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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 12

ICRAB – Chapter 12

The gorilla opened its mouth to roar, and a stench swept through Liu Weiwei, making her almost vomit. This baby wanted to cry, but baby had to hold back T-T

Liu Weiwei was so scared that she couldn't even move. She curled up in the cabin, unable to even raise her arms. But the cold and firm voice in the ear kept giving instructions.

"Stand up!"

"Lying down in front of a beast is equivalent to committing suicide. You are going to take the college entrance examination, not to die."

"Throw a missile! I have adjusted your location for the best attack distance."

However, it was useless to give command to a woman who was panicking and had lost her mind. It was like knowing that if girls lift up their slippers, they could blow a wicked roach with a clean slap, but there were girls who screamed and panic, they just didn't dare to move. Unfortunately, Liu Weiwei was such a girl. She just felt that she was going to faint and she succeeded gloriously.


Qin Mo hugged the girl who fell from the sky. Compared with the malnutrition data from the test cabin, the visual sense was more straightforward. When he lowered his head, he saw her sharp little face and two arms with very little flesh. It was as if she had never drunk a nutrient solution before. He had no doubt that he could break her little arm with one-tenth of his one hand strength.

Holding the girl in both hands, Qin Mo kept walking from the back field to a room few hundred meters away. His feet were calm and there was no trace of disorder in his breath. He didn't feel any weight in his arms at all. The girl was lighter than the latest thin and light anti-aircraft gun. When he walked into the room, he put the girl in his arms gently on the bed. The scary white face and closed eyes successfully made him feel even more guilty.


[Beep – it was detected that the blood sugar of the owner was too low, she lost consciousness for more than five minutes and was kicked offline.]

[Preliminary diagnosis result: Seven weeks pregnancy, weak physique. Owner need to go to a hospital, or use a physical examination device for a thorough examination later.]

When Liu Weiwei was unconscious, her light brain bracelet was ticking. But soon, the official reminders sent by the Skynet official were submerged by nearly a hundred other messages.

[Heaven Rewards the Diligent have sent you lemon-flavored vegetable and fruit nutrient solution, ten boxes of exchange coupons.]

[Heaven Rewards the Diligent sent you orange juice flavored vegetable and fruit nutrient solution, ten boxes of redemption coupons.]

[Heaven Rewards the Diligent have sent you a watermelon-flavored protein nutrient solution, ten boxes of redemption coupons.]

When Liu Weiwei finally regained consciousness, her head was dizzy, and when she glanced at her light brain roughly, she was completely stunned by this series of superimposed nutrient solution notifications. She scrolled through six screens full of messages, but she still hadn't seen the last one. Patients with severe obsessive-compulsive disorder like her had no choice but to set all the messages as read.

Finally, the whole world was clean.

But she never expected that she would pass by two crucial pieces of news by mistake. 
o(* ̄︶ ̄*)o

As if he had calculated her waking time, when Liu Weiwei was about to sit up, Heaven Rewards the Diligent sent another message. Liu Weiwei really wanted to throw a missile to his head.

[Heaven Rewards the Diligent: Hard work will indeed pay off, but the premise is based on having a strong physique. From now on, pay attention to your diet every day and take in eight sticks of protein also fruits and vegetables nutrient solution to ensure the nutritional foundation your body needed during the growth period. See you on Skynet in three days. I will check.]

(⊙▽⊙)! Liu Weiwei almost threw her light brain out. Will check? What did it mean?

Even if Liu Weiwei was still growing, what did that have to do with this cruel and inhuman fellow? Send her a year's worth of nutritional solutions, was this guy giving her a stick, then a sweet jujube?

Liu Weiwei was shocked, too shocked to be angry. She wanted to return the nutrient solution exchange voucher, but there were too many messages, and she was so weak that she couldn't return them back one by one.

Liu Weiwei took a look at her inventory. That guy, he mailed a thousand boxes, equivalent to 12,000 bottles of nutrient solution. This was not a whole year worth, she could drink it for more than two years!

[Heaven Rewards the Diligent: Don't refuse.]

That god-like message arrived again.

Sorry, every pore in her body was rejecting this!

[Heaven Rewards the Diligent: The nutrient solution in my warehouse was overflowing, if let be it will expire and deteriorate.]

It's shameful to show off your wealth! Guilty man!

[Heaven Rewards the Diligent: There is still three months before the college entrance examination. We will meet for two hours every week for tuition.]

Ha ha ha. She almost became gorilla’s feed this time, he thought she would still come?

[Heaven Rewards the Diligent: You can strive to at least get the lowest score for military academy. As long as your physical fitness is improved by two levels, after three months of training, you can be admitted to the unpopular logistics majors.]

Humph! Liu Weiwei snorted subconsciously. But the next second, she stared wide-eyed, jumped directly from the bed, quickly ran to her table, and turned on the screen connected to the light brain.

[Search for unpopular logistics majors in military academies.]

Liu Weiwei rolled her eyes and quickly heard the professional introductions of the major colleges and universities read by the light brain. It took only two seconds for the light brain to find relevant content in 13 military academies. The unsentimental electronic sound soon began to read the information.

[Top ten military academies of Interstellar Alliance, unpopular logistics and cooking department. There were only ten applicants last year, and the acceptance rate was 100%. 】

[The Logistics Department of the First Military Academy of the Alliance, also known as the Cooking Department, admits students who are interested in serving the military field. It requires hard work, dedication, loyalty to the Alliance, and passing the physical test (defeating Third Tier beast in the wild alone). In addition, students with birth defects or surgery will not be admitted.]

[Students who are interested in this can sign up for an interview at the military academy. The best candidates can be exempted from the college entrance examination and directly admitted.]

Liu Weiwei blinked. Exempted from college entrance examination? Passing the physical skills? Well, it meant defeating the gorilla just now (⊙o⊙). She heard what that cold voice said just now, just throw that bullet on its face? Ok. So, maybe she could really do it in three months?

Liu Weiwei's mood at the moment was unprecedentedly complicated. Obviously she wanted to refuse the inhuman sadism by killing animals, but it seemed that she could only be admitted to the first military academy after listening to her tutor. Although the major was unpopular and she may not be assigned for any work after graduation which was worrying, but isn't she here to do food tasks? The army’s cooking squads were logistics soldiers who cook for the soldiers. Cooking, she could definitely do it!

Liu Weiwei immediately sent an interview application to the First Military Academy without hesitation. Well, as for the nutrient solution that was enough to be eaten for the next two years, the value was at least 50,000 credits, hehehe, she has no money to pay it back now. Then, just make him some snacks first?

When Liu Weiwei thought of the fat man and little sister this morning, her eyes lit up.

"Well, you inhuman tutor! This baby is going to use her skills, take it! Snail Noodles!"


Under the clear sky a thousands of miles away, on a carved terrace, two slender legs overlapped on the stool. The sun shines on the man's stern face, which was even more sharp and defined.

"My beautiful house has been ruined so vulgarly by you." A blond man with a cigarette in his right hand leaned on the terrace, his eyes gleaming with dissatisfaction.

The lying man finally moved, but it wasn't because of this blond man’s sarcasm, but because he glanced at the news that popped up from his light brain.

Seeing the news, the blond man eyebrows twisted in tightly. "The cooking department from the military academy this year cooks for our team?" He interrupted. "Cooking? Ha, these scums, even if you give them a knife, they won’t be able to cut the skins of a beast. The scums are still ugly this year. Ask them to stay away from me! "The blond man said on the face of the lying man.

Qin Mo straightened his back from the recliner, staring at his light brain again, his brows tightened.

[I am The Best at Scoring Zero: Thank you for your generous help. I am very interested in cooking. I am happy to cook for the cute soldiers. I decided to follow your advice and apply for the logistics and cooking department.]

Qin Mo raised his eyebrows. Cute soldier? Did she have any misunderstandings about him?

[I am The Best at Scoring Zero: You gave me so much nutrient solution, which is of great value, and I can't accept it in vain. But for the time being, I can't raise so much money to repay it. As a thank you, I can only give you food that I personally cook. I hope you can enjoy it o(n_n)o]

Qin Mo looked and at the moment there was a silver basin lying quietly in his Skynet mailbox. This was quite similar to the pan he used to feed his dog, except that it had a lid. He couldn't help and let out a chuckle, his chest shaking.

"What? You have a fever today?" Hearing Qin Mo laugh, as if he had no bones and was leaning against the wall, the blond man stretched out a hand and touched Qin Mo forehead.

"You, a dead face, can laugh too?"

Qin Mo slapped the blond man hand and glanced coldly.

The blond man laughed, stretched his waist, and turned his face listlessly toward the blazing sunlight outside, "With a boring person like you, my prosperous beauty has been wiped out." His face facing the sun was clean and fair. His skin seemed to be transparent under the sun, without any pores visible to the naked eye. And those gleaming blue eyes and short shining golden hair were full of fascinating and dazzling light.

The blond man took out a mirror and stare at his face from side to side. It took him a long time to lift his thin lips in satisfaction, "After two days of rest, my prosperous beauty is almost restored." He clapped twice.

A cute and beautiful robot dressed in a white maid costume walked to the terrace. "Master."

"Ha, smart Momo, who do you say is the most beautiful and handsome man in the universe?"

"Of course it's Master."

"Hahaha... you really are a good baby of this young master!"

Qin Mo didn't even look at the idiot master and servant, but took out the dinner bowl that the little girl had mailed to him in Skynet. However, as soon as he took out the bowl, he raised his brows. His vigorous and resolute movements stiffened.

An unspeakable strong smell, with a stormy speed, instantly flooded the entire open terrace, slapped in the depths of his soul!

The beautiful blond man with dazzling handsome face that was still laughing a moment ago suddenly twisted. "What, what is this!"

"Oh! Momo, did you catch a beast again? Why did I smell the smell of wild goat!"

Qin Mo's stern mouth twitched. In order to thank him, she mailed a package of warm goat?

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