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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 9

ICRAB – Chapter 9

A bucket of tofu puddings was 50 portions, which cost 1,000 credits. Add in one hundred pairs of chicken wings and fifty savory crepes, the total was 10,000 credits. Times two people, that's 20,000 credits.

Liu Weiwei quickly calculated mentally and came to a happy conclusion. However, she didn’t know that if the food sold in the real world would be much more expensive than the virtual food on Skynet. Apart from the other ingredients, the price of the scarce seasoning alone would be in short supply. It was estimated that only a small part could be bought for 10,000 credits.

But in the original owner’s memory, except for some of the food sold on the Skynet, the price of food in reality was actually not very clear. That’s why, Liu Weiwei still didn't know the price was too low. Instead of this, she was calculating the actual cooking time, and looking for a way to avoid the trouble of secretly cooking in the dormitory building alone.

After all, Liu Weiwei was now a senior high school student preparing for the exam. Thinking of this, her face was a little hot, and she realized that just by being called Miss Sister Qin Ruyi, she felt a little proud and forgot the pain of being young.

Liu Weiwei had just agreed recklessly, and now she realized that her conditions are very difficult in reality. She was a little embarrassed, and she looked at the fat man a little apologetically, "It may take a while for me to prepare. It might take a few days for me to finish cooking and mail it to you. Can you wait for a few days and leave me an address first?"

"Ah" Fatty's face was a little disappointed, but he smiled quickly, "That's okay, I'll wait while eating on Skynet during this period. Then first give me the same amount online, and inform me when it’s mailed?"

Before Liu Weiwei spoke, Qin Ruyi snorted next to her. "These are all mine! Fat brother, you wait to eat the reality, don't grab with me!" Before the fat man able to spoke, Qin Ruyi directly transferred credits to Liu Weiwei. "See, I have already paid." After she finished speaking, she was still afraid that the fat man would come to grab, so she lifted the stall in front of Liu Weiwei, including the table with barrels and spices, and moved it!

"Miss Sister, this brain is delicious. Next time you make more, one bucket is too small!" Qin Ruyi ran away quickly.

Liu Weiwei was dumbfounded.

The fat man reacted with a wow, and immediately jumped up from where he was, and he was so angry that he was going to catch up with Qin Ruyi. But when he ran three or four steps, he ran back hurriedly, paid Liu Weiwei a sum of credits, and ran away again. "Beauty, I will pay your deposit first. Quickly add me as friend, and I will send you the address later."

Liu Weiwei felt everything was a dream. She immediately scanned the fat man's brain marks. Before she could send a request to add a friend, the fat man chased Qin Ruyi out loudly, leaving Liu Weiwei standing in the now empty stall. She originally planned to rent a stall for an hour, but today there was nothing left in less than ten minutes, and even her pots and pans were all taken away. She quit Skynet amusedly.

Consciousness returned to Liu Weiwei’s body without any dizziness or discomfort. She opened her eyes and saw a single bedroom surrounded by white walls. She lay on the soft bed, stretched out comfortably, and then read the unread messages in her light brain.

[Booth No. 49291, Third Street, East District, has been leased. Today's business report: A total of 1 guest was received, and a turnover of 110,020 credits was collected. Taxes are 33,006 credits, and one hour rental fee is 20 credits. The remaining balance will arrive in your personal bank account within 1 hour.]

Liu Weiwei suddenly got up from the bed in shock. One hundred and ten thousand credits? She pulled up the business report and immediately saw today’s three collection records.

Qin Ruyi paid twenty for the first time, and paid her ten thousand for the second time. The fat man paid her one hundred thousand, and still said that it was a deposit!

Liu Weiwei was dumbfounded.

The people shopping on Skynet were anonymous. Before becoming mutual friends, she could not send any messages to communicate, let alone made refunds. There was only a bucket of tofu puddings at her stall, and the wontons that have not been cooked were worth two to three thousand credits at most. Not to mention, that wontons were just a semi-finished product.

Liu Weiwei was suddenly embarrassed. By the way, that fat guy seemed to know her. She could only wait for him to add her first. She immediately went back on her light brain and sent an invitation to add friend to an ID named Li Sanpang.

Now the alliance equiped each newborn baby with a personal light brain, and each brain had a unique code. As long as people scan other people’s light brain codes, they could invite the other party to join their contacts.

However, after waiting for a while, the fat man never accepted the request. Liu Weiwei could only temporarily throw the matter aside, and rolled around on the single bed bored and distressed. 

Today’s stall was over early, so it was time to review high school books, but she had headaches when she saw those texts. She, a 30-year-old woman was now afraid of reading. She rolled around on the bed and don’t want to get up to read.

However, ‘ding’, ‘ding’, ‘ding’ the light brain on her wrist then kept humming and popping out messages.

When Liu Weiwei saw it, it turned out that it was from the previous college entrance examination mutual assistance forum.

Yesterday, when Liu Weiwei saw that the passing guarantee, she immediately sent out an application requesting one-on-one tuition to the senior, junior, and even sophomore tutors on each of the four major examination departments on the entrance exam. These seniors also quickly sent her link to a mock test, asking her to take the test first so they understood her learning situation, and then provide her with targeted tutoring.

When Liu Weiwei saw this, she felt that this service to teach students in accordance with their aptitude was really a one-on-one tailor-made teaching method, which was obviously very reliable. In the evening, she did all the questions of the Liberal Arts and Science examinations. Physical Skills’ battle could not be simulated in the forum. However, she filled in the best historical results of her arm grip strength, boxing speed, and obstacle running on the questionnaire, the same with Spiritual questionnaire.

Liu Weiwei finished them all but she didn't get any reply, so she just logged on to Skynet this morning to set up a stall. She didn't expect that as soon as she came back, she would receive replies from the seniors, so she danced in the air with all her limbs excited, and immediately became full of spirit.

Bye bye school scumbags! The road to turning over would start at this moment!

Excitedly, Liu Weiwei clicked on the first message from the senior offering science tuition class, but after only one glance, she fell on her small bed injured and grabbed the pillow to cover her flushed face.

[Student Liu, your science foundation is really bad! Can you finish reading all the books and then come here for tuition? – Senior experienced in tutoring Science to students.]

Hmm... She only scored 10 points in the quiz for mathematics, physics and chemistry.

Ha ha.

Liu Weiwei covered her eyes with her hand, and moved her index finger slightly, revealing a slit and then looked at the light brain’s next message.

[Classmate, does your school offer a mentality class? I think you should ask your teacher to apply to repeat for a year. Next year, I will be waiting for you. – Senior experienced in strengthening student Spiritual power.]

Ten thousand critical strikes!

Liu Weiwei bit the quilt, feeling that life was so dark. She was a person from the 21st century, how would she know this kind of spiritual power. She then looked at the next one.

[Oh, I'm so sorry. I have been tutoring too much lately. Student Liu, why don't you go to the introductory teaching first? – Junior student experienced in tutoring for Liberal Arts examination.]


Liu Weiwei's whole body was not good, she wanted to cry! She was very happy that she had successfully harvested two big customers today, but she didn't expect to fall into hell in an instant. In just two to three hours, she received a total of more than fifty refusal replies, and the other hundreds of messages sent last night were completely unresolved and not responded until now.

What mutual help? This was deception!

The word depressed was written on Liu Weiwei's little face that had become a little ruddy these days. They shouldn’t have abandoned her. They shouldn’t give up so soon, how could they lack such a spirit?

Turning over, Liu Weiwei angrily hugged the pillow in her arms and rushed into the mutual aid section again. She clicked on the big red and bold top moderator post in the forum, and she furiously typed a comment.

[To Mr. Expert, your writing ‘Sixty Points in Science Guaranteed’ makes me admire you beyond words. But why, I followed the article and only scored six points? I am looking forward to your reply.]

[To the beautiful and moving young adult, you wrote the 'Fourth Exams – How Can I Enter a University without Reading?" three years ago, which makes me deeply impressed. There is only one question for your article, I still can't enter university even after studying, what do you thing I can do about this?"

Sending them out in one breath, only the Liu Weiwei felt refreshed. All her uncomfortable problems were gone.

On the other side, a girl in a flaming red dress, held a desk taller than her with both hands. She actually ran like a meteor from the East District Third Street, and rushed into a small wooden building in a blink of an eye.

This wooden building was only two stories high, with garden beds planted with inconspicuous flowers on both sides. Surrounded by row upon row of modern European-style high-rise buildings, this small building was very different.

People saw a girl stepping on the wooden stairs and it made a creaking sound. This attracted the curious attention of passers-by. However, she was like a butterfly, and as the door opened, she disappeared from everyone's vision in a blink of an eye. But not far behind her, a fat figure kept running wildly all the way, his fat body chasing after the girl chaotically. He finally slapped open the tall wooden door with a palm and yelled, "Give back my brain!"

The good natured passers-by could not help but look into the house in astonishment, only to find that this small wooden building was actually very luxurious inside. The floor inside looked like it was made of a whole piece of uncut white jade. The fat man stepped on it and it reflected his appearance clearly. At the door, five valuable crystal chandeliers hung from the suspended ceiling, echoing the brilliance of the white jade flooring below, making people unable to look away. This was an interior that imitated the ancient earth.

The passers-by who saw it could not help being amazed and envious, but soon, a girl's excited voice came from the small building.

"Brother, I brought a beast’s brain for you to eat, it's still hot. There is also something called wontons, it's probably a newly discovered beast’s meat, come eat!"

"Hey, fat brother, put my brains down!"

The passers-by who were still going to look inside were all disgusted by these words, and they scattered immediately.

As the instigator, Liu Weiwei, who had just finished cursing, felt refreshed and squatted on the toilet, struggling to detox all foods she had eaten.

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  1. The flow of the story is sometimes hard to follow

  2. Is she really 30 or 3?! WTF does she mean by questioning why she scored less? First off, she did those system tasks while in the pod to study and now she's scaring off potential tutuors by being wild/unreasonable with nothing to back herself up. There's a lot to be said about this air-head FL, and somehow I think those wontons she sold(got taken) would also be consumed raw; the least she could do is tell them or text the method to eat it seeing as the system mentioned something about cuisines being a thing of the past.


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