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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 16

ICRAB – Chapter 16

Some of Liu Weiwei's cooking this morning was stored in her space station. The space station could be opened at real life or on Skynet site, which was equivalent to a personal storage box function. Everyone got a free storage box of five square meters. If they wanted to expand it, they needed to pay a certain monthly rent.

On Liu Weiwei’s space station, she put her cooking table, pots, pans, bottles of seasonings, and three incubators for storing food, so they were almost full now. This was one of the reasons why she was very anxious to mail the foods to the fat man. She was a good baby who saves money, she won't pay for any rental fee  ̄▽ ̄

Now that the boss asked shamelessly for her to treat him to eat, Liu Weiwei was going to open the space station directly and take out the snack chicken drumsticks she prepared for herself. Maybe the interview would then be unnecessary? Sorry, she still had to hug her dog legs occasionally!

But as soon as Liu Weiwei opened her light brain and made an action to open her space station, she found that the major’s body walking by her suddenly became tight, and he even held her hand in a thunderous manner!

Liu Weiwei's mouth twitched.

"Take it out when you see it." The major casted a grim looks at her thin seemingly harmless face.

Liu Weiwei: "Huh?"

"Such an will be the natural nemesis for the keen sense of smell of beasts." The major released his hand and said seriously.

Liu Weiwei looked dumbfounded. Attack power, her cooking? The nemesis of beasts, what did he mean?

Qin Mo glanced at the start-up process of her space station that he had stopped in time, and he was relieved. He opened a Skynet trumpet since he was young, because he needed to fight on the battlefield all day, he specially adjusted his virtual somatosensory transmission to 50%. At that time, he often challenged high-level beasts, so being crushed by a beast was common. If the pain was completely transmitted, it would cause him to lose ability to feel pain in reality over time, or even became completely numb. If this happened, in real battles, it was likely for him to become an insensible fighter machine, and it was even more likely for him to lose his sensitivity to death crises.

Qin Mo played this trumpet for two years and died tens of thousands of times. But he didn't expect that 50% somatosensory transmission finally allowed him to escape her dark food comparable to biological and chemical weapons! Even with only 50%, he almost died under her devil's cooking, until now, he still deeply remembered the disgusting smell. He could completely imagine that if 100% of her terrifying 'cooking' were presented in reality, all beasts with keen smells and no stuffy noses below Level 3 would have twitches all over their bodies, ranging from seriousness to madness. Maybe they would commit suicide due to pain and blew themselves up.

The major still felt that this cruel method of death was still a bit too much for most beasts that were not capable of thinking. Of course, a man’s fights must rely on a frontal attack and open fists. But when he glanced at the malnourished girl next to him, he felt nothing. Of course, rabbits couldn’t use fists to fight with krypton beasts, they could only use extraordinary means.

Liu Weiwei felt that this national husband, the major, looked more and more sick. He looked like a tough guy in a black high-level military uniform. Even she had to admit, he looked like a male protagonist who came out of comics. However, was he really sick? For a while, he looked at her with a wretched look, and then he looked at her with a look of sympathy but a bit of fear, he seemed to be engaged in some complicated ideological struggle.

Terrible terrible! Liu Weiwei's heart was suddenly frizzy. "Well, my lord, where are we going?" She sprinted slowly, and if she got to a remote place alone with this pervert, it was estimated that she would not be able to escape, and no one would even hear her call for help.

The grim major looked at her like an idiot, "Beast Base."

Liu Weiwei was momentarily dumb. Was there such an open training base in the back mountain of their school?

Different from the simulated 4d combat scene in the study cabin, the beasts in a combat base was real. In order to allow students to adapt to the real battle scene as soon as possible, every school would catch some different types of low-level beasts for students to practice. So that the students would be able to use their diligence and comprehension of physical skills even at critical moments full of death threats. 

Liu Weiwei had never been here. This was not a mandatory training after all, the offensive nature of real beasts was dangerous. Even if the entire base was supervised by a teacher and a protective cover could maintain the safety of the students, no one could guarantee the nature of wild mutant beasts. Perhaps under a certain stimulus, a certain beast advanced from Level 3 to Level 4, or temporarily went crazy and exploded beyond its level strength, it was hard to say. Risk always coexisted with profit.

In the interstellar world seven thousand years later, most of the people who have reached the top of the universe were people with powerful abilities. Weak force never had any place.

Liu Weiwei sighed. But anyway, she was a cook and would never go to the battlefield, so she could be fearless, ha ha ha.

"You submitted your application for the logistics and cooking department to the military academy and entered the review process. You can no longer withdraw it unilaterally." The major first walked into the driverless tram that would send them directly to the base.

When Liu Weiwei heard it, she felt that everyone was working very efficiently now.

"Well, I won’t withdraw it. I have checked the information. There is nothing more suitable for me than a major in the cooking department." She was full of confidence.

Major Qin Mo nodded grimly. In the driverless car, it was shown that there was still ten minutes to reach the destination. He opened his light brain and checked the girl's resume.

"It is written in your resume that you are very happy to serve the army. You want to provide meticulous service to the cu… ehem sergeants to ensure their physical and mental happiness, improve the quality of their post-war life, and enable them to enter the battle vigorously."

When he read the word cute, the ears exposed under his military cap turned a little red, and swallowed the word automatically.

Liu Weiwei also saw her displayed resume, and said in her heart that this should be the beginning of the interview. She was caught off guard. She really took out all of her language skills to write the reason for applying on the form.

"Yes, I want to serve the cutest people on the planet!" Liu Weiwei glanced at the four-dimensional major who was looking sideways, as well as the camera ball he released.

Oh, a video interview. I had to perform well (〃'▽'〃)

"Every day on the planet, I am moved by something; the tide of my thoughts and feelings is flowing indulgently; I want to tell everything to my friends on the planet... I feel more and more deeply who is our loveliest person! That is our soldier! Their qualities are so pure and noble, their will is so tough and strong, their temperament is so simple and humble, and their minds are so beautiful and broad! "(Quoted from <Who are the Most Beloved People?> or 谁是最可爱的人 , a famous essay about the Chinese People's Volunteer Army (PVA) in Korea written by Chinese journalist Wei Wei. Read more here)

"I am willing to serve them!"

Major Qin Mo recorded the video on official business and sent it directly to the Admissions Office of the Military Academy. However, he did not expect at all that impassioned voice could come out of this weak body, which made him... blushed! His mind was beautiful? Did she misunderstand him again?


At this moment, Marshal Li connected to the admissions department on a whim. Because he heard that Major Qin Mo, who had never been interested in cooking students, personally applied for an interviewer role.

"Send me a video of Xiao Qin's interview."

What kind of person would eventually become his unsmiling student cooking soldier? Took care of his daily life, accompany him from birth to death, and even eventually become his soul mate, a more important role than his future wife. Marshal Li was very concerned.

The sergeant stationed in the Admissions Department was stunned receiving the command, and immediately sent a synchronized broadcast to Marshal Li.

Marshal Li was going to a meeting, but he was attracted by a soft and somewhat weak voice.

[Our soldiers are the cutest people in the universe!]

[They used their invincible chests to block the raging attack of the terrible beasts for us; it was them who used their surging blood to exchange for our peaceful and comfortable life!]

[My physical skill is nonexistent, I may be torn apart by a level 3 monsters, but I am still alive, and I still have a chance to go to school with everyone for further study. Why? Because of these cutest and hard chests, they blocked everything for me!]

[So I want to apply for the logistics and cooking department, I want to take care of these cute people, I have no hesitation, I am willing to give everything back to them!]

Marshal Li has been off the battlefield for more than 30 years. His current job was now only strategic layout and command coordination. But when he was young, he was also a young soldier who fought hard! This voice and these words made him, a veteran who had resisted retirement even after reaching 80 this year, instantly boiled with excited, his eyes were flushed, and tears appeared in his eyes in the next moment!

"This is the cooking soldier that Xiao Qin went to interview?" Marshal Li was moved immediately. "Okay, this kid is good, her physical skills maybe not good, but her heart toward the army is touching!"

"Connect me to Qin Mo's communicator. What's wrong with physique scum? Who doesn't have one or two shortcomings?" The marshal obviously lost his ability to think, "Such an excellent child, must be admitted!"


When they arrived at the destination, Liu Weiwei finally stopped speaking, and Major Qin Mo, whose ears were still slightly red, got out of the car first.

"I have a call. You hunt the beasts alone first."

"The opened protective cover can resist the attack of three level 3 beasts."

"Don't be afraid, just throw your food at them. I'll be back in a while."

Liu Weiwei: ... (╯°Д°)╯︵┻━┻

Liu Weiwei had said so much bullshit but this major dead face still left her here alone? He wanted her to hunt the beasts alone, was he sure that it wouldn’t be the beasts hunting her? Also, what did he mean just throw her food?!

However, a minute later, she lived a ‘happy’ life of feeding the beasts.

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