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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 8

 ICRAB – Chapter 8

Qin Ruyi had already transferred the money.

The fat man's face was green, "Pervert, do you really want to buy it?"

"Yes," Qin Ruyi's eyes glowed, "I’ll bring this back and make a monster model!"

"Stay away from me! You Qin family are all perverts!" The fat man walked away directly.

Liu Weiwei felt that the nausea in her chest was a little more suppressed. She quickly walked over, wore a white mask, and carefully took out the soup spoon from the disinfection cabinet in the space box. 

Just when Qin Ruyi wanted to move the entire bucket away, Liu Weiwei picked up the small bowl next to her, and quickly dipped the big soup spoon into the bucket, and scooped out a bowl of perfect tofu pudding, with its smooth surface and a white jade color. She topped the pudding with a spoonful of her special seasoning made of red pepper, green onion, ginger, garlic, plus a little soy sauce, and she also added some coriander garnish. The red, white, and green condiments all fell into the bowl. Liu Weiwei added a small spoon and handed the bowl to Qin Ruyi, who had already looked at it.

"This, this is for eating!?" The fat man took a step back directly.

"Twenty credits, just this small bowl? I thought I could carry the whole bucket." Qin Ruyi thought it was too small. But she still took it, although she felt a bit deceived. She subconsciously scooped a small spoonful, and then stretched out her tongue to lick it. Then she suddenly stopped.

People nowadays were used to eating nutrient solutions at room temperature or iced, so they seldom eat hot food.

"Is this monster brain terrible? It smells like the broiler chicken from of street next door, so terrible?"

Qin Ruyi felt a little tangled about the fat man suicidal attempts, so she didn't know what to say when she watched the spoonful of soft, semi-solidified things shaking. But soon she thought that she was on a virtual Skynet, even if she was eating it was not real eating, it was just the texture and taste conveyed by her brain waves. At most, she would be attacked by the terrible texture again. And her brother just laughed at her last week calling her to cowardly to shoot a low-level beast headshot. Humph, she didn't dare to take a headshot, but she dared to eat the brain of a beast. Had he ever eaten it?

Qin Ruyi clenched her fist as she thought about it. She closed her eyes tightly as if she was facing an enemy, and angrily put the spoon straight into her mouth. At the moment she put the pudding near her mouth, a subtle green onion scent accompanied by a slightly pungent, but incredibly fragrant, strong scent, suddenly poured into her nose. It smelled so good!

Qin Ruyi killed three Tier 4 beasts in the simulation space this morning, and drank five strengthened nutrient solutions to replenish her lost physical strength. But now, she clearly felt that she could still have another meal. Her belly was groaning again, and she felt so hungry. In her small mouth, it was very rare to secrete saliva.

Qin Ruyi was shocked. The scent of this beast’s brain was so attractive. She had killed so many animals, but she never knew this. But before she had time to think about it, the spoon in her hand entered her mouth. In the next second, her body trembled abruptly, and her whole body froze. She closed her eyes tightly, her eyelashes trembled, she paused, couldn't make any move. The spoonful of soft, waxy, slightly hot, greasy thing slid directly into her mouth and rolled into the throat along the tip of her tongue, carrying a delicious heat that seemed to explode.

Qin Ruyi couldn't even produce a thought of resistance. This hot, mellow heat wandered through her body unconsciously, sliding all the way, unimpeded, until it rolled on her stomach and burned completely. Now, even her limbs felt warm. It was unparalleled comfort!

Qin Ruyi couldn't help but let out a soft groan. Who was she, where was she, and what was she going to do? Her brain was blank at this moment, leaving only unspeakable comfort. If this beast came to her at this time, she would have no strength to resist. She would just want to say, dear wifey, your brain, it's delicious!

Qin Ruyi was so touched that her tears came out. She opened his eyes, and those bright eyes that were already full of vitality were even more crystal clear at this moment. They were a little reddened. "One more bowl, no, I want this bucket! I want to pack it all away! Where is your real address? Can you deliver in reality? How much is it, you say a number, I will give it to you now!" Qin Ruyi was eating what was in her own bowl and started giving commands. She was going to take Liu Weiwei's entire stall away.

The receding fat man had already approached when Qin Ruyi closed her eyes and tasted. "F*ck, Let me punch you back to your senses!" The fat man lifted up his sleeves directly, and actually grabbed her bowl. "This bucket belongs to this Brother Fatty. Qin family’s little girl, I has been guarding for so many days, and you want to cut the queue? It's all mine. All the things this beauty sells are fat brother's." The fat man took the bowl and hurriedly backed three steps. His fat body turned dexterously in the air and flashed behind Liu Weiwei.

Qin Ruyi tried to hit the fat man, but he was suddenly gone.

The fat man chuckled twice. When he raised his head, he took the bowl to his mouth, as if he wanted to drink the tofu pudding in one shot.

Liu Weiwei was shocked. Now Interstellar has reached a 100% level of reality. Texture, taste, and even the temperature of the food made here could be 100% restored. The tofu puddings she brought over in the fresh keeping incubator maintained the temperature when it was made. According to her food philosophy, she felt that tofu brains were only delicious when they were hot, so she especially retained the high temperature and would ask the customers to take a small bite and taste it slowly.

The fat man drank the hot puddings straight from the bowl. Liu Weiwei turned her head and couldn't bear to look directly.

Sure enough, the fat man almost jumped up from the flat ground and screamed, "Oh!"

Liu Weiwei shook her head, "Blow on it and eat slowly. It was my mistake. I forgot to remind you. I will give you two more bowls for free." But unexpectedly, when she just finished speaking, the fat man who she thought had been burned handed the empty bowl to her. His fat face was full of drunken smiles, and there was no pain at all.

"Aw~ this monster brain is so delicious that I shed tears. Beauty, you have to be responsible to me."

Liu Weiwei had black lines on her face and gave the fat man another bowl. 

The white tofu puddings in the middle were piled up like an arched hill, a spoonful of chili oil was poured over it, and various condiments were added.

Qin Ruyi rushed forward and was going to grab the food from the fat man’s mouth. But then Liu Weiwei stretched out her hand, she gave her a bowl of boiling hot tofu puddings that was about to overflow, which successfully caused Qin Ruyi to brake and stop instantly. 

Qin Ruyi was much more elegant than the fat man who was slurping loudly. Although she also didn't use the spoon, she sipped slowly. It's just that every time she sipped, she would raise her head, and then comfortably sighed out the heat from her small mouth. After smashing her mouth, she bowed her head again and sipped it, enjoying it extremely cherished.

The fat man stood behind Liu Weiwei, but he kept making noises while eating. The big mouthfuls of tofu brain kept being sucked into his mouth, and he was not afraid of being burnt at all!

Before Liu Weiwei waited for the next guest, the two of them passed the empty bowl in their hands at the same time.

"One more bowl!"


Qin Ruyi and Fatty's hateful eyes quickly collided in the air. Although there were no crackling sparks, he wanted to get the tofu brain out of the opponent's mouth.

"Little girls have to control their diet. Do Qin Father and Qin Mother know that you eat so much?"

"Huh, fat brother, I am not as fat as you yet, what am I afraid of? And don't think that you can lie to me. I can eat even a hundred bowls of things in Skynet and not gain a gram!" After all, it’s just brain waves, so people wouldn’t have a real sense of fullness. Unless they eat nutrient solutions in reality, they would still starve to death if they relied on Skynet’s food only.

Thinking of this, Qin Ruyi, who was planning to buy the whole bucket using real express delivery to taste slowly, eyes suddenly brightened. "Miss Sister." She called to Liu Weiwei sweetly.

In fact, Qin Ruyi was taller than Liu Weiwei.

The sweet call made Liu Weiwei, who was already thirty years old mentally, blushed instantly, this made her heart warm. Thirty years old, on the earth, others have long called her aunt. It's been a long time since any one called her Sister. Being young was good!

Liu Weiwei was happy, and when she was in a good mood, she couldn't help but act cheerful towards Qin Ruyi. Thinking of the real-world sales Qin Quyi mentioned earlier, Liu Weiwei smiled and replied at this moment, "If you want to taste it in reality, you can tell me your address. I also wanted to try this, but I haven't yet. Let me mail it to you, and then you pay. How much do you need? A bucket is big enough for fifty portions. If it’s for one person, it’s recommended not to buy too much. Over time, the taste will deteriorate, making it less fresh and not so delicious."

Even if the world had fresh keeping incubators, but the so-called food was of course the best when it was just picked it up from the pot by the chef. At least Liu Weiwei thinks so. Moreover, even if it was delicious food, people should not eat too much at one time, otherwise the happiness that people get from food would diminish little by little. This was just a friendly reminder.

Unexpectedly, Qin Ruyi waved her hand, "No, no, no, Miss Sister, I have changed my mind. I plan to come to Skynet every day to find you and buy some. Do you come here to set up a stall at this time every day? If I came here at this time tomorrow, can I find you?" 
Before Liu Weiwei could answer, the fat man snorted.

"Bad girl, don't eat if you're afraid of getting fat! Only eat in Skynet, in reality do you think you can..." When the fat man was halfway talking, his voice stopped abruptly. He was very embarrassed, but he didn't want to tell others.

After he got off the star network that day, he couldn't even drink his favorite nutrient solution. Only when he couldn’t hold his hunger then he would take a sip of the nutrient solution like medicine. He wanted to taste the deliciousness of the chicken wings in reality, but he was unable to found the contact information of the little beauty. In conclusion, he was suffering!

"Beauty, it’s okay. If she doesn’t buy it, I’ll buy it. In reality, I want a bucket of tofu puddings, a hundred pairs of chicken wings, and fifty savory crepes. Can you make it? I can pay now. If there is a mistake in delivery and the foods are damaged, I will bear the loss myself!" The fat man patted his chest.

Qin Ruyi stared instantly. She also wanted to purchase in reality, but she would definitely gain weight if she ate too much. Only Skynet simulated eating could make her didn't have to worry about losing shape when she ate.

"Miss Sister, I will buy it on Skynet. I want, the same amount as Fat Brother, is it okay?"

Liu Weiwei opened her mouth. She didn’t come for two days, but she unexpectedly encountered a super big order! 

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