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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 18

ICRAB – Chapter 18

Qin Mo finished smoking a cigarette, turned off the communicator, and walked back to the place where the little girl was fighting alone. But the place where there should have been some bombing, or filled with the roar of monsters, was surprisingly quiet. When he speeded up his pace and even trotted to the place where Liu Weiwei was just now, he saw the girl had her eyes closed and laid on the ground tragically, her face pale as paper. The major's tight heart relaxed when he noticed that there were still faint fluctuations on her chest. He was just about to pick her up and walk back to the driverless car, when his light brain sent an emergency communication.

"Major, there have been a large number of migrations on beast base. All the high-level monsters have moved towards the low-level areas!"

The lieutenant's emergency report caused Qin Mo to raise his eyebrows. And the girl in her arms gradually awakened.

When Liu Weiwei woke up, she felt that she was held against hard muscles, "Noo, don't eat my meat!" She screamed and struggled.

Qin Mo: "... Calm down, it's me."

Liu Weiwei finally saw it clearly, but then she only responded with a cold snort. If possible, she also wanted to roll her eyes. She was almost drowned by more than 30 animals, no, in the end there were more than a hundred beasts coming towards her. All kinds of terrifying beasts wailing, madly approach her, all with their mouths open and dripping saliva. She wanted to cry out loud, but she was so scared that she forgot to cry. In the end, she seemed to have seen a furry rabbit taller than her! Its pair of front teeth could definitely snap and bite her throat in one go!

Ow... this world was terrible, terrible!

"Do you know how many monsters surrounded me just now? I almost died!" Liu Weiwei was complaining with blood and tears.

"You didn't throw your food at them?" Qin Mo frowned, "Beast level 4 and below should be unable to resist."

When Liu Weiwei heard this, her mouth instantly narrowed. They were really unstoppable. They ate all the food she made for the fat man, it was all finished. Not even a chicken bone was left!

The mutant goat that Liu Weiwei thought was a herbivore, actually swallowed ten chicken wings in one bite. After chewing, it looked at her with a pathetic look as if it had never eaten meat. She wanted to say, of course, you have never eaten meat, you should eat leaves, grass, pellet...!

Now Liu Weiwei was full of fear for these mutated strange animals. If the black gorilla was just a huge visual intimidation previously, now she had experienced it firsthand, no matter what animals, they all ate meat and chewed bones, and they could swallow her in one bite. It was estimated that she would not be able to eat any rice after this. Terrible terrible!

Liu Weiwei felt it was necessary for her to learn a dish of roasted whole pig or roasted whole lamb immediately in the system. In this way, next time she encounters beasts, she didn't need to throw petty chicken wings out, and she could directly dedicate a pig that was bigger than her to the master beasts. So when they had more flesh and bones to chew, and she could take the opportunity to escape (╯︵╰)

Liu Weiwei had an urge to go back and immediately upgrade her personal space station into two hundred square meters. At least one hundred whole roasted pigs must be stored in, so she could be at ease when she went out in the future!

"Major, the high-level beasts are back to their nest again!" Lieutenant Lu Qingheng quickly sent the latest report, "They are like taking a walk, or just came back after hunting. They have no interest in the attacks of the students. Just now, the iron pig fell on the spot and fell asleep!!!" Lu Qingheng's voice was too loud, and Qin Mo didn't mean to hide from the girl in front of him, so Liu Weiwei also heard this voice message.

Liu Weiwei's nose was wrinkled. Iron pig, huh? Just now three big pigs ate chicken legs, chicken wings, chicken chops, the tofu puddings and wonton soup. The pigs stuffed their mouth to the point that the small eyes on the pig's face were invisible! Eat and sleep, this was the habit of pigs.

What could she say? Liu Weiwei was also desperate.

Qin Mo gave the order to continue to observe to the communicator, and then moved his somewhat suspicious gaze to Liu Weiwei. "A gang of iron pig was here too? Did you feed them food?" These two sentences were undoubtedly general interrogative sentences, but his tone and the look in his eyes all intended affirmative meaning.

Liu Weiwei finally couldn't help it. She rolled her eyes with an inelegant look, "Of course. Otherwise, let them eat me?"

"Good." Qin Mo nodded, "You are doing very well. The level 5 iron pigs have the most developed sense of smell, even surpassing two-headed dogs. They should lose their appetite for sometime after smelling your food and not initiate attacks on people." Fortunately, under the attack of the smell, the iron pig was neither crazy nor violent.

Qin Mo couldn't help thinking about the possibility of extending this odor tactic to resist the beast wave. But he was remembered by the terrible smell in his memory...(﹂_﹂)..., and immediately rejected the plan. Before the R&D Bureau had thoroughly experimented with gas mask and provided it to the military as a basic weapon, this kind of food must not appear on the battlefield, otherwise it would undoubtedly kill not only the enemy but also the soldiers. His soldiers are far more precious than the lives of those beasts.

Liu Weiwei was somewhat unable to understand the words of this inhuman major. Smell her food and lose their appetite? What did he mean?  ̄へ ̄ This muscular male, his Chinese must had been taught by a physical education teacher. Obviously, after eating her delicious chicken wings, the iron pig was no longer interested in smelly human beings. What did he mean by loss of appetite? Humph!

But Liu Weiwei sniffed and found that the strong scent of food that had just spread in the air had disappeared without a trace. After all, this was a beast trial base, so the artificial fresh air system has been operating in every corner to remove the stench that many beasts would bring from time to time. Otherwise, she would really let the major make good use of his handsome nose to smell it. His nose was not as good as an iron pig, this was an established fact.

Qin Mo glanced at the time, assessed the paleness of the girl's face, and a trace of weakness flashed in his heart. "I’ll send you back to your room. Take a three-hour break and then go back to training camp."

When Liu Weiwei heard the rest, her eyes burst into light. "My interview is over?"

Qin Mo glanced at her coolly, without speaking. In fact, just now when he was smoking, Marshal Li, his immediate boss, also his teacher told him in a holographic communication. The Marshal had watched Liu Weiwei interview video and approved her admission directly.

The Marshal also specifically stated that it didn't matter even if Liu Weiwei was a scum in physical skills, as long as her consciousness was high, physical skills could be cultivated slowly after she was admitted.

As Qin Mo remembered the communication, his expressionless face couldn't help letting out a trace of cold air. His teacher was too capricious. If this scum that couldn’t even defeat level 3 beasts followed him on the battlefield, wouldn't it be possible that she would be turned into meat patty by the beasts? On the battlefield, he definitely didn't have enough attention to protect her. Within her first year with him, she probably would die looking at her thin body. In any case, the cooking soldiers who served him for one day were his people for the rest of their life, so he couldn't allow that.

"In the afternoon, come here again. I supervise you in hunting level 3 beasts." Major Qin Mo said coldly. 

Since Liu Weiwei was determined and wanted to follow the soldier she loved all her life (the Major automatically equates this soldier with himself), then Qin Mo would be responsible for her to the end. It didn't matter if she was a scum now, he would prepare the best nutrient solution for her. When her musculoskeletal and even cell activity was greatly improved, her physical skills would naturally increase. And now, what he needed to teach her was the use of weapons, and the use of her strengths, that was, dark cooking.

When Liu Weiwei heard of beasts, she had a strong response, and then she felt unwell. "Major, would you like to enjoy my food for lunch?" Liu Weiwei changed the subject in due course. After her near death experience, it was best not to talk about training anymore!

However, to Liu Weiwei surprise, the grim Major, who she thought had shamelessly tried to eat for free, refused sharply. 

"No, thank you. As a soldier, I can't take advantages of the people, so how can I eat the people's food?" The cold faced Major straightened his back, and in a cold sweat, he recited the military instructions that existed in the military museum thousands of years ago. Only in this way could he suppress the nausea in his chest. When she talked about cooking, that disgusting memory in his body would roll over again, and instantly he didn't even want to drink nutrient solution.

Liu Weiwei:  ̄へ ̄ Well, then she would go back to the dorm to eat by herself!

When the driverless car was activated, Qin Mo put on his sunglasses again, as if this could cover the redness of his ears. "The moment you become a cooking student, your life will belong to the Interstellar Alliance army. If you regret it now, I can still fail you." Intuition told him that this girl might have a certain misunderstanding about cooking soldiers.

Cooking soldier was a newly created military function in the past thousand years.

According to research conducted by the R&D Bureau, 80% of the soldiers had suffered a great trauma in their mental state after more than ten years of fighting with beasts. Most of them couldn’t tolerate a peaceful life after retiring and chose to commit suicide.

In order to avoid such a tragic tragedy, a thousand years ago, the army had been preparing soul mates to replace robot butlers for the soldiers who had been brave enough to kill the enemy. These soul mates were the cooking students who had undergone strict interviews and graduated with meticulous training. The reason it was called cooking was because they searched on ancient books and found that the people assigned to accompanied retired soldiers was called by this name. However, now that nutrient solution was better than the older generation, cooking soldiers didn’t really need to cook, they were only needed as physical and mental accompaniment.

"You can apply for the logistic administrative soldier, or the logistic art soldier..." Major Qin patiently mentioned a series of logistics jobs.

But Liu Weiwei puffed up her round face, and raised her fist to wave at the major, "It's the cooking department, I won't regret it!"

Qin Mo lowered his eyes. It's useless to convince her, hum!

Ok. On the resume, her scores in Liberal Arts, Science, and Physical skills all failed. Due to this, it was estimated that only the Interstellar Alliance Disabled Persons' Federation would admit her. No matter, for the sake of her hard work, Qin Mo decided to just accept her.

Liu Weiwei next to Qin Mo couldn't read the look in his eyes behind his sunglasses, but heard the prompt sound from her light brain.

[Beep – Congratulations to the host for gaining a desperate eater-SSS-level Major Qin Mo.]

[Desperate Eater: Even if the food you make is the most unpalatable in the universe, he will applaud and say you are great, he will even give you pocket money to buy skirts!]

[Reward: Get 10 Beauty Points, which can be allocated freely.]

[Beep! The beauty points have reached 20. A new mission ‘I’m so cute and lovely!’ is triggered.]

[Task requirements: Any recipe can be redeemed within three days. Host needs to make a hundred diners feel that host is the most adorable! The mission rewards are 10 points of beauty, 10 points of knife skills, and a free mapo tofu recipe, which also officially opens the Sichuan cuisine gourmet learning.]

Liu Weiwei: Selling cute? Are you kidding me? _(:з」∠)_  

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  1. I like that the most difficult thing for anyone in an Asian Novel is throwing away or setting aside their pride. It's hilarious and reminds me of how hard t is to change the values you were raised with.

  2. That man surnamed Qin... Is stupid :> i would spat your nutrition thing you have there.... You have high senses right? You said our cooking is bad right? Then go back thousands of years ago with your high senses and i will stuff you with our food you called " bad food " :>


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