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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 32

 ICRAB – Chapter 32

[The task "Capturing the stomach of an SR-rated diner" completed!]

[Reward: Beauty +5, Knife Skill +5, and Thirteen Fragrant Crayfish Recipe. Officially Open Jiangsu Cuisine!]

Liu Weiwei's eyebrows suddenly beamed, and the more she looked at instructor Lu on the table, the more pleasing he was to her eyes. But soon another news slammed at her.

[Trigger a new task: The battle of cuisines.]

[Thirteen-scented crayfish, from Xuyi, Jiangsu Province, is classified as Jiangsu Cuisine according to the system. However, because of its spicy taste, there are also disputes about classifying it as Sichuan or Hunan cuisine, and there are disputes about classifying it as Shandong or even Jianghu cuisine because of the thirteen spices used.]

[Although the brilliance of a hundred schools of thought is gone, it does not hinder the use of taste buds to awaken diners' awareness of delicious dishes.]

[Task requirements: Cook one 13-flavored crayfish, up to a five-star level, and let 100 diners learn about the birthplace of crayfish – Jiangsu! Time: Three days.]

[Task Reward: Introductory Knife Skills Book, and any three recipes of Jiangsu cuisine.]

The boiled fish fillet on Liu Weiwei's hand snapped back into her bowl. She thought that for knife skills she only had to practice hard, but there was even an introduction book. She wished to return back to her room in an instant. She wished to go back to learn the crayfish dish immediately because the new rewards were really tempting.

When the meal was finished, the robots in the military cabin diligently cleaned up the tables. A single robotic arm could stack ten plates and ten bowls, and the cleaning could be done in minutes by throwing the dirty dishes into the cleaning machine. The efficiency was extreme.

Liu Weiwei saw that she couldn't help, so she went into the kitchen, gave the cooked Xiao Long Bao to Instructor Lu, and received 8,000 credits. This was still based on the friendly price after she gained five points of beauty. She also gave him a professional advice from a cook.

"Instructor, I suggest you buy some more hay cookie bar. Xiao Long Bao can only be used as a complementary food, not for the kangaroo to eat three times a day."

Lu Qingheng almost cried, but at the end nodded tragically, "I can't afford to give it this three times a day. I will go bankrupt!" Turning around, he remembered again, "By the way, you have to go back to the military area with us. You should be able to receive the notice within these two days. So you go back to organize your things today, and we will set off the day after tomorrow. If there is no the turbulence, it will take about four days to go back. You can purchase some daily-needed items in advance, and you also cannot send or receive express delivery while we are on the way."

"Is the First Military Academy in the military region?" Liu Weiwei blinked.

Lu Qingheng touched his nose, "Of course not. It's just that the cooks are special. Basically, upon admission, they will be allocated internships and enter the barracks."

Liu Weiwei really didn't know, "Then can I do a little business in the military area?"

"Business? Ah, Xiao Long Bao! Yes, as long as the price is fair, the Marshal will not control it. After all, you are just a logistic clerk."

Liu Weiwei smiled immediately. No matter where she went, she didn't care, as long as it didn't hinder her from making money and paying off her debts. The purchases of daily things were really necessary, and meanwhile she would go to her Skynet stall to sell crayfish. Thinking about it this way, she felt that time was tight.

Liu Weiwei greeted the instructors quickly and was about to leave. It was also strange that since she got on the cabin, the little white rabbit who had always followed her just hid in the kitchen and wouldn't get out. Every time she finished a dish, she would use some clean water to remove oily and spicy seasonings residues on the pan, put them into a small plate, and let it be eaten obediently by the rabbit in the kitchen. Now that she was leaving, Xiao Bai instantly jumped into the pocket of her school uniform and stuffed its furry head into it.

[Beep – You received the admission notice from the Logistics and Cooking Department of the First Military Academy.]

As soon as Liu Weiwei's hand touched the soft rabbit's fur, a bunch of news came. 

[Congratulations on being admitted to the Logistics Cooking Department of the First Military Academy of the Interstellar Alliance, and becoming the 198939th honorable cook.]

[All four-year courses in the Department of Cooking have been opened. A total of 200 credits must be taken, including 100 credits for the course and 100 credits for the practice.]

[The assigned location of the internship is: Eastern Army Group First Regiment. Reporting object: Major Qin Mo.]

[Please go to the internship within ten days.]

Liu Weiwei stared, "I really don't have to go to school to report?"

Before leaving, Lu Qingheng laughed on the spot, "The notification came? Well, the cooking department is like that. Internships are generally easy. As long as you work for one hour a day, you are free for the rest of the day, so there is no need for in class study. The registration is also online, very simple."

Liu Weiwei immediately caught his explanation: "One hour? It's a bit tight to make three meals."

Lu Qingheng's mouth twitched, "What? Cooking? Who told you?"

Liu Weiwei: "..."

"Although I haven't had much contact with cooking soldiers, I know some about them. Of course, it's not cooking. Now everyone drinks nutrient solution, so at best cooking soldier task was just take note of the nutrient solutions flavor that their superior like."

Liu Weiwei was more confused, "Huh?"

"But you have such a good craftsmanship. If you are cooking, the Major will definitely not object." Lu Qingheng drooled as he thought about it. "By the way, has your distribution news come down? Is it our Eastern Army Group, is it Major Qin?"

Liu Weiwei felt that she had suffered a bit from this shock. What would she do if she don’t cook? She nodded, dumbfounded, "The subject of report is indeed the Major."

Lu Qingheng immediately rejoiced, "I knew that the Marshal had already acted personally. This is an efficient leverage. Don't worry, classmate Liu, I can't guarantee anything else, but no one in the Eastern Army Group will dare to bully you!"

Liu Weiwei showed an awkward smile, ha ha. This was a bit different from what she originally imagined.

Back in the dormitory, Liu Weiwei glanced at the notifications, hurriedly scanned the light brain news, and entered the cooking department course. In just a glance, she was stunned.

Principle of Voice, Theory of Comforting Post-War Damage and Mental Power Relationship, Musical Instrument for Comforting and Relieving, Softening Spiritual Power Practice Theory, Playlist for Pressure Relieving, How to Harmonize with Major's Spiritual Power, Study of ...

What the hell were these?

[Job requirements: Three or more stress relief counseling sessions for Major with same frequency of mental power every week, one hour each time.]

Puff… Liu Weiwei really choked out directly.

"This is the cooking department?" Liu Weiwei read the school admission notice again suspiciously. The logistics department guidance wizard bound to her light brain immediately responded.

[Food makes people happy.]

[Emerging professional cooks will be the source of future happiness for soldiers.]

Liu Weiwei stared.

[After the internship, the cook will receive salary and benefits for the highest civil servant level in Interstellar Alliance.]

[The details can be inquired in the benefit details.]

[In order to ensure the quality of admission for cooking soldier, all information about the career development (specific job content, promotion evaluation, benefits, etc.) are confidential and will not be made public to students before admission. After registration, students can check in the college's personal background. Thank you for your cooperation!]

Liu Weiwei sat on the stool with a dazed expression. Cook was also a confidential profession? A cook who didn’t actually cook but act like a psychological counselor? But if there was a lot of money, she didn't have any objection. Although the names of those courses were very strange, it seemed that she only need to work three hours a week, and she would be living in the military area. This was in line with the three elements of a perfect job: more money, less work, and close proximity to home. She can spend more time on the food business!

Liu Weiwei was still in a daze, only until the little white rabbit scratched her with its furry paws, groaningly exposed its belly and asked for a massage, she recovered.


At Skynet at the moment.

Marshal Li Er and his group of old comrades-in-arms, who hadn't seen each other for many years, chatted a lot about the past. After that, finally they remembered that they wanted to solemnly collect the gift that the Marshal’s respected student sent – snail noodles.

There were a few old guys who left to pick up their grandson from school. But the one-eyed and one-armed old men stayed behind. After hearing that they could taste more food, they went directly to Skynet without saying a word, trying to get a share of the pie.

The Marshal also bought a small suburban house on Skynet. The price was not expensive. It was suitable for sitting in the small garden of the house and basked in the sun when there was nothing to do. The first thing he did when he landed was to let the robot repair the small garden. Especially for a few pots of pine and bamboo, the robot sprayed them with water. The roses next to it were also trimmed and showed their buds.

"For tasting food, you really need a good environment." The one-eyed old man laughed and took a breath, "Old Li, you still pay attention to this!"

The one-armed old man also narrowed his eyes, "That snail noodles, is it possible that the big snail beasts are used as ingredients? I have never heard of anyone eating this stuff!"

Marshal Li Er had already taken off his military uniform at this moment. Wearing a military green vest inside, he personally moved the dining table in the living room to the garden. "Okay, all sit down. The amount seemed to be not a lot. If there is only one serving, we will divide it." As he said that, he washed his hands seriously. In fact, in virtual Skynet he didn’t need to do this. But the Marshal felt that this was particularly ceremonial, so it was as a respect for the precious dishes.

The robot placed three cutleries on the table, and quickly withdrew.

Marshal Li Er's serious mouth finally raised a smile, and he opened his Skynet personal space station.

The one-eyed old man leaned forward, while the one-armed old man reached out, picked up the fork on the table, and looked over expectantly. However... the moment the lid was opened, his fork flicked and fell to the ground!

"What, what is this smell?"

"Old Li, are you crazy?! We are eating, even if you let the robot fertilize, you can't use this smelly raw fertilizer!" The one-eyed old man gave a strange cry, and immediately covered his nose and mouth, his face flushed all over.

The one-armed old man was also displeased by the pit, and quickly covered his nose with the hand that lost his fork, "Ruined, this rare delicacy has been ruined by your mistake!"

Marshal Li Er twitched the corners of his mouth. He glanced at the bowl of snail noodles that had been placed on the table and opened the lid with one hand. There was a layer of bright red soup in the bowl, green vegetables, white jade noodles, and a few golden flakes as embellishments. It was steaming and made people appetite increased big time!

But...Marshal Li Er's face also flushed red! It was suffocating! In an instant, he thought of the report he had received before. ‘After Major Mu Ming was attacked by the smell of failed cooking in Skynet, he was unconscious and was rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment.’ Not long ago, his students told him to open his protective mask!

"Cough...cough!" Marshal Li Er didn't hold it back, and he felt even more stinky when he got angry. But he quickly flipped the protective mask he had received from the space station, and quickly turned on the equipment.

"Old Li, what kind of manure you use! It stinks to death?"

"This smell is from the snail noodles!" After Marshal Li Er finished taking pictures of the table, he quickly gave protective masks for his two old comrades.

"Impossible! How could it be the taste of the food she made? Old Li, you are talking nonsense!"

"Don't think because you are the marshal now, I dare not beat you!"

As soon as the two old people breathed the fresh air, they were immediately unconvinced.

Marshal Li Er rolled his eyes on the spot. He took a roll of fine noodles in the bowl with a fork, and quickly stuffed it into the one-eyed Old Zheng's mouth, "You don’t believe me? How can I talk nonsense!" Marshal Li Er squinted.

But the next moment, the one-eyed old man shook his body, almost swallowing the fine noodles in one gulp. His one eye lightened and went turbid. "This smell, this f*cking scent! This f*cking special scent!"

Marshal Li Er: ... Your sense of smell was broken, brother!

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