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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 28 Part 3

 ICRAB – Chapter 28 Part 3 of 3

"Thank the instructors for caring, but..." Liu Weiwei was about to sweat. She was not very sociable. She felt a little overwhelmed by others' proactive actions.

Lu Qingheng sighed and pushed his sunglasses, "Go away! Just ignore them. Will you still use the driverless tram?"

Liu Weiwei nodded and quickly waved to the other commanders, "Instructors, then I will go first, otherwise I will be the last one."

Commander of the 1st Battalion to 9th Battalion: "..."

The corners of Lu Qingheng's mouth twitched. She was already the last one, okay?

However, Liu Weiwei, who was indeed the last one, had no consciousness at all. She trotted onto the nearest driverless tram and set the destination to Level 3 and 4 beasts area on the base. But, not long after, she hugged her belly in embarrassment. She wanted to go to the toilet! She obviously went to the bathroom when she went out. Was it because she was too nervous? Her period suddenly disappeared, and she also felt frequent need to pee.

Sh*t! How embarrassing!

Liu Weiwei stroked the little white rabbit in her pocket and put it on her side seat. The little guy was still curled like cotton ball and was sleeping, while she herself got more and more nervous and feeling more and more urgent needs. The driverless tram drove very quickly, but she kept staring outside before finally caught sight of WC sign with the corner of her eye!

Hallelujah! This was almost the level of excitement of receiving rain after a long drought. It was really great that she didn’t have to solve her problem in the wild bushes. She was very worried that when squatting in the field, she would suddenly encounter a beast squatting next to her.

Liu Weiwei stopped the tram, did not forget to take the rabbit, put it in her pocket, hurriedly got out and ran to the toilet.

[We haven't reached the destination. Do you want to redesign the driving route?]

[Current location: Cow Beasts Base. The resident beasts are: Level 3 Simmental Cow, Level 4 Silver Armored Cow, Level 4 Brahman Cow, Level 5 Leigongshan (雷公山) Cow.]





The smart positioning notification was played on the driverless tram. However, Liu Weiwei ran so fast that she didn't even hear it. And the original owner was a scum, so there was not much knowledge about beast base in her memory, and the original owner also never stepped into the base.

Liu Weiwei was subjected to many unexpected mishap. But of course, she was not so stupid that she would not care about her life. After solving her problem, she studied the safety suits, helmets, alarms, and numbing guns on her body in the toilet. Once she understood how to use the Drunken Rifle, only then she walked out with confidence. Xiao Bai had already woke up and squatted on her shoulders, holding a Timothy Hay cookie bar and gnawing at it. Its chewing sound was like a spell, and she also felt a little hungry.

"Xiao Bai, I seem to have been infected by you recently," Liu Weiwei touched her belly, "I always get hungry..." She ate breakfast at six o'clock, then ate some mapo tofu and liangpi she made before going out. Now at ten o'clock, she was hungry again. Was she going to eat three meals in just one morning?

"Probably I am still growing up." Liu Weiwei came to a divine conclusion. She took out her cooking table, pots and pans from her space station without any psychological burden. She squatted at the door of the toilet building and set up a cooking table.

The safest places in this beast base were one of the driverless trams that could become shield against beasts’ attacks, the one-minute physical protective safety suit, and the third was this toilet.

High-tech WC didn't have any smell, so Liu Weiwei decided to squat just one meter away from the building and would leave after eating. If beasts came, she could quickly hide in the toilet and came out when it was absolutely safe. When she came out, she would run to the driverless tram then press the siren and wait safely for rescue to come. 

Perfect idea, nothing would go wrong!

Liu Weiwei set up her frying pan. Meanwhile, she took the time to look at the training rankings on her light brain. At this moment, the top 100 people were already listed. The highest one had actually hunted down three beasts, all of which were Level 4 or Level 5. She was ashamed. She wouldn't be able to catch up with that.

Liu Weiwei thought for a while before taking a piece of fried chicken chop. She gave half to the little white rabbit and ate the remaining half by herself. But after she finished eating, she drooled over the new recipe she had received. Sauerkraut fish (酸菜鱼/Suāncài yú). One of the top ten dishes in Sichuan cuisine.

Liu Weiwei looked at the picture and wanted to eat it immediately. Recently, she was always craving to eat something sour. She also opened a bottle of lemon-flavored nutrient solution in the morning, but she still felt it was not sour enough! Going forward, her body really became more and more strange. On her last live, she hardly touched sour food, but now she drooled while looking at the sauerkraut fish recipe in the system.

Liu Weiwei looked at the dish proficiency status that was directly set at 50%, and decided to just do it! If else, she just needed to put more sauerkraut and more vinegar. She really wanted to eat sour things. Because she was currently at beast base, she didn't get into the training room to train first. She spent four thousand credits and directly exchanged three kilograms of sauerkraut from the system. She also directly purchased snakehead fish from Planet Abby. Smelling the fishy smell, she almost vomited, so she took a sip of lemon nutrient solution to get a little better. 

Liu Weiwei didn't know how to kill fish very much, so she bought processed fish fillets. She added a little egg white and fried them in a frying pan until they turned slightly yellow. After she put the fried fish aside, she used the frying pan to fry some red pepper, ginger, and chopped green onion exchanged on the system. She then waited for the little stir-fried condiments to become fragrant before she put the fish in. When the fish was evenly coated buy the condiments, she added some water, the sauerkraut, and a lot of vinegar.

When a strong sour smell came out of the pot, Liu Weiwei felt that her appetite also came. The little thing on her shoulder also craned its neck and looked into the pot. "You can't eat this. Sister will help you make some more cookie bar later."

The vinegar and sauerkraut Liu Weiwei put in far exceeded the right amount noted in the recipe. So she reckoned that the score of this plate of sauerkraut fish should be less than thirty or forty points. Due to this, she didn't want to abuse the taste buds of the little rabbit.

Taking advantage of the time while the sauerkraut fish was still stewed, Liu Weiwei quickly kneaded three plates full of Timothy Hay cookie bar and placed an order for ground pork, beef and chicken. The meats then were stirred together, kneaded into three plates full of meat patties, and everything was put in the oven together. Without some inventory, she did not dare to go out of the safe area to face the beasts.

When the oven started baking, Liu Weiwei’s sauerkraut fish was almost ready. She served herself a small bowl of soup with a few slices of tender fish fillets and pickled cabbage. She ate them with some white rice and started her lunch.

The first thing Liu Weiwei tasted was the sour taste that even made her squint. The sour taste of the sauerkraut and vinegar had overshadowed the umami taste of the fish fillet itself. Indeed, this dish that hadn't been practiced in the system training room really couldn't be served to other people yet.

Although the soup base was not made with broth and it looked a little thin, but the sour taste suppressed Liu Weiwei’s nausea and chest tightness that had been coming up from time to time in the past few days, and she suddenly felt refreshed. She drank a whole bowl of the sour soup.


The little white rabbit on Liu Weiwei’s shoulder howled, and it instantly jumped onto the cooking table. Its two claws danced wildly and its black eyes were protesting fiercely. It seemed to be saying that she was despicable to eat alone!

Liu Weiwei couldn't help but smile. She picked up a piece of fish in her bowl and blew it a little bit before putting it into the exclusive bowl of the rabbit that was taken out from the space station. "Here, you also have a taste. It doesn't taste good, so just gnaw on the cookie bar." Rabbits in this era could eat meat, so fish should also be okay. She was not surprised at all.

The sour fish fillet was directly swallowed by the impatient Xiao Bai, but then the pupils in its two round eyes almost popped up!

"Haha, sour? Like I said, you can't eat it." Liu Weiwei laughed. However, she couldn't laugh anymore soon after. A few loud roars, and the sound of grass rubbing, made her instantly look up at the open space in front of her. Within a glance, she almost threw away the bowl in her hand!

More than a dozen different cows and calves, without her knowing, had already reached an area two meters away from her. Liu Weiwei couldn't even close her cooking table. She dragged the rabbit on the table, and ran into the toilet one step at a time. Once she was inside, she peeked out of the toilet door from time to time. But suddenly, the little white rabbit broke free from her hand, and fell to the ground!

"Xiao Bai!" Liu Weiwei was sweating anxiously. It was obviously still underage and was only a Level 1 beast. The cows outside looked very fierce. They were dozens of times bigger in size, and there were more than a dozen of them!

But the little rabbit was not scared at all, as if it didn't hear her shouting, it jumped onto the cooking table instead and stuffed its head into the big pot of sauerkraut fish. After taking a sip, its body was shaky and it almost fell off the pot.

When Liu Weiwei was about to run out and carry it back, the little furry rabbit swiped its pink mouth. It then slid along the pot wall onto the open space on the cooking table.

"Squeak!" The little rabbit faced dozens of big cows in front of it, stretched out its two small paws that were not even as long as the cow’s horn, and quickly waved in the air!

In the next second, these dozen or so cows that looked very fierce, all crawled on the ground and mooed. They howled again, and the biggest cyan colored cow with its huge head lowered walked to the cooking table step by step.

The cyan colored big cow knelt down on his front hoofs, and his huge head cautiously stretched into the pot.

Slurp slurp, it began to eat.

Liu Weiwei was dumbfounded.

"Squeak!" The little rabbit bounced, jumped on the head of the cyan cow, and waved its little paw. Next!

The next cow quickly followed the order and walked up with his head lowered also. Each cow came up and drank some sauerkraut fish soup. After that, they then squatted obediently, sitting in neat rows.

Liu Weiwei was completely stunned, and for a while she didn't know whether she should run or stand still and watch. This beast base wasn’t as terrible as everyone said?

Why did she feel that the little rabbit was fiercer than the giant cows? Liu Weiwei, who was about to press the help siren, received a light brain message simultaneously.

[Mapo Tofu Quest: You have collected six complete sets out of eight essential tastes, please keep working hard.]

Liu Weiwei was taken aback, and then she also found out that her light brain had received a notification to add a friend.

[Li Er requested to add you as a friend.]

[Remark message: Are you interested in being a cooking soldier?] 

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