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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 10

 ICRAB – Chapter 10

After Liu Weiwei vented in the forum’s comment section, she felt a pain in her lower abdomen. As a person from the 21st century, her first reaction was that she had eaten too much. But soon she was stunned. She suddenly realized that she had not done this for nearly a week, and this thought immediately scared her into a cold sweat.

Everyone here drank nutrient solutions, and even replenished nutrients by absorbing the energy supplements that erupt at any time in the tuition cabin. Most people no longer need normal excretion. However, Liu Weiwei was greedy, and she felt uncomfortable if she didn't eat chicken drumsticks every day in the dormitory.

From Skynet shopping store, she purchased iron grill and alcohol stove, roasted some drumsticks in the dormitory, and added a little spice that the system initially gave. She was happy to eat every day until her stomach was full. But then she realized that she had swelled out a lot. She forgot that if food went in her mouth it also needed to get out. Now, her abdomen hurt and Liu Weiwei's face turned pale. She quickly slipped into the bathroom of her single dormitory while holding her belly.

The school dormitory after seven thousand years was comparable to the design of a hospital room. The colors were all white, but the facilities were complete. In a room of less than 10 square meters, it was comparable to a sparrow, though small, it still had all its internal organs. Just on the wall next to the single bed, the wall would open with fingerprint touch, revealing the small but exquisite bathroom inside.

Inside, an oval egg-shaped transparent glass was placed on a white tile. It was a fully automatic thermostatic steam shower room. As long as people got close, the egg shell would open, and they could get in and lied in it like a baby. The transparent eggshell emitted steam at a constant temperature of 37 degrees Celsius and three hundred and sixty-five degrees directions, washing the skin and hair all over the body. If people have special needs, they could also turn on the massage mode. A soft wall would immediately form in the eggshell to wrap people’s bodies. Calculating the degree of fatigue detected on the muscles, suitable massage intensity would be given. It would also increase the intensity according to the degree of fatigue on each part of the muscle. When the steam erupts, there was no need to dry the body, the steam has already evaporated.

Liu Weiwei fell in love with this egg bathroom completely on the first night. She felt that this was the most intelligent invention of mankind after seven thousand years, liberating all lazy but clean women, especially women with long hair. But today she was very embarrassed when she saw this eggshell. Because of this thing, in addition to the bath and massage function, it also served as the future super toilet. When she approaches, the eggshell would scan and analyze her whole body. If it found that there was too much water in her body, a toilet seat would automatically stick out of the egg. As long as she sat in, the function was basically the same as a normal toilet. The drainage system under the toilet seat was perfect, and the urine would be directly transported underground for decomposition.

However, today Liu Weiwei approached, and the egg shell did not respond as if it was broken. The toilet seat did not stick out even after a long time. Her whole body felt bad in an instant. Could it be that after seven thousand years, everyone did not need to poop, so the smart toilet couldn’t recognize her needs now? F*ck!

Liu Weiwei felt that her eyes almost went black, and the pain in her lower abdomen was not relieved at all, she was still aching.

[Beep – it is detected that the student has bleeding symptoms. It is suspected to be on the first day of period. If you need to use a sterile three-dimensional protective sanitary napkin, please select 1, and if you need to use an antibacterial mini pad, please select 2, and you need to use leakage prevention surgery, please choose 3. For the college entrance examination sanitary napkin that help perform normally in an exam...]

This painful electronic sound made Liu Weiwei speechless. Bleeding? This technology was so advanced that it could ascend to heaven!

Liu Weiwei's face turned red, but fortunately the egg shell opened quickly. She rushed in with her belly in her arms. Sitting on the toilet seat, she lowered her head and peeked at her underwear, and she turned a little red. She couldn't help sighing bad luck in her heart. She was only one week away from the mock exam, and now she got her period that would make her in particularly weak physical condition.

After thinking about it, Liu Weiwei decided to try new things available in this future technology. The so-called college entrance examination sanitary napkins that could help perform normally in the so-called physical exams. She pressed 3 on the electronic screen of the egg shell, and immediately heard a puff. A completely transparent glass drawer slowly rose from the ground. 

The third drawer slowly opened, and Liu Weiwei saw the pink cute sanitary napkins with bunny ears design. Her girlish heart stirred for a second. She tore the packaging off and attached it to her underwear. She found that the length of the college entrance examination sanitary napkin was the same as what she used in the past.

But after searching in her mind, Liu Weiwei knew that this absorptive capacity of this sanitary napkin was a hundred times more compared to the past. When encountering beasts and trying to escape, she didn't have to worry about leakage. After all, the smell of blood would stimulate most of the beast to become crazier. The blood smell could definitely make a third-level beast explode with fourth-level leapfrog power, so modern technology had done a lot in this regard.

Ha ha. 

Liu Weiwei felt that she just had an excuse to give up the physical skill exam completely. Squatting on the toilet, while thinking about her life, she struggled with the pain in her lower abdomen. When entering the toilet mode, people could also choose to listen to the sound of water, listen to the roar of beasts, listen to the latest broadcast of the news channel, or listen to the passage of any school textbook. It was to resolve loneliness, and also to help.

Liu Weiwei originally thought this function was probably made by a drunkard, but she found that she needed it now. She thought about the chicken drumsticks she had eaten in the past few days, and with her growing belly, she chose to play the longest passage of the liberal arts exam. She was determined to solve the big problem while doing detoxification on the toilet today.

But it might be because this body had been used to eating liquid food for many years, Liu Weiwei squatted for more than ten minutes, but she just let out a little bit. At a critical moment, a new message popped out from her light brain bracelet.

Liu Weiwei originally wanted to cross the message and concentrated back on detoxing, but she wrongly flicked her hand and turned it into a voice sharing. Unfortunately, she didn't notice this.


On the other side, Qin Mo, who was wearing a military green vest, had closed his eyes and prepared to rest for a while, but he was startled by the narration of a liberal arts test suddenly sounded on his light brain.

[Namex, the only galaxy that exists today, has newly discovered a planet of postmodern civilization. At present, scientists have set up a space research station and beast research station on this planet. According to Professor Amy’s expectations, within the next 100 years, there should be a breakthrough in the search for a new civilization and new methods to take care of beasts within this year. Once successful, this will be the strongest advancement recorded in the past 500-year history of Interstellar Alliance...]

Qin Mo listened for a while, then raised his eyebrows and looked at the light brain on his wrist.

[(Newcomer to the Mutual Aid Forum) I am The Best at Scoring Zero: I’m listening to Article 326 of the liberal arts exam, and I’ll share it with you o(n_n)o]

Qin Mo twitched the corner of his mouth and wanted to refuse the share. But just before he clicked on the button, he heard a rush of water, then the familiar sound of flushing water from a smart toilet. His slender fingers suddenly stiffened mid-air. Before long, there was even the sound of toilet steam bidet and the sound of drying. The corners of his mouth were pressed tightly, and the roots of his ears were a little reddened.

It went silent for a moment, and then a somewhat immature soft voice came into his ears.

[Huh, Namex? What sh*t. Baby can finally come out~]

Qin Mo froze with his finger on the button. He then twitched and finally pressed it down successfully. The air was finally clean again.

But downstairs, there was a series of hurried footsteps.

"Brother, I brought a beast’s brain for you to eat, it's still hot!"

The soft rubber air pillow under Qin Mo's body was squeezed and exploded with a bang!

"Brother, brother, come and have a taste... Ah, fat man, give it back..."

Qin Mo's unwavering black eyes completely sunk, his pair of slender legs moved, army boots covering his strong calf. He stepped out of the room, exuding a cold and uncomfortable aura.

A red figure, followed by a fat body, chased one after another in the living room.

Qin Mo took a cold look at them, raised his eyebrows, and glanced at the three silver plates on the carved wooden table. On them were neatly arranged white and rosy things that were only the size of half his little finger, some white powder was also scattered on these plates.

"Brother, these things are called wonton. I don't know what kind of beast met it is, but it is delicious!"

The delicate red figure was Qin Ruyi who had just taken a pot of food to eat. She was chasing the fat man who snatched the tofu puddings and circled in the living room in front of her. She was excited to explain when she saw Qin Mo standing at the table.

However, she actually hadn’t tried the wontons. She just tasted the delicious tofu puddings, and felt that there was no nutrient solution more delicious than that in this world. She thought that the wontons were 30 credits more expensive than the delicious tofu puddings, so it should naturally be more delicious.

Now that the tofu puddings were snatched by the fat man, she could only recommend her brother to try the more ‘delicious’ wonton.

Qin Mo glanced at the three dinner plates blankly and stayed motionless.

Qin Ruyi knew that her brother had always been picky. She temporarily let go of the fat man, rushed over and grabbed a small wonton on the plate. She quickly delivered it to her brother’s mouth.

"Brother, take a bite, I bought it for 10,000 yuan~"

With her eyes full of water, she looked at her old brother's handsome face with great expectation, thinking that his stinky expressionless expression would be very funny. And if he was happy, he might give her pocket money. Thinking of this, she almost laughed.

But who knows that in the next second, the expression of enjoyment she expected did not appear at all. On the contrary, her old brother's always cold but handsome face became darker and colder. The line of the jaw, which was originally carved like a sculpture, was tightening, and the cold air he was exuding even dropped by several degrees.

Qin Ruyi stepped back directly, a bad alarm was raised in her mind.

The mouthful of raw flour in Qin Mo's mouth at this moment, and the completely fishy and rotten taste of raw minced meat, made him want to vomit. His straight back was also stiff. The thing stuffed into his mouth by his biological sister was alive! This bite was even more unpleasant than the smell of wild beast gnawing meat!

Qin Mo handsome face twitched, and he forcefully swallowed the thing, but the nausea in his mouth lingered for a long time. He looked at his sister, "You are not studying at school, but going to Skynet to play a prank?"

"Brother, what? I think of you when I see something delicious! What prank?" She didn't know that this wonton could not be eaten yet.

"Go offline now!" Qin Mo pressed his thin lips and vomited out orders coldly. Soon as he raised his hand and threw the three plates of small wontons to the ground.

The intelligent robot maid suddenly appeared, treating everything thrown on the ground as trash, cleaning it up and breaking all into powder.

"Ah!" Qin Ruyi screamed, and her heart ached. "Brother, why are you doing this?"

When the fat man in the living room saw that Qin Mo was mad, he felt bad, and immediately ran out of the small building with the tofu puddings.

Qin Mo just pretended that he hadn't seen anything, but he knew his own sister’s personality and hated iron for not becoming steel. "Don't think that you are talented so you can slacken. Others might be stupid birds, but if they work hard, the final achievements may be far better than you. Others eat, sleep, even going to the toilet while learning, you will be eliminated if you stay like this." Thinking of the sound of the toilet bowl just heard, Qin Mo's mouth twitched subconsciously.

Qin Ruyi was very angry if she was compared to other people. She snorted and ran out, "I don't care about brother anymore!"

Qin Mo had no expression on his face, and directly kicked her offline with his authority of a guardian. He also set her not to be allowed to log into Skynet. As he turned around, he stopped, and sent another message to I am The Best at Scoring Zero newcomer thru light brain.

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  3. OMFG! I really thought she'd say something about the raw stuff to the fat guy but this really happened :O and plz no sh*t kink!!!! I mean this is a food novel right?! here's to hoping this is a singular instance!


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