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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 11

ICRAB – Chapter 11

Liu Weiwei finally solved her detoxification problem. She was feeling calm, refreshed, and her mood instantly rose to the sky. She crawled out of the high-tech eggshell and hummed a song, only when she remembered to read the light brain message just now.

"F*ck, who sent me the rejection message again!" As soon as Liu Weiwei saw that the information came from the mutual aid forum, she couldn't help but complain. Sure enough, she saw at a glance that this time it was a message from a senior whose id was Heaven Rewards the Diligent*. This id made her laugh directly. This kind of ancient screen name was too cringy even to be used seven thousand years ago. (TN: Idiom. 天道酬勤 / tiān dào chóu qín.)

The other party responded to Liu Weiwei angry comments before, ‘There is only one question for your article, I still can't enter university even after studying, what do you thing I can do about this?’

[Heaven Rewards the Diligent reply to you: Spend time on real reading.]

Liu Weiwei stared, almost exploded with anger. "Damn it! You mean I didn't study seriously before?" She wanted to send a message to curse, but was so angry that she threw her hand and threw herself on the small bed. She was all excellent before she transmigrated. In addition to her intelligence, she also had a high degree of education and high-quality work on her resume, which could be regarded as a strong woman in modern society. But Qian Jun, that scum, made her come seven thousand years to the future and became a school scumbag!

How could Liu Weiwei master all twelve years of knowledge accumulated by another world’s college entrance examination students in one week? Even if she studied every minute, she couldn't do it. The original owner was also a scum in individual strength, mental intelligence, and lacked of congenital conditions. After memorizing a book for a while, she felt dazzled, dizzy, and couldn't remember at all. They said more effort more fortune, but sometimes, hard work was really useless.

Liu Weiwei's eyes turned red, she sniffed, and she reached out to wipe a handful of moisture from her eyes. She never felt that studying was such a desperate thing before. She wiped the tears on her face more and more, but she couldn't stop it. Thinking that she had no friend to rely on now, that all sufferings must be borne by herself, and that she had to start all over again in an unfamiliar environment, Liu Weiwei was really sad the more she thought about it, she covered her face with a pillow, and simply wanted to cry and cry. But a new message popped up in her light brain.

Liu Weiwei whimpered with tears and opened the message.

- Heaven Rewards the Diligent: Sorry, I just said something very rude, please allow me to take it back. You worked so hard, and I was very moved. Do you intend to take the college entrance examination through physical skill exam? I can give you some help in this.

Liu Weiwei was still wiping her tears, but she couldn't help but froze when she saw the message. She looked at the sending time of the two messages, the interval between them was only a dozen minutes. Within this time, she just discharged the poison on the toilet once, but this guy had realized his mistake so quickly. Wasn't this a brain damage? Saying such an excessive thing to her caused her to shed so many tears, and now he wanted to end with an apology? 

Humph! Liu Weiwei decided to ignore it. But her light brain popped out two messages in a row.

[Heaven Rewards the Diligent sends you an application for one-on-one physical skill tuition.]

[If you accept it, the forum accounts will automatically add both of you as friends. You can turn on the screen sharing function of the your light brain at any time to do customized tuition for 24 hours.]

Liu Weiwei sneered. She immediately sent her physical assessment personal report that existed in the background to the other party. After she was done, she lay motionless on the bed. Anyone who saw her unqualified mark in all indicators on the report would no longer want to give her tutoring. Even the school teachers have given up on her a long time ago, let alone those who didn't have any obligation to do this.

Liu Weiwei gritted her teeth, thinking that if she really failed the college entrance examination, she would simply not go to college. She was about to enter the system food training space, but she was stopped by the light brain's two application records.

[Heaven Rewards the Diligent sends you an application for one-on-one skill tuition.]

[Heaven Rewards the Diligent has sent you an application for Skynet location sharing.]

Liu Weiwei was taken aback. She checked the evaluation report she sent and found that it was already read. So when the other party saw her scumbag physical stamina, he still wanted to help her with tuition?

Liu Weiwei was stunned, and unexpectedly clicked confirm. Even if her scumness had no room for improvement, but after the location was shared, she could personally take revenge on the other's arrogant but brainless head a few times, that's great!

Liu Weiwei bulged her white face like a bun, but the next moment she found a blur in front of her eyes. She opened her eyes again and found that she was standing in a wide room surrounded by sports equipment. She looked at the display screen and realized that she was already in the Interstellar Alliance local area network where the other party was located at the moment, that was, his personal Skynet.

The current Interstellar Alliance citizens could choose to rest in their real room or took a nap in their personal property on Skynet. The mental recovery speed of the two was the same. Some experts even suggested that brain waves were more active by logging on to Skynet. Therefore, it was hypothesized that taking a rest on Skynet could rejuvenate deeper brain cells.

But according to Liu Weiwei's mental power, she could only stay on the star network for an hour. She had spent ten minutes setting up a stall in the morning, and now there were only fifty minutes left. She turned around and found that there was no one else in the room except her at the moment.

[Lie down in the first cabin.]

When Liu Weiwei was looking around, a cold electronic sound suddenly sounded in the room, almost frightening her little heart. "Are you Heaven Rewards the Diligent?" She blinked.

After waiting for a long time, there was a cold one-syllable reply. "Yes."

"Lie down in the first cabin? What is that, is that the tutoring?"


Liu Weiwei's mouth twitched. What kind of person was this? There were so many words sent previously that persuade her to accept the tuition but now he suddenly cherish the words like gold!

One-to-one tutoring was initiated in the mutual aid forum approved by the Education Bureau, so the whole process would be videotaped to prevent young students from being harmed by unscrupulous elements.

Liu Weiwei had also read the instructions, so even though she felt a little weird now, she still lied down obediently on the cabin in the row against the wall. As soon as she lied down, she felt warm water enveloping her hands and feet, constantly washing her limbs and even her body, similar to the eggshell in the bathroom. She had been worrying about studying over the past few days, and she also cried bitterly just now. Now that she lied down, all over her body felt exhausted, and sleepiness came. Not long after she closed her eyes, the door of the room opened.

A man exuding indifferent aura, stood in the backlight. He stepped on military boots and walked outside the cabin door. His black eyes fell on the face of the girl who was sleeping in the cabin at the moment. A complex expression flashed in his eyes.

[Beep – the whole body report is generated. Age 18 years old, height of 163cm. Muscle content and weight are seriously 20% below standard, which result a moderately malnourished physique. The beast that can be defeated in hand-to-hand combat is: the lowest one-star long-eared rabbit (docile level).]

[Mental Strength: Three star. Weapon types that can be used: Three star and below, for example, the discontinued ignition missile, fi00 series anti-aircraft guns that can be filled with spar.]

[Running speed: extremely low. When you see a monster, you need to use the cockpit to escape.] 

Qin Mo pressed his eyebrows with extreme tolerance. He was checking his sister's study and went to the forum, but he accidentally found a handicap student who worked very hard. As long as you worked hard, there was nothing impossible. This was his life motto. He couldn’t ignore her that had worked hard. Also, he had misunderstood and hurt her first.

Qin Mo raised his eyebrows and looked at the thin girl with her eyes closed in the cabin. He stood for a while before turning around and striding out of the room.

Liu Weiwei, who was sleeping, was awakened from the shock. She opened her eyes and remembered that she came to learn in a shared environment, ah no, she actually came to take revenge and beat the other party o(* ̄︶ ̄*)o. But when she sat up, she still didn't see any living person, only a huge face was lying in front of her. 

The face was covered with black hair, two sharp fangs grew in its big bloody mouth, and the two fierce eyes with big pupils were looking at her for at the moment.


"Ah ah ah ah ah…"

The roar of the third-order giant gorilla and Liu Weiwei's screaming overlapped deafeningly!

Liu Weiwei crawled backwards on all fours together and almost fell from the cabin. But when she opened the hatch, she looked at the ground and immediately felt dizzy. It turned out that the personal cabin that was parked on the ground, close to the wall, was now at the height of two floors. When she pull back, she saw the sharp and thick nails of the black gorilla’s feet (`Д)!!

[The ignition missile is on your left, and the fi00 gun filled with spar is on your right.]

Before Liu Weiwei fainted, she heard such an inhumane sentence and many more. Was this the one-to-one teaching? Tricked her into a cabin to sleep, and then sent her to the face of the three-meter high gorilla? What about human nature brother?!

[Don't be in a daze, pick up the weapon.]

[The third tier gorilla, like most terrestrial beast, is weak in the brain and heart.]

[Pick up the missile on your left and throw it towards the black gorilla above the nose to hit its brain.]

Heaven Rewards the Diligent get out! She promised to throw the missile accurately to your face and hit your brain!

At a thrilling moment, Liu Weiwei saw the gorilla in front of her roaring, and its two big black palms slapped its hairy chest heavily. The surrounding cabin was shaken, causing her to bounce on the cabin bed. Her face turned pale. The igniting missile next her flew she didn’t know where!

Just as Liu Weiwei was about to take her mind off the assembly line, and ran away directly, Liu Weiwei heard the sonorous but cold voice in her ears.

[Don't be afraid, you still have ten minutes, plenty of time. Kill this gorilla, don't be weak. Otherwise, the next time you go online, you will be chased away by the smell of it on Skynet.]

Being killed by a monster in Skynet would not endanger his life, but the pain of being bitten and having bones smashed was completely equivalent to reality.

There was plenty of time, he said? Liu Weiwei really wanted to cry out T-T

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  1. Is she stupid? She wanted to pass the examination but doesn't want to read when in fact she doesn't know anything with this new world she's in. Like seriously girl, you said you were intelligent in your old world. You should know that you can't get intelligent in one night. ��

    1. I think it's possible that the original owners mental aptitude is affecting her, like it was mentioned that after reading for a bit she would get dizzy and forget it all. Normally even if you don't understand something with good memeory skills you might still be able to repeat it, but she cant even do that. Also it's hard to suddenly overturn your whole general knowledge like she is supposed to, especiallyat the age of 30. Not to be mean or agist to people going into higher education at later stages, but its scientifically proven that the younger you are the better you are at absorbing knowledge. The brain is a lot more flexible and adaptive in the first 20 years than later. Or it could be a writing oversight who knows😅 hopefully we see satisfying improvement in the future


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