4 beasts and three Level 5 beasts, ranking first on the list. The weak girl could actually hunt ten beasts? Lu Qingheng looked at the ground, and only then he saw the corpses of four giant hyenas, as well as a few corpses of Level 4 crocodile, and even Level 5 red poison spiders on the pile!

These were all top ten on the beast kill list. If these really counted, this score would definitely surpass the current first rank Ai Mu!

But what made Lu Qingheng even more suspicious at this moment was that the dozen or so beast cows that were lying on the ground. They were just lying comfortable and seemed to have no desire to attack the nearby students, as if they hadn't seen or smell the human beings around.

Suddenly, Lu Qingheng seemed to see a shadow of his stupid kangaroo in the bodies of this group of stupid cows!

"Instructor, I think these cows are good beasts." Liu Weiwei hugged her little rabbit and walked over. "You said, if the beasts surrender to humans, we don't need to kill them."

The corners of Lu Qingheng's mouth twitched, and he looked at the fragile thin girl up and down. Who did they surrender to, surrender to her whose arms were not as thick as his legs?

Lu Qingheng was stunned, but suddenly he was handed an iron can by the girl. While he was still at a loss, he was pulled by Liu Weiwei and they walked to the front of the Level 5 Leigongshan Bull.

Lu Qingheng was not afraid of it. A mere Level 5 beast would not make him panic. But the, the, the, the Leigongshan bull suddenly stretched out its wet tongue and licked his hand.


Lu Qingheng's already unusable brain was now completely collapsed. "Don't shoot! Everyone, don't shoot!" He shouted immediately. It would be great if his gray kangaroo would lick his fingers like this. When he was silly, several other battalion commanders who were present also gathered around, their nerves tense, and their hands stayed on their guns.

"Little Lu, what's the matter?"

"Did you use your anesthesia gun?"

But before they got Lu Qingheng's answer, their hands were all stuffed with an iron pot.

"These are good cows." With a single sentence, Liu Weiwei refreshed everyone's perceptions. "Really. They are just hungry. If you don't believe me, you can feed them a hay cookie bar. Meatloafs are also okay, but you have to feed them slowly." Liu Weiwei also helped the 3rd Battalion’s Commander next to her. She opened a jar, took out a piece of meatloaf, and stuffed it into his hand.

Without having to move, the nearest Level 4 Brahman bull had already raised its head by himself, opened his mouth, and gnawed the meat in the 3rd Battalion’s Commander’s hand together with the bread in his other hand.

The 3rd Battalion’s Commander got goose bumps, but found that the cow didn't mean to hurt him at all. Instead, its teeth bit the meatloaf then it licked the palm of his hand from time to time.

The 3rd Battalion’s Commander:!!! So magical! Feeding Warcraft turned out to be such a delicate physical and mental experience.

Lu Qingheng also fell into the subtle atmosphere, but his mind was still thinking of his big stupid kangaroo. If it was this obedient, even if he exhausted his fortune, he would buy Xiao Long Bao for it to eat everyday. Compared to this big bull, his kangaroo was way cuter.  ̄ω ̄= 

"Lieutenant Lu, I will give you seven days to bring back samples of the beasts from this base."

"In addition, bring that girl also!"

The sudden sound of from the still running video call made Lu Qingheng shocked, only then he remembered that the video with the marshal had not been cut off.

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