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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 28 Part 1

ICRAB – Chapter 28 Part 1 of 3

Chapter 28 was 3x longer than the usual chapter, so the translation will be split into 3 parts.
But, there will be 2 releases today to make up missed update last Monday.

- MD


When Li Sanpang finally got rid of the tail that followed him, he smelled this delicious smell as soon as he went on Skynet. He narrowed his eyes like an intoxicated person. There was a scent that would make people suffering from all kinds of torture and unhappiness to felt relief. As long as they smelled it, they would feel that all pores on their whole body relaxed, and no matter how great the pain they had, it could be thrown outside the planet.

At this moment, bathed in such a tangy scent, Li Sanpang felt that the torture of today's bad day wouldn’t kill him after all. He was resurrected into full blood! But when he squinted his eyes and saw beyond the long line of people on the opposite road into the front, his fat face was stunned.

"Girl, what time will you be online tomorrow?"

"How long will you be open, when will you close the stall?"

"Don't go. I'm already queuing, how can you leave?"

The noise from the people immediately made Li Sanpang almost cry. Closed? Ouch! It was the heartache of missing an entire universe!

"I'm sorry everyone, because I have limited time to surf the Internet every day, and I must leave." Liu Weiwei said softly. This was because she used the loudspeaker that came with the rental booth. "For guests who are already queuing, you can get a number plate. When you go online, you can use the number plate to get Mapo tofu at any time. I will cook it and place it in a temperature keeping box. It won’t change in quality or taste within three days. Do not worry."

Um? Was Mapo Tofu a new product? Li Sanpang cleverly squeezed to the front of the line. Beside heartache, he also noticed the large row of comment message on the billboards floating in the sky. He glanced at it and his stomach growled. The chicken wing girl already learned how to advertise now, but this advertising method was still very old-fashioned.

But because of the various comments, Li Sanpang’s drool was going to flow down. He wanted to taste the Mapo Tofu that was said to be so delicious that people wanted to lick their plates! But he knew that he couldn't eat it today, because of this, he was even more hungry and desperate. Following the direction of the flow of people, he casually took a number plate. He threw it into his pocket without looking. He initially wanted to go shopping on Skynet, but now he was not in the mood anymore, so he simply went offline to sleep.

Li Sanpang went back home, took a shower, and when he came out and saw the 'Cute Chubby Bath Curry Rice' in his room, he took a deep breath and only then felt better. But... his heart was itchier and his belly was hungrier! The scent that he just smelled today was even more pungent, and it almost attacked his sense of smell. It was much stronger than this curry rice’s fragrance. He really wanted to eat o(︶︿︶)o

Li Sanpang squeezed his right hand tightly with his left hand, desperately resisting the urge to open the temperature keeping box. This was his last curry rice, the last! If he ate it, there would be nothing.

But when Li Sanpang was about to cover his head and tried to solve all his problems by sleeping, his space station gave a notification.

[Your courier has arrived, please accept it.]

[A bucket of tofu puddings, a hundred pairs of chicken wings, fifty savory crepes, and a portion of mapo tofu with rice.]

[The sender's message: Mr. Li, please also try my recent new product Mapo Tofu. It's a bit spicy, and best served with rice.]

Li Sanpang almost rolled off the bed in surprise. He didn't even care about putting on slippers. He sat on the ground, shaking his hands excitedly, and opened his mailbox. As soon as it was opened, the strong smell that made him intoxicated of just now spread across his room instantly. "Yes, this is the smell!" Li Sanpang's chubby face shook with his extreme nodding. "I feel that the cells all over my body are hot. Even the place where I was beaten feels very comfortable~"

Li Sanpang thought about the chicken wings for moment, and then decided to put them all aside for now. Then he took out the glass bowl full of Mapo tofu. The names that the girl gave to the food were all very strange. But now was not the time to complain, the fat man took a deep breath, opened the lid of the bowl, and looked at the content. (TN: mápó literally means old woman whose face is pockmarked, so literal translation of Mapo Tofu is pockmarked grandma's beancurd.)

Tofu… It sounded the same with the previous tofu puddings. Sure enough, the small trembling pieces in the bowl looked very similar.

But Li Sanpang couldn't wait any longer, he took a piece and threw it into his mouth, he immediately shuddered, and his body became sweaty! With one bite, his face flushed with excitement! Spicy... So this was why the chicken wings girls say it would be a little bit spicy? This stimulating and refreshing sensation on the tongue, and all his taste buds waking up, was this spiciness?

No no, not just spiciness...

"It doesn't seem to be the white smoke emitting tofu. It is indeed very hot, and the entire hot tofu is also wrapped in a layer of hot oil." Li Sanpang chewed, "The same as in tofu puddings, but the tenderness is different. The tofu here is cut into small pieces, which not only delicious, but also has amazing elasticity. It bounces in the mouth!"

"But no, it's not the tofu!" Li Sanpang quickly frowned and lowered his head. He looked at the bowl, poked the inside with his hand, picked out a piece of tan granules, squeezing it in his hand, and then put it into his mouth. "It turned out to be meat. Is this iron spine beef meat? It is delicious, tender and fragrant. With the soft taste of the tofu, the gave an incredible amount of texture in the mouth! I seem to feel a surging power!"

The fat man closed his eyes. 

Limited-edition premium nutrient solution concentrated nutrients of various proteins, active cells of beasts, and plant extracts, which could make people feel refreshed instantly after consuming. Unexpectedly, in the east area of Skynet, he met a random thin girl, and the ancient dishes she made gave the same effect! And also, it was! The limited edition nutrient solution he just bought yesterday costs one hundred thousand each, while this mapo tofu only cost two hundred on Skynet? Very shocking!

Li Sanpang carefully analyzed the feelings in his body. In the past few days, he had been extremely suffering. Every day he crawled on his bed and felt his bones aching, but at this moment, he felt all his discomfort was healed. In other words, the strong sense of taste that had far surpassed his other four senses gave him the illusion that his body was healed!

Li Sanpang put another piece of tofu in his mouth, he tasted it for as long as possible as he was a little bit reluctant to eat it. But with this, he felt something was wrong. His whole mouth was a little numb, as if there was some loss of consciousness, he experienced for the first time this kind of strange feeling.

"So this is what a Mapo Tofu tastes like!" Li Sanpang stood up from the ground holding the glass bowl excitedly, "No wonder I want rice, no wonder I want rice... This kind of intense taste bud stimulation is completely beating on the tip of my tongue. It's numb...spicy... it rushes to the sky in one bite!" He immediately shook his hands. He couldn't wait to find the small box of rice in the box.

Li Sanpang only had two hobbies. One was to make money, and the other was to eat and drink. There was no nutrient flavor that he had not eaten in this universe. If he couldn't even satisfy his appetite, what else was there to make money for?

Li Sanpang carefully held the glass bowl of Mapo tofu in one hand and opened the rice lunch box in the other. He had a hunch that he would find the peak of his taste tonight! He took a big spoonful of rice and tofu and delivered it to his mouth without hesitation. 

"What's jumping on the tip of your tongue, and rush into the sky?" 

At the climax of his expectation, suddenly a somewhat majestic voice rang at the door of the room. Li Sanpang's heart skipped a beat, but he accelerated the movement of his hands. But he was still too slow. The tall old man in uniform at the door had already exploded at a whirlwind speed. His claw-like hands grabbed Li Sanpang's wrist and forced the spoon away from his mouth.

"Damn!" Li Sanpang watched the unreasonable old man in military uniform in front of him snatched the food from his mouth. This was supposed to be his climax today, his peak!

The old man in military uniform had gray hair, but he was obviously stronger and faster than Li Sanpang. He swallowed what was in his mouth, he sighed into the air, "Hot."

Li Sanpang rolled his eyes, don't eat it if it is hot, he silently covered the rest of the lunch box. But in the next second, it was snatched away by a wind-like hand speed! "F*ck!"

"This is called Mapo Tofu?" There was a note on the lunch box.

"...This is mine!" Li Sanpang's became angry.

The old man in military uniform didn’t have even a trace of wrinkles on his face. His sharp eyes were still full of vigor, "What is your qualification to own supplies?"

Li Sanpang was about to collapse, "This is a robbery! Are you still a soldier of the Interstellar Alliance?" This old hooligan!

"The Alliance’s soldiers also have the right to live in their old age and enjoy the materials provided by their grandson. If you disagreed, go to the military court to sue me. But for now, give me ten servings of this tofu." The old man in uniform walked away. But suddenly he stopped at the door, "What’s inside your temperature keeping box? I seem to smell beast meat. Immediately sent it to my study. "

"..." Old hooligan!

Li Sanpang was really crying this time.

On the other hand, Liu Weiwei had no idea that the food she had carefully prepared for Li Sanpang had been robbed. She was lying in her dormitory at this time, stroking the rabbit’s fur while staring at the system via her light brain in a daze.

Numbing, spicy, hot, fragrant, crisp, tender, fresh and lively.

Liu Weiwei didn't expect this task to be so difficult. Among these eight tastes, she originally thought that the lively taste would be the only one that not many could guess. Lively represented the fresh and tender garlic in the Mapo tofu, which gave people a fresh taste that it had just been picked.

To be honest, let alone someone in this Interstellar seven thousand years in the future era, even for people in her time, it would be difficult for them to give such accurate, yet associative comments after eating Mapo Tofu. But she didn't expect that not only this word, but a few others would also stump these people who hadn't eaten food in seven thousand years.

The vocabulary of these people to describe delicious was too poor. It's so delicious that tears came out, this kind of comments, made Liu Weiwei wanted to cry too. Of course, it may also be because of the people’s poor vocab. With only 60 points, could the mapo tofu she made really give the diners the tastes required by the system? She also fell into suspicion.

As long as there was a slight error in the oil temperature, or the amount of oil, or the time of adding the oil, or the size of the minced meat, the tofu, even if there was any slight deviation, it was likely to affect the taste of the whole dish. So it was probably impossible to make all eight best tastes appeared in the dish at once. So, how could the diners experience it?

"I still need to practice. If I keep practicing until I get a hundred points, I should be able to succeed, right? Well, I won't admit defeat!"

Liu Weiwei clenched her fist. For the sake of beauty and Sichuan recipes that made her drool, she burned an unprecedented fighting spirit! She went to bed at ten o'clock and had breakfast at six o'clock the next day, and then she went straight into the training room to practice.

For two full hours, that was, equal to twelve days in the system’s training room, Liu Weiwei only practiced making Mapo Tofu. From cutting the tofu, she cut and cut, until each piece was a standard two centimeters cube in size. From the frying action, to putting the right amount of oil, salt, and minced meat, everything could be no more than just a spoonful. From thickening failure, wrong time in adding thickeners, insufficient moisture and too much moisture, she practiced until she reached the perfect consistency at the end.

Sixty points... Sixty-five points... Eighty points... Ninety points...

Liu Weiwei was tired, even in constant-temperature training room, she was sweating like rain from the heat of the pan. In the system, she wouldn’t consume her mental energy. She cut and fried, scooped up the dish, served on a plate, tasted, and got scored over and over again. Her light brain kept ringing with notifications, but she didn't notice it. All her mind and energy were on one plate of mapo tofu. She could do well. She could achieve 100 points! She resolutely poured the hot tofu from the pot into the plate again. And then she handed it to the Sichuan cuisine chef in the training room. "Please taste."

The system chef was expressionless, but after taking a spoonful of tofu and minced meat into his mouth, he closed his eyes. "It has the right color, smell and taste. This Mapo tofu, I don't have anything to teach you anymore."

Liu Weiwei finally succeeded. She was stunned and almost collapsed on the stove. Finally one hundred points!

But as soon as she got out of the system, Liu Weiwei was even more stunned by the notifications she received.

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