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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 31

 ICRAB – Chapter 31

Two chapter today to replace yesterday missed update.
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The battalion commanders were not patient guys. They were a little impatient when they saw that Lu Qingheng had been talking for so long but hadn't resolved the matter.

Commander of the 1st Battalion still had a tin can of meat patties in his hand, so he walked over and snorted coldly, "What is Xiao Lu doing? The Marshal's order, you have to talk about it for a long time?"

Commander of the 2nd Battalion kicked the corpse of poisonous red spider on the ground, "Hurry up, if the military mission is delayed, are you ready to suffer the consequences? Procrastinating, you want to be beaten to the end, don't you?!" They said so, but their sharp eyes were floating on the school dean, the group of teachers, and the students.

The sweat on the school dean’s head was dripping, "The battalion commanders please go to rest first. I will report to the principal immediately and send someone to the base to count the beasts and prepare them. As soon as the military documents come, we will deliver them immediately. We will also finish the assessment of Liu Weiwei's graduation grades as soon as possible."

Lu Qingheng nodded, "This is the end of today's training camp, disband!"


Liu Weiwei stood aside, still a little dazed. She had been admitted to the first military academy? She didn't have to take the graduation exam? According to the instructor, she could also get an excellent grade in graduation? Her mind was lost. The sudden good news fell from the sky and knocked her out of reality. She lifted her foot subconsciously and wanted to walk back to her dormitory with the other students, but was soon surrounded by the battalion commanders again.

Commander of the 1st Battalion showed his white teeth: "Classmates, congratulations. From now on, we will be considered as colleagues. Let’s have a meal together?"

The commander of the 2nd battalion didn’t have the sneer, but he took off his sunglasses with a smile, showing a particularly delicate and young face, "Are you interested in going to our cabin to visit the military cooking room?"

Lu Qingheng touched her forehead, unable to bear these two beaming smiles.

The commander of the 2nd battalion put his hand in his pocket and looked at Liu Weiwei, "Classmate, the Major asked me to take care of you. haven't eaten dinner yet, right?"

The other battalion commanders also came quickly. Only the commander of the 9th battalion was caught by the beast cow in front of him. It bit his trouser to prevent him from leaving.

"Classmate, isn't it very tiring to train? Don't buy ingredients, just use the things in our cooking room, don't need money."

"Hehehe… you lack beast meat for dinner? I will kill one now!"

Liu Weiwei couldn't decide to laugh or cry. She even heard the battalion commander who had broken trousers in the distance yelling, "Student Liu, what you made is so delicious! Come with us!" What could she say? She chuckled and laughed on the spot. These serious-looking instructors were too cute. As a cook, the happiest moment was to make the person who ate her food feel satisfied. Her sense of accomplishment was bursting!

Liu Weiwei covered her mouth and smiled, "Okay, I will trouble the instructors for the ingredients. I will cook dinner for the instructors and eat together. Instructor Lu's kangaroo, the Xiao Long Bao that it wants, I will also make some more."

The battalion commanders’ eyes squinted in happiness and immediately led the way.

When they arrived at Liyang High School, their meals and lodging were in their accompanying military cabin, and they did not live with the students.

Back in the cabin, only Lu Qingheng took Liu Weiwei to the cooking room. The others forgot to return the tin can to Liu Weiwei, causing more than a dozen cows to follow behind them. Moo-moo-moo-moo-moo the beasts chased to the cooking room. 

Lu Qingheng had his gray kangaroo, so he was no longer interested in the beast cows. He had already given back the canned food in his hand to the girl. He took Liu Weiwei to the cooking room and explain along the way.

The cooking room of the military aircraft cabin was bigger than Liu Weiwei had imagined, covering more than one hundred square meters. There was a large cooking table about five or six meters long, five stove tops, and three cold storage rooms for various kinds of beasts’ meat. The other half of the area was for storing nutrient solutions.

"We perform tasks outside all the year round. Sometimes when finished all the nutrient solution we brought, we can only eat some of the beasts that died in the battle. It doesn't taste good, it's all just to survive. Therefore, military aircraft cabins are usually quite large." 

Lu Qingheng frowned when he talked about it. He was also afraid that Liu Weiwei would not recognize these beasts, so he explained to her, "This is a very common Bibi beast. The meat is a bit sour when grilled. This is Libo bird meat, can be decently swallowed. This is dragon fish, um... the taste is hard to say, it has a fishy smell, but if sprinkled with a little lemon flavored nutrient solution and roasted, it can be eaten. What else do you need? I will help you order from the Internet."

Bibi (哔哔兽)

Lu Qingheng scratched his head. "I will give you money for the Xiao Long Bao."

Liu Weiwei was not polite with him, and immediately wrote him a purchase list, mainly vegetables, flour and rice. As for fish and meat, the storage room here was very rich, and there was basically no shortage of meat for regular dishes. "For dinner, will that be me and the ten instructors?"

Lu Qingheng nodded, "This time we are considered idle, not in battle. Everyone else is training or taking vacations."

Liu Weiwei read the news before and knew that the beast wave had just passed. Now was the time for the army to recuperate and reorganized its organization. When she walked just now, she saw a lot of military robots handling debris, and even now the spacecraft was driven by automatic navigation and did not require real personnel to handle.

"Then I will make ten dishes and one soup for dinner."

Lu Qingheng swallowed and placed an order without saying a word. Before he left, Liu Weiwei stuffed him two more tin cans, "Feed the big kangaroo with this first. I will give you the dumplings after I finish making them later." Lu Qingheng immediately grinned to the base of his ears. He couldn't wait to flash people with the jar.

The huge cooking room instantly became Liu Weiwei's personal field.

With ten dishes and one soup, she planned to cook seven Sichuan dishes, liangpi, as well as two stir-fried vegetable dishes that were originally made on ancient earth. For the soup, it would be tomato egg drop soup. If it was all hot Sichuan dishes, she was very worried that they would have big problem in the toilet later. She glanced at the time, counted the ingredients that she had, exchanged some seasonings, and quickly started cooking.

In addition to mapo tofu, there were six other Sichuan dishes, boiled fish, twice-cooked pork, Yuxiang pork, spicy chicken, sauerkraut fish, and sweet duck. Since Liu Weiwei discovered that those big cows had no interest in attacking, she spent four hours at the system training room today for practice. Her current proficiency was above 80%, and her rating was basically three or four stars.

Yuxiang Pork

Sweet Duck


An hour later, a strong fragrance gradually spread to the entire military aircraft cabin.

In the training room, the battalion commanders who were 'playing' with various beast cows, including Lu Qingheng who had 'My finger and face were licked by my kangaroo' halo of happiness, all smelled this delicious smell.

The military cabin also had 24-hour fresh air system to exchange fresh air into the cabin constantly. However, this fragrant, drooling scent, which made people unable to resist, was still strong. It didn't even weaken at all.

"Did she start?" The 9th Battalion Commander took a deep breath.

"This smell, tsk, I can eat a whole cow. Oh no! I didn't mean you, big brother!" The Commander of the 4th Battalion embarrassedly patted the cow head squatting in front him.

The Commander of the 1st Battalion was finally willing to take his hand away from the back of the silver armored cow, "Okay, the cows are already full, now it's our turn."

Everyone's mouth was twitching. Was this still their oldest comrade-in-arms? They couldn't recognize him anymore! They ridiculed and quarreled with each other on the way, but they automatically silenced the sound when they walk into the dining room.

A whole table of food! Red, green, and yellow... It seemed that there were all kinds of flavors, and it made people drool just by looking. 

It could be seen that the big table was actually made of four small tables. Usually, everyone finished drinking the nutrient solution on their own. No one went to the dining room specifically. But today, without any urging, the battalion commanders immediately took a small bench and sat around the table. They soon discovered that besides a small empty bowl, an empty cup and a spoon, there were two wooden chopsticks in front of everyone.

The battalion commanders picked up the two wooden chopsticks, one in each hand, and stared at them.

"This thing is really the same as in the history museum."

"How to use it? I have watched the video, but haven't tried it yet."

"I think I'll use a spoon."

When Liu Weiwei came out with a large pot of tomato egg drop soup, she saw the instructors holding spoons and slamming things into their mouths. One of them was even more exaggerated. He used the chopsticks as bamboo sticks and pierced them into the plate to make double-cooked pork and spicy chicken skewers. She was surprised.

"Classmate, what kind of meat is this? So delicious!"

"This fish is too tender! D*mn it, it's the first time I know fish is so delicious! There is no smell at all!

"Wait, what is this? Red and crunchy!"

"These chopsticks are so good! The meat is skewered one by one, the taste is rich, layer by layer, I can't stop it at all!"

"This red dish is super exciting! It's more violent than the first time I turn on the armor, it's amazing!"

"It's even more delicious than the curry rice that I ate last time! I just found out that the rare nutrient solution flavors in my collection are all scum!"

Liu Weiwei sat down, not knowing which instructor to answer first, and could only report the names of the dishes one by one. When she just picked up her chopsticks, she was once again held by the commander of the 1st battalion.

"Classmate, what's the use of this empty cup? Drink water?"

Liu Weiwei touched her nose with some embarrassment, "I think there are a lot of nutrients in the storage room, including lemon and orange flavors. I would like to have a refreshing drink and eat vegetables. The instructors can also try it." After she finished cooking, she craved for sour things again. With that said, she took out a lemon-flavored nutrient solution from her space, poured it into the cup in front of her, took a small sip, and put a bite of tender boiled fish fillet into her mouth. Her eyes squinted happily.

"I think this spicy taste, with a refreshing iced drink, is particularly enjoyable."

The battalion commanders were all stunned. In history, nutrient solutions were actually used for this purpose? But they still followed her in succession and all took out various nutrient solutions stored in their personal space. Following her example, they drank a sip of the nutrient solution, and then took a bite of the spicy chicken, or twice-cooked pork, or boiled fish, or mapo tofu...

"Ah! ~~~ It's cool!" The Commander of the 1st Battalion drank mint flavor nutrient solution.

"Oh oh oh my god, it turns out that this tastes like this!" The Commander of the 3rd Battalion drank watermelon flavor.

"I feel like I am flying!" The Commander of the 9th Battalion chose green orange flavor and he smashed his mouth.

Lu Qingheng really couldn't stand this group of actors, but he also opened his blueberry-flavored cold nutrient solution and poured it into his glass dubiously. He picked it up and took a sip, well, as always it tasted sweet and sour. He took another bite of the boiled fish fillet, Eh? This taste... F*ck, he also flew!

Meanwhile Liu Weiwei, who was eating very happily, heard the prompt of task completion immediately.

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  1. I actually dont really eat with my family but seeing (reading) them all enjoying the food makes me go back to when I was still a kid and we were all happily eating together thank you so much for the update ( ˃̶ω˂̶ ૃ)

    1. Ah.... memories

      especially gatherings - althrough as a kid it was annoying to just sit and listen to others talking, growing up you start to miss them


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