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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 20

ICRAB – Chapter 20

Pure white bunny rabbit. 

When Liu Weiwei was awake, it threw its hind legs and threw itself into her arms. The pink and tender nose, close to her hand, sniffed.

"Woo." A thin soft voice sounded in the bedroom. A pair of round black eyes on the round rabbit's face stared at Liu Weiwei. It felt that she hadn't moved so it stretched out a soft paw and put it on her arm. The soft and furry meat pad was tender, it was so cute!

"My dear, where are you from?" The tasks given by the system was thrown behind Liu Weiwei’s head in an instant. Compared to the huge rabbit taller than her that she saw at the base, this small one was obviously too cute. "Did you escape from other dormitory?" Nowadays, some people also kept some animals with relatively few mutations, or even some weak and well-behaved beasts as pets. Raising rabbits in the dormitory, even after thousands of years, was something girls would do secretly.

Liu Weiwei cautiously touched the rabbit’s little head, and found that the little thing was not angry or afraid at all, so she instantly showed her aunt's smile. This lop-eared rabbit if looked closely had several golden hairs behind its ears mixed in its overall pure white ball of fur.

Liu Weiwei was about to hold it in her arms, but the little guy opened its mouth and licked the back of her hand. "Huh? Baby, are you hungry?" What did rabbits eat? Of course it was rabbit food. When there was no rabbit food, hay or a very small amount of vegetables also good.

Liu Weiwei used to raise rabbits when she was very young, but she didn't understand at that time. She fed the rabbits a lot of carrots and greens, and it died in the end. "Wait, sister will place an order right away and buy you something delicious." Skynet’s fastest express delivery could be delivered within ten minutes.

But this dumb rabbit that was about to group herself into a fur ball, snapped in an instant. It stretched its hind leg and put it on the light brain on Liu Weiwei’s right wrist. Its small body was twisted as if it wanted to open up the light brain.

Liu Weiwei was amused by its stupid action, so she could only open her space station to see what’s left at the stall today that the little thing could eat. But the space station had just opened a gap, when the white fur ball beside her instantly bounced, leaving only a shadow in the air, and instantly got into the big pot under the cooking table in the space station.

Σ(っ°Д°;)っThat's the curry soup!

Liu Weiwei panicked and removed the big pot. She stretched her neck to look in, but only found one rabbit on the suspicious big hole of originally loaded curry soup pot!

Slurp, gulp, gulp gulp... A series of strange sounds came from the rabbit.

Liu Weiwei was stunned and circled around the big pot. This pot of curry soup almost reached her chest, so she couldn't reach the end even if she stretched out her hand. She hurriedly picked up her big soup spoon from the cooking table and fished it into the pot. It took about a dozen times, and only then did she manage to fish a wet ginger-yellow fur ball that she couldn't determine where the face or the butt was.

With a slurp, the soup at the bottom of the spoon also disappeared instantly.

The ball of fur seemed to have practiced acrobatics. It pushed up its short tail, and its buttocks swayed in the center of the spoon. There was a crack sound, and a big hole was gnawed out on the bottom of the spoon.

Before Liu Weiwei could react, she saw the fur ball that she finally picked up fell back into the curry pot with a snap!

Slurping, gulping...

Liu Weiwei held the spoon with its bottom completely gnawed through in her hand, glanced at the pot below, and took a deep breath. The soup in the pot that previously reached her chest was rapidly decreasing. In a blink of an eye it was lowered to the position of her calf!

Liu Weiwei blinked and looked at the gnawed spoon in her hand. She couldn't believe what happened in front of her was true. She bought this soup spoon at Skynet Supermarket. It was said to be the latest, safest, and most solid alloy material. It was more reliable than stainless steel in the past. But now? This rabbit, just gnaw it like that? Moreover, she didn't even see the fragments that it gnawed down!


When Liu Weiwei came back from a short wandering, she saw that most of the curry was empty, and only yellowed fur ball remained inside lying comfortably on the wall of the pot. A short and cute paw falling on its belly and it made a loud burp.

After seven thousand years, pet rabbits had also evolved their gastrointestinal functions?!

Liu Weiwei thought that the only thing that has not evolved here was her own body /(ㄒoㄒ)/

The rabbit lied on the bottom of the pot with an intoxicated look, it licked its left paw then its right paw. And then it’s wet head drilled to the lower part of its belly and continued to lick its fur. The whole pot of soup was eaten but the rabbit's belly was not big.

Liu Weiwei cautiously opened her light brain and searched the school forums’ pet section. She posted carefully, [Are there pet rabbits that can eat a lot?] The school forum, unlike the Skynet virtual reality, had no restrictions on mental power. She could log in and post interaction at any time.

Soon, many students responded enthusiastically.

[The rabbit eats a lot and dump a lot. It is recommended not to raise it in the dormitory. Cleaning up is very troublesome.]

[Pet rabbits are barely okay, their character was docile. If you raise it carefully, it can interact with the owner, but they don't eat much.]

[My family's cute pink rabbit, eat feed every day, in total it can eat about 30 or 40 packs a month, pocket money consumption is within a controllable range.]

[Angola rabbit is bigger. I heard that it has similar genes to mutated beast rabbit. It has a more lively personality. It can easily to break table and bed in the dormitory. In terms of food intake, it is about the same as a ten-year-old child. Probably the mutated blood is the one causing trouble. Poor people can't afford it!]

[Upstairs, lop ears rabbit are also level 1 beasts okay, it’s just they did not developed well. They have lost the ability to continue to evolve and become pet-level beasts. So lop ears are very cute and smart as pets. It's also safe.]

Liu Weiwei felt that pets nowadays were very different from those on ancient earth. Like mutated beasts, they could eat meat. She thought for a while and posted another post, [Does rabbit eat liquid food?]

"Nutrition solution? Hiss, if you are a rich second generation, you can try it. My nutrient solution that was eaten secretly by my family's rabbit, and I was taught a lesson. Of course pets still have to eat feed!]

["I asked a veterinarian that nutrient solution is a bit too strong for rabbits. Diluted with ten part water first, before it can be used as a drink for them, but not as a staple food. Only by eating rabbit feed prepared by the veterinarian the rabbit you grow can have smooth and soft fur!]

After reading a few, Liu Weiwei thanked everyone for their enthusiasm. It seemed that now rabbits had evolved so that the stomach and intestines were very strong. It didn't matter what it eat. In the end, she couldn't help but posted again, [I found a pure white lop ear rabbit with an amazing appetite and can eat a pot full of food. If someone lost it, please contact me by private message.]

Liu Weiwei immediately withdrew from the forum after posting, ignoring the remaining [Impossible, is it possible that the one you found was pig and not rabbit?!], [This kind of appetite, please keep it for yourself, I don't want it!], [I don't want it! It ate too much, can it still fit on the bedroom door?]

If this Xiaobai (this was the name Liu Weiwei gave) had an owner, then she couldn't snatch away cute pets from others, but if this was because of eating too much that the poor rabbit was abandoned, she decided to take it in and take care of the rabbit.

"Don't worry," Liu Weiwei squatted on the ground, lying on the edge of the pot, "If you are like me and can't go home, you can stay with me. I will raise you until you are fat~"

The now yellow rabbit had its fur stuck to its body. Its pair of round and big eyes was so cute. It looked at Liu Weiwei, hugged both paws on its chest, and made a loud sound of contentment.

The soft voice made Liu Weiwei's aunt's heart burst and her legs soft. "Sister will help you take a bath~ After washing you will be a pretty rabbit again!" In order not to scare the little thing, Liu Weiwei moved the entire soup pot into the bathroom, placed it in the steam bath, and cleaned and dried it directly with the fluffy soft rabbit.

But to Liu Weiwei surprise, this Xiaobai was not afraid at all. After rolling around in the bath, it boldly jumped onto her shoulders and rolled into a ball, shaking its two long ears down, snored and dozed off.

Liu Weiwei touched its soft fur and couldn't put it down. But finally she remembered that there was still training camp in the afternoon. She changed her sanitary napkin and ordered Xiaobai a small nest from the mall. Because of Xiaobai’s cuteness, she didn't even care about her period this time. She moved quickly and ordered more ingredients to make curry that Xiaobai liked and also other snacks. She put them into her space station and went out proudly.

[Task progress: Your cute cooking has been recognized by 83 diners.]

Liu Weiwei was taken aback. She checked the business records on Skynet and found that there were only 82 customers today, and the revenue was 8,200 credits. Where did the 83rd customer come from? Aha, she had also tasted the curry herself. It turned out that she herself was considered a diners. This food system was really fair in some respects.

With emotion, Liu Weiwei left the sleeping Xiaobai in her dormitory, and arrived at the playground by herself. Surprisingly, she did not see the handsome major, but the young lieutenant who spoke this morning.

Seeing Liu Weiwei coming, Lieutenant Lu Qingheng stood upright and saluted. "Hello classmate, the Major has received an urgent task, so I will take over your training work this afternoon."

Liu Weiwei managed to endure showing a trace of smile. It was great to be able to get out of the ice cube Major!

Lu Qingheng's dark face was extremely serious. But in his light brain screen that only he could see, messages kept jumping in.

[First Lieutenant Li Dazhou: Live broadcast! Hurry up and start live broadcast, let us also take a look at the Major's cooking soldiers!]

[Corporal Fan Yuan: Lieutenant, is she beautiful? What about photos? And, how weak is she? She really can't beat level 3 beasts?]

[Prime soldier Zuo An: I beg the lieutenant to come to a spot and answer quickly!]

In First Army Regiment’s chat group, all members were so excited at the moment. The cold faced Major, who was a big ice cube, inhumane, and might never marry for a lifetime, had a cooking soldier. And it's the kind that will accompany for a lifetime!

In addition, the other party was also a female. Rumor said that she was so weak and couldn’t even fight low level beasts. This breaking news had spread rapidly across the First Army Regiment in just an hour.

Liu Weiwei was also taken aback when she saw the young officer that walked with the same hands and feet. Because at this moment, she suddenly heard a new mission given by the system...

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  1. If she pregnant how can she on period? Really curious about that..

    1. I just found this out from a doctor on the web streaming about common misconceptions of pregnancy. Being pregnant does not mean you do not bleed. Depends on the individual, but there can be spotting at times. Of course if it is more than spotting then you should go for a checkup since it might be a serious issue.

  2. What does "the young officer that walked with the same hands and feet" mean? Is he walking on fours?

    1. i think it was "the man who see her walking in four(she fell when the major? divide the group at the test)

    2. It meant walking with same lefts and rights,


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