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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 6

ICRAB – Chapter 6

On the seventh day of coming to this world, in the single-girl dormitory of Liyang High School, Liu Weiwei grabbed a chicken drumstick with greasy hands and chewed while sliding the electronic screen in front of her. From time to time she wept facing a pair of inexplicable formulas.

After trying a complete set of mock exams in the self-study classroom last time, Liu Weiwei's little confidence had completely evaporated.

Liberal Arts, Science, Physical Skill, Spirituality.

Liberal Arts, because Liu Weiwei was not familiar with the things that happered after the 21st century, she ended with zero points. 

Science, mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology after a thousand years, Liu Weiwei didn't even understand the topic. She only answered three multiple-choice questions right and got six points honorably.

Physical Skill, Liu Weiwei almost peed due to fright. As soon as she entered the exam, the entire study cabin became a virtual 4d martial arts field. A three-meter gorilla fell from the sky and knocked on his chest, while making a sharp cry, it rushed towards her. Seeing that its big palm was about to overturn her weak body to the ground, a whole row of weapon bays appeared in front of her, lightning machines, anti-aircraft guns, flame daggers, frozen long blades, and mini mechas. Liu Weiwei quickly clicked the escape button that appeared in front of her, and cut off the 4d demo in a cold sweat, which resulted another glorious zero-point ending.

Hehe, Liu Weiwei could only say that the physical skill exam after seven thousand years was too cruel.

As for Spirituality, Liu Weiwei didn't even know what was going on, her brain waves’ was directly read by the machine, and it gave an evaluation of poor aptitude and a failing 20-point.

The four exams were completely wiped out.

Huft, Liu Weiwei sighed for the nth time.

It seemed that the only thing that she could try within the evil four exams was the Liberal Arts exam. She could rely on short-term memory. So, she has been hiding in the dormitory for two days, and she felt that her head was about to explode. The more confused she was, the more confused she learned.

Liu Weiwei took another bite of chicken drumstick sadly, the thing that alleviate her worries was only chicken. 

In the past two days, in order to prepare for the exam, Liu Weiwei did not go to Skynet to do business. The gain was not a progress in her studies, but taking advantage of the boring interval, she finished learning ten snacks of the second novice task, and she achieved 100 proficiency successively.

In addition, relying on the income from the stall previously, Liu Weiwei purchased a batch of broiler chickens and froze them in the dormitory. After eating several chicken drumsticks, plus a little fresh air-shipped cabbage, her skinny, shriveled and malnourished body finally changed. 

Liu Weiwei turned her face to look in the mirror with satisfaction. She found that her complexion was finally much better than the sallow skin she had a few days ago, and her fair complexion made her phoenix eyes more radiant.

Women really needed to eat meat. After eating meat, the body would get collagen, so the skin would be smooth and shiny, and the hair would also be smooth and shiny. Women who eat meat were the most tender and charming.

Liu Weiwei accurately threw the chicken bones into the garbage shredder with one hand, and wiped off the oil stains on her hands triumphantly. But it didn't take long for her to be happy, she immediately sighed, slumped down on the table, and close the learning book. If this continues, her mock exam next week would probably need to be suspended.

Among the four types of examinations, Liu Weiwei felt that she could give up directly on the Physical Skill Exam, but the remaining three were currently also very hopeless.

Slowly standing up from the stool, Liu Weiwei moved her hands and feet, and streched her aching neck. Now that she continued to work behind closed doors, massive memorization was useless. Although she didn't want to admit it, it seemed as if Teacher Hang was right. Thinking about how many college entrance examination students applied for additional tutoring outside, it should be better if she could find a teacher for tutoring now in the Mutual aid section.

Liu Weiwei searched the memory of the original owner and immediately understood what that spitting teacher mentioned was a grassroots forum co-founded by students from all major high schools in the Interstellar Alliance.

In the early stage, only a dozen students posted some learning and their experience on it. Later, it gained popularity and evolved into a popular forum for questions and answers. Later, it was promoted by universities and developed into a very large-scale student based forum. 

When Liu Weiwei entered the forum, she saw a lot of themed posts on top that were red, such as ‘Sprint 30 days before the Liberal Arts test’, ‘Ten basic points of the Science compulsory test’, ‘Secrets for more points in the Spiritual test’, ‘Before Test Essential Reading Summary’…

Liu Weiwei's eyes lit up suddenly, and she immediately went in and read all hungrily, wishing that she could have each eye reading different post at the same time, and wishing for photographic memory. But as soon she entered the post, a dialog box suddenly popped up.

[One-on-one online tutoring, answering any question, passing guaranteed. Move to the essence of supplementary tuition for help.]

Liu Weiwei read the screen for a while. One on one? Passing guaranteed?

Her small face burst into infinite light instantly, and she rolled on the bed with excitement!

[Beep – please pay attention to all teachers and students of Liyang High School. We are now pushing a piece of news across.]

Liu Weiwei, who was about to go to the one-on-one tutoring section, was forced to switch to an in-stream video abruptly. All student light brains were controlled by the school’s teaching office as long as they were in the school’s local area network. Once their content was interrupted, students must stop everything at hand and watched campus announcement.

This time it was still a gentle female voice.

[This time the Kleme galaxy’s rare beast wave attack lasted for 12 days. As of today, the entire galaxy has dispatched 100,000 troops to resist the beast wave. The first battle has been won and most of the beast wave wars have retreated inside the Elfa Black Hole.]

Liu Weiwei heard the announcement but she couldn't even understand the news. However, a squadron of Spaceships suddenly appeared in the video, under satellite monitoring, it was like a black wind attacking the planet. When the camera zoomed in, appeared a tall baboon with its mouth full of tusks that was actually similar to what she had in today's physical exam.

Baboon army?!

Liu Weiwei almost fell off her stool in shock.

When the baboons rushed to the coastline, its body was almost as large as a dozen-story high-rise building and Liu Weiwei's hand couldn't help shaking. The gorilla on the physical skill exam was only three meters high, but standing in front of her 1.6 meter body, it was just like a giant. Every time the giant palm fell on her body, her body bounced on the ground. She couldn’t do anything. Suspecting that the other party could slap all her bones off, she finally fled in fright.

And now in this news screen, those giant baboons were simply moving towers, at least twenty to thirty meters tall! And they were moving very fast, even surpassing those high-speed manned aircraft flying through the air in the video. With a slap, they could snap a tall building in half lazily, and from time to time in the video someone screamed and fell from the air!

The army in black uniforms was also divided into two waves, one was responsible for attack and resistance, and the other was responsible for emergency treatment.

[As of this morning, the death toll of the Kleme Galaxy has reached 1,329, the number of missing has reached 29,301, and the number of injured is still being counted.]

Liu Weiwei pulled her hair terrified. This was not a movie, it was a real killing!

Before, she complained about the cooking system, but now she knew that this world was so dangerous, thank God for not giving her a combat mission punishment!

[The military predicts that the beast wave will all leave within three days, and it will not affect the joint university exams in three months. So study hard students!]

Liu Weiwei couldn't help but holding her forehead.

Before the video signal disappeared, there was a silver mecha rising into the sky suddenly, going as fast as electricity, and the giant baboon swinging its fist towards the front was shocked and the mecha blasted out of the fierce baboon’s chest. A hole about two meters in diameter appeared instantly!

This bright silver battle mecha won with a single blow, and it did not stop there. It blasted the chests of six baboons nearby. Liu Weiwei had the illusion that she was watching the battle scene in the cinema.

The mecha then struck a black gold beast but it suddenly turned sharply in the air and opened its mouth to give out a sharp roar before attacking. 

The black gold beast turned out to be a bit like a pterosaur in history. After being hit, it immediately spread its wings and they covered the sun in the sky with a large shadow. It opened its mouth and roared. Its raised black gold tail overturned the surrounding hundreds of spaceships, and hurried toward the silver mecha!


The picture of the light brain ended at this moment.

The screen went dark, and the campus news interuption ended, but Liu Weiwei's small heart was still beating wildly. After she calmed her shock by eating a chicken drumstick, she logged on to the education forum again, only to find that the overwhelming exam related posts just now were all gone, miraculously gone!

Instead, they were replaced by various posts, ‘Do you know who that silver mecha is!’, ‘Senior Qin's latest live broadcast’, ‘My husband and your husband drove the silver mecha together, and blasted the head of the monster!’, ‘I watched our husband while eating chicken in the dormitory’...

Liu Weiwei was dumbfounded. She entered a post with the highest number of likes, ‘The Husband's Announcement from the Site (serious post)’.

This post was really serious. The first part of the post was a roughly edited video, which looked like a purely homemade video.

Liu Weiwei was really surprised when she saw this. This video turned out to be a continuation to the school news just now.

The black gold beast tail was drawn toward the silver mecha, but soon the mecha hatch opened, revealing a blond man standing on the deck. Because of the distance, Liu Weiwei couldn't see his facial features clearly. But the man carried an anti-aircraft gun on one shoulder, and he broke the beast’s thick and powerful diamond-shaped tail with a bang. His posture was neat and clean!

With a scream, the monster rolled over in pain.

Beside the blond man, someone suddenly stretched out a big hand and grabbed him into the hatch by the corner of his clothes. In an instant, the mecha hatch closed again. It leap into the air and rushed towards the tumbling monster. Beam cannon directly shot the beast out of the scope of the recording screen!

It turned out to be a victory!

Liu Weiwei compared her own skills, and then looked at the strength of this mecha. She felt that the physical skill exam could be completely abandoned.

After the video, the poster also gave a comment.

[My heroic husband Mu Ming, your blond and blue eyes are like a myth. Thank you for defeating the Ovi Iron Dragon, saving me from being the devil's minions, and saving my mother and brother. Professor Purcell, the most prestigious spiritual department teacher of Interstellar University, also claimed that there will be no second spiritual genius comparable to you in this world. Husband, you really did not disappoint me. Being excellent as always, fascinated me deeply. I willingly bowed down at the feet of your mecha.]

Liu Weiwei: "..."

And below the post, there were people who posted good comments.

[That hand must be the brave senior Qin, my husband! That powerful arm, that well-knotted palm, I am drooling... I must apply to the Interstellar League First Military Academy! I want to follow the steps of my husband, ah yeah, wait for me husband!]

[Upstairs, see you in our military academy in three months!]

[I still think that my husband is handsome, I want to change my volition and follow my husband to apply for the Department of Spiritual Attack at Interstellar University!]

Liu Weiwei read dozens of comments, all of them were such little girls, and instantly felt bored.

What was she doing? She had better read more books.

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