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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 30

ICRAB – Chapter 30

After cutting off the video, Marshal Li Er fell into contemplation.

"Old Li, isn't that girl the one who cooks this ancient recipe Mapo tofu?"

"Hey, I lost the bet, she is really so young."

"Old Li, you really got lucky this year! If there is a cooking soldier who knows ancient cooking in your Eastern Army Group, which other area can’t you conquer? It doesn't matter if the soldiers don’t have their personal cooking soldiers. They only need to go to the cafeteria to eat every day!"

"Just think about it, Old Li, you said that Qin Mo fancied this cooking soldier girl, isn’t he? That kid Qin Mo knew she had this ability, but didn't report it? He probably wants to eat alone!"

"Impossible. We knew Qin Mo since he was little. He definitely wanted to surprise us."

"Awesome. Our Eastern Group will become the strongest army group in the Interstellar League this year, no, at least in the next ten years."

Marshal Li Er looked at the group of old men in front of him, and he was a little dumbfounded. "You guys asked simultaneously, who should I answer first? Wasn’t I already investigating the situation? Qin Mo was sent to the West by me. The group of dog eggs said they wanted military exchanges to promote feelings, so I threw him over." He glanced at the pile of empty plates in front of him again, smashed his mouth, still feeling the delicious aftertaste of the foods.

"Hey. The Interstellar Alliance Department of Commerce and Food Association have been monopolizing seasonings and recipes for so many years. Neither civilians nor the military can intervene, resulting in food prices that are so outrageous that ordinary people are no longer qualified to taste them." An old man next to Li Er sighed. One of his sleeves was empty, he was a one-armed veteran. "When I ate the food just now, I really thought about memories more than ninety years ago. At that time I was still with the old Marshal. Even with his military status he can only enjoy high-end cuisine like this once a month, but he still saved a bite for me every time. Just now, I was reminded by that nostalgic taste after so many years."

Opposite the one-armed man sat a one-eyed old man in similar military uniform. His ink colored uniform had slightly faded, and there was a deep scar on his face, which went straight through his right eye and nose, looking very scary. The old man raised the corners of his mouth at the moment, showing a hideous but gratifying smile, "I just ate, but I feel that the torture of my old wounds has been somewhat relieved. Of course, it may only be psychological effect. But even if it is, if the soldiers who charge into the battle can eat this food on daily basis, I estimated that they will be able to stabilize their mind and it will also allow them to quickly recover their training and combat fitness."

Marshal Li Er nodded, "I will make arrangements when she arrives in the military area." His Eastern Army Group had more than 100,000 personnel. It was obviously impossible to rely on one person to cook for the entire group. But having such a cook was better than nothing!

The one-armed old man next to Marshal Li Er nodded and looked at the clean dinner plate in front of him with nostalgia. "I heard that high-leveled beasts will surrender under the cooking of top chefs. I thought it was fake, but today those cows seemed to show that it was the truth."

The video call of Marshal Li Er just now was seen to them all. They were getting older and after fighting for most of their lives, they were far more knowledgeable than the still wet behind the ears battalion commanders. If Lu Qingheng knew this, he wouldn’t have thought that his domineering spirit has subdued the beasts =o=

"Old Li, wait until the cow beasts are returned to the military area, if the investigation reveals that they can be breed and trained, then this time your grandson has really done a great job!"

Marshal Li Er's mouth twitched, "He is not that good. He only knows how to make money and eat! That crooked boy!" He said that, but his sharp eyes flashed faintly with pride. Soon after, he also thought of his student, so he sent a message.

[Qin Mo, your cooking soldier is very good at cooking.]

It's dinner time, so reply from the other party arrived almost immediately.

[Teacher, are you very bored now? Don't use such mocking words casually.]

Li Er: "?" [Have you eaten what she made?]

[I threw it away.]

Li Er: "!" [Qin Mo, wasting food is not advisable.]

[If I didn't throw it away, you might have seen the body of Major Mu Ming instead of the admission report.]


[If you still doubt it, I still have the virtual dish that she mailed via Skynet. I will send it over. But remember to open your scientific mask before opening it. I don't want to see your corpse yet.]

[……] Marshal Li Er had a question mark on his face, but he quickly received a reminder on his light brain.

[Major Qin Mo has sent a courier for you in Skynet: Snail Noodles.]

[Do you want to open it now?]

At this time, on the playground of Liyang High School, all ten battalion commanders were standing in a row. They wore serious military caps and black uniforms. The one-bar two-star or one-bar three-star on their epaulettes were all shining in the sun, making everyone's eyes focused on them admiringly. 

However, the commanders’ expressions were a little children looking at animals in the zoo.

"This hair is so soft~"

"It licked my little finger!"

"Its horns rubbed my thigh~ It feels a little itchy."

"These big watery eyes seem to be able to talk..."

The battalion commanders held the tin cans and stretched out their hands one by one, feeding the beast cows that were crawling, standing or sitting in front of them. All of them had the look of kindergarteners entering the zoo for the first time to write an observation report. .

Having obeyed Lu Qingheng's order, all Liyang High School’s teachers and students had retreated ten meters away. Looking at the scene in front of them, they were all confused.

Only Liu Weiwei stroked her white rabbit and watched with gusto. In fact, she was quite scared at first, but just after she got into the driverless tram, the group of cows who had ate all the sauerkraut fish crawled on the ground immediately and followed her all the way to the edge of the beast base.

Xiao Bai, who was lying on his stomach in the tram, occasionally raised his head and looked out.

Until now, Liu Weiwei didn't know how the cows were able to go out. But she knew that they love to eat the hay cookie bar she made, and they were also not picky about the randomly made meat patties. And in order to repay her, these big cows also gave her the food that they had hunted. These foods were the corpses of must kill deadly beasts. This was what happened just now.

Liu Weiwei felt that she had really met a kind beast. The gorillas, iron pigs, and goats she met last time, all ate and didn't pay anything, while these cows knew how to barter. They were smart and reasonable. She became very fond of these tall and mighty big cows. 

"Instructor, these beasts, can they not be hunted in the base in the future?" Liu Weiwei blurted out. As soon as she spoke, all ten battalion commanders who were fascinated and enjoying the feeling of being licked by the cow beasts were awakened.

The oldest battalion commander from the 1st battalion blushed embarrassedly, and stretched out his hands full of ox’s saliva. In front of him was a Level 4 silver-armored cow. The fur all over its body had silver luster. It was soft and smooth, cough... this feeling made him feel a little addicted!

This silver-armored bull was known as a defensive beast within Level 4 beasts. Its pair of silver horns was also extremely cool, and its pair of copper bell-like bull eyes also glowed with faint cold light. It used to be described as vicious in the World of Beast Illustrated Book, but now it looked quite cute...


Commander of the 1st Battalion was shocked by the adjectives that appeared in his mind, but it was only a few seconds after he withdrew his hand, and he already missed the warm feeling of being licked by a cow tongue. He also missed the cool feeling, a refreshing, and soft feel. 

"Ah, this cow is indeed good." Commander of the 1st Battalion tried to straighten his face and came to a suspicious conclusion, but it was exactly the same as what someone said before. "Of course, good beasts can be driven out and no need to be killed. If it can't go to the battlefield, it can with the children?"

The Liyang High School’s teachers and students present all looked at the battalion commander in shock, as if they had heard a joke. This was a Level 4 beast, a silver-armored cow. Last year, they didn't know how many students were crying because of those horns, their noses and tears burst out, and they fled out of the base in fear. This beast for children to play?! Even only imagining it sounded terrifying!

While Lu Qingheng, the tenth battalion’s commander, also the battalion commander of the special mobile battalion, finally put the last piece of hay cookie bar into the mouth of the Level 5 cow in front of him. "We will be taking these beasts away." He didn't open the conversation via video call to everyone just now, so only he could hear Marshal Li Er's instruction.

As soon as these words came out, the whole playground was boiling.

Lu Qingheng quickly walked to the dean of Liyang High School, stood in attention, and saluted. "According to Marshal Li Er's instructions, Liyang’s Beast Base is now taken over by the army. Within seven days, all beasts will be sent to the Eastern Army Group. At the same time, the Legion will send new safe beasts to repay Liyang High School."

"In addition, we will also take away classmate Liu Weiwei who has obtained the qualifications as cooking soldier."

"The military notice will be sent to the School Principal within today."

The dean was taken aback, and all the students were also taken aback.

"All beasts?"

"Liu Weiwei?"

Lu Qingheng took a serious look at the school dean, "Student Liu Weiwei has successfully hunted ten beasts. The highest level is Level 5 Red Venom Spiders, and her hunting points are at the top of the list. As the first place in this training camp, the military will recommend her and she will be exempted from college entrance examination. The Military Academy will directly enroll her as a freshman."

"I think her level is enough to graduate from high school with excellent grades. What do you think, teacher?"

The dean stared at the Red Venom Spider with doubt. However, the eyes of the masses were sharp.

Ai Mu’s expression changed drastically. He was originally ranked first in the training camp. He had 6 Stars in Physical Skills and was considered a genius. But before he managed to object, the girl next to him objected furiously first.

"Instructor, she didn't hunt at all! It was all brought by the cows! She must have cheated! Her pet also has a problem!"

Liu Weiwei had walked to the front a long time ago, so she recognized at a glance the person who sprayed her at the moment was one of the quintets that surrounded her in the dormitory that day. Chen Qili looked at Liu Weiwei bitterly, then viciously stared the little white rabbit in Liu Weiwei’s arms.

Liu Weiwei was also a temperamental person, so she straightened out her small B chest proudly. "Yes, I cheated. These big cows are all mesmerized by my beauty. So, of course I can't refuse! My weakness is that I am too beautiful and too dazzling. It was quite embarrassing to win so easily."

Lu Qingheng's mouth twitched. With a very sympathetic look, he glanced at the dumbfounded five people, "Well. If you can be like classmate Liu Weiwei, then I will also give you first place."

Liyang High School students: ... 

What beauty? Were the beasts blind?!

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