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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 19

ICRAB – Chapter 19

Liu Weiwei was a little dazed. What did it mean that the major will compliment her even if it was unpalatable? What did it mean to buy her a skirt? She really didn't understand the brain circuits of this system. But anyway, she had gained ten points of beauty. When the driverless tram arrived at the dormitory building, she jumped straight down and couldn't wait to return to the dormitory to check the results.

Qin Mo sat in the cockpit expressionlessly, and saw the short legs of the weak rabbit in front of him snapping to the ground. The so-called weak rabbit that was even if upgraded to full rank, still couldn’t compare with the beast. Short legs were not its fault, it was a genetic problem.

"Major, see you in the afternoon." Liu Weiwei bowed quickly, took the posture of greeting teachers in the 21st century, and then bounced away without looking back.
The corners of Qin Mo's mouth formed a line. Very good, this girl even learned the level 1 weak rabbit’s bounce skill. He stared blankly as the tram door closed again.

When Liu Weiwei returned to the dormitory, she struggled for an hour. In the first fifty minutes, she was entangled on where would be the best part to allocate her ten beauty points. In the last ten minutes, she was looking for a cute dish in the menu library. After much deliberation, she pulled up the 3d personal picture shamelessly, and put the ten points on the chest again! Humph!

Qian Jun thought she had a small chest, thinking Liu Weiwei didn't know? Even after seven thousand years, it was estimated that scum grandson's grandson's grandson had already died still as a scum, but it would not affect her mentality of trying to revenge. The key was that this kind of thing was really addictive. After she clicked, she lowered her head, reached out to touch, and then squeeze. Then, she made a weird aunt smile, very satisfied.

Liu Weiwei also found a very high-sounding excuse for herself. If she allocated the reward points to other places, such as her face, it would be easily spotted by others, and not easy to explain why she suddenly changed her face. But this part, hehe, the slow growth was in line with her currently developing age, so this was the perfect logic. After admiring herself for ten minutes, she entered the space provided by the system and spent an hour repeatedly practicing the recipe she had chosen. (TN: 1 hour in system space equal 10 minutes real time.)

After almost full of proficiency, Liu Weiwei pitifully asked the dormitory auntie to act as a guardian and enable her to log in to Skynet for one hour today. Just after logging in, she received the instant messages synchronously.

[Heaven Rewards the Diligent sent you ten boxes of blueberry-flavored collagen nutrient solution.]

[Heaven Rewards the Diligent sent you ten sprays for treatment of bruises and sprains.]

[Message: There are no secrets to enduring physical exercise, taking medicine and rubbing medicine are the only two options.]

Liu Weiwei: "..." What was wrong with this weirdo? Seven thousand years later, he was still talking to her, just like a fake interstellar citizen! But now she has no time to manage, the bruises on her hands have long since ceased to hurt.

Liu Weiwei put out the cooking table of the space station, and took out a series of pots and bottles of seasonings, as well as the ingredients needed for today's cooking.


There were not many people on the small road today, as it was still working time.

When Li Sanpang went online, he felt very unlovable. He was chased by that little sister Qin for two days. Only until today, as the little girl had an exam in school that she reluctantly went back. As long as he thought of it, the fat on his body would tremble three times.

But soon Li Sanpang’s nose quivered, and after sniffing hard, his small squinted eyes lit up completely. A very fragrant smell was floating in the air, this was a strong smell he had never smelled before. Taking a deep breath, it faintly intoxicated his body and mind. Even his legs that had been running around for the past two days were a little fluttering. His footsteps were completely uncontrollable and he directly moved to the place where the fragrance came from.

"Ah, chicken wings girl!" The fat man jumped up instantly after seeing the small stall surrounded by crowds.

The booth was completely crowded and Liu Weiwei was buried inside. She couldn't even see her fingers.

Li Sanpang saw the people who had finally squeezed out from the booth all held a square box in their hands. A faint light appeared in his small eyes immediately. He was chased for two days so he was unable to send his real address to the chicken-wing girl. Now he was so hungry that he could almost eat three broiler chickens!

After desperately squeezing a few steps inside, Li Sanpang craned his neck and looked into the paper box in other people's hands. After a glance, his fat face was stunned, and then a patch of pink floated suspiciously on his cheeks, standing still in place like a thunderous blow. What was this, this, this food? How was it just like his body?

In the paper box, there was a large piece of golden yellow unknown semi-solidified liquid, and one white fat person with a big round head and fat arm was lying in the liquid, looking like he was soaking. It looked exactly like in his huge bathtub at home!

Li Sanpang was stunned, his face getting hotter and hotter. But what's more terrible was that his mini bath tub was exuding the fragrance that makes his saliva constantly secrete, making his stomach scream. But the scene before him was too shocking.

Li Sanpang usually prided himself as someone with the thickest hardest skin, and the best defense, but today he saw a 3d picture of his mini bath in his hand. When he started to eat, he kicked. He kicked back three steps. It's no wonder he thought too much. It was so alike!

There were three layers of swimming rings on the stomach. The little yellow ducks soaking in his super bathtub also looked alike with the red lump-shaped stuff in this bowl. Even his secret that few people know that his golden powder bath salt could turn the water golden yellow when sprinkled was right! She, she, she, how did she know? Was this a portrayal of him taking a bath every day? D*mn it!

"Wow, so cute, I can't bear to eat this fat little man."

"Yes, yes, I really want to put it at home as a collection~"

"Hahaha, I bought one more and decided to put it in the bathroom for decoration~"

Li Sanpang was about to kneel down, don't, don't, don't, please be kind!

"Did the boss call this golden curry? Ah, it's so delicious. It melts directly in my mouth as soon as I eat it. It has a delicate, mild, and sweet taste..."

"The texture of organic cultivated rice is so soft and sticky, it doesn't taste like jerky as normal at all, it has a touching taste, and it's visually so cute~"

"The golden curry is completely blended with the softness of the little fat man's rice grains~"

"The first bite feels so strong that my whole person is shocked, but the second bite feels so gentle, and my mouth seems to be touched..."

Li Sanpang raised his ears, his saliva spurted.

"Ah, Mr. Li, I finally saw you again." Liu Weiwei finally raised her head and saw the fat man squeezing in front of her. But the next second, she suddenly remembered that all the orders she made for him had fed the belly of beasts, cough, she was embarrassed. "Your order..."

Li Sanpang's face burned directly. She made that food...imitating his bathing scene...what did it mean? Should he ask, or pretend that nothing happened? Was she interested in him?! Indeed, a few days ago, he had been waiting for her to go online, taking care of her business, and seeing that the location of her stall was not taken away, so she must have been moved. He didn't know where to put his hands in an instant. As for what the thin, thin, weak girl was talking about, he didn't hear it at all.

However, when a Little Fatty's bathtub was handed to him, Li Sanpang recovered and heard the soft and lovely voice in his ears.

"Mr. Li, would you like to have cute chubby bath curry rice? It only costs 100 credits."

Her price was based on tofu puddings, this curry was worth five times the price, and she thought it was reasonable.

Li Sanpang blushed. Cute? Chubby? Didn’t this describe him? He turned out to be cute in her eyes!

All of Li Sanpang's sanity went offline automatically, and he instantly forgot on how the girl knew the secret of his bath. "Ten portions!" He watched the girl’s hands took a ball of rice to her palm and squeezed to become his head, and then she took another piece, squeezed it, and it became his fat belly. The feeling was so wonderful that it couldn’t be expressed in words. Finally, when she scooped up thick golden soup and poured it on him, ah no, little fatty's body, Li Sanpang felt like he was the one being drenched by the soup. The point was, he also felt that he looked so cute lying down like this!

"Here it is~" Liu Weiwei smiled and handed the food to the fat man when she finished one portion.

Li Sanpang's soul was about to fly away. Anxiously, he put a spoonful of so-called curry into his mouth casually, and his whole fat body was suddenly shaken. Cute chubby bath curry rice, so delicious that he could fly. The whole golden-yellow hot soup tastes rich and sweet but not greasy, and the two legs soaked in the soup were soft and glutinous, it was full of deliciousness. He couldn't speak anymore, this taste was also cute~

That's right, it was this curry rice bowl that Liu Weiwei made in respond to the being cute cooking task.

The rice was made into a cute little fat person, sitting in a bowl, and then curry was poured over it, like water in a fish tank.

Liu Weiwei was about to make the next portion, when she suddenly felt that her face was crushed by a fluffy thing. She stared, stretched out her hand to touch her face, but didn't touch anything. However, a furry thing seemed to roll around her face, and the soft and grassy hair ball even got into her chest!

Liu Weiwei: !!!

She immediately glanced at the 82 sales records, said sorry to the remaining customers and Li Sanpang, and immediately went offline in a hurry. The fat man took a bite of the hot curry, and he was too focused on eating, let alone to stop her. It took him a long time to swallow what was in his mouth, and as soon as he shouted, Liu Weiwei’s figure was long gone.


Between Skynet and reality, people’s five senses still communicated with each other. In other words, in reality, something was moving on her face, something furry!

In the female dormitory of Liyang High School, the pale girl lying on her back suddenly opened her eyes, but it was completely dark. She reached out and touched something soft. She sat up abruptly, and with a click, the object on her face fell onto the bed.

Liu Weiwei saw a white rabbit as white as cotton about the size of her palm, shrugging its ears. It stared back at her with its round and furry face, looking at her innocently with water-stained eyes. It leaned on her bed. Its short furry legs kicked a few times in the air.

Liu Weiwei heart turned into water. So soft and cute, so cute ( ̄▽ ̄)~

Long-haired lop-eared rabbit: Hoho, I am a level 7 beast and I'm hungry. Quickly~ get up and feed me, feed me! 

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  1. Well, she tamed them for sure...I guess.

  2. Their misunderstanding is making me quit this novel... Im just waiting for the pregnancy... Who tf is the father... You might say it's the ml but if it's him...I will drop this immediately... F*ck the saying... To grab them heart is cooking/food? Srry it just doesn't work in stupid ML

    1. Nah man, I don't care about logic. I just want some cute overdose drug.


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